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AULA KILL LIFE Black Adjustable USB Wired Gaming Mouse
Product Description Product Features 1. High-end optical engine, precise positioning 2. The highest resolution 2000, three choices from five kinds of DPI, three kinds of DPI with different corresponding indicating lights 3. Single unlimited firepower keys, improve game pass rate, comfortable hand
Product Description Product performance 1. The highest resolution 2000, 5 file the optional three kinds DPI, DPI + and DPI- quick and easy adjustment. 3 colors show different DPI and the corresponding indicator 2. A group of 10, 5 of 50 keys can be customized, each key can be defined more than 40
Product Description 1. High-end optical engine, precise positioning. 2. Resolution reaches to 3200 DPI 3. 4 gear DPI, use DPI to adjust: 400-1200-2000-3200, LED light flicker indicate while switch 4. Two kinds of color light mode optional: full red light and breathing 5. Equipped with driver, 6
About this product: Features: 45 powerful self-defining keys with 9 groups each having 5 keys, every key with more than 40 kinds of self-defining function. A group of nine, five groups of 45 keys can be customized, every key with more than 40 kinds of self-defining function. Adjustable backlight,
Technical Specification 1. Connector: wired USB 2. Mouse size: 122(L)x76(W)x40(H)+/-0.5mm 3. Mouse weight: 118 +/- 5g 4. Key No: 7 (left/middle/right/forward/backward/DPI-/DPI+ key) 5. Key force: 0.8mm 6. Key strength: 65 +/- 5g 7. Key lifetime: 3 million 8. Resolution: