Comments about CORSAIR Sabre - RGB Gaming Mouse - Lightweight Design - 10,000 DPI Optical Sensor - Forward/Back & DPI Preset Buttons

CORSAIR Sabre - RGB Gaming Mouse - Lightweight Design - 10,000 DPI Optical Sensor - Forward/Back & DPI Preset Buttons

Light weight at just 100g, the Corsair Gaming Sabre RGB 10000 DPI gaming mouse offers easy comfort and fluid reach balanced by consistently accurate tracking, a 1,000 Hz refresh rate, eight configurable buttons, and super-responsive switches. Four-zone 16.8M color backlighting creates a beautiful, personalized look that matches your style. Customer Service/Tech support: 1-888-222-4346 opt. 1

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Long, long time Logitech mouse user here. Had several MX-518s, the G300s, G402, G502, more that I'm forgetting. In a lot of ways, the MX-518 defined how a gaming mouse should feel to me (I was a poor college student and it was the best I could afford). But they just don't make them like they used to. All of the current line as of a year or so ago had serious issues, many suffering from mushy and indistinct scroll wheels - not a feature you want in a gaming mouse. After the middle button on my G402 died after only a year and a half, I decided I was done with Logitech. I've been a fan of Corsair's memory sticks for a long time but my first experience with their hardware came in the form of a couple Corsair Strafe mechanical keyboards I'd acquired in the last year and which I really liked. I was already shopping for a mouse and I figured, since I already have the Corsair software installed for the Strafe, buying a Corsair mouse means no additional overhead (and potentially removing the Logitech software altogether if I were to phase out my G13 in favor of a Razer Orbweaver) . So I did a little research and made an experimental purchase, honestly expecting not to like this plain little unassuming mouse. Well, I was wrong. It many ways it feels like a better version of my beloved MX-518, but with improved ergonomics and more buttons. It has a smooth, pleasant texture that feels great in your hand. It fits my smallish hands very comfortably and the ridge on the far side makes it extremely easy to pick up and re-position without disturbing your finger position in any way. The mouse wheel is perfect, with good solid 'notches', it scrolls with a solid and precise feel. It's very easy to accurately move the mouse wheel a single notch in either direction - a crucial function in some games. Every single button is easily within reach from a single hand position so that you never have to reach for the extra buttons. The main buttons, side and wheel all have an excellent premium click feel, although the two "DPI" buttons are a bit stiff, perhaps by design. The multi-zone coloring is kitschy but not uncool and the Cue Link can creation animations that span across a Corsair keyboard into the mouse. The Corsair (Cue) software is acceptable. Between Corsair, Logitech and Razer, Logitech's customization software (for setting up game profiles) is still at the head of the pack in terms of easy of use and speed of setup. The Cue software is reasonably fast and not difficult to set up for games but the fact that it lists all actions for all games when you select and action for any game could make it difficult to set up profiles once you've added a large number of actions/games. Maybe there is a way to sort actions or filter them by game but I haven't seen one. Overall, though, it has not been a problem yet, although I haven't set up many games yet either. Overall I'm extremely pleased so far, although I may update the review after I have a few dozen game profiles imported to see how it handles all those actions.

When most people think of Corsair mice, the first mouse that springs to mind is not the Sabre RGB. Surprisingly, in my opinion this midrange mouse from the Corsair lineup is actually their strongest offering. The sensor on this mouse is amazing. It tracks super well and has a wide range of possible DPIs. I usually leave it set to 4000. All of the buttons are tactile and clicky. In terms of RGB implementation, this is where the mouse shines. Every single LED on this mouse is fully controllable and the mouse body itself is color-neutral (I'm looking at you Glaive RGB and M65 RGB). The LEDs on the mousewheel in particular look much better than those of the M65. Additionally, the mouse glides super smoothly on my mousepad which is the MM800 Polaris RGB hard pad. The cable on this mouse is also much longer than most people will need. Overall, this mouse is a super solid offering whose relatively budget friendly price will not disappoint in terms of its super strong feature set.

Quick Note: I have had the mouse for about 4 days as of the time of writing, so do be sure to take that into account. Should anything change, I will try to come back and update my review accordingly. Also, there is a lot here, and probably more that I have missed, so just a heads up.

Bonus note: Apparently the mouse comes with 6 months free unlimited online storage on Amazon Cloud Drive. It also seems to account for if you already have that by offering bonus time or refunds. Now, I must admit that I had trouble getting the order to ship, so there is a chance that Customer Support gave me that, but nowhere in the email does it say that, nor did the customer service rep. So, if you have already or plan to purchase this mouse, check your email! This email came a couple of hours before the email saying my order had shipped, but keep your eyes open just in case!

