Comments about Gaming Mouse for PC Games M901 Perdition Redragon MMO Mouse LED RGB Wired Gaming Mouse 24000 DPI High-Precision PMW3360 Sensor Laser Computer Gaming Mouse with 18 Programmable Mouse Buttons (Black)

Gaming Mouse for PC Games M901 Perdition Redragon MMO Mouse LED RGB Wired Gaming Mouse 24000 DPI High-Precision PMW3360 Sensor Laser Computer Gaming Mouse with 18 Programmable Mouse Buttons (Black)

Redragon M901Perdition Gaming Mouse 24000 DPI with High-Precision Pixart PMW3360 Sensor, 18 Programmable Button, RGB Backlighting and Weight Tuning Set

The Redragon M901is a superbly designed highly customizable wired gaming mouse. The mouse is designed for eSports Gaming Pros who demand the very best performance. The Gaming Mouse is extremely comfortable thanks to a contoured smooth ergonomic design and offers smooth and precise movements due itsState of the ArtPMW3360Precision Sensor. The Mouse is perfectly weight balanced thanks to user adjustable 8-piece weight tuning set (2.4g x8). The Redragon M901 offers total user personalization, perfect for long lasting gaming sessions providing maximum comfort and support

Ideal for FPS gaming, the Redragon M901 features a 24000 DPI optical gaming sensor with advanced tracking and high-speed motion detection for precise control. Offering on-the-fly DPI and profile switching so you always make the right moves and can focus on your game play


* 18 optimized programmable buttons (Total 19 Buttons)
* Anti-skid Scroll Wheel
* 8x2.4 Gram weight tuning set
* up to 24000 DPI (1000/2000/4000/8000/12000/24000 DPI User adjustable)
* 7 color modes, RGB Chroma lighting and breathing effects
* 1000Hz polling rate
* 50g acceleration
* Durable smooth TEFLON feet pads
* 6 foot braided fibre cable with magnet low pass filter to reduce Electromagnetic interference
* Gold plated USB connector
* Product dimensions 6.9x4.5x1.95in, Product weight: 5.41oz
* System Requirements PC with USB port Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP

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 (+) Fantastic device! I love all of the number keys it has to allow for quick access to abilities in MOBAs and MMORPGs as well as weapon swapping in first person shooters.

The software is easy to use, and allows for tons of customization. I really like the fact that you can have custom colors for the LEDs as well.

( - ) I would have given this a 5 star, but after only a little over a month of use the mouse wheel started making this weird grinding noise, I'm not rough with my peripherals, so it must be a defective unit, as I did a Google search and haven't found any cases similar to mine, as it's pretty specific.

It only grinds for a part of the rotation, and then goes back to moving smooth, and only when I'm scrolling down.

This started happening just as the return window ended, which is unfortunate.

Otherwise it's a great mouse for the money, just be sure to scrutinize it when you get yours.

Edit: Revising to 4 stars. The seller offered me a replacement product which I just received yesterday. It works brilliantly!

The reason I'm revising my score to a 4 and not a 5 is this: This is a great high functioning and versatile product that potentially rivals other gaming mice that are of a higher cost (I say potentially because I have no personal experience with the "higher end" products at the time of this review).

However, for that reason I imagine more cost effective parts are required to hit the price point, which I imagine is why I had the mouse wheel fail on me in less than 1 month. The product does have an 18 month warranty, and I can still easily recommend this to anyone who needs a mouse that is looking for a gaming mouse.

I am a LONGTIME Razer Naga user. I had the first generation Naga a few days after it released back in 2009 and I used it to play WOW for years. I was a hardcore raider back in the day and that mouse got a serious workout. That mouse lasted me for 6 years. Since then I have been through two newer generation Nagas neither of which lasted more than a year before they started glitching out. In less than 2 years they were unusable. I don't bang my mice or abuse my gear, something clearly happened over a Razer as their product quality has completely fallen off. I decided it was time to try something new, and boy am I glad I did. This mouse was FAR less expensive than the comparable naga, it has a much better feel in both texture and size. The side buttons are arranged so they are easy to locate and press. I never get lost clicking the wrong button and my large thumbs have yet to mis-click and hit two buttons at once. In addition this mouse is a far better fit for my hand, and is actually much more comfortable than any of the Naga's have been during long gaming periods. So far I've had ZERO issues and am very pleased with this mouse. If you are looking for an MMO gaming mouse I strongly recommend you spend your money here!

