Comments about Mini PC, Intel Celeron J3455 Processor(up to 2.3GHz) Windows 10 Pro(64-bit) Mini Desktop Computer with HDMI/VGA Port,6GB DDR3/120GB SSD,Gigabit Ethernet,Dual Band Wi-Fi,Bluetooth 4.2,4K HD

Mini PC, Intel Celeron J3455 Processor(up to 2.3GHz) Windows 10 Pro(64-bit) Mini Desktop Computer with HDMI/VGA Port,6GB DDR3/120GB SSD,Gigabit Ethernet,Dual Band Wi-Fi,Bluetooth 4.2,4K HD

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro(64-bit)
CPU: Intel Celeron Apollo Lake J3455 (up to 2.3 GHz)
Storage: 120 GB mSATA SSD
Expand Storage: Maximum for Micro SD up to 128GB or Mechanical Hard Disk 2.5inch 2TB
*SATA: Support 1*2.5 inch SATA laptop HDD or SDD

Processor Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 500
Graphics Base Frequency: 200 MHz
Graphics Burst Frequency: 500 MHz

Wireless Technology
Wi-Fi: 2.4G&5G Built-in Wi-Fi,IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth: BT 4.2

2x USB 3.0 Port
2x USB 2.0 Port
2x HDMI Port
1x VGA Port
1x RJ45 (1000Mbps LAN) Port
1x TF Card Port
1x Headphone Microphone Port
1x DC in Port
Mounting: VESA

Package List:
The AK3 Mini PC
A Power Adapter
The User Manual
A HDMI Cable
A VESA Mount

Comments about Mini PC, Intel Celeron J3455 Processor(up to 2.3GHz) Windows 10 Pro(64-bit) Mini Desktop Computer with HDMI/VGA Port,6GB DDR3/120GB SSD,Gigabit Ethernet,Dual Band Wi-Fi,Bluetooth 4.2,4K HD
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Comments :
 This mini-PC is a nice computer for those not needing a large desktop computer. I purchased it with the intent of using it on my TV in my living room or on travel, but I am using it at work for the ability to do school work during my lunch since I can't use work resources for that. It has Windows Home on it and can be upgraded to Professional for about $99. It boots quickly and is responsive to the opening and closing of programs. It is nice that it has many USB ports so that you can plug just about anything into it you might need and two HDMI display ports to run dual displays

I've got tired of trying to make my android tv box to run all of my streaming services and 4k content. It was overheating and giving me a hard time with capability.
Thanks to Intel HD Graphics 500 (Apollo Lake GT1), this mini pc that runs on Intel Celeron J3455 CPU and has hardware decoding for HEVC/H.265 onboard, is capable of doing SO MUCH MORE!
It means, basically, that 4k content can be played without much struggle and overheating.
So 4GB of DDR3 RAM memory comes more than enough in this case.
I love that it has an option to run up to 3 Independent 4K Ultra HD Displays, so one could use it in a multi-display situation, like an inexpensive VCR or a stock market trader set-up.
It has two HDMI and one VGA ports, plenty of USB 3 and microSD card reader.
Network connectivity is great, I ended up using gigabit LAN port, so no delays EVER.
Wifi supports 5G AC standards, BlueTooth V4.2 has got my gamepad and keyboard/mouse right away, no problems with range or delays.
It works virtually without any sound, you can hardly hear when the fan is spinning.
It came with windows 10 preinstalled onto the internal SSD 64gb drive, which is super fast, boots in two minutes. Inside there is a SATA HDD/SSD hookup, very easy to pop-in an extension, undo one black screw by the latch and top cover can be released.
I ended up opening the entire thing, out of curiosity, and there is a PCI/e slot on the other side of the board, and USB-C port, that can power-up the computer, maybe someone could use that to their advantage.
Be careful with all flex cables and antennas, though.
When pc is running it has a nice little blue LED in the front, but it's just constantly on, nothing blinks you in the eye at night. It can be easily disconnected from the board, if somebody finds it too bright.
So I decided to give Ubuntu a spin on this little guy, and I am not disappointed! Poped-up 512gb SATA SSD in it and in 15 minutes Ubuntu was up and running, with all network devices and everything simply working out of the box. Bios has all the modern-day boot options, like EFI, and legacy drivers support as well, so now I have a choice when turning it on- to boot Windows or Ubuntu.
I could not be happier with this little guy, it is such a joy to be able to choose what operating system to run, options for customization are endless! As well, as for an application, my friend is buying one himself to run HomeAssistant on it and use it as NAS/ Smart Home server.