-My First Impressions (Kind of a Tl;dr)
This is a really nice mouse. I am coming from a Mad Catz R.A.T. 3 (which was really comfortable) and so far I am really impressed with the overall feel and look. I feel that it doesn't have the same "wow" factor the R.A.T 3 did (a lot of people asked if they could touch it), but it is still very nice, very presentable, and has its own unique charm to it. My personal favorite part is the sail on the palm rest, which I think looks a good bit better than the old design they have available. Overall, I really like what I have experienced so far and hope I have no problems with it.

-Look and Feel (and grip) - Note: I THINK my hands are on the larger side
I have to say that I was worried about how the mouse would feel because my last one absolutely spoiled me, but I find it to be very comfortable for extended durations of use. It has little wings on the side to keep your thumb, pinky, and ring fingers from rubbing against your mat/desk/whatever. I find that the tips of my index and pinky still touch my mat occasionally, but it's not enough to cause any problems or discomfort while gaming or working. It could be a little longer, but I find that's a rather minor issue.

Fingertip and Claw Grip (and large hand users): I believe it is advertised as a claw grip mouse, but I use somewhat of a hybrid between fingertip and claw (closer to claw, but with fingers at a lower angle and wrist further back) and have no issues. I tried to emulate both grips as best as I could, and I'd say that both should be fine. I could click the mouse buttons pretty rapidly and reach almost all the buttons with ease. With claw grip, I had a harder time reaching Button 8 (behind scroll wheel), and with fingertip, I had a hard time reaching Button 6 (next to "SAIR" imprint on left-click). I'll go into the buttons a more further down, but I wanted to give a heads up to you guys. To my large handed people, I won't say too much because I don't know how hand sizes really work or are measured, but I think you would be fine if you use these grips

Palm Grip (and large hand users): Since I don't use palm grip, I cannot say for certain how this mouse will perform for you, but when I tried it, it was definitely useable. It felt a little unnatural, but I was able to left and right click rather easily and rapidly. Button 4 (behind scroll wheel) is hard to get to, but every other button felt accessible. For those worried about Buttons 7 (next to left click without writing), don't. For some reason, it's a lot easier to click than 6. I could move my finger over both and easily press B7. B6 (next to writing) needs serious work. That one requires effort, but I'll discuss that later. Large handers, depending on how big your hand is, there may be finger overhang, but moving mine up and down the mouse didn't drastically effect click time or effort. Also, for palm-handers in general, most of the weight of my hand fell right near the knuckles, palm side, of index and middle finger. I don't know if that's normal, but I felt it was worth mentioning. All in all, I felt it was usable, but I think it'd be worth seeing if you can find one in a store that will let you try it out for yourself.

-RGB Lighting
This is my first RGB mouse, and I really like what they have done. The scroll wheel, palm rest, front side, and DPI indicator all light up, and all are customizable to your liking. As Carter's review mentioned, the front-side light isn't that bright at all. In fact, it's hardly noticeable unless you use a bright color like bright green or pink. All the other lights are very nice, however. Both the scroll wheel and palm rest are very bright, and the DPI indicator looks nice, but isn't distracting to the eye. As for the different types of lighting, you can have a Rainbow effect where the lights change randomly at 3 speeds, just a Solid Color, a Color Pulse where the lights fade in and out between two separate colors at 3 speeds, and a Color Shift, where the lights change directly between colors at two different speeds. NOTE: Color effects are for all but DPI Indicator light, that's just a solid color. But, the other three can have any of the four effects, separate or together. Really well done overall.

Quick Note: Lighting is optional, and can be turned off.

-DPI and Performance - Note: Go to this section to customize the DPI Indicator light
There is a ton you can do here. This is the first mouse I've actually made custom profiles for (could do it on the R.A.T., but didn't use it), and the DPI customization is great! You can have up to five different settings, but they give you the ability to enable or disable them however you please (I use two atm), and set which one you want to be the default. You can also have the X & Y axis bound together, or customize them separately. DPI goes all the way up to 10,000. They also have sections for adjusting Lift Height (Low, Middle, High), Angle Snapping (Enable, Disable), Pointer Speed (Slow to fast, and everywhere in-between), and Enhance Pointer Precision (Yes, No). I don't know what most of those do, but I assume it's good that they give you options.

I don't know too much about the sensor itself, but I can tell you that the mouse is very responsive and I have seen no stutter or freezing whatsoever.

