Comments about Z83-F Mini PC Fanless Silent Desktop 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC Micro PC, HD Intel Quad Core CPU up to 1.92GHz, 1000M LAN, BT4.2, HDMI&VGA, Support Windows 10 Pro, Auto Power On, Mini Computer

Z83-F Mini PC Fanless Silent Desktop 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC Micro PC, HD Intel Quad Core CPU up to 1.92GHz, 1000M LAN, BT4.2, HDMI&VGA, Support Windows 10 Pro, Auto Power On, Mini Computer
Great Processor and OS: This small mini pc equipped with advanced processor Intel Atom X5-Z8350 and Windows 10 Pro pre-installed, which offers an excellent performance of Internet and Office applications, Media player, Monitor, Projector and TV. An ideal mini pc for users to utilize apps, stream video contents etc.
Fanless and Silence design: Very Silent with great performance, this mini pc adopts energy efficient components and cooling elements, there is no noisy during operating and plays 4K video smoothly.
Large Capacity: 4GB RAM+64GB eMMC+128GB SD extended capacity(the SD card didn’t include), Gigabit Ethernet LAN 1000M, Dual Band WiFi, Dual Screen support to ensure smooth navigation, responsive work processes and comfortable handling of apps and files.
Package: 1x Z83-F Mini PC, 1x Power adapter, 1x HDMI Cable, 1x Manual. This Z83-F Mini PC supports Power On after Power Failure and Wake On Lan.
Certifications and Service: Obtained FCC ,CE ,ROSH, C-TICK certifications. 1 year warranty, 1 month free return, get after sell service support within 24 hours.

Comments about Z83-F Mini PC Fanless Silent Desktop 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC Micro PC, HD Intel Quad Core CPU up to 1.92GHz, 1000M LAN, BT4.2, HDMI&VGA, Support Windows 10 Pro, Auto Power On, Mini Computer
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Comments :
There are reviews for different products here. This review is for the MinisForum PC with Intel Atom x5-Z8350 processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, Windows 10 Pro.

The Amazon Lightning Deal price of a little over a hundred bucks is excellent, considering this PC comes with Windows 10 Pro v1809 (not Windows 10 Home). I just updated it to v1903.

I connect this PC to my HDTV and to a wireless keyboard w/touchpad to browse the web from my couch, stream Netflix, etc. (who wants to look at those small laptop screens, right?)
The 4-Core (see attached image) Intel Atom processor with 4GB RAM is adequate for basic needs, so this is not a gaming PC.
Never get a 2-Core or 2GB RAM system, and if you intend to do major Windows Updates, you should get these PCs with 64GB storage, not 32GB or less.

PC startup is fast, it is quiet and does not appear to get hot. It also has 5GHz WiFi (many lower cost PCs only have 2.4GHz WiFi), so WiFi is fast.

I received this last evening and got it set up and running iSpy in a few hours. I wanted a Windows system that I could set up to auto-login and run iSpy to record video (iSpy requires Windows).

So you have to have the right expectations for this type of system. If you think you will get a portable, fast, gaming machine or something, you need to look elsewhere. This type of system is more suited to a single-purpose application where the resources can be fully utilized by the one thing it is intended to do. In my case it is video capture from cameras.

I was originally looking at a similar system that did not come with the OS installed but I decided to pony up the extra $29 for the pre-installed Windows Pro OS. This made it really easy to start my project quickly without first worrying about obtaining the OS and the related hassles of booting/installing to bare metal. I simply plugged in monitor, keyboard, mouse, and power and let it boot up and go.

After going through the installation interview and then letting it "cook" while it finished the installation. I let it go ahead and do Windows Update from the internet as well. After that, I simply started installing a few utilities and the application I wanted. I then spent an hour or so setting that up and configuring Windows to auto-login.

Once everything was set up and working, I was able to remove all the peripherals from the computer, plug it up to the UPS, and access it from Remote Desktop. Now it is my video capture appliance.

Here are some details of what I ended up with:
- Performance is acceptable - iSpy with 2 HD cameras stays at about 20-25% CPU
- Memory seems to fairly close to 50% (2GB) most of the time.
- Two users (admin and power user running app) plus OS takes up about half of the 64 GB internal drive.
- SD 64GB card used to store media from video capture - very nice to use a card instead of taking up USB connection for an external drive

- The Windows task manager and CPU-Z reports the CPU speed at 1.44GHz as opposed to the 1.92GHz
- Occasionally when viewing HD video playback over Remote Desktop Connection, it causes iSpy to become unresponsive. But video over RDC is crappy anyway so I didn't expect that to go well. Mostly I just want it to record so I can view and archive files via higher powered machines on my private network.
- Setting up BitLocker on the C: drive is not easy - I'm stuck needing to create a recovery environment. But I think this is more of a Windows issue than a hardware issue.

