SteelSeries Rival 310 Gaming Mouse - 12,000 CPI TrueMove3 Optical Sensor - Split-Trigger Buttons - RGB Lighting

SteelSeries Rival 310 Gaming Mouse - 12,000 CPI TrueMove3 Optical Sensor - Split-Trigger Buttons - RGB Lighting

Rival 310 delivers true esports performance. Featuring the new custom TrueMove3 12,000 CPI, 350 IPS optical sensor and exclusive split-trigger buttons, you'll have the power of ultra-low-latency, rapid-response tracking and the performance of lightning-quick clicks. The world-renowned ergonomic Rival design gives you the same comfort and confidence the pros rely upon. Plus, Prism RGB illumination with lighting sync, six programmable buttons, on-board memory, and a light, durable construction combine to deliver the perfect esports mouse.

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The Basics

Beginning of Jan I purchased the Rival 310. The mousewheel on my G403 had lost some tactility and the R310 checked virtually all the boxes. 3360 variant sensor, 50m omron switches, RGB and a safe shape. I used it for 6 days before writing this review. My Nit-Noidy thoughts are as follows.

The Good:

The mouse is very light but manages to feel well made and not hollow.
The mouse was balanced in the hand regardless of grip type, no "heavy butt" problems here.
The clicks all around feel good. Resistance is significantly more than a G403, but less than a Huano.
The side buttons are some of the best I've ever used - medium resistance and tactile without appreciable pretravel etc.
I appreciated that the middle click was one of the easiest to press in, some mice have a middle click so stiff that its utility is virtually eliminated. Some folks have said that the scroll wheel feels cheap, I differ on this point. There is no rattle or wobble and the tactility is excellent with very light resistance - that means it is good for both gaming and browsing.
One of my favorite aspects of the mouse vs the G403 are the subtle groove ledges flanking the scroll wheel. I tend to keep my fingers close to the scroll wheel and something about that ledge just felt right.
The plastic texture on the mouse is good, it gives you a feel of the mouse but does not quite evoke a feeling of "premium" like some of Corsair's products.
The sensor is outstanding as you would expect, I just wish it were placed a little farther forward.
Lift off distance is low.
The shape is very safe and comfortable, especially for a palm grip. It also works fine for fingertip and claw, but only assuming larger hands.
Last but not least, the software is EXCELLENT. I'd considered Logitech to be the gold standard here, now I'm thinking Steelseries. The Logitech G software is around 270mb last I checked, is clean, functional and lightweight. The Steelseries software was only a 108mb download and managed to be even more intuitive with more functions than Logitech's offerings for the G403. One thing that the R310 does not have that many Logitech mice have is sensor surface tuning, but I never missed it.

The Middling:

The cord is the least stiff of any I've tried and kinks were worked out very easily. However, the rubber on the cord is more "grabby" than most when it comes into contact with soft mousepads. (Not an issue with a decent bungee.)
The primary clicks are tactile, but not quite light enough to be considered properly "MMO spammable" in my opinion.
The DPI button is out of the way but a little too far aft of the scroll to be useful for time-critical functions.
The mouse has everything you need, not much you don't. That said, I'd have liked to see an equivalent "G-Shift" option in the software to add more possible macro functions. The mouse isn't as viable to cross over to productivity work like the G502 with all its bells and whistles, but it's still ok.

The Bad:

The silicone sides have a subtle mush to them, which is kinda meh. They do not feel great despite the nice patterning. They can retain a little bit of heat and do not fare particularly well for grip when/if the going gets moist...I think the choice is adequate for what it is intended for, and it SHOULD be fairly durable, but I'm not 100% sure. I would have much preferred the same textured plastic on the sides as on the top.
My copy had slight pretravel on the left click with definite differences in click sound and feel between left and right click.
My copy developed also developed a slight rattle on the aft thumb button after a few days.
The mouse is very long while being wider and relatively low compared to the G403. If you have average or smaller hands, fingertipping the mouse will lead to either clicking the primary buttons toward the rear of the mouse (meaning stiffer clicks) OR you'll continually have the butt of the mouse bumping into your palm when looking/shooting down in-game.
Using a claw grip for me meant reducing the thumb surface touching the mouse, making it feel less controllable. My in-game performance was still very good, but the mouse definitely caters to palm and/or large hands. For me, it felt like there was a whole lot of mouse wasted forward of the scroll and aft of the thumb and I ended up clicking about even with the back of the scroll wheel. If the mouse retained its basic shape while being shorter, it would be a more versatile option for more people, but might sacrifice awesomeness factor for big/palm types.


