Comments about Logitech G300s Optical Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse – 9 Programmable Buttons, Onboard Memory

Logitech G300s Optical Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse – 9 Programmable Buttons, Onboard Memory

The Logitech G300s Optical Gaming Mouse gives you more power and more control. Nine programmable controls let you move keyboard commands to buttons that are in easy reach

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I was skeptical of the buttons at first, but because I have so many troubles trying to press buttons on the SIDE of a mouse, I figured I'd try this. It's a little tricky to get the hang off but after a while I've been doing just fine. Definitely an improvement in my in game performance.

The mouse itself is NOT weighted (like I'm used to) which I can't say I really like, however it's tolerable. I've dropped this thing from couch to floor about six different times (it keeps sliding off my mouse pad next to me) and it still works with no issues. There's no beating an optical mouse when it comes to gaming.

The design of this mouse is odd to me but not unpleasant. It's very comfortable for my hands. The cord is extremely long however, and since I'm using a laptop this was an annoyance. I rolled some of it up and tied it together with a twisty tie and problem solved.

The only thing (besides weight) I would prefer with this mouse is that the software for it be included in the package. It's not. I have to find it online and download it and with my internet that's a bit of a task. For the price, it wouldn't kill them to include a disk or at least SOME instruction as to where to find the software. Unless I missed it, there was no booklet or anything on the box that tells you where it is.

Been using it for a week or so now and it's been great. Color options on the mouse are nice as well.

Excellent mouse, especially for the price. That it has a 'pinched' body makes all of the buttons easy to use. I previously owned (well still own) a much more expensive logitech gaming mouse (g700s) and the layout of the mouse and placement of the buttons made almost all of them unusable. With the pinched design, you can freely move your index and middle fingers around to any of the top buttons very easily and intuitively.

works extremely well with the g13 lefthand gamepad. The automatic game detecting settings work for both devices at the same time, and both devices share the set of per-game 'functions', so you can assign them to gamepad or mouse buttons very easily, and move them around at will.

None of the buttons are dedicated to specific functions like switching profiles or DPI (or even mouse clicks/scrolling) so you can get really creative with how you configure this thing.

The actuation force of all of the buttons (and the scroll wheel) are extremely low but also satisfyingly tactile, so you get an appropriate amount of feedback without requiring stressful contortions to get enough leverage to engage the buttons. I wear a 'large' sized glove (which is average/small for men) and the distance and spacing between buttons is perfect for my hand geometry.

In my opinions, this sort of button configuration is optimal for both gaming and productivity. When you want it to be a regular mouse, all of the extra functionality is out of the way, when you want to take advantage of the extra buttons, they are within reach and actuating them accurately is not difficult.

Best mouse I have ever owned, and one of the cheapest too!

For the price I paid (around $26) this is a high quality gaming mouse! The photo makes it look dumb and gimmicky, but it works quite well in every aspect.

Responsiveness: The high polling rate makes it very responsive, and I haven't yet had a problem with misinterpreted movement.
Weight: It's about mid-level weight that feels good, though you can't change the weight.
Size: It's not as big as the Zowie FK1, but it's still just big enough for my monster hands.
Mousepad recognition: Has worked on all of my surfaces (shiny mousepad, soft cloth mousepad, arm of recliner that has been destroyed by a silly cat) with no problem. The Zowie FK1 didn't even perform as well as this one.
Extra buttons: It took me several days to get accustomed to the buttons not being thumb buttons, but now that I have, it feels even better to me.
Slide: Slides better than any mouse I've owned. Haven't had to use teflon tape like on other mice.
Software: I find the software has too many options and can be confusing at first, but once you figure it out, you can make the mouse work exactly how you'd like.

I'm a left handed gamer and as all us lefties know, there are no gaming mice made for us. The best available are "ambidextrous" mice. Which drives me nuts since there is no reason for an ambidextrous mouse. An ambidextrous person could use either a right or left handed mouse. An ambidextrous mouse is just a poor compromise between the two, so why not just make a real left handed mouse?

I tied many and while this mouse leaves much to be desired, its probably the best that can be hoped for. At least all the buttons are accessible, if not entirely comfortable. It lacks any thumb buttons, which means all nine buttons are most easily pressed with the index and middle fingers. Some are really quite well placed and comfortable, other not so much. However, it is much faster and easier than using key binds on the keyboard, and that is what's important.

