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M10 Comfortable Right/Left Hand 2.4GHz Changeable Wireless 1000dpi Mouse
ROG Gladius is an optical wired gaming mouse engineered with perfect right-hand ergonomics for first-person shooter (FPS) mastery! Smooth-touch materials stay cool in your hand and high-quality Mayan-patterned rubber secures your grip. With exclusive switch socket design for customizable click
HEALTH-ORIENTED - comfortable 75В°vertical angle design supports your hand in an upright neutral posture and improves forearm twisting caused by the traditional mouse. It provides a comfortable user experience for internet surfers, gamers and people who work at length with the computer. Small size
Ultralight Roll Top Hiking BackpackRoll Top (expands from 25L to 40L) ensuring you always have the right sized backpack. It is ultralightweight at only 2lbs 8oz so you can carry more gear and not just more backpack.TheHip Beltis padded with a semi-rigid backing plate to evenly distribute the
BETTER SPINE ALIGNMENT & REDUCED STRESSES – Sleeping in side positions can result in misalignment of spine and put unnecessary stress and strain on spine, hip, lower back, knees, legs, etc. Research suggests that putting a knee pillow in between your knees can help you achieve the right alignment