This is where I think the biggest downfall is. Most of the buttons are great, but Button 6 (next to writing, left click) is hard to press, and Button 8 (behind scroll wheel) can be hard to get to depending on your grip style. B8 I can forgive, because we knew that was there from the pictures, but B6 is unnecessarily hard to press. B7 (below it) has a nice, solid click when pressed, but not B6. I think this may be by design to prevent accidental button pressing, but I don't think that would've happened that much anyway. B6 is way too resistive compared to the rest.

-Scroll Wheel
The scroll wheel is really nice. It's segmented, meaning it has notches that make rolling it solid and tactile, but not difficult. It also has a nice rubber feel, but is not hard to the point of discomfort. It has a nice solid click, and feels very responsive to my finger. Do note though that it does not tilt. Only rolling and regular middle clicking. Since the scroll wheel was the first to break on my last mouse, I'm trying to be extra careful with this one, but I will update if anything happens with it.

-Corsair Utility Engine and Customization as a whole
There is a ton you can do. If this isn't your first time with Corsair, then you probably know what to expect, but if not, they really allow you to make the mouse your own. Between the color, lighting, and button assignments, there are a lot of ways you can customize this mouse. You can assign any of the buttons however you want, including having macros, keystrokes, shortcuts, timers, even media controls. You can have different modes and profiles for the mouse, of which you can change by assigning a button to do so OR by binding them to individual programs. Apparently you can even download custom profiles and lighting schemes from Corsair's website and upload your own. There's on-screen-display settings which I assume let you track your mouse's performance. There's even something called Cue Link which I believe lets you synchronize the lighting across multiple Corsair devices (like headsets, keyboards, and mice). I have not used it extensively, but I feel as though there's a lot to offer here for people who want/need a lot of customization. I really like what they have to offer, but definitely Google it more to see if there's a more in-depth discussion going on somewhere. Maybe ask around on Reddit as well.

Quick Note: CUE has it's own forum that you can check out here:

-Other (Cable, packaging, Warranty, etc)
The cable is braided and of nice quality. I think it will hold up very well in the long run. You may want a twist tie or a Velcro tie of some sort, because it is fairly long.
The packaging was really nice, and pulls open so that you can see the mouse inside (like a presentation sort of deal). To get the mouse cable out, Pop Outwards the tab on the backside, not in. It took me a while to get that.
The warranty is one year, I believe, but does not cover accidents or mistreatment. It's probably a good idea to pick up an Accidental Warranty from SquareTrade or another place.

-Final Thoughts
This is a really nice mouse, especially for the price. It feels solid and comfortable to the touch, the RGB lighting is really cool, customization is great, and overall it's very responsive and nice to look at. So far, I'm really happy with my purchase, but I will update accordingly if the need arises (which I hope never happens).

This is a great and sturdy mouse made from quality components. The braided cable is a huge plus as are the customizable RGB lights. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and anyone looking for a gaming or just all around great mouse.

The mouse is a nice shape fitting my hand a bit better thhan most other mice I have used and the replaceable part is easy to change out and pretty well secured. The clicks are fast and responsive and it moves smoothly on my mouse pad

My 3 complaints with the mouse
1. I haven't figured out how to change the RGB lights. I'm sure it's something easy I could look up but I have used some chroma razer equipment and upon plugging the devices in I was simply lead to a menu that gave me full control of the device
2. The Corsair logo gets hot. The area for the light devoted to the logo is pretty large and is right on the palm of my hand. I find my right hand getting sweaty very easily
3. Based on where my hand naturally sits on the mouse the area my pointer finger is pressing down to click sometimes offers a lot of resistance. This isn't an issue I've had with any other mouse I've ever used so it kind of makes me think the region where comfortable clicking can be done might be a bit smaller than mice I have used in the past, This issue isn't really a deal break though just have to get used to holding the mouse up higher a little bit.

Great mouse, really enjoying it. I've used a Logitech g602, before that Func ms3 and Corsair m65 and I was considering another ergonomic mouse like the Mionix 7000 but since this mouse matched my Strafe RGB keyboard and was only $50 I had to try it. For most people 50 bucks for a mouse is a lot, but for gamers it might even be considered on the cheaper side of the higher end. I really love the look, feel, and quality of this mouse, oddly my favorite mouse so far. Very comfortable, hoping that everything holds up, I always love Corsair peripherals, very clean, high quality.

