Comments about TeckNet HYPERTRAK High Precision Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse, 16400 DPI, 10 Programmable Buttons, Weight Tuning Cartridge, 5 Omron Micro Switches

TeckNet HYPERTRAK High Precision Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse, 16400 DPI, 10 Programmable Buttons, Weight Tuning Cartridge, 5 Omron Micro Switches
TeckNet HYPERTRAK Gaming Mouse is equipped with a 16400 dpi laser sensor. Mouse movement speeds of up to 200 inch per second and 50g acceleration
10 programmable buttons, 4 adjustable DPI profiles, Customizable light colour, 5 sets of user UI setting, fully configurable layout for personalized play
TeckNet HYPERTRAK Gaming Mouse sensor is capable of tracking Z-axis to as low as 1 mm on most surfaces including glass table tops. Ideal for low-sense gamers
Advanced weight tuning system: set the center of gravity to match your play style. Braided-fiber USB cable with gold-plated USB connector ensures a reliable connection.
Comfortable claw-grip design and optimized grip points for fast reaction and lifting. Work with: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/VISTA/Windows7/WIN 10

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This mouse has exceptional build quality for the money, nothing about this mouse screams cheap unlike other mice I purchased in the similar price range, and that is saying a lot. From the plastic, all the way to the LED RGB integration and buttons looks and feel high quality. I have more expensive Logitech mice that don't feel as good in the hands as this one. Drivers for the mice are easy to use and learn, just wish saving profiles was a bit more straightforward, however, not much of a hassle. The mouse works great with mobas so keep that in mind as well, and the laser is surprisingly accurate with no accel to speak of.

One tiny suggestion I would ask the company to implement is a raised bump on the m3 button so users can know their thumb placement a bit better when using it. I've made my own indicator bump buy sticking a piece of tape to the m3 button to differentiate it from the others. That way I know exactly where to move my thumb when in game. EZ

Solid Gaming Mouse!!

Palm Grip Design
Button Placement
Adjustable Weight
RGB Lighting (partial anyway)

None, but why even send a CD with drivers on it? Not many modern computers even have a CD drive...

I want to start this review off with this: palm grip. Let me say it again for effect: PALM GRIP. This is a palm grip mouse, despite what the product description says. If you use a claw style grip, stay away. I'm a big guy (6'6"), and I have large hands. This is a large mouse, that is perfect for large hands. It's adjustable weight, which is nice, but what's nicer for my style of play is how heavy it is when all of the weight is installed. I need a mouse that I know isn't going to move unless I want it to move. Weight and Fit? A+

Button placement is good, although I foresee myself using the furthest buttons (M1,M2) only very, very rarely. It's great that they're there, and available, but they're not close enough for twitch reflexes. Honestly though, this is a benefit. It means you also won't accidentally press them, so you can bind them to things you need to do quickly, but not often (hopefully), that often have complex keybindings, like Eject. Speaking of buttons, the only downside to my particular unit (I don't know if it's only mine or not) is that the RMB (Right Mouse Button) seems to have a stiffer resistance than any mouse I've used before. It seems like it's about half again as hard to press as the LMB. I enjoy a bit stiffer response, since I am a palm grip gamer. I often rest my fingers directly on the buttons. I've had mice in the past (that were immediately given away) that will set of at the slightest breeze. Not good when you're formation with your gun out. Tends to lead to some inadvertent team kills. This mouse is stiff enough to handle resting weight but light enough that clicks happen when expected. Again the RMB is a bit stiff, but after a few minutes of playing you adapt to it.

The software (which again, why...) came on a CD. I couldn't use that CD, because both my laptop and desktop don't have a CD drive. It was easy to find using the search feature on the company website, and fairly small. Virus scans are clean on it (I always check when it's drivers), and install was quick. The software is intuitive, and easy to use. My one niggle is that although you can set colors to different DPI profiles, it doesn't seem to apply on the fly (using the buttons on the mouse). The DPI changes, but the color doesn't.

Macros. This is important enough it deserves to be on it's own. Macros are easy, but limited. There's no way to manually enter a macro, it only records one. One of the things I've always liked to do is setup various macro profiles, one for gaming, and one for systems admin stuff. For instance a macro that opens up the command line... (R_Win+R)+(C M D)+(Enter). Because of how the software detects keystrokes, and Windows self-absorbed nature, there is not an easy quick way to command this macro. If Tecknet is looking at this review, this is something that would be a great update to the software, manual macro creation.

Other Thoughts:
This is a solid entry-level/mid-level gaming mouse. It's solid, and adjustable to your style of play. The overall quality of the mouse is great, and includes a non-slip finish on the top. One feature I forgot to mention is the convenient little shelf for your thumb to rest on, makes all day use a little more comfortable. This is a very solid mouse, and I'd love to see either an update on the software, or the next revision come with a bit more comprehensive software. If I could deduct a half star I would, but I feel that the quality, and everything else this mouse provides, does too good to only give it a 4. Great work Tecknet, keep it up!

