Comments about Logitech G403 Prodigy RGB Gaming Mouse – 16.8 Million Color Backlighting, 6 Programmable Buttons, Onboard Memory, Up to 12,000 DPI

Logitech G403 Prodigy RGB Gaming Mouse – 16.8 Million Color Backlighting, 6 Programmable Buttons, Onboard Memory, Up to 12,000 DPI

Logitech G403 enhances your play with advanced gaming-grade performance in a lightweight, ergonomically designed body. G403 is up to 8x faster than standard mice — which means when the mouse is moved or clicked, the on-screen response is near-instantaneous. Logitech G Mice are equipped with our most advanced optical sensor for superior accuracy, speed, sensitivity and consistency. Designed to fit your hand and style of gameplay with lightweight construction, rubber grips, and a 10 gram removable weight. Customizable with up to 16.8 million brilliant lighting colors and 6 programmable command buttons, G403 also has an onboard memory so you can take your settings with you wherever you go. With G403 , the game gets better and so do you.

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I'm a big fan of this mouse. It's the perfect shape and size for my hand, and the design is very minimalistic which I like. The magnetic weight is also a nice addition.

Some notes on the Logitech G403 software:
This mouse does NOT need software to work. You can plug it in to a any computer you want and it will work fine.
That being said, if you want to change settings (like reprogramming keys, changing LED preferences, etc) you WILL need the software, which only runs on Windows and Mac. This mouse will work find on Linux or any other operating system, but if you want to change the settings, you'll have to do so from MacOS or Windows. The settings are saved on the mouse's built in memory which is awesome.

Hello to anyone who reads this but as someone who came in late to the "PC Master Race" party I was stuck on one thing. Which mouse to get. I'm a biggish guy,(just tall)but with that reason alone my hands dont fit a lot of things, gloves, some pens/pencils, since they are too hard to hold. My hand is also wider than most but turns out, this mouse is perfect for bigger handed people. This is so comfortable in my hand I barely even feel anything since it's so light too. The sensor is great as well, rarely-well never- have I thought hmm I missed a shot I think I should have gotten if it wasn't for the mouse. I use fingertip grip so I recommend it for fingertip grip users with bigger than average hands. It's been months now with this mouse and I have no bad things yo say about it. The software you need to download to use it is great and all but the only thing I wish it had was more customization for the colors. You can make it color change but it's not a slow enough color change even at the slowest setting for me personally. It still changes rather fast. Regardless, I believe this is a great mouse and even if you're on the fence about this mouse I do believe this will be perfect for you IF your hands are again, big/wide and you use fingertip grip.

After my last Deathadder broke, I ended up trying several different mice. Out of the G502, Rival 300, MIONIX NAOS 7000, and now this mouse... the G403 was the clear winner. No horrible textured rubber grip that wears out quickly and over time becomes increasingly uncomfortable to hold. No weird shape or obnoxious extra buttons that just get in the way. It's simple, it's clean, it works. My only major complaint would be the lack of an unlockable scroll wheel, which is a feature I've really learned to appreciate after using the G502. Although this mouse is great, I think the Deathadder's shape was overall better. The primary reason I gave this mouse a try, instead of just buying another Deathadder, is because the G403 has an entirely smoothed plastic shell. I've learned to absolutely abhor textured rubber grips.

Best mouse I've ever had. Say no to the firewall request unless you want logitech to know your useage patterns sent to them. Calibrate it with the software and it really works no matter what kind of mouse pad you have, you don't need the special ones. The LED's can be turned off with the software, or change colors if you want. This is for man size hands and not the scaled down version. If you wear L or XL gloves you'll feel right at home with it. I got the 4 year warranty for like $4 and they include return shipping to replace it if something goes wrong. I love it and won't ever use a different mouse after trying like nine of them.

I used Zowie for years but they stopped making the white plastic versions and I can't get a decent grip on their new coatings. So after trying four or five other mice which didn't fit my hand I finally landed on the G403.

Has pretty much everything you want in an fps mouse. Good design for big hands (won't pinch your fingers when they hang over the end). I wish it were a bit longer but its fine once you get used to it. Also the left and right click are REALLY sensitive. I had to retrain myself to not rest so much weight on them because I kept accidentally shooting.

Not much else to say. If you play csgo or something similar and have big hands give this one a try. Most other mice are really uncomfortable for people with fingers that hang off the end because of weird shapes or no guard around the RMB or just small shells with bad grips.