I try to be as helpful and honest in all my reviews so please like if applicable:

- I have had this for about a month and giving it heavy use I have not had any issues with buttons or functionality.
- It feels very sturdy and, oddly for the price, it does not feel cheap. (30 dollars)

- The surface is very course for enhanced grip. You fingers definitely do not move when holding this mouse. (some people like this, some dislike it heavily). From what I have experienced with this brand, the course surface is pretty standard as a buddy at work as a 13 dollar mouse of theirs with the same grip.
- It is a small mouse and I have big hands. This causes some comfort issues for me.

- DPI controls are on the top for quick changing during games or out of boredom :). I have yet to accidentally click them which can be a worry for some (they are inset so they are under a groove.)
- The side buttons (the number buttons) are not the best, but that is standard for these type of mouse's.
This is also a PLUS for the mouse is the way they placed the numbers on the side. They are angled so at each other so you can really tell what you are hitting to help avoid accidental presses and improve accuracy/speed of the right button.

- I feel it was a good value for the price. It does exactly what it claims to do and does not feel cheap at all. I have yet to have any problems with it and will update if there are.

Why 4 stars and not 5?:
- Well this is about the comfort and placement.
Not very comfortable to me so I can't give it a 5, but it goes up by its quality, price/value to a 4.

I'm gonna go ahead and give it 4 stars, despite me probably not using it in favor of other mice. It's a solid mouse but, comparatively to the LogiG502 and the DeathAdder that I also own, it falls short. My pros and cons are mostly from a comparative perspective.


- The side buttons. They're difficult to push without moving the mouse in the process.

- The UI for the mouse options was annoying to use for me. Setting the lighting schemes with the DPI setting was annoying to figure out, and clicking and dragging the sliders is a frustrating experience. Once I figured how everything worked, I was able to get it where I want easily, but the sliders are so small, and it seems like the "hitbox" for the slider was inconsistent, causing it to "unclick" the slider, making me have to re click the slider. The tracking issues, that I'll mention, were probably part of the problem. It was also really crowded. I much prefer Razer Synapse. Comparatively, Synapse takes the cake in my book (despite people's hate for it)

- The tracking for the mouse was REALLY inconsistent. I'm using a Razer Goliath Control mouse pad and, when I first used the mouse, I assumed it was just the texture of the mouse pad screwing with the tracking (It's apparently optimized with Razer products in mind.). When I plugged in the G502 however, I have to assume the M901 is the problem. The M901 has no optimization in their UI to get more accurate tracking, compared to the G502 (which I didn't even need to use to get it to track well on the pad). I play on higher DPI settings, so tracking is pretty much a make or break for me and is the number 1 reason I won't be using the mouse (at least until I see if I have a better experience with a different pad.)

- The "fire" button on the left side of the top is annoying to click in a high pressure situation in game. It curves off so hard to the left, that you have to move your whole hand to click it. I was fine with it, until I picked up the G502. It has TWO buttons in the same location, and it takes no effort to shift your index to hit. This is mostly an opinion, being that if I held the mouse differently it'd most likely not be an issue. But holding it in a way that I can hit the button easily was uncomfortable.


- The fit of the mouse is comfortable as f***. The position and tilt of the side buttons is 4 out of 5. The texture of the mouse is perfect, kind of a rubbery and bumpy texture that the G502 can't even compare to. The mouse wheel feels snug, yet easy to move. The right side finger holder for the ring finger is nice. Love holding the mouse.

- The weights are a nice touch. Compared to the weights in the LogiG502, M901 is definitely better. A minor detail, but it was noticeable enough to put in the Pros.

- I have to mention the Mouse Wheel again. There's no side scroll, but it doesn't need it. Compared to any mouse I've used, this wheel takes the cake. I hate how loose a lot of mouse wheels are, and this one was perfect. Loose enough to be able to move/click it easily, but tight enough to not have any accidental slips or over-scrolling.

- Despite my issues with the UI, it's still full of customization. It was cluttered, but simple. The different profiles are easily switched to, which is nice for me, being that my girlfriend also uses my computer and doesn't enjoy 6400 dpi (despite the 1440p...)

- The bottom buffers are really nice/smooth compared to both the DeathAdder and the G502. The other two are almost sticky, whereas the M901 is really smooth. Glides across the pad really smoothly.

- Solid left and right clicks. Don't have to put much, if any, pressure to click. At least less pressure than with the DeathAdder and G502.

If I could use this mouse with Razer Synapse and the G502's G8 and G7 buttons (the buttons that are in the same spot as the "fire" button), and have NO tracking issues, I'd never buy another mouse. The side buttons are annoying to click, but isn't as bad as I initially thought they would be.