I have several raspberry pi devices that I use for Kodi etc, hassio, etc. Though I like their price and form factor, they are not fully capable of being a Home Theater PC with 4k output. I looked into Roku and Nvidia Shielf as well but the capabilities are limited. After research, I ordered this Mini PC and it's what I wanted. I like the form factor. It has an HDMI port for connecting to my Sony 75inch X900F TV. This comes with the Quad-Core Intel Celeron J3455 Processor powerful enough for HTPC and lets me do 4k@30 fps. IT has 4GB RAM and has 64GB eMMC and I was able to install a 250GB SSD in the slot that's available right underneath. It can also support a micro SD.

I was able to hook up a Logitech wireless keyboard K400 with touchpad and it's a perfect combination for use as HTPC. It let me log in to windows directly upon the first boot up and let me reset the whole Windows to customize it. It gives me full Windows Experience and the possibilities are limitless. I'm also thinking of maybe moving to my office room and hook up dual monitors with the available two HDMI ports. Overall Great Buy for the price.

 This machines works well for 4K screens, have had no issues, I wanted it mainly for windows only programs and soon to be an experimental Linux machine great option and will add SSD soon to add different builds, has enough ports to run two screens with ease. This machine is perfect for many people’s needs. Also very silent!

Physically, its purposefully understated looks are for an office environment or possibly a lower profile home theater set up. No big flashy led lights or annoying tweeter speakers inside this thing, just a simple non-descript blackish grey box with a single small strip of led on the front that will change color depending on the power state that the computer is in sleeping mode, up state, etc. The upper outer rim is flanked with a goldish-silverish fin design to act as venting and let the hot air escape this mostly passively cooled machine, I say mostly due to there being a fan actually inside this thing but it’s a rare occasion that it actually turns on, but when it does it is fairly audible. To some this may be a con, to others it may not be a huge deal, but the machine is definitely getting adequate cooling. There is also ventilation holes on the bottom, which is where I suspect the computer is drawing cool air from to cool the cpu, so its probably a good idea to sit this little guy somewhere it can draw an adequate amount of cool air from.
For such a small computer the amount of I/O available to the user is quite substantial. Sporting 4X USB 3.0, two HDMI ports, 1x gigabit Ethernet port, microphone port, flash card and VGA, this is where this machine shines brightest and has much more possibilities for expandibility and flexibility that other computers in its size and price point simply cannot deliver. This more than makes up for the not so hot performance of the Intel Celeron Apollo Lake CPU but in most situations where light duty tasks such as web browsing and writing a text document, it should be perfectly adequate -which is what this computer is probably suited best for.

I'm using this as a media server. I have a good size library, and I've tried a little of everything. This tiny PC does more than expected. More than anything else I've tried, and it's fast! No noise, silent operation. My old PC was repurposed for this role. It was irritating, the fans sped up and slowed down and there was no hiding that noise.

I thought my old setup was fast, just loud. Nope, this thing is faster! It works smoothly with real Windows 10, so you can run almost anything you want. I was worried about the specs, and considered more expensive models. But, spend too much and you lose the benefits of this form factor. I've not had this long, but I'm very impressed and thought I would share my feedback before the holidays. I'm using a USB 3 hub and two external hdd's.

The cheap Android boxes never seem to get the screen resolution exactly right, cut off on the perimeter or not full screen. I'm not sure what is different, but this windows box just works with perfect screen resolution via hdmi cable. I've tried a several Android boxes, they just don't have the functionality you get with this.

I recommend also getting a small IR keyboard (approximately $10) if your going to use this with your TV like me. The box/computer is worth the extra money, and you don't need to spend more money for a high end system. In my opinion, this is the sweet spot between cost & function.

[Mine was sold by: ZYPC-US purchased late Dec 2019]

Just going to throw this out there right off the bat: This machine is definitely not going to be winning any speed records. It's running an older Celeron processor and the eMMC is going to be a bit of a bottleneck (running an SSD in the main compartment might fix that). The Intel HD 500 graphics can technically do h265 HEVC (so it does 4K) but from research I was doing, it allegedly might not handle Netflix 4K content due to the older graphics. I have this hooked up to a 1080p display so I cannot speak to its 4K capabilities anyway. That said, it's half the price of a cheapo Dell Outlet PC and is great for casual use or for a library/school computer lab.

This is going to live on a shelf running some basic server functionality (UniFi controller and a print server for the curious) and a display, so I'm not too worried about the power anyhow. The only requirements I *truly* needed are active cooling (it'll get warm up there), gigabit ethernet without an adapter, and dual HDMI to run an Untappd beer list.

A few other nice things of note:
* It runs an actual system BIOS so I was able to configure it to auto boot after a power outage. Much nicer than having to Wake-On-LAN after finding out it's been offline for 5 hours.
* Install Intel Driver Support Assistant to keep your drivers up to date. Since Intel supplies the chipset, Wi-Fi, *and* Bluetooth, it's pretty handy.