After realizing that my 2 year old $11 Redragon mouse wasn't cutting it anymore, (It couldn't track fast flicks that I had gotten used to doing in fps games) I splurged and got this. This mouse is great. It's super responsive, ergonomic, and its got all the rgb you will ever need. The pixart 3366 sensor is godly compared to the cheap Redragon's sensor. Unlike other reviews, I haven't had any problems with this mouse's scroll wheel yet, but who knows? I've only used it for about a week. The 10g weight they included is also a nice feature. The software also works pretty well and is more than adequate in doing what I needed customized. The only one flaw I see with this mouse is the pad surrounding the sensor might get clogged up with dust and grime if you don't clean your mouse pad that often.

EDIT: 7/21/18: Having this mouse for almost 2 months, I got to say, this thing is still amazing. No issues with the mouse scroll like people have said in the lower star reviews, and because i keep my mouse pad nice and clean there is no dust or grime accumulated on the sensor. My only very very small gripe is that the side mouse buttons are really smooth and tend to accumulate grime after a week or two, but its nothing some alcohol and a wipe can't help.

I own a lot of mice. A sharkoon drakonia (twice) and a skiller sgm1, a deathadder and then a z7900, a logitech g502 and now the g403. I have weird days where I just feel "off" and switch from mouse to mouse to see which one suits me best that day to where I can land shots and then I stick to that mouse for awhile until the feeling happens again. It is a lot like a placebo affect where I let this weird off day and blame the mouse for it. I was using the g502 as my main mouse prior to this one and it always felt a little heavy for such a low sense that I use. Started watching some reviews of this and others and finally settled on this being the mouse I had to get. Once I got it however I was very put off by it since I'm so use to the other shape of my g502 and other mice that I didn't think it was meant for me. But after a few days to a week with the weight in I finally adjusted to it and was landing flick shots in a lot of games like Quake, Overwatch, and twitch shooters and landing shots in games much like pubg.

Top of the line sensor, light weight, great build quality and everything! My only con would be not enough buttons but that is only because that is what I'm use to over the years so it isn't really even a con. Overall it is a top of the line mouse and is light weight for my super low sensitivity I use. All I need now is a 240hz monitor and I'll be set!

I regularly plays FPS games and this mouse was highly recommended by Rocket Jump Ninja on YouTube next to the Razer Deathadder. I had been using a G502 for a couple years but noticed that it was slightly too small for my hands. I ordered this and a Corsair Glaive as replacements that I could alternate between as needed. The G403 is a very well constructed, lightweight mouse that has immediately improved my comfort level and is my new favorite mouse. If you have medium to large hands, I highly recommend it. Everything about the mouse is very thoughtfully done, down to the grip texturing. The sensor and button quality are both incredible and it avoids unnecessary bells and whistles. My only gripe with it is that not only is there no way to know what DPI setting I'm on at any given point, there's only one DPI switch, so if I go one too far, I have to cycle all the way back through. Not good for switching DPI mid-match. However, this is an uncommon scenario and the good of the mouse vastly outweighs this minor flaw.

If you are really into precision FPS gaming, this is for you. It has a good sensor and the grip is very neutral (Palm, claw, fingertip). The material on the sides is a really nice, grippy rubber. Double clicks are smooth as butter, although sometimes the slightest pressure sets it off.
The only real cons to this mouse is the high(er) price and a problem i dont have, but earlier models suffered from. You might get a free-spinning scroll wheel, although mine works just fine (up to now i guess).

Wish I could give this a lower rating. Scroll wheel and left click stopped working after two months. Contacted the seller, no luck we are past the 30 days. Contacted Logitech and again no luck sorry can't help you. Garbage mouse.

UPDATE: Contacted Logitech and worked with them on the faulty product, not only did they replace the mouse, but they sent a bundle - received a matching keyboard. I'm revising my review due to this excellent customer service and dedication to pleasing the end user.

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*Specification* - DPI: 200~6,000 - Max Acceleration: >25G - Max Speed: >200ips - USB Data: 16bit - Polling Rate: 1,000Hz(1ms) - Click: 10M Max - Feet: 250Km - Size: 116.6x62.15x38.2mm - Weight: 85g - Cable Length: 2m - Bulk Package
Logitech G203 Prodigy is a wiredВ gaming mouseВ that helps you play to your full potential and be more accurate than you've ever been before. Exceptional gaming-grade performance is up to eight times faster than standard mice for near-instantaneous response to every movement and click. G203 Prodigy
*Specification* DPI: 200~6,000 Max Acceleration: >25G Max Speed: >200ips USB Data: 16bit Polling Rate: 1,000Hz(1ms) Click: 10M Max Feet: 250Km Size: 116.6x62.15x38.2mm Weight: 85g Cable Length: 2m Bulk Package