If you're thinking of picking up this mouse, I'd definitely recommend it, and hope you have no tracking issues. It's a decent mouse outside of that, and my experience could be an outlier.

Responsive, well built and utterly customizable. If you need a mouse for gaming, this is good for anything you want to do.

I was hesitant at first about the use of third-party software to assign buttons and macros to the multiple keys on the mouse, but the software is very light on resources and easy and intuitive to use. You can save your preferences is profiles and keep 5 Active profiles that you can switch to a button built on the bottom of the mouse.

I mainly play first-person shooters using the mouse and it works fantastic for doing so, all the optional keys on the side make using the keyboard a lot better for me cuz I don't have to take my fingers off of the directional keys and basically the only other button I have to press on the keyboard is the spacebar, I have custom bindings for every other function on the mouse. In my opinion this is much better.

It's nice to know that if I decided to play an MMO with complicated macros, I'd have what I need.

The construction the mouse is fantastic, with a non-slip matte black finish, adjustable weights, and a braided nylon cable that's nearly 6 ft long. It's the best Mouse I've ever owned, I've played with more expensive gaming mice, and this holds up. So if you're looking for performance on a budget, this is a good place to start.

The buttons on the side of the mouse or a bit small, and I have fairly large hands, but even with this situation as it is I still don't have much of a problem with accessibility. Plus the customized binding allows you to disable button so you don't have to use all 12 if you don't want to. I absolutely love having all the extra options.

I absolutely love this mouse. I'm a WOW player and this mouse is awesome. Rating as 4 rather than 5 stars as I would like it better if it was slightly higher profile on the thumb side with the buttons spaced a bit more as I find them a bit hard to hit...but you do get used to it. I still use a combination of keyboard and mouse. The responsiveness of this mouse is really incredible and it looks great - the photo does not do it justice. It is very comfortable but I would prefer a more ergo design (think Microsoft Laser 7700 for height and angle....I wish this mouse was more like that - life saver for folks with carpal tunnel).

So overall four stars but would be five if a bit more ergo.

EDIT to add: DPI is NOT, I repeat, NOT tied to certain LED colors. Adjusting profiles in the software allows you to customize all the LEDs at any DPI.

I took a chance with a mouse from a brand that I'm unfamiliar with and seems fairly new and I've got to say... I'm not at all disappointed. Very pleased with this mouse. I'm comparing it to a Razer Naga, which I used for a year before buying this mouse.

- The mass can be adjusted easily.
- The texture of the mouse is amazing in my opinion. Easy to grip and it stays clean longer.
- I find it to be ergonomic to a degree that exceeds the Naga. It fits my hand better.
- The contours of the side buttons are incredible and far easier to differentiate, opposed to the Naga.
- Customization of LEDs in the mouse is AMAZING. Any color you want.
- Red and black braided USB cable.

- On immediate glance, it looks of lower quality than a Razer mouse. I've found this not to be the case.
- If packaging is important to you, this mouse does not deliver compared to Razer products.

At half the price of a Razer mouse and at LEAST equal quality, this mouse is an amazing buy. Give it a shot.

I purchased this mouse not for gaming, but for work: I needed a mouse that was capable of storing macros/settings with onboard memory as I am not allowed to install software on my workstation. I previously used a Logitech G600 mouse, which while superior in terms of overall functionality it could not store store complex macros within the onboard memory. (only simple keystrokes and such)

Compared to the Logitech G600, the Redragon M901 has a few advantages:

1) Able to store complex macros via onboard memory
2) The extra red button on the top left (default is the "Fire function) is nice.
3) Larger, more comfortable scrolling wheel.
4) The first two rows of side buttons are notably easier for my to thumb to access. (I have fairly small hands) I could not comfortably reach these buttons on the Logitech G600 so they often went unused.
5) Lighter weight. (if you remove all the weights from the mouse, of course)

Unfortunately, the M901 has some notable downsides:

1) The "Switch Profile" function only goes one direction - If you want to switch from Profile 2 to Profile 1, you have to keep clicking the Switch Profile button through 3, 4, and 5 until it cycles back to Profile 1. And it's not possible to disable any of the unused Profiles.
2) The mouse wheel has no back/forth tilting function... odd because most gaming mice have this feature.
3) It doesn't appear possible to rename Macros... you have to delete/recreate them to rename them. Minor issue, but irritating.

Overall I like the Redragon M901 and it has been able to perform the functions I need it do on my workstation, but the downsides I listed keep this mouse from being perfect.