Big Review Incoming!
Total Time in Use: 1 Week

Background: I own a lot of mice. My go-to is the Logitech G403, but lately I've been hankering for something with more than 6 buttons. Typically I go to Logitech for my mice, but the G900 was a little pricey and ugly, the G502 was too heavy and the G402 lacked RGB. I wanted something that had a bunch of buttons for games/productivity wasn't a brick and wasn't terribly expensive for a "part time" mouse. Given that I did not anticipate using this for competitive FPS, I accepted an Avago-9800 for the sensor. You can't have it all right? More on that later.

Size: In the same league as a Deathadder or G402/G400s or G502. Slightly larger than a G403.

Shape: (8 of 10) This is clearly designed for palm grippers in mind, which is not ideal for me since I'm a fingertipper. I was concerned about the outward flare on the right side of the mouse. It is obviously intended to support the pinkie in a palm grip and I thought it would get in the way if I fingertipped. Happy, I went ahead an purchased and all is well. It feels a little different, but not bad. Palm grip is very nice (my hands are 18x9cm) and there are actually a couple comfy ways to fingertip. The way the pinky rests actually helped make the mouse grip feel very stable in-hand - so much so that I took it into several matches of CS:GO and did very well! I'm not sure if claw grippers would be happy with this mouse since the primary clicks are attached to the shell and harder to click as you move aft on the mouse. Overall, I'm happier than I expected to be with the shape.

Materials: (9 of 10) Except for the black glossy plastic running down either side along the edge, everything on this mouse is covered in a soft touch finish that feel somewhere between rubber and textured plastic. I was instantly happy with the purchase when I felt the finish. It is smooth and adequately grippy without being anywhere near giving you that icky "gummy rubber" sensation. My next concern was durability. After scratching at the back of the mouse with my fingernail I am convinced it will stand the test of time unless you scrape at it with something like a flat head screwdriver. The scroll wheel is covered by relatively flimsy textured rubber. I think you could pull it off if you wanted to with your nails, but I don't have any real durability concerns assuming normal usage. Overall, very happy with the materials and apparent durability.

Weight: (8 of 10) I like light mice. Lighter is better for FPS - let's just get that out of the way. To get full marks for weight, this mouse would have had to come in at 85 grams or less. I give it an 8 out of 10 because the weight is decently light, is customizable and "terribly well balanced." Weight was a major concern for me when buying this mouse. Even though I thought I'd use the G403 for shooters, I still didn't want to get stuck with a brick. This mouse has weight tuning and I must say that the weight tuning implementation is snazzy. You push a switch on the bottom of the mouse and a weight tray pops out of the right side of the mouse. The tray houses up to six 4 gram weights and leaves the mouse feeling nicely balanced regardless of how many weights you use because all of them are lined up centrally to the mouse. In other words, unlike other mice, this implementation will keep the mouse's center of gravity centered regardless of how many weights you use. Terribly well balanced indeed.
I don't have an accurate weight scale at the moment, but with the weights removed I'd say this mouse is in the neighborhood of 96-98 grams - heavier than I like but acceptable and easily controlled. Even though it is heavier than my Logitech G203 and G403, it is stable enough to work just fine for ze flickshotz!

Buttons and Scroll Wheel: (8.5 of 10) The mouse 12 actuators including 5 omron switches. That's pretty decent. Primary clicks are rated at 8 million, which is hardly eye-popping, but for me, that is roughly 8 years worth of use and that assumes it is the only mouse I use. 8 million is still decent bang for the buck. The primary clicks are significantly heavier than my G403 but still quite light and nowhere near a huano. Primary clicks are moderately light but with a decent bass to them, more like a "thwock" than the G403's "tick" which makes them satisfying in a different way. The scroll wheel is notched with easy yet distinct bumps and has a very slight rattle when shaken. Clicking the scroll wheel requires moderate pressure - good stuff there. Overall, the scroll feels almost identical to my G403 but this mouse also has the benefit of tilt scroll as well. Tilt scroll is something I rarely use, but it's nice to have the option, requires only light pressure and is very easy to use. The rest of the buttons on the mouse all feel decent, the top ones behind the scroll have a dull click while the five thumb buttons all are quiet and tactile with minimal pressure and travel required. Regarding button placement, it's not too bad, but I do have trouble hitting the two rearmost buttons (M4 and M5) independently. If it were me, I'd have designed M4 and M5 as a single button and added another button below the thumb on the left "wing" of the mouse, much like the Cougar 600M. Thankfully, if I fail to get the hang of it over the longer term, I can just disable one of them using the software. Overall, buttons are good.

