PICTEK Gaming Mouse Wired, 8 Programmable Buttons, Chroma RGB Backlit, 7200 DPI Adjustable, Comfortable Grip Ergonomic Optical PC Computer Gaming Mice with Fire Button, Black (Upgraded Version)

PICTEK Gaming Mouse Wired, 8 Programmable Buttons, Chroma RGB Backlit, 7200 DPI Adjustable, Comfortable Grip Ergonomic Optical PC Computer Gaming Mice with Fire Button, Black (Upgraded Version)
гЂђExcellent Gaming Performance with 7200 DPI and 4 Polling RateгЂ‘ PICTEK T16 gaming mouse with default 5 DPI levels available from 1200 to 7200 DPI. Easily adjust to instantly match mouse speed to different gaming scenarios. 4 polling rate is adjustable: 125Hz/250Hz/500Hz/1000Hz, polling rate ensures smooth and high-speed movement.
гЂђChroma RGB Backlit for Extreme Gaming ExperienceгЂ‘ Upgraded version of PICTEK T7, with chroma RGB lighting, up to 16.8 million colors to fit your mood. Easily shut on and off the backlight or change the color mode with the convenient switch on the bottom. Plus, adopts impressive optical gaming sensor, ensure quickly switch for different games.
гЂђ8 Programmable Buttons & Fire ButtonгЂ‘ Support macro editing, 8 mouse buttons can be programmed with PICTEK Easy-to-Program Gaming Software. The Rapid Fire button gives you the edge you need during those intensive FPS battles. Great value FPS gaming mouse, also excellent for MOBA/RTS games. (Driver Disk Included)
гЂђERGONOMIC & SKIN-FRIENDLY DESIGNгЂ‘ T16 with symmetrical & streamlined provides a comfortable claw-grip design, long-term use without fatigue. Top choice for computer game players with anti-fingerprint and sweat-resistant that can keep your grip firmly during game play. Excellent wired pc gaming mouse for casual gamers.
гЂђReliable Quality & Hassle-Free WarrantyгЂ‘ T16 pc gaming mouse, 20 million clicks lifespan, buttons with neat rebound and good feedback. At Pictek, not only we offer high quality products, we back them up with 18-month warranty and a 30-day money back guaranty!

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Comments / reviews:
I'm not a super competitive PC gamer, but I do look for a reasonably accurate, responsive, customizable mouse that's comfortable to use. The PICTEK fits the bill. Their config util is pretty straight forward, allows for the customization you're likely to want and need. The mechanisms under the buttons and wheel all feel good, nice travel, time will tell how they hold up. The LED color options are nice, I actually enjoy the chasing rainbow :)

A few things to be aware of:
1) It's sort of long, so if you are using a wrist support the end of the mouse may rub on it slowing response times.
2) There is a checkbox in the config utility to enable enhanced accuracy. Windows has a similar setting but this one must be turned off in the PICTEK config utility. With this box checked the mouse was a little erratic, jumpy, and hard to manage when clicking on items very close together in the UI of games ... I had to look where the cursor went which was rage inducing. After turning this off, the mouse behaves 100% as expected. YMMV. Before turning this off I was || close to returning the mouse, and after am 100% satisfied.

My Logitech G602 crapped out on me after 2 years of service. I was really disappointed because I had several customized macros for various games I play. I've been really busy with work/career/life in general to where buying a replacement or better high-end customizable gaming mouse wasn't really that necessary. The PIKTEK Gaming Mouse looks like it would fit as a temporary replacement.

I gave it 4 out of 5 stars because I was disappointed with some of the customization options for a gaming mouse. Compared to Logitech 602, they are not as extensible or powerful. For some of the idle clicking games, it would have been nice to have a toggle on/off option for macros with repetitive cycles. I was able to to setup "repeat macro until button released" but for some reason it does not 1) repeat until released but a lot longer if I were just to press the button requiring multiple presses and 2) sometimes the macro does not work.

I really like the customizable color option for the mouse, and it does look cool in the dark. This mouse is capable, but just not as much as I'd like it to be. However, this mouse is way affordable and can be a backup when I eventually get a new gaming mouse. If PICTEK has a more powerful gaming mouse with better customizable options in their software package, then I'd consider buying it over Logitech or RAZR.

I've purchased four of these so far. Really like them all. Excellent design and functionality. Like the extra-compact dongle.

This mouse has nothing to envy those ones with a much higher price tag. I`m playing Overwatch with it and it`s just amazing. Love the extra buttons. The only issue I have is that to configure the buttons it can only be done with a Windows PC and I use Chromebooks, besides that, perfect mouse. Oh, and it was a little bigger than I expected, so it`s perfect for me.

Definitely sensetive and accurate movement reads. Fits well in the hand and is nice looking. 4 color lights adjustable to either pulse or stay one color. Great deal for the price

I have been using a Razer Mamba for the past year and the biggest problem I have had with it is the wheel is always being readjusted when I use it . My hand is always sliding across the sensitivity setting when I play games and this is a big pain in the neck. I purchased the PICTEK Chroma RGB 7200 DPI mouse not expecting much but surprisingly prefer it to my Mamba Tournament edition. It is very comfortable to use and is a great value especially after paying for the so called semi professional one I have been using.

Great mouse so far, feels good to grip and moves smoothly. I only thing is it doesn't come with a downloadable driver, it brings a disk. If your computer doesn't have a CD drive you cant install it. There is a downloadable one but it doesn't work as well.

This mouse is very good. Light weight, small. Very responsive.

My son likes the new mouse he got. It fit his hand pretty well, not too heavy or too light. The LED light looks great and mouse worked very well and matched his expectation. I am happy with the price. good deal.

Love the build-quality. The lighting is gorgeous. The scroll wheel is smooth. The interface to all the mouse functions is really nicely done. I'm going to use mine to help me operate Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software, like Reaper and Harrison Mixbus. By assigning some of the buttons to commonly used keys, I can keep my hand on the mouse more and operate faster.

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Rapid Movement Set your mouse with 7200 DPI to gain the advantages over your opponents and command the speed and sensitivity accurately. You can also adjust the DPI with two buttons and the light color will indicate which DPI it is (in default): 1200DPI flashes red, 2400DPI flashes blue, 3500DPI
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