Comments about SteelSeries Rival 110 Gaming Mouse - 7,200 CPI TrueMove1 Optical Sensor - Lightweight Design - RGB Lighting

SteelSeries Rival 110 Gaming Mouse - 7,200 CPI TrueMove1 Optical Sensor - Lightweight Design - RGB Lighting

Rival 110 is custom-engineered for competitive gaming, featuring an exclusive TrueMove1 optical sensor and a right-handed universal ergonomic shape for all grip styles. With a guaranteed 30-million click rating and a durable, lightweight construction, the Rival 110 delivers comfortable, long-lasting performance. Plus, Prism RGB illumination with Game Sense reactive illumination and lighting sync, six programmable buttons and on-board memory combine to deliver the perfect gaming mouse.

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I've had this mouse for a little over half a year and so far it's been pretty reliable. I did have this issue where the mouse scroll wheel was jittering around but it seems to have fixed itself as I no longer have that issue. I previously used razer's death adder for its comfort and side buttons; it died in 13 months. After the second death adder died, I purchased this mouse because I was tired of my investment going to waste. I could purchase three of these mice for the cost of one death adder. It had what I wanted (side buttons) and even an extra button! I have already recommended this mouse to a few friends and they seem so far to be fine with it.

Safe shape, fits my 16.5cm hands really well. I use a palm/claw hybrid grip. Weight is a little on the heavy side for a mouse this size, it would be great if it were around 85g as opposed to 91g. It is nowhere near 87.5g as advertised.

Switches feel alright, but my left clicks feel somewhat mushy. Not a big deal in game though. Side buttons are a little sharp but they are positioned well enough for you to click without issues. The scroll wheel feels stiffer than the 310 series of mice and are much harder to press in. Good or bad, its up to your preference. I prefer the clicks on the 310 mice.

Built quality is pretty good for a budget mouse. Cable is soft and flexible but not as good as the cable on the 310 series.
Coating feels like it will last and is grippy enough. Even the sides which are plastic offer really nice grip.

Sensor performs flawlessly. From what I read online, the TruMove1 is based off the PWM3330 sensor but heavily modified by SteelSeries through their partnership with PixArt. Whatever it is, LOD seems high but it did not seem to affect me in game. Great sensor, SteelSeries and other mouse companies should look into more budget friendly sensors like the 3330 to put into their mice. It performs just as well as my Sensei 310 and Rival 310 with the TruMove3. You won't tell the difference.

The RGB lights are only single zone so don't expect much out of them, but it is what it is.

Overall I love this mouse. Its amazing how well a mouse of this caliber could perform. And it offers surprisingly great comfort for its low and simple design. I guess the subtle curves on the sides and back help a little. My only complaints would be the quality of the main switches (Left click in particular) and the weight which could be a little lighter.

As someone who has used the Logitech G Pro/G102, Ninox Venator, SteelSeries Sensei 310, and Razer Lancehead TE. I think this is the best ambidextrous mouse I've owned. The price to performance/shape ratio is astounding. If you didn't like then G102/G203, this is probably worth looking at.

This mouse may not have the best sensor and or the fanciest sensor on the market but it has no flaws as far as I know from experience and from professional reviews. It has Great buttons that feel sturdy and responsive, also omrons are great switches, they last long, feel great and sound great (they do not have an annoying click).. The 110 pasts all the test and feels great, no mouse spin, no acceleration, no bad rattle, no accidental button presses when slamming the mouse down etc. Also, I love the feel of the mouse, It has such a great grip. The surfaces feel fantastic. I love grippy rough matte finishes, the best to game on imo.

Lastly, At one point I was worried that it may be too small, but its not. it really it is a happy medium, its smaller than the sensei but it still doesnt feel awkward. (I do wish it had the same dimensions as the sensie/xai, but oh well we'll see how the 120 turns out if there will be.) I wear a size large in gloves and found it perfect, but I also claw and fingertip grip my mouse depending on situations, so that may be the reason I am ok with it. Overall though, I would not recommend it for some who has huge hands and palm grips, but if you're shaq and like small mice then give this a go.

This mouse works as a mouse.

Don't expect much more from it as its just a basic mouse with a few fancy features.

Also, customizing the lighting is a severe pain. It does work, however if you have any other application profile setup (like discord for example) it will override your default profile and will NOT change it back once the application is closed. Which can be an issue to some. I leave my mouse white unless i'm changing everything to a different color.

I believe the Rival 110 addresses the lighting issue as they have a faster changing sensor within the mouse. I don't know for certain because I don't care to make it constantly go into RGB mode, which this mouse also doesn't do, or doesn't do nearly as fast as my M750 or Arctis 5.

This is an amazing mouse. I was kind of nervous at first because I heard the Rival 100 sensor was only usable at 500 CPI or below. WEll, the Rival 110 has a custom sensor called the "TrueMove1" which was made by SteelSeries and Pixart, and is capable of 7200 CPI. I personally use it at 1600 and it works amazing! It's not a Deathadder Elite class sensor, but it's close.