This is my favorite mouse on the market for overall comfort and reliability. I got about three years out of my last one, with more than a lot of use. They definitely outlast their mediocre warranty, but this model has been upgraded with a better DPI sensor since my last Sabre.

The new LEDs are amazing, they can all be turned off, and Corsair's CUE software does everything you want it to in regards to functionality. There are not a ton of buttons on this mouse obviously, so if you need more you can step up to a different model in the current family. Still, it has enough buttons for all my gaming needs.

I remember when 5 years ago mice had horrible grips, shiny plastic, and in general didn't last over a year. This one has superb grip that wears slowly, and the overall shape fits my hand well. If it had better switches for clicking it would be an unbeatable mouse, but I guess they have to make money somewhere. You can find this one for about 40, and for three years of work to me that is fair.

Macros, lighting, DPI, et cetera. It's all here in a lighter mouse that slides easily on my leather pad and is beautifully designed with the amazing new Corsair logo, which is tasteful and professional. You can also dim it out if you don't want the LED on of course. I mostly use a completely black mouse.

Installation of CUE software is easy. You are up and running within minutes. Any number of combinations of colors and styles is available. Myriad ways to set up your buttons and layouts. I find all of the buttons perfectly placed for my somewhat larger hands, though, I do wish the side thumb location was slightly further back. You can actually play a fair amount of games that require multi-button mouse capability, so only the most hardcore gamers will need something more complex. Programming macros is simple and intuitive, and between the thumb buttons, profile button, and the top pointer buttons you should have enough to get through most games.

This Corsair mouse gets my highest recommendation.

Just got this today.

Keep in mind this is my first "gaming mouse"

Switched from a Logitech Mx Master to this Corsair Glaive.

I needed to switch mice because I just wasn't completely happy with the MX Master's performance in games. The MX Master is by all means a great mouse. But I wanted something that would be a little better for gaming. And from what I have read wireless mice can be a "disadvantage" in online gaming.

So far heres what I like and dislike.

-Really comfortable. Admittadly I have tiny hands. For a 28 year old man sometimes I feel like the guy from the old Buger King comecericals (you know the one... lol).
-Awsome customazation. With the iCue software provided by Corsair (software you'll have to download from the Corsair website) setting macros or custom keybindings are a breeze. You can even change the color of the LED's and CALIBRATE the sensor to whatever kind of mousepad your using!!!

-The only con is the placement of the "Forward & Backward" keys are placed a little too far back. Even with small hands I have to make a somewhat uncomfortable thumb pivot to hit the back button. This might be a little exaggerated but I feel if you have larger hands it could be kind of a pain in the butt. (or should I say thumb)….


Its a great mouse. I don't think anyone buying this is taking a gamble, so if you want it I doubt you'd be disappointed.

Update- 6-17-18
After some time I love this mouse even more.
The 16000 DPI is amazing. I have a 4 monitor setup and not sure how I managed to use the 1600 DPI Logitech MX Master for so long.

I bought this mouse alongside a G403 to replace my G502. I started to notice the G502 was slightly too small for my hands, albeit a great mouse. Using it for a few years started to give me pain in my hand. I'd heard this mouse was great for large hands and seemed a good choice as well as the G403. This mouse has a perfect shape for my relatively large hands (19.5cm long, 11cm wide using Rocket Jump Ninjas system) the mouse is responsive and has great build quality, I have no problem aiming with it in FPS games. I gave it 4 stars because, while Corsair has given a well-built product, there are a few less-thoughtful features. First, the mouse is somewhat slick on the sides compared to most mice. I found myself having to squeeze a little tighter when picking it up, which leads to more hand stress. This is made worse by it's somewhat heavy mass of 122g. The grip texturing doesn't help whatsoever. I will probably slap some kind of tape on it for grip. The interchangeable sides, while cool, do not help this either. In fact, the default side has more grip despite no texturing like the others. Also, the DPI indicator light is blue and only blue. I know this is a minor gripe, but what's the point of an RGB mouse if you cant customize all the lights on it? All that being said, it's still a well-built mouse and I highly recommend it if you have hulk hands and want a comfy mouse for FPS. This or the G403.

I had a g502 previously and could not find a good replacement for it, until now. The shape is about the same and the clicks feel nice. The swappable thumb rests are amazing, anything for everyone.

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Ultra light weight at just 100g, the Corsair Gaming Sabre Optical RGB 6,400 DPI gaming mouse offers easy comfort and fluid reach balanced by consistently accurate tracking, 1,000 Hz refresh rate, eight configurable buttons, and super-responsive switches. Four-zone 16.8M color backlighting creates a