RAZER LANCEHEAD TOURNAMENT EDITION: 5G Optical Sensor - 16,000 DPI - On-Board & Cloud Memory - Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

RAZER LANCEHEAD TOURNAMENT EDITION: 5G Optical Sensor - 16,000 DPI - On-Board & Cloud Memory - Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

Equipped with an esports-grade optical sensor that has true 16,000 DPI and true tracking at 450 Inches Per Second (IPS), the Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition gives you the absolute advantage of having the fastest sensor in the world. This incredible mouse sensor crushes the competition with a Resolution Accuracy of 99.4%, so you can land more killing blows with pinpoint precision.

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Comments / reviews:
I can't speak highly enough of Razer and the quality of their gear. I purchased the Mercury edition for the clean white look and am not at all let down by what i received.
The mouse works well, it comes preloaded with their configurator software in the mouse so you're able to configure color and other aspects of the mouse right out of the box.
The mouse cord is woven cloth that holds up to the test of daily use. It stays clean and feels great.
The mouse feels just right in the hand, it looks great, and having used it for both gaming and productivity (day to day home office) I can recommend this for anyone looking to add a little minimalist style to their home office or gaming cave!

After a few months of using this, I am very happy with it. Tracks well, great click feel, and is comfortable for my large hands. It did take about a week to adapt to it, as I previously had a Razer Imperator which had a slightly better grip for me. But it has been discontinued. This mouse is a better mouse though, hands down.

I have always used Razer products for years and this Mouse is no exception. Very comfortable, easy to keep upgraded and establish settings. Reliable and does what a mouse is suppose to do with speed and accuracy. I do not play games anymore so cannot give a "Gaming" review only that I love it as a Multi Media mouse.
The only negative with this mouse is that the "charged" battery life is not very long and I end up having to recharge it every other day. So far the cable is holding up fine but have had cable problems with past mice and is the weakness of Razer products. If the battery life was longer, I would give 5 stars.

Build quality seems to be reasonable, but does not give the impression of extreme robustness. The ambidextrous shape is comfortable but the rear side button is not that easy to access. The side buttons on the opposite side are mirrored and may not be accessible depending on your grip. USB adapter stows away neatly, but the included cable for charging is a proprietary shape with a micro USB plug. Synapse works well and provides a good amount of customization from buttons to lighting. Battery life seems to be average.

I would have liked to see this mouse come with tunable weights to be on par with Logitech's options and perhaps the ability to use standard micro usb cables.

Although I bought this mouse in large part because of the color (i.e., I was tired of using black colored mice), I found the Quartz Lancehead to be very comfortable in my hand (left handed) and the Chroma colors look especially nice with the overall mouse color. The Synapse 3 software made it easy to assign functions to the various buttons as well as adjusting other mouse parameters. The side buttons were easy to access without contributing to accidental presses on the side not in use. The tactile feedback from all the mouse buttons (including scroll wheel) feels great as well. Overall, I'm very pleased with this mouse after having used it for about a month now.

it is a beauty, my son wanted a razer mouse i bought him the black he loved it but he insisted on a white one i found this one and he loves it (the black one i gave it to my younger little man, and he loves the color on it feels)... still need to download the application to be able to modify the colors and other stuff for the mouse but over all it is a real nice mouse.

So I owned a Razer diamondback for 10 years. It finally died on Me so I decided to give the Lancehead a try. By far is this the best gaming mouse I've ever used, quick response and fits my hand awesomely. I have medium size hands so maybe if you have big hands it may be too small, but perfect for me.

I had a benq zowie ec2-a but really needed an ambidextrous mouse for my grip. The only concern i really had was the scroll wheel which was really bad in the deathadder I had a while back as well. This is a totally different mouse!. The scroll wheel is perfect and feels much more high quality than the death adder, the sensor is top of the line, the cord is braided and light, never tugs. The only thing I kinda like and don't at the same time is the shape in the back. It is awkward and a bit thicc in the hips, takes some time to get used to, but as of now my favorite mouse

hardcore csgo player. cs since 1.3. I have a big hand and use claw grip. this mouse is medium sized and lets me grip it and move my wrist left and right with ease.

previous mouses, habu, death adder, mamba, mamba te, zowie ec1-a
with these index finger humps in the way with these previous mouses, it would not let me flick to the right with ease and also cause pinky strain. probably just me

using on a razer firefly mousepad

The mouse material feels amazing, but honestly the biggest negative for me is the fact that it's ambidextrous. It feels very awkward to use vs the Razer mamba/deathadder which fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Other than this caveat, the mouse is great, it's bigger and has a higher DPI, and it feels like it could last a long while (my deathadder's rubber thumb cover started falling off after a year). Switching from that mouse to this mouse really threw me off and took me a while to get used to. This mouse does have a higher DPI than the others I've used, but that doesn't really do it for me. What I liked most about it was definitely the great quality rubber on the side of the mouse, the button placements, and the larger size of this mouse vs the others I've mentioned. It's a great product overall.

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