The design is pretty straight forward. It's an ambidextrous design, although you only have forward and back buttons on the left side of the mouse. You get your usual right and left click, forward and back, scroll wheel, scroll click and DPI button. On top of that you do have RGB Lighting, which looks amazing. Colors are very bright and crisp.

Now the performance. It tracks pixel by pixel, and is very smooth. It's performing close to a PMW3360 which is a top optical sensor. I've only owned this mouse for a few hours now, so if anything new comes up I will edit this review.

Overall would I recommend this mouse? Yes! It is well worth the money.

As a previous owner of a SteelSeries Rival 100, I found this mouse to be a nice upgrade after the scroll wheel on it stopped working properly. The Rival 110 is almost identical to the Rival 100, except it has an improved sensor which allows for much greater DPI control and is ever so slightly heavier.

The improved sensor allows you to change the DPI in steps of 100 (compared to the 500 of the Rival 100), which allows for much more precise sensitivity control. The slightly increased weight was really only noticeable when using the two mice side by side.

The Rival 110 has the same simplistic design as the Rival 100 with a DPI switch button on the top and forward/back buttons on the left side which drastically increase productivity when navigating web pages, documents, or files.

Overall this is a fantastic mouse that I would recommend to anybody - for gaming or normal day-to-day tasks. Although I have only had it for a month, i'm confident that it will be just as reliable as my previous SteelSeries mouse, which lasted about 2 years of heavy use.

I've owned the Rival 100 for a little over three months now and I still feel like the price I got it for (~$30) at the time was very reasonable.

It does come with customizable RGB lighting which I love, however, I wish there were more zones because when using the mouse, you can only see the lights on the sides of the scroll wheel.

It doesn't come with a braided wire but I haven't had any issues with the cord. I find it to be rather soft and flexible, and it doesn't feel cheap.

The buttons feel responsive and I don't recall ever having any issues with it misclicking. Being a female, I have rather small hands and I find it to be comfortable to hold, even if I'm playing League for hours. However, compared to my new Logitech G502 ($60), the buttons on this are a tad more stiff. This is something I actually didn't notice until I switched back to this mouse temporarily for a few days.

While I do love the feel of the coating they use for the mouse, I did find that it started to wear down but it wasn't significant. It just doesn't feel as smooth as it was when I first got it due to a few minor scratches.

Overall, I recommend this mouse to anyone looking for a good, quality, affordable, comfy mouse with RGB lighting. Even if you're not gaming, I think it's worth it.

Rival 100

Flexible cord
Nice rubber grip
Very accurate tracking
No spin out
Pretty low lift off distance

Button 5 is a little difficult to reach
Side buttons are a bit loud

I don't have anything bad to say about this mouse, you can't beat it for $30. Even the cons I have listed come down to personal preference. I will say that my right mouse button is harder to click than the left one but I'm going to give it some time and see if it remedies itself. It may just need breaking in, I'll update my review in a week or so.

Right click issue is getting worse, now I'm getting 4-5 button presses every time I right click. Thankfully Amazons return process is much simpler than SteelSeries RMA procedure. We'll see how the replacement does in a few days.

Overall fantastic mouse for the price. Shape and overall feel to the mouse is great. Switches all feel very nice, slightly heavier action than my Deathadder. Side buttons are a little small and are not as quick and tactile as the ones on my Deathadder, but they're completely adequate for gaming purposes.

DPI switch only lets you switch between 2 customization settings via the intuitive SteelSeries Engine 3 software (no pesky signing in and constant updates like Razer Synapse), love having it but it is also the reason I am taking a star off. The software lets you set the DPI in increments of 250 from 250-2000, past 2000 it jumps right to 4000 DCPI. 4000 is just a little too fast, I'd love to be able to set at 2500 or 3500 for example. I think this is just a software limitation implemented to encourage you to buy one of their more expensive mice rather than a sensor limitation.

I'm happy with the mouse and would recommend it to others. I doubt it can be beat for the price.

I just replaced this with a Rival 310, so I wanted to sort of revise my initial review from early impressions.

Was: 4 Stars
Now: (still) 4 Stars

Great quality for the price. Seriously. I got this mouse for under $30, and it worked flawlessly for ~12 hours a day for 8 months, primarily used for FPS. I replaced it because I wanted to try its "big brother," not because it had any problems. The 500dpi steps are a bit unusual but nothing you shouldn't be able to put to use. The default plug-and-play no-software DPI settings (or CPI, if you prefer) for the Rival 100 are 1000/2000 (as compared to 800/1600 for the Rival 310), for those who will plug-and-play.

If you're right-handed, prefer the ambi shape, and have a smaller hand, then this (or the Rival 110) may be THE mouse for you. And the price is definitely right. I have pretty huge hands and use a bit of a modified palm/claw grip... thus the Rival 100, while usable, was always just a bit small for my hand. If you have a larger hand and prefer to palm grip, this is probably a bit undersized for you.

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