J-Tech Digital [V628] Wired Ergonomic Vertical USB Mouse with Adjustable Sensitivity (600/1000/1600 DPI), Scroll Endurance, Removable Palm Rest & Thumb Buttons

J-Tech Digital [V628] Wired Ergonomic Vertical USB Mouse with Adjustable Sensitivity (600/1000/1600 DPI), Scroll Endurance, Removable Palm Rest & Thumb Buttons
√ ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Designed to be utilized in neutral "handshake" wrist and arm positions for smoother movement and less overall strain helping alleviate wrist pain.
√ REMOVABLE PALM REST & BLUE LED TRIM – This mouse comes included with a palm rest that can be easily detached based on the user's preference and convenience. It also features a blue LED, which lights up the outlining of the mouse.
√ ADJUSTABLE DPI – Switch between DPI levels 800, 1200 and 1600 to adjust mouse responsiveness depending on your need and/or preference. Optical Tracking Technology ensures greater sensitivity for precise tracking on a wide range of surfaces.
√ THUMB BUTTONS – Use the back/forward buttons located near the thumb area for optimum convenience, (button functionality can also be changed and reassigned using a compatible driver or software).
√ WIDE COMPATIBILITY & FREE LIFETIME SUPPORT – Compatible with Windows 7/8/10, XP, Vista 7/8 and Linux etc. All J-Tech Digital Products include a One-Year Manufacturer Warranty and free lifetime technical support from our Customer Support Team located in Houston, Texas - Available M-F 9AM-6PM CST - Contact information available on the J-Tech Digital Seller Page.

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Comments / reviews:
I just got this mouse, so this is my first impression. However, after J-tech's other wireless version failed from water getting inside, I figured I would try the wired version as it looked a little different. At first glance they are very different. The wire version it much more like holding a round pipe in your hand and to me feels more natural. The wireless version comes to a steeper taper and feels like you are trying to keep your hand from sliding up. The wireless version has horizontal ribs, which I am not a fan of, and I think this is a response to your hand potentially sliding up. The wired version gets bigger at the top and your pinky sits just below the right click button. This gives you could control if you are going to lift it slightly to move it. I felt a little slow to pick up using the wireless model, and right away I feel more comfortable with the wired model. The wired model I got comes with a blue LED, which you can turn on or off. Fit and finish on first glance, I think the wired version is a little more stable, well made, and maybe an ounce heavier (which is good). I hope this help folks decide between wireless and wired, as I did not realize there would be such a difference between models.

I do have to say that this is my impression immediately after having opened the J-Tech Digital V628 (Gen 2) Vertical Mouse. I went from an Anker Ergonomic mouse, which wasn't bad. Although, I do have to say that this mouse is definitely an improvement and an upgrade. It is better designed and ergonomically more comfortable. I believe my home/study desktop is complete with this mouse. I am very pleased with my initial impression and will keep my eye out on what J-Tech develops next for their vertical mouse. Excellent experience so far!

I'll write and updated review as time goes on, but for now I'm satisfied.

Update after a day of use (3/21/2018): I will say that this mouse will take some getting use to. At times it feels closer to a joystick than a mouse. It is very much comfortable for my hands, which are between medium and large hands. I can see this mouse potentially being a problem for someone with very small hands or extremely large hands.

This has been mentioned in another review here on Amazon, but the precision of the mouse is difficult to get use to. I'm getting the hang of it, but it is not something that will happen overnight. Some other reviewers mentioned how the mouse does not have precision, which led me to believe that the optics on the mouse itself may be of lower quality. This is not true. I find that it is the fact that you have to move your arm in a different way to get the precise movement that you intend. So there's a learning curve to say the least.

But overall, my impression is that this is a high quality product that has high value for its price point. The next vertical mouse that I would consider is more than two times the cost of this.

Also, the LED lights are a very nice touch. I do have to say that this Gen 2 version is much more attractive than the previous generation. This mouse honestly looks like a piece of art on my desk. Very unique looking and has very smooth contours that are appealing in a modern contemporary way.