Otherwise the mouse is really nice. The software installs easily and is intuitive. The LED color on the side can be changed. Its light, moves smoothy. All buttons feel solid and have a positive response. It works great for gaming as well as les intense internet surfing and word processing.

In short, if we can't get everything a righty gets, at least we can get this, and at a great price.

I love the size and movement of this mouse. It feels good in my hand (I have medium to small hands).
I watched a video to figure out how to assign buttons; I find that application rather annoying, but this was my only option for having a "rapid fire" button (you have to create the macro). A bit intense for someone who just wants to play goofy games as a momentary reprieve while working on the computer, but, once I got it set, it's been relatively easy. I do get some weird things happening with my browser and computer on occasion because there seems to be some program conflict from time to time between the mouse and whatever is going on in the background; I correct this by clearing my caches and making sure all programs (including that for the mouse) are updated. I would probably buy this again if nothing else better and cheaper comes along. But still on the lookout for my ride-or-die mouse.

The mouse is pretty great. I use it at work and have various keys mapped to the buttons. It's really nice for work mouse. Can't say anything about gaming.

The DPI is nice, although not excellent. The colors of the LEDs are adjustable to a few preset colors, but look bad as the blue plastic still shows on the mouse, so any color other than blue clashes with the LEDs.

Overall a solid buy.

excellent mouse. small but pleasantly hefty. plastic pads are very smooth. 8 programable buttons are symmetrical and thus this is great for using in the left hand (i am right handed, but have found that using the mouse in the left frees your right hand to write and do other more useful things). because it is corded, you don't have to worry about rechanging batteries. i don't use it for gaming, however. only downer is that the wheel does not have horizontal scrolling. i was using the G700. it was (too) big, but i was happy with it. i only mistakenly changed when OS sierra caused the scrolling of the Logitech mice to become erratic, but i didn't find out that it needed an apple upgrade, not a mouse replacement. in retrospect i'm happy that i changed because the bilaterality of the G300 is a big improvement.

I have owned three of these so far and I'm back ordering another one. I play WoW and find the additional buttons incredibly helpful, though I've opted to only use the left two now (originally I programmed all of them, but found I was too used to using the keyboard; I mouse over macro'd my dots and most common hots to the left two and that's all I really need). In order to use the additional buttons in WoW, you have to set it up a specific way (easily googled), but the left two are no brainers. My kid uses it for several other games as well.

My mice are abused by five kids, but they've held up pretty well. I had to replace one because they were using the USB port on my laptop on the same side as the couch arm, which then crimped it too many times and the wire eventually broke. Totally our fault. The one I'm ordering today is due to it having a double click issue-if I click on anything, it automatically double clicks. I'll actually be trying to fix this myself but I want a backup in case I fail/break it. However, I've had this mouse for well over a year and it's the most used one, so I really can't complain-especially since, as I said, it's abused by kids. Lol.

Team Fortress 2 is pretty much the only game I play. I became pretty solid at every single class except for Sniper. I could almost never score any headshots, which is crucial for playing Sniper. Thinking that maybe my mouse was to blame, I tried this out. And apparently I was right. After a little practice, I was getting so many headshots that I couldn't believe my own eyes. And my aim improved with all other classes too. I used to never use the Ambassador as a Spy, but now I can do so effectively. The buttons are really nice too. I use them for voice chat, grappling hooks, changing disguise weapons as Spy, deploying shields in MVM, etc.

It's going to wreck me when this mouse goes out of production. It's damn near perfect for me.
It fits in my hand like it was custom fit. The weight is just what I want for a mouse that I use for both normal pc usage and gaming. More buttons than a stock mouse for keybinding but not so many that it gets silly...oh and a fecking cord. I love corded mice. No recharging. Boom.

Recommended? Yup.
Just leave a few for me so I can bank a couple, would ya?

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*Specification* - DPI: 200~6,000 - Max Acceleration: >25G - Max Speed: >200ips - USB Data: 16bit - Polling Rate: 1,000Hz(1ms) - Click: 10M Max - Feet: 250Km - Size: 116.6x62.15x38.2mm - Weight: 85g - Cable Length: 2m - Bulk Package
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