Despite the questionable choice of silicone, the mouse is fantastic overall and performs as a top-tier option in my opinion. The software is probably the best I've ever seen. It is an easy recommend for any grip style, but with the caveat that your hand ideally be 18.5cm+ in length. It is because of the many good qualities of this mouse that the unsuitably large size makes me sad :(

Nit-Noid Grade: B+

The sensor is amazing. It will never hold back your aim. I play on very low sens on a very large mouse pad. No matter how fast I flick the mouse it always tracks smoothly, accurately and without delay. No matter how fast I whipped the mouse, or how slowly I corrected a snipe, I could not get it to make an error. There were no accidental inputs. No acceleration, angle snapping, or jitter. There are other equally good sensors out there, but the point is, with something like this, it all depends on your skill. This is as good as it gets.

All the buttons are high quality and heavy. No accidental clicks, even on the large side buttons. In contrast to hair trigger buttons like the Deathadder's, these require extra force to press. Since they snap back quickly, you can still click really fast. I tap fire a lot in Titanfall 2 and it doesn't bother me. The DPI button can also be rebound to a keyboard input, giving you a 6th button in game. The scroll wheel is average. Does the job. After 6 months of use, none of them show any sign of wear. Same goes for the rubberized grips on the side, which are very comfortable. I never once lost grip on the mouse, even after hours of playing. They do pick up dirt from the fingers and may need a gentle cleaning every few weeks. I have the white one, which is hard plastic mostly, but the black one is entirely rubberized. The cable glides smoothly and never got in my way. It's not removable.

It weighs about 100 grams, which is pretty good. There are 90 and 85-gram mice out there for those who want the fastest speed, or those who aren't very strong.

The shape is unusual, but very comfortable. Large in the back but smaller up front, it fits many hand sizes. It's suitable for palm, claw, and hybrid-palm grips. Pure fingertip grip doesn't work very well because of the thumb curve. If that is your grip style, the ambidextrous Sensei 310 is better. For right handed mice, try the Zowie EC series. Since I use palm grip, this is the perfect mouse for me. Although it's very good, it may not be perfect for you, so be sure the shape is suited to you before you buy.

I don't recommend the Rival 100 or 700 because the 100 has tiny thumb buttons and the 700 is too heavy, weighed down by its useless gimmicks. For FPS gaming, you just want 5 or 6 buttons, a comfortable shape, a good sensor, and no unnecessary weight. If you buy a Rival, get a 300 or 310.

Lastly, the software. It does the job, but I recommend you don't load it up unless you want to change settings. It seemed to lower my frame rate in some games.

It might be an overall better mouse than the 300.

I thought I would find some imperfections considering I've used the same Rival 300 for about 5 years now, but after 1 day of gaming with the 310, I'm pretty much acustom to it already. The size is a tad smaller from what I feel. The 300 was one of the biggest mouse on the market and I'm someone with large hands who thought it was quite big myself.

Size, Shape, feel awesome. very similar to the 300. It actually feels more like a mircosoft intelli 2.0 for those who have used one
CPI button (like the 300)
custom RGB (like 300)

The scroll wheel is harder to scroll with, but the actual click action if it feels better and easier

The middle mouse has stuck a few times, in the sense that I use it as my push to talk and been told I was transmitting without knowing.