One other point of consideration is the Forward/Back buttons by the thumb rest. These are placed in a way that makes it extremely easy to trigger when using the mouse, but I have noticed that it is easy to press these buttons by mistake when grabbing the mouse to use. This is another part of the learning curve. When browsing websites it is very easy to use these Forward/Back buttons in the sense that it is lightning fast to trigger, but will require getting use to their placement.

Still satisfied and hoping that there won't be any negative aspects to this mouse with future use.

Update 4/15/2018

After using this vertical mouse just under a month, I have nothing, but a positive experience to report.

I have become accustomed to the design and my hand naturally grabs the mouse now. It was not as easy when first using for the first week or so. Now I am even able to use the mouse without a full on grab. I can just use my index finger, middle finger, and thumb to do a quick movement of the cursor. This greatly adds usability for causal use. When I'm fully engaged in what I'm doing on the computer I will use a full on hand grab, which is very comfortable to use indeed.

The backward/forward buttons by the thumb position looked very cool in the photos of the J-Tech mouse, but it really is effective in use. When first getting use to the mouse, I would grab the mouse and inadvertently press one of the backward or forward buttons. This since has stopped after almost a month of use.

I use this mouse on the right side of my Microsoft 4000 ergonomic keyboard and a Logitech T650 touchpad on the left. I have become accustomed to this setup and I am glad I purchased this V-Tech mouse. I feel that my setup is complete now.

Ultimately, I would say that this vertical mouse has a learning curve. If you are motivated to gain the benefits of its ergonomic design then I believe anyone can learn to use it within a month. But I do understand the few reviews that mention how it is nothing special or that it has an awkward design. It definitely is not for the average user. But for those that have a desire to move beyond an ordinary engagement with their work on a PC, this will definitely move you to the next level.

I've ordered several V628 vertical mice in the past couple of months. This is by far my favorite mouse!!! I purchased for both work and home, and also as a gift for a friend with carpal tunnel, wrist, numbness issues.

I like that this mouse is not a straight up and down vertical mouse. I've tried those and didn't find them super-comfortable. This is rotated about 45 degrees counter-clockwise off vertical. I find this to be a comfortable angle for all-day work at a computer.

I will tell you the mouse feels a bit slippery and like you are trying to hold onto a greased pig at first, but I got used to it pretty quickly. ONE THING THAT REALLY HELPS is to make sure your pinky is under the “lip” just below the right-click button. This gives you control of the mouse if you are going to lift the mouse slightly to move it. And again, placing your pinky under this front lip makes it less likely that this greased pig will get away from you as you are figuring out how to hold onto it!

This is the best mouse I have ever owned, however there are a couple of things that would have made it even better for me:
1) I wish there was an option that went one lower/slower on the dpi sensitivity (he higher a mouse's DPI, the farther the cursor on your screen will move when you move the mouse. A mouse with a higher DPI setting detects and reacts to smaller movements), I would love it if there was a 450 dpi option. The current 600/1000/1600 are all too fast for using the mouse for drafting programs or fine movement. I even find 600dpi a bit fast for office applications. I don't know what people are doing at 1600 dpi (your fastest setting), but it probably isn't daily work with drafting, or even microsoft office, applications.

2) I wish the detachable palm rest was 25% bigger, or at least a little wider toward the right side of the detachable palm rest. I have big hands and find it a little tricky to keep the heel of my hand on the palm rest.

I originally found this mouse because I was searching for a "large" ergonomic mouse. I would love to see an option for a wider/larger palm rest... or even as a separately purchased accessory.

Even with these design suggestions, this is by far the best mouse I have ever owned. This may not be a life-saver, but for me it is certainly a wrist saver! As well as stopping the numb hands.

Keep up the great work!

P.S. Pro Tip if you want to re-program the thumb buttons:
A couple people have asked in the reviews how to program the V628 left thumb buttons from the factory pre-sets of “forward” and “backward”. As with any 5-button mouse, the answer is pretty easy with generic 5-button mouse software.