Purchased this mouse to complement my Redragon USAS keyboard, and so far, it's held up well. Feels a lot more solid than my previous mouse (an Etekcity Scroll 6E 4000), and I especially like the grippy texture this mouse is coated with, it shouldn't get slippery during intense gaming (my hands do get somewhat sweaty while playing). The driver software is rather comprehensive, if sometimes poorly-translated, but it's not too hard to figure out what goes where. The sensor tracks very well, to the best of my knowledge, but 16400 DPI is honestly way overkill for doing anything except stunts or just goofing off in games (I keep it at 2000 DPI most of the time).

Now, here's the subjective bit: the sheer amount of buttons this mouse comes with. 12 buttons on the left side (by default, it behaves like a numpad with buttons 1-9 being exactly what you'd expect, 10 is mapped to 0, and 11 and 12 go to + and - respectively), plus a secondary fire to the left of your left-click which behaves like a rapid-fire by default (not terribly useful, but it's good for quickly highlighting text). Honestly, for the stuff I normally play (Overwatch, TF2, and the like), I find this mouse totally overkill for my needs. I imagine it would suit stuff like League of Legends/Final Fantasy XIV/World of Warcraft very nicely, though, since you could bind a metric buttload of spells, actions and whatnot to it.

Overall, it's really good bang for the buck as far as gaming mice go, but some might find the sheer amount of buttons to be too much for their needs. If you primarily play FPSs and the like, the M801 Mammoth might be a saner choice (I'm looking into one myself), but this definitely is a better value compared to stuff like the Razer Naga.

My 2009 Razer Naga finally died on me. Instead of fixing it again, I decided to give this mouse a try. Even though the plastic seems a little cheap it's actually really durable. I'm really glad I can adjust the weight on it as well. Software to manage the mouse is very simple, but has a lot of options/settings that a higher priced mouse uses. Very comfortable on first touch. I really like this mouse!

Pros: Price, quality, very responsive, and comfortable.

Cons: None that I can think of.

Personal Thought: I wish the Rapid Fire button was just the Forward and Back buttons like the original Razer Naga. The Rapid Fire isn't very useful in MMORPG games.

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High Precision

-3325ICпјЊup to 5000DPI,5 DPI Adjustable Level allows you a perfect sensitivity, adjustable from 1000 to 5000 DPI. Perfect responsiveness, even if it is 0.1mm mobile, the IVSO gaming mouse can quickly respond.
-Also, the mouse driver can be adjusted to 10000 and supports
Dual-Mode Mouse Wired mode for super high-resolution gaming use. Wireless mode for convenient office use. You can easily switch to gaming/office mode in seconds,more freedom and convenience than a wired mouse ever could! Great Feeling Cool look and Fancy colors with 6 breathing LED lights.
Any game fans will want a real nice Wireless Optical Gaming Mice, right?

5 Adjustable DPI Switch

You can set the 800,1000-1600-2000-2400 DPI speed sensitivity

How to set DPI:

Press DPI button, if the red indicator light flashes once, its DPI is
Ergonomic Wired Gaming Mouse 9 Programmable Buttons Optical PC Gaming Mouse 6 DPI 800-1200-1600-2400-3200-4000.Polling Rate 125HZ,250HZ,500HZ,1000HZ.6000FPS,15G Adjusted DPI The gaming mouse has 6 DPI:800 (yellow),1200 (blue),1600 (rose),2400 (green),3200 (red),4000 (white).This DPI allows RGB to
Package Content: 1PC 2.4GHz Wireless Optical Mouse (without retail package) 1PC Receiver
Specifications: DPI: 800/1200/1600/2400 Button Number: 6D Working distance: 10M Bluetooth V3.0 Feature:Ergonomic Material: ABS Dimension: about 10X6.5X4CM Weight:56g Buttons: Left, Right, Scroll wheel, DPI button, Forward, Backward Button lifespan: 8 million times Connection method: Bluetooth
Specific:В  Tracking systems: Optical.В  Ajustable DPI Switch: 1000DPI(Red Light)/1600DPI(Green Light)/2400DPI(Blue Light)/3200DPI(White Light)/5500DPI(Orange Light);В  Ultra-precise Scroll Wheel.В  Optical technology works on most surfaces.В  Ergonomically designed, long-term use without
Descriptions: Product Descriptionпјљ Model Number: 102 Interface Type: USB Application: Desktop, Laptop Tracking Method: Optical Type: Wireless 3 DPI Switch: 1000/1600/2000 DPI Buttons: 6 Keys Choose Color: White Size: 4.72*2.83*1.37 in Compatible Systems: Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8,