Sensor: (7 out of 10) I've owned a couple mice before this one that had an Avago-9800 sensor. I could not stand them - they were good mice in many ways and I really wanted to love them, but the sensor ruined everything for me because I couldn't take them into CS:GO - the acceleration was just that bad. My expectations for this mouse were similarly low, but I figured I'd just use it for browsing/word processing and switch to a "proper" mouse/sensor like the G403 when I wanted to kill stuff dead. I tested the mouse in a match of CS:GO just to remind myself how inferior the 9800 is compared to the 3366. I had 31 kills to 12 deaths my first match...without warmup...on minimal sleep...with a new mouse. Wut? Next match I went 21-12, landing quality shots all the way. In fact, in the last week, I have yet to have a game with a negative kill/death ratio...I thought it was just luck until I saw that this mouse actually has a Avago 9800+ sensor and claims to NOT have acceleration or angle snapping. Well, huh. The 3366 still feels snappier and less "floaty" than this one, but where the 3366 is a 10, this is an 7, which is to say decent enough and apparently improved over the old A-9800 which I would have given a 5 out of 10 score. The fact that this mouse could actually be acceptable for shooters has meant that I don't feel the need to switch mouses when gaming. That means the G403 has been missing from my desk for a week now and that I have a $25 mouse that has supplanted a top of the line mouse that I spent $60 on. I think the G403 is the best mouse I've ever had, but given my work/gaming mix right now, the Tecknet is more practical as the daily driver for the time-being.

Software: (Score: 7 of 10) Easy to download, easy to navigate, tons of features including robust macro options and it does not hog system resources. Unobtrusive tool tray icon that actually doesn't stand out enough. You can control macros, DPI profiles, lighting color and breathing rate as well as set different X and Y sensitivity to name a few. As with many peripheral software packages these days, the software does leave you wanting more. It takes a while to boot up and close down. Saving your settings takes several seconds and provides no feedback other than the swirly icon stopping and leaving you wondering "did it actually save?" Managing colors is tedious thanks to the interface and changing colors does not happen until after you hit save, meaning that you have to hit save and wait several seconds and repeat several times over in order to tweak the right color shade. Overall the software is perfectly functional and given that I don't need to spend a whole lot of time in it, I don't weigh these negatives very heavily at all and neither should you.

Lighting: (6 out of 10) Lighting is good (albeit a little awkward in the software) but colors appear just slightly washed out relative to my RGB Logitech mice. Also, the illuminated "TECKNET" appearing on the mouse is hardly awe-inspiring. The main reason I'm taking points off here is because the orange thumb button lights cannot be changed from orange. For me this is a non-issue since I use a green/orange theme, but others will be irked.

Overall Design and Closing Thoughts: It's not very flashy or expensive and it does not have a premium gaming sensor. BUT the quality is pretty good. The ergonomics are good. The sensor is passable. The functionality and productivity potential is higher than a typical 6-8 button gaming mouse. While nothing about the mouse is truly groundbreaking, a mouse is more about value and function than form for me. None of the flaws listed above justify taking a star off the Amazon rating in my mind, especially given the price point. This is a very versatile mouse that feels just as at home in CS:GO as it does in Word, Excel or Powerpoint. Assuming it holds up over the long haul, it offers superb bang for the buck and easily merits 5 stars as my general "do-it all" mouse until something on it breaks.

I have loved this mouse from day one of ordering it. I even modded it with some gun grip tapeGT-5000 (3 strips) Grip Tape for guns, cell phones, cameras, knives, tools - makes anything"Grippy". which worked phenomenal. I only give this 4 stars because when I create a macro to assign for the side buttons, the mouse freezes and I have to unplug and plug it back in the PC. (Basic macros were tested like "y" and "y+k+y" ) EXTREMELY annoying. Not to mention the fact that the link to the software isn't supplied directly to you. You have to search around and find a reliable download link for it. I'm not seeing any driver updates for it either. I really really wanted to use this mouse for macro keys on the side buttons, however as I said, when programmed, saved, and closed the program to ensure everything was working properly, it just freezes the mouse and does nothing.

This mouse comes with a driver that has a significant amount of functions, which is what I look for in a mouse. The 5 thumb buttons on the side are a bit overkill, but luckily you can macro them to do anything (I set a few to type some random messages).

The DPI can go from 500 to 16400, with increments of 50 for the lower DPI values. This is important to me because I play at a flat 1000 DPI, which you might notice is not included on most gaming mice. Most of the time they have presets at 800, 1200, and higher. This made it difficult to find the right mouse, and I would often buy and return the ones with drivers to figure out which ones would work for me. The main color of the mouse can be changed by clicking the tiny square underneath the DPI setting you are currently on. This allows you to customize the color quite a bit, as it takes in RGB values. The orange lights on the side however, can not be changed. Personally, this is not much of an issue because it still looks nice.