Other Observations:
- WiFi seems like it works fine - but I turned it off since I'm using LAN connection.
- The unit runs slightly warmer than room temperature but not much.
- Nice set of I/O ports and case set up. The arrangement works so that the wires for keyboard, mouse, power, or monitor are spread out enough in this tiny package. The SD card only goes in about 1/3 of the way - so 2/3 of it sticks out. Even so - it doesn't conflict with the other wires.

*Note about CPU speed - I sent feedback about the difference between observed speed of 1.44GHz and advertised speed of 1.92GHz. Here is the response:

|Thanks for your purchase and glad to know that the product works well.
|Please kindly understand, on the Z8350 Processor, 1.44 GHz is the Processor Base Frequency, and 1.92 GHz is the
|Burst Frequency, which also stated in the description, so the report is 1.44 GHz.
|Other questions, just contact us freely.
|Thanks again.

 This mini pc is beyond my expectation. It has a size similar to my hand and lighter than a book. Do not expect too much on its performance with this low price. But I’m buying it for surfing the internet and sometimes watching YouTube, it’s good enough to do so.

This little machine is a beast with power and performance that beats the pants off of other desktops 2'+ and 10lbs bigger. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first once I opened the packaging on this. Little yes, powerful hell yes.

This computer was purchased as a stationary system for anyone in my home to use. Kids for homework, watching videos, learning stuff and me for the days I don't have my laptop readily availalble or just want to kick it old school.

I'm a power user so my instinct was to test the limits of this right out of the box. I'm use to using high powered machine daily and was expecting somewhat of a delayed response time doing mid-level tasks on this computer. And honestly, I really didn't feel the pinch. Now I wasn't expecting nor under the assumption that I could load this with say Adobe Creative Suite. More or less intended on running office 365, which it does handsomely or G Suite, runs like a champ.

I didn't have an SD card on hand so I haven't tested file saving or anything outside of Office yet (BTW the purchase DOES NOT include a subscription. You have to purchase on your own).

All in for the price and tiny footprint, this is a great deal for a standard user wanting to light-medium work.

I am building a media server for my RV. First thing, it runs on 12V but you will need a voltage stabilizer in a mobile environment as the voltage in a vehicle covers a wider range than the PC will handle or use the included 120V wall wart when plugged in or off an inverter.

This is not a screaming fast machine and won't be able to play graphic intense games on it. That being said, it boots quite quickly as it is all solid state, no spinning HDD to slow it down.

I connected a 7 port powered (12V DC) USB hub to it and connected 5 portable HDDs to it that houses my media. It is connected to the LAN in my van which will serve these files anywhere my 12V wifi router will reach.

I will also be connecting my RV's security cameras to it. If I doesn't work for that I will be back.

I did a hard reset on it after fubaring some of my customizations to it and did a hard reset. When I went to reregister it, it was saying I didn't have a valid key. I emailed support with my model and serial number explaining what happened. The very next day I had an email with an activation code to use. Great customer service.

Bought this primarily for the specs. Wanted to make sure I could turn it into an NES, N64, and more advanced system emulator (gaming console) AS WELL AS basically being a smart TV and welp... it works perfectly!

I can watch youtube, hulu, Netflix, etc - anything you can watch on a regular PC + I can play all my old NES, N64, SEGA, etc. games using emulators :D I haven't tried any more advanced PC games yet or anything but will probably do so soon. For the emulators, you can buy Nintindo, N64, Sega, etc. controllers right here on Amazon. That's where I got mine and they seem to work just fine.

Other, added bonus: I can travel with it and plug it into hotel TV's to play games and do work. I have a little mini bluetooth keyboard and bluetooth mouse that work well for traveling (also bought off amazon).

So far no slow downs with anything I've thrown at it. Wifi appears to be 5G as it connects to my 5G network and has good speeds so far. No waiting on buffering over Wifi. Although I should mention it's only like 15 feet from my router so that probably helps. I was a little worried about that but then again, that's why I bought this particular one - it has an ethernet port. So if I ever do experience slow downs in internet speed, I can plug the ethernet in.

Scanned this PC using Dr. Web (virus scanner) and found 0 threats, which is great because the last mini PC I got from ebay had 168 threats. Returned that one and bought this one.

Overall though I'm very satisfied so far.... so satisfied that I had to share :) Hope this little bit of info and showing what I did with mine helps someone else out there :)

 As I sat black Friday shopping this year I realized something - some tasks are much easier accomplished on a pc. As convenient as our phones make every day communication, they lack the simplicity of a keyboard and mouse. Sometimes mobile websites aren't up to snuff, sometimes you just need to type more than you're willing to on a touch screen.

As I struggled to shop, I hopped over to Amazon. I knew I wanted something small and to use for everyday use. I don't need gaming or video editing, I have dedicated devices for these things. I needed a compact web browser and windows environment for word processing and printing, etc. I chose this one because it had good overall reviews, was Amazon recommended and was on sale for black Friday.

The box is very nice and presentable - I took a short unboxing video attached here because I liked the giftable aspect of it. I wasn't sure what to expect but the packaging was nice.

