Acer Predator Cestus 500 RGB Gaming Mouse – Dual Omron switches 70M Click Lifetime, Customizable ambidextrous and Ergonomic Design, On Board Memory and programmable Buttons

Acer Predator Cestus 500 RGB Gaming Mouse – Dual Omron switches 70M Click Lifetime, Customizable ambidextrous and Ergonomic Design, On Board Memory and programmable Buttons

Acer’s Predator Cestus 500 Gaming Mouse delivers the comfort, speed, response, style and durability you expect from an elite gaming mouse—it’s like driving the world’s best sports car with the palm of your hand! It features swappable side panels for the ultimate in customized gaming, an adjustable click force to fit your needs, on-board memory, a braided cord with a gold-plated USB connector and millions of color options to fit your mood! It’s your click to victory! (NP.MCE11.008).

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Comments / reviews:
The best mouse I've used

The product came in great package. The seller did an amazing job on that. However, the delivery was late by a day due to some problems. The gaming mouse doesn't come with CD, which means you can only have one color for the mouse: light blue. The mouse does come with 8 buttons, however, the two buttons on the other side serves the same function as the left side, which means only 6 different keys can be assigned at max.

Excelente mouse. Buena calidad. Tiene un botГіn para seleccionar la sensibilidad del cursor son tener que acceder a los settings.

One of the best Gaming Mouse I've seen and used so far everything runs smoothly. 5/5 recommended рџ‘ЌрџЏ»

Confortable and quickly

I really like this gaming mouse - here’s why.


1) Simple gaming mouse; very reliable.
2) Glides and tracks smoothly on my gaming pad.
3) Very fine tracking; perfect for snap aiming.
4) I never had a better or more accurate tracking mouse.
5) Button response time is stellar.
6) Good size for most hands (not too big nor small.)
7) Its shape allows either left or right-handed use.
8) Can hold game customizations on on-board memory for up to three different gaming profiles.


1) Lighting features are a gimmick.

My take:

Though the lighting features are a gimmick, this mouse isn’t. With the extremely high-resolution tracking and responsiveness of its buttons, plus its feature allowing customizations to be stored in the mouse - this makes this a must buy for any gamer.

I have been using a Mad Catz MMO7 and a Rat8 as my primary mice at my home office. The MMO7 is configured and used on my Alienware 18X, and the Rat8 I use on my P770DM-G.

I do not like carrying my Mad Catz mice around in my bags because I’m afraid that I’ll damage them. Right now I don’t carry any mice back and forth from my work cube and home office. I have some mice at work. The primary mouse I use at work is a Logitech G600.

I decided to give the Acer Predator Cestus 500 a try since the form factor looked more like the Mad Catz mice I like. I am glad I did. The parts are easily swapped out. They are held on buy magnets. I use both rests, one for the pinky and one for the thumb. It really glides nice and is very accurate on the screen.

The only thing I would have like to have is some weights. I like a heavier mouse and this one is super light weight. I get adjusted after 5 - 10 minutes of use so it’s all good.

The software works as expected and was very easy to set up. It is also very intuitive, at least it was for me, but I have used several similar packages.

Over all for the price I think you are getting a pretty sweet deal.

I have used several different gaming mouse units from various brands in the past. This is absolutely one of the most (if not the most) customizable I have used to date. The functionality is obviously programmable in terms of what the buttons actually control, but that is typical of most gaming mouse models of this type. That is also true of the ability to change the lighting design. This unit features those capabilities along with a couple other features that move this ahead of the other models I have tried previously in terms of comfort and performance.

One of my biggest issues with the last mouse I used is that it was overly sensitive on the main left and right buttons. This mouse features levers on the bottom that allow you to adjust the click force of those buttons. I did not realize how big of a deal this was until I actually tried adjusting it. Now I can easily modify it as needed for the task at hand—whether it be for gaming where I need rapid clicks and movements or for work purposes where I prefer more force to be required with each click.

The other unique features I really like on this mouse are the swappable side panels that attach with small magnets to the left and right sides of the mouse. You are provided with a side of wide and narrow panels that you can interchange to fit you ergonomic preference. Based on my typical hand placement, I prefer the wide panels pretty much all the time, and use of these larger panels has in no way hampered the speed, flexibility, or performance of the mouse when in use. Overall, this is one of the best gaming mouse models I have tried, and I highly recommend giving it a try.

This is a useful and easy to use mouse. Even the custom settings are easy to set up after you go to the website listed in the start up guide and download the file for it. It creates a desktop icon that you can pull up to make adjustments. The cable is an extended cable that is long enough for most needs. It is a comfortable mouse while still being compact. The price is in the ballpark for specialized gaming mouses -- many are lower priced and some are higher priced. This allows the multiple profiles and customized settings. I think a more basic mouse can suffice but if you want some gaming bells and whistles this one has them.

This is an excellent gaming mouse. It is super responsive, there is a really nice tactile response to button clicks, and the buttons are all tough to engage unintentionally. As a Mac user, customization is way lacking, but when i use this with my windows laptop it is amazing all the settings that can be changed.

There are detachable side pieces that click on and attach magnetically. They stay put very well during normal use, but a big bump can knock them loose.

Quality is exceptional, this tho is built to last.

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