The lighting has three main options: standard, respiration, and neon.
Standard has 0, 25, 50, 75, and 100% in terms of brightness.
Respiration has 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 second cycles.
Neon has 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15 second cycles.

The report rate has 125, 250, 500, and 1000 Hz settings.

You can create as many macros as you want, and bind them to any key.

Physically, the mouse can be adjusted in weight by pulling the little switch underneath to pop out the weight tray. It contains six pellets, each 4g. The mouse itself is comfortable and my hand wraps around it easily. My only complaint would be that the mouse 3 key (scroll wheel) is hard to press down, as it provides a lot of resistance. Even scrolling with it is a tiny bit slow, but aside from that, this mouse is a great success.

This looked like an awesome gaming mouse. I had recently bought a new gaming Laptop and when I saw this gaming mouse by Tecknet, I thought I would give it a try. After reading some reviews and details, I decided to take a chance and purchased it as price was also comperatively cheap. It was delivered in two days and came with the gaming mouse, driver CD and manual. The quality of the mouse is great and the weight provides nice feel when gaming and surfing internet. With the drivers installed, you can program all the buttons to function according to your like. Great gaming mouse and I would recommend anyone who is looking for reliable gaming mouse.

I was looking for a mouse that was subtle to use by day but i also wanted to use it for gamming.

- Omron Micro Switches ( Deal Breaker)
when you play hard core gamming those left click has to be reliable and they are.
-Customizable Lights you can have On or Off
-16000DPI (i play on Tri Full HD 26" monitors)

- feels a little light even with all the weights in, and the texture feels low Quality but i guess thats why it was around $25

Update: Very happy with my purchase

For the price I would rate the hardware/mouse aspect of this product as 5 stars. It works well functionally on that level. Where it suffers and hence losing a star is the software/driver side of things. While I am all for simplicity of form the mouse software is beyond a minimalistic level of usefulness. The "update" button followed by something written in a foreign language does nothing, although clicking on a web page address at the top of the drop down menu automatically starts to download a driver (none of this is clear to the user and is needlessly confusing). Assigning shortcut keys to mouse buttons is thankfully easy. The scroll bar on the side of the software interface is purposeless as it simply just goes up and down. The color/lighting management features of the mouse are a mixed bag. Apparently, as best I understand from playing around with it, you can not choose a single stable color for the scroll wheel and "Tecknet" logo. You can choose to shut them off (not well documented in the interface), while the side buttons remain an orange color apparently all the time. You can control strobing/"respiration" to some extent, but this only allows you to change the automatically controlled speed of change in the gamut of colors the device cycles through. This is the biggest shortcoming in these price level/gaming mouses. Most have opted to give users only a very small amount of control over their preferences in lighting. Most just want to shove a convoluted scheme of flashing colors at you for which you have no input or way to alter in any significant way. It isn't hard to allow people to select a color, so not sure where the disconnect is other than the manufacturers simply don't care. Which is too bad as the mouse otherwise seems to be a good design.

The good:
- It's a pretty darn good mouse, overall
- I love the amount of buttons, but what blew me away was the mouse wheel side tilt buttons.
- Nice DPI adjustment
- Nice colors
- Good macro/combined key/windows/hotkey maneuverability
- Braided cord!
- Thumb rest!

The not so good:
- The color scheme is a little less customize-able than I thought
- The software definitely has some gaps. For example, it doesn't leave an icon in the taskbar when it's open, which I thought was really weird.
- The driver is available online, but not through the product site (either that or I just couldn't find it)--so I spent 20 minutes looking for it off shady sites.

Other thoughts:
- Nice addition with the weights. However, I seem to have no use for them, as they're only 4g each--but I suspect others might use them.

Tecknet is the most reliable third party brand that makes solid products. At this price point you are getting a mouse that has programmable buttons, light customization, DPI switching on the fly and custom weights! The software packaged can be taken off from the disc and saved to a usb if you have issues keeping tracks of disks (especially mini disks in this case). Works on Win 10, will work on any previous version, not sure about Mac..but then again why would you be gaming on a Mac?
This mouse is durable! It has a braided cable and the usb plug in is standard, some mice like to make the connection bulky but this plugs into the computer nicely. For the price you are getting a mouse that even has weights! Yes, you can adjust the weight! At this price this mouse is a steal, especially for the budget gamer.

*I can not figure out how to change the side LED lighting on the buttons. Hopefully Tecknet can reach out to me and help out!

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