The SteelSeries Rival 310 is the best mouse I have ever used. That simple. It is precise, light, ergonomic and with all the bells and whistles that will make this pointing device your best acquisition for general use, office work and gaming. I have used plenty of pointing devices throughout the years and I must say I always stayed on the budget mouse market (below ~$30). I thought spending $50 on a mouse was ridiculous, but how wrong I was. This thing looks sleek and performs like clockwork. I spent a couple of days looking at the current mouse market and the options are endless. I initially planned on purchasing a $30-ish replacement for my now dying Logitech M305 (very portable and affordable IMO), but I wanted to get a larger mouse that could be used for long periods of time without busting your carpal tunnel. Well, the Rival 310 has the perfect size for me, it is light as a feather and has eSports level of accuracy, which might sound overkill for many non-professional gamers and non-gamers alike. But using this mouse JUST on the Windows desktop already feels you are dealing with something different. The movement is fluid and precise, the two main buttons always respond great (a little bit on the noisy side though), the scrolling wheel is super smooth and the side buttons are large enough to use them with no problem.

I am including a picture comparing the size of the Rival 310 with two other mice that I have at home (left to right): Logitech M305 (old faithful), Logitech M705 and the Rival 310. Did I also mention it has 6 customizable buttons (left click, right click, scroll wheel, middle button, two on the left side) and RGB lights? The SteelSeries Engine 3.0 software provides enough options to tune the mouse to your needs to the point that it is a little bit overwhelming. But once you get all those details ironed out, you are left with a great mouse that looks cool, performs great and will keep any other pointing device in the drawer for years to come.

Long story short: the Rival 700 I bought prior to this had its left click crap out on me. I went back to the original, 1st Edition Rival (which is now called Rival 300, and the main difference is that the side rubbers are actually not peeling off unlike the 1st Edition) while I searched for something not of the SteelSeries brand because I thought I've had enough and I didn't want to deal with the problems they seem to have with all of their hardware.
Call me naive, call me impulsive, call me an idiot, anything you want! but, upon seeing how my beat-up 1st Edition Rival was still performing great after over 2 years of use and almost no side rubbers left on it, I thought to myself: "if the Rival 300 is a rebranded Rival, which I'm currently using, I can probably expect the same sturdiness to it than what I have now. And *maybe* even better rubber. Why not give SteelSeries another chance?"
A few days later, the 300 arrives. 2 months later, I write this review as a sort of acknowledgement that I completely lost to myself. This mouse really is everything I thought it would be and my naive, impulsive idiot self was right.

This is my first SteelSeries mouse, I usually stick with Logitech and Roccat but after seeing reviews for the new line they put out decided to give the Rival 310 a try. After trying the mouse I'm immediately a convert and will look to SteelSeries first when looking for a mouse.

The shape of this mouse is the best thing about it, for palm grip users or anyone like me who uses a palm/fingertip grip needs to try this mouse. Immediately if fit perfectly into my hand and became an extension of it, I stopped noticing it was in my hand after only a few minutes. It also has the best mouse feet I have ever felt, and I've owned lots of mice. They glide without any feeling against the Mousepad, I wish I could buy these mouse feet to use in all my mice they're that amazing. It's a great size for my hand and I think will be for most people. Just long enough to rest inside my hand fully but slim and short enough to still control easily. As I said before the best way I can describe it is that I stopped noticing the mouse almost immediately, it just feels natural to use.

The build quality is very solid, no flex or rattling at all. All the buttons are short and crisp, the left and right click can travel quite far if you use a lot of pressure but if you click like a normal person you won't notice at all. The scroll wheel is soft and fast with enough tenting between steps to control easily when moving slowly. The rubber sides are textured and make this mouse very easy to control and pick up something low DPI users will appreciate. The plastic costing is also textured and almost rough compared to other smooth and soft mice. I really like the feeling, it makes it very hard to slip even when applying too much pressure with your fingers. I can see how some people would prefer smoothing coating as it feels more high quality but for performance I prefer this textured plastic. After using the mouse for a bit I doubt you will even notice it. The sensor is top of the line optical and from all the reviews and personal testing I've had no jitter, spin out, or any ghosting at all.