This little device is very plug and play. It's extremely simple to set up and you don't need to be very techy to understand. I'd say any average smart phone user could have this up and running in a manner of minutes. I like that the full version of windows is included!

I have only had this up and running for a few minutes now. My review is based solely on my first impression. I know these impressions can change over time (especially with technology) so I will be sure to follow up with any edits I feel are necessary, but as for first impressions I am very happy with my purchase.

I have already printed out a document my phone repeatedly failed to print. I didn't realize just how much I missed having a desktop in my life until now. Functionality stuck behind pay apps is readily available on this device... I can't believe how quickly I forgot the smooth experience of an actual pc!

Excellent computer for the money. I'd go with the 64gb storage so you have room for updates. I have mine running 3 monitors, 4k and two 1080ps with an additional adapter I found on Amazon. Great speed, great peripheral hookups. Easy to change OS's with a bootable USB thru windows pro. I'd honestly say this is by far my best purchase for a computer in this low of price catagory.

So far, after I have been configuring this mini PC to do the job in a small office, I am very satisfied. It comes with pre-configured and licensed Windows 10 Pro, so, you can't beat the price. I had no problems working with it. It handles well video, sound, networking. I have stumbled on drive encryption as it is not pre-configured for encrypting. After intensive search on the Internet, I was able to find the solution, and my C: drive is encrypted now.
Overall, I am very satisfied and have recently ordered 12 PCs more. I wish the price I paid included 8 GB of RAM, not 4, but if you are not going running intensive applications (like Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD, etc.), it handles the tasks well.
Their customer service was just outstanding. Tell me when can you get the reply within 1 hr on Sunday? Sounds unbelievable with today's degraded customer support almost at every company. I was impressed. Recommended.

This item has been a mixed bag for me, but still rates 4 stars.

First the thumbs-up stuff.
The support is excellent. MinisForum has a presence on the Web and they monitor and respond to the postings regularly. Shout-out to Huang, who fixed my problem and got me all straightened out.

Now the thumbs-down stuff

I initially connected the mini-PC to an older flat-screen TV via HDMI. Pressed the start button. Saw the MinisForum splash screen with spinning-balls progress indicator. I waited. And waited. And waited. It never moved past the spinning balls. Guess it needs a BIOS update,, I thought, since the company support forum had this prominently on offer in one of their sticky postings. The BIOS update installer and file were easy enough to find on the company website, but the instructions were abysmal. Being a computer guy, I was able to decipher the intentions of the instruction from what was written. But good luck to a non-tech person.
After BIOS update, try boot-up again. Same thing. Stuck. So went hunting around the Internet and found a obscure posting somewhere from an old Windows guy which said try booting while connected to a "real" computer monitor using the VGA connector. Tried that, and success! It booted into Windows!

Next I let it do all its Windows updates. Well that turned out to be a hassle too. One of the updates failed, and from reading the MinisForum postings, the only way to install this Windows update is to download it from the MinisForum website, configure a USB stick to carry the update, and install it manually via command prompt. The instructions document on how to do this update were even worse than the instructions for the BIOS update, which I did not think was possible. The most egregious shortcoming is that the instructions document failed to mention that you need to name the USB drive "WINPE" for this to work. So, after banging my head against the wall for way too long, back to the Internet. Found this instruction in one of the forum postings. MinisForum - please add this to the instructions document! So after renaming the USB stick and deciphering the "Chinese English" instructions (no disrespect intended, I'm sure their English is much better than my Chinese), I was able to successfully install the Windows update. Again, I cannot imagine a non-tech person being able to doing this.

Hold on,not done yet! After a day or two, Windows was telling me that I needed to activate it! Somewhere along the way, the system lost the Windows activation credentials (if they were ever there in the first place?). This one was an easy fix. Posted a message on the company support forum, Huang contacted me, and the activation code he provided me with worked.

Well this story does have a happy ending, but it was major aggravation to get there. I am now very happy with the performance of this device. Great price for a mini-pc running Windows 10 Pro, many others come with Win 10 Home.
Now that the device is finally set up and working, it does the job I purchased it for:
1. An always-on computer to run cloud backup software and to run personal VPN software.
2. A media device to stream content to my TV.

At the end of the day, I would buy this brand again for two reasons:
1. The company has an online presence, actively provides support, and seems to have good intentions in regard to providing good after-sale service. Again, kudos to Huang.
2. It comes with Windows 10 Professional, not Home.

The one recommendation I would make to MinisForum is this: If you want to sell into North America, you should have a native English-speaker re-write you support documents. I found the poorly-written instructions to be great source of frustration.

Advice to any prospective buyer. Patience is key. For any tech work, connect the device to a VGA monitor and do not interrupt any updates. I takes it a loooooooong time to reboot after the Windows update.

Regarding HDMI connection causing boot process to hang - that happened only with the one TV, there were no issues with my other TV.

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