Download free "X-Mouse Button Control" software, which is recommended by the editors at CNET (google search “CNET X-Mouse Button Control"). CNET’s download version is not the latest.

You can get the most up to date "X-Mouse Button Control" download on the highrez website (google search “highrez download X-Mouse Button Control". Note, highrez is not a misspelling, it is the name of the company out of the United Kingdom).

After downloading, how to use the "X-Mouse Button Control" software for the V628:
1) You probably don't need to change the left, right or middle (clickable wheel) buttons, but you can if you want using "X-Mouse Button Control"
2) X-Mouse Button Control software's "Mouse Button 5" is the top thumb button on the V628.
( J-Tech calls this “button 4” and has pre-installed this as "forward")
3) X-Mouse Button Control software's "Mouse Button 4" is the bottom thumb button on the V628.
(J-Tech calls this button 5 and pre-installs this as "backward")
Simply use the dropdown menus to select whatever you would like the thumb buttons to be, click apply, and you are done!!!

As advertised and shipped quickly. Mouse works extremely well for day to day activities and works okay with gaming. My hand is larger than most, so if I were having them custom make it, I would have them put the scroll wheel even with the front of the buttons, but I make it work now. Arm and shoulder do not hurt as much using this rather than the traditional mouse.

As stated above, it really shines for day to day use. For gaming use, it leaves my wrist and shoulder feeling much better after hours of gaming. However, it is not as precise as my Razor Deathadder. However, I stopped using the Deathadder due to the arm pain, so not playing with pain means much more than the precision gained with Razor. I do hope they make one that is even more precise soon as I will buy that in a heartbeat.

I use mine on a Mac for League and for Diablo, and it works okay and prevents the pain. I do wish they had their own software to allow customization of the mouse buttons more than the typical Apple mouse setup. However, even if it broke after 2 months, I would still purchase again due to the lack of arm pain of any kind after prolonged use. Recommend this mouse.

This is so long. Bottom line: since I wanted the default set-up anyways, this seems OK. I believe their software may be hinky, useless. This angers me, I had to return 2 other pointing devices because of useless or non-existent software. If like me, you want the standard r-click, l-click, middle-scroll wheel click, forward & backward, this might be for you. DPI setting, find one that works for you. The blue light--IMO--what's the point. I turned it off. I think the rest of the review is worthwhile, but if you're not in mood to read, stop now.
I've had this just over 3 wks. Still not totally adapted to it. I'm keeping it cause at this point, anything that works is a relief.