Now for the one down side of this mouse, the software and if you care about it the lighting as well. SteelSeries really needs to improve their customizability and interface in general. It's very simple and easy to use but has fewer options than Logitech, Roccat, or Razer. It only has 2 DPI settings which will be unacceptable for some players but works fine for me and most users who only use 1 DPI. The lighting options are very limited with no unique settings, the lighting on the mouse itself is fine and has bright sharp colors and I think people who will like this mouse for performance won't really care about the RGB effects. I have mine off or set to the steady orange of SteelSeries.

I would highly recommend any gamer who uses palm or fingertip grip to go to a store and try this mouse. I prefer it's shape to any mouse I've tried before including the G403, Kone Pure Owl Eye, Deathadder, EC2-A, and FK2.

This is a great mouse. I would argue that its shape is the best in mouse history. I love the functionality, materials, and precision. I like it so much, in-fact, that I've now purchased two of them. The only issue is that reliability isn't great over time. After owning my first Rival 300 for over a year, its wheel began behaving erratically, and double left clicking. In this regard Logitech is likely a better option, but I don't care for their designs.

I absolutely adore this mouse.

I was skeptical about the triggers based on the screenshots, but they feel really nice. The sensor feels amazing and this is coming from a Razer Deathadder 2014 edition. The mouse is very light as well. I play all types of games with this mouse, but this mouse would definitely be most suited for first person shooters. The shape is very nice.

One thing that could turn people off is the material of the device. To keep the device so light, Steelseries had to use a mostly plastic construction. As a result, this thing feels cheaply built. The plastic does feel nice though, it's smooth on the top and has grippy rubber pads on the sides. It does not come with a gold plated USB unfortunately. While it doesn't do much, it does allow the port to last longer through multiple insertions since gold is malleable. The cable is also a light, thin non-braided cable. It's very weightless and it might not be for everyone, but I do not mind.

Steelseries Engine seems to be decent software, you can adjust many settings for the mouse.

The Steel Series Rival 300 Optical Mouse has been one of the best mouse i have ever used. I own two of these mouse one for my laptop and one for my desktop at home.
A little back ground: I`m a collage student whos doing a degree in Video Game art. Meaning i need a mouse in order to move around 3D space. A reliable mouse that can withstand multiple clicks at in the sampan of one second is something i must have. I this one from amazon after the previous non Steel Series mouse had dies and given that the Steel Series mouse i been using for my laptop whom is thrown from place to place is still going strong i decided to purchases this. Steel Series makes great products for gamers and 3D professionals in my opinion, the mouse has never lag nor stop responding. It fits perfectly in my hand ( i have big hands so not every mouse fits nicely) The LED symbols are bright but not too bright, the weight of the item is good for traction and movement. Mouse works on most surfaces though i leave my on top of a mat for longer life of the sensor.
For gaming this is a beast! Set the DPI to super fast and the response time is amazing. Playing COD or any First person shooters is a breeze with this mouse. If you a MOBA player this is really great too how ever a mouse with multiple buttons would be best suited which Steel Series also sells.
Over all i would buy from this brand again and again they have not let me down one bit.

This mouse was a huge upgrade from the cheap wally world gaming mouse I was using. I have no clue what the sensor in the blackweb mouse was but the 3310 in the rival 300 is a noticeable improvement just using aim hero. The mouse is just a bit big for my 19.6cmx10cm hands, but comfortable. I do wish it was just a little bit shorter. I was pretty much forced to use a claw grip with my previous mouse, but this one will let me start using more of a hybrid. The grips on the side are nice, and the buttons are pretty easy for me to reach in a claw grip and palm grip, though they will take a bit getting used to. I think this is my one gripe with the mouse...I wish the side buttons were a bit smaller.

The software works fine on windows 10 and have not ran into any problems yet and the RBG lighting is kinda neat. Using this mainly for Overwatch.

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