13Sep2018, has this 2 weeks. Long review, I know. Software useless. R&L click, forward & backwards, scrollwheel clicks.
Switch on bottom for lite on/off. Button on bottom for DPI. Software's useless, so if u can't accept these defaults, look elsewhere. These defaults are what I would have chosen. If that's not for u, stop reading, go elsewhere.
Wish that buttons were scooped. Hopefully, this thing will last. If you can accept the default button assignments, great, cause their software is bad. The only reason I don't hate it is that I've recently return 3 pointing devices, this one more or less works. The bar has been set VERY low.
Had this <1 hr. Will adjust rating if needed. Put wrist rest on the thing immediately, even if u won't use it long term.
I was confused which way it went for a bit, wrist rest makes it obvious. Also, cord should be at BACK end of mouse, away from u.
Stupid picture in the tiny bit of instruction gives(which is enough, I guess) a picture that's exactly backwards of how it would look when u're using it. Dumb. Confused me for a bit.
Scooped side, when using, should be on left. Right hand operates right & left clicks, plus scroll-wheel. It helped me to think this way: if u were using regular mouse, ur hand would have index finger on left click, mid or ring finger on right click. That's the same here. Pretend u lay the mouse over on its side, to the left. (of, course, it won't work that way, just picture it).
Maybe this is stuff is obvious to others, it wasn't to me. Will take some accommodation on my part, something slipped, this review was submitted part way thru. Had to return here to finish review. Probably my fault.
Only 5 buttons, if u include scroll-wheel click. It'll have to do, I've had several recent failures w/trackballs & mice, I can only hope this gets me by, long term. I imagine it's impossible for them to put more buttons on this thing. This thing needs a mouse pad, which I don't have. Buttons are configured by default, in my opinion, in the most logical way, thus, for me, no software required. I'm not a gamer, so I don't know how this would work for games.
I see a previous reviewer couldn't find the software to set the buttons to your liking. This was not an issue for me, as the default settings were exactly right for me. Before this mouse, I'd had 2 trackballs & another mouse, all quite recently, which needed to be returned. In 2 of those 3 cases, it was an inability to get the software or software that worked.
Buttons are: r-click, l-click, back, forward, scroll wheel(middle click). Five buttons plus a scroll wheel. These for me, a non-gamer, are the minimum, fortunately, I didn't need software. The fancier stuff I had to return to Amazon, some of it had many extra buttons. With no software that worked, they had even less functionality than this mouse. This mouse was not my first choice, but my fourth choice!
As for needing a mousepad: I took a sheet of plain white paper to use for mousepad. It works. Maybe I'll get a mousepad, maybe not. Without a mousepad, the cursor started to creep all over screen. I can get a new mousepad as often as I wish, using white paper.
Somewhere I read a guy used poster board or construction paper for making mousepads.
I read about what colors & such work best for mousepads. For everyone who said not to use a certain color or pattern, someone on the forum stated they'd had success w/the "wrong" color, or even a patterned mousepad.
Still have only owned this trackball less than 24 hrs, used it many hours already. So far, it's ok. If there's a problem, I'll reduce my rating. This mouse seems to take a bit of getting used to, it's not too bad in that regard, I believe it's getting easier to use.
Warning: my cursor began doing a little dance. Why? Called company, they were gonna send link to software, hopefully fixing problem. First email had me going nuts thru their site, inappropriate. Second email--worked, showed a mouse that looked standard, no relation to this mouse. So I'm guessing the software is useless.
I got the mouse working---blew on the little red lite underneath. Not sure--may have been a cat hair there. The thing no longer has a dancing cursor. Thank goodness I want the default configuration, their software looks to be useless. I hope there'll be no more problems.

7/8 Update: I've now been using this mouse for a few weeks and its grown on me. I like it better than the Anker mouse and think its worth the additional $10 in cost. It is more strain relieving on my wrist than the Anker mouse is. Upgrading the review score to 4 stars.
6/27 Update: J-Tech contacted me after I posted my negative review and was insistent on sending me an new device, free of charge. I've been using the new mouse now for a few days and it looks like this one has a working optical sensor, yay! This mouse did require me to use a mousepad (this was unneeded by other mouse models I've tried) for the optical sensor to track properly. Ergonomically, this mouse is much better than a standard mouse for my wrist. Its unusually heavy, something which can be remedied easily by removing the bottom plate and removing the added weights they put into the mouse and the angle is a little funny, but it is still a pretty good ergo mouse.

After my original device failed, I bought the Anker Vertical Ergonomic mouse, which I think is a better buy ($10 cheaper at the time of writing this review, and more comfortable for me). I am still going to use the J-Tech mouse as a backup mouse however.

Giving this mouse a 3-star review now up from 1 star for the good customer service and the fact that this is a pretty good mouse for the price point. I wish they didn't add additional weights to the mouse and that the first product I received was functional.
Original Review:
I received this mouse last week and today is the first full workday I've used the mouse for. Today, after 6 hours or so of using the mouse, I stopped getting cursor tracking from the mouse. I can still click with the mouse, but I cannot use it to move my cursor on my screen. The mouse was comfortable and good at relieving wrist strain. Since other reviews are mostly positive, I think I got unlucky and received a defective product.

I thought the 500 polling rate might make this a gaming mouse, nope. I should have listened to the manufacturer. After all, they said it themselves.

Polling rate out of the box is not 500, it's 125, and it can't be changed at all without using 3rd party software not mentioned by the manufacturer.

I am giving this 5 stars overall because it's a perfectly good vertical mouse and it's very comfortable. I have made a "Frankenstein monster" of a mouse using this one, a deathadder Chroma, and some sugru. So far in my experience, if you want to make a vertical gaming mouse (and don't mind a bit of DIY work. Do this

Get a vertical mouse (I like this one, my large hands make this a very comfortable option)

Get a "gaming" mouse, I used a deathadder chroma because I had one, if you can find a better or different standard mouse that you can use for gaming, go for it. Shape doesn't matter, the only thing that matters is that the gaming mouse MUST have customizable buttons, the deathadder can disable most mouse buttons, this is perfect. I'd recommend a mouse with at least a polling rate of 500, preferably 1000

Get some sugru, or some other "play dough glue" to out this mouse on top of the other (put a piece of tape under the laser of this mouse, so it doesn't register any movement. Also, try to set the material in a way that it won't press mouse buttons through pressure, I out mine around the back of the mouse, and out the palm rest on this one so I could make it more stable

Intertwine the USB cables so they are as close as possible, if even tape the first few inches of both together so there isn't a mess of wires whenever you move it.

Disable buttons for the gaming mouse through the button editor so you don't accidentally pressed buttons through pressure

Tada! You now have a vertical gaming mouse. Avoid hurting your wrists AND have a very accurate mouse. (This is the only solution I can think of until a proper veritcal mouse comes around.

I had De Cervain's syndrome, and this mouse keeps my hand from being stressed and tiring out as I pursue productivity goals at work. Mouse are not very exact, and this often overshoots the target. Also have one with USB wireless. I have found that this can be plugged into any USB port (even on the monitor) without unplugging the standard mouse, and if you a minute or two and do not bump the standard mouse, this one will be activated. We play musical chairs at work, and that feature is a real boon as our CPU have a weird deep basket at the back which makes it hard to access the USB ports there.

Let's see, I guess it's been about 3 weeks and I've been on the computer somewhat less during that time than usual. I do amateur photography and some basic digital post editing and processing. I had developed a terrible pain on the outer side of my elbow and with every click of my standard mouse it hurt . The new mouse has taken some getting use too, but the pain is almost completely gone and not now associated with every click of the mouse. I would have given five stars, but I have small hands and find it a little thick and hard to hold on to. As well, the location for my thumb is slick and I found it slipping out of my hand. It's necessary for me to have good control when editing photography. I corrected the slipperiness of it by adding medical tape to the thumb area and the sides for a slight amount of traction. I do like very much that the click takes minimal effect and my arm has a more natural positioning while using this mouse. It really helped amazingly so I can continue to enjoy my photography hobby

I've tried four different vertical mice (Anker, Evoluent, Contour, and J-Tech). Only two were KVM-compatible (Anker and J-Tech), and the Anker's buttons were soooo stiff that any for precision mousing, pressing a button would knock the cursor off target -- I was actually straining my hand/wrist gripping the mouse so tight so that it didn't move on click! (and save your wimp comments, ya Nancies - I spent 20+ years in the Army and can still max the pushups in the PT test)

The forward and back thumb buttons are actually placed where they make the most sense, too! (one above the thumb, one below it, rather than both above the thumb requiring some weird digital gymnastics to press -- especially if you've got a previously broken thumb with limited range of ad/abduction). Buttons are light and responsive, too.

Set-up was true plug-&-play (literally faster than ANY mouse I've seen previously -- vertical or otherwise). Recognized instantly by two different machines.

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Unique ergonomic design with removable palm rest to reduce hand and wrist pain Two thumb buttons can be used for back/forward browser navigation Driver free 3-mode DPI shift:600/1000/1600DPI adjustable High-resolution optical sensor with adjustable sensitivity for accuracy and responsiveness Scroll
Six DPI sensitivity modes, indicated by the mouse lighting color, multilevel adjustment from 200 DPI to 8200 DPI, supporting 200 DPI stepping adjustment. The LED light can be turned off if necessary. High configuration gaming mouse: up to 8200 DPI, 12000 FPS, 1000 Hz polling rate, 150 IPS cursor