One thing not covered in the (rather pointless, imo) instructions:
* The listing says the extra HDD would go in the bottom; it goes in the top. To pop the latch, hold the PC so you're looking at the back with the HDMI/etc ports. Remove the screw that prevents the latch switch from sliding all the way. *Then* the cover opens when you slide the latch.

Things I didn't like:
* The fan can be a bit loud under high load. While it's nothing compared to my i7, it's not silent. That's a definite con of active cooling, but it's not so loud to be distracting.
* I hate hate HATE wall-wart power adapters. It's small (1.5"x2.5"x1.5") but still far more of a pain in the butt than the C7 (figure 8) type. Much more difficult to fit into a tight power strip.

Here's a full breakdown using the CPU-Z validator if you want to know everything: [URL had to be removed to pass Amazon's filters, but if you Google Search "cpu-z validator v73uq5" it's the first result and has the page title "Intel Celeron J3455 @ 2195.25 MHz - CPU-Z VALIDATOR"]

Otherwise, here are the basics:
* Ships with Win10 Pro 1809 (the Amazon product description incorrectly says Win10 Home)
* The SSD HDD is a Samsung CJNB4R which is decent; I was expecting a much crappier eMMC soldered on! Still not comparable to a proper SSD, but that's what the upgrade bay is for.
* Network: Realtek 100/1000 Ethernet and Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165. Bluetooth
* Intel HD 500 graphics (supports HEVC/h265 at the hardware level)

I'll update this in 6 months or so (if I remember) for those curious if it's still ticking in a 24/7 environment.

Monday, November 18, 2019
11:31 AM

Most of my computers are Mac and I wanted a PC for running some work application, I wasn’t sure if I want to spend a lot on a windows PC or laptop and a friend suggested to try this. Telling you this is the best decision I made.
These are my findings from 2 weeks of extensive use.
- Looks awesome, like a modern artificial intelligence box, no one will ever say it’s a CPU.
- It is super-fast, was very surprised because its just a Celeron processor, I guess its the solid state drives.
- Solid state drives ( its expandable !!!! To 2 TB)
- Plenty of ports, especially it comes with VGA that means your old monitors needs no converter.
- Supports dual monitor.
- So noise
- Does not heat
- Comes preloaded with Win 10
- They have a metal stand to hook up to the back of monitor or to fix it on wall.

- Wish they let us expand the RAM
- Wish they power it by usb c instead of the pin charger.
- Also was looking for white color to match my computer.

I will update my long term experience in few months.

I'm a PC power user of most of the time. I want to start this review by stating that this PC is not a power user PC. It is good for everyday tasks like word processing, web browsing, watching videos, email, etc. It will NOT do a good job of playing modern video games, video editing, 3D modeling, etc. Nothing else in this price range will be good for those more intensive PC tasks either. You will need to increase your budget if that is what you are after. I'm rating this PC against others in the same price range. For that, it is great because it includes lots of ports, expandable storage, and good specs for the price. I've been very happy with it.

- Includes an HDMI cable, wall mount bracket, quick start guide, and the PC (of course).
- To use the mini-PC you will need to purchase or have a USB keyboard and mouse. A Bluetooth mouse and keyboard may also work but I don't think they can be used for setup.
- 46GB of remaining space for your software and files after setting up windows. This can be expanded with a 2.5" drive or micro SD card.
- 40 seconds is how long it takes to go from shut down to browsing the web on the edge browser.

- Fan is very quiet and does usually run in the background. It seems to be doing a great job of keeping the PC cool.
- Dual monitor support. I've tested powering both a 4K and 1080P monitor at the same time.
- WIFI chip supports 5GHZ and has good range. I had no trouble getting my full 40 mbps internet speed I have over WIFI a couple rooms from the router.
- Handles YouTube 4K content like a champ. Was able to stream 4K 60FPS video while only using about 60% of both the processor and GPU capability according to process manager.
- Little (possibly none) junk software pre-installed
- Very easy to access the 2.5mm HDD/SSD bay. Screws for install of an additional drive are included. All that is needed for install is a phillips screw driver.
- Windows 10 OS alone is worth $100 and this PC comes with it.

The BAD:
- Netflix is not optimized well in the edge browser. Streaming it nearly maxed the CPU at 100% and barely used the GPU at 25%. Video was still smooth so not a huge issue and also Netflix's fault since YouTube works great.
- I had trouble setting it up with my 4K monitor and 1080P monitor plugged in at the same time. Nothing was showing up on either monitor. After I unplugged the 4K monitor setup was working. Could be an only me issue. No issues using both monitors after windows was setup.
- You will notice some short periods of lag compared to other new and more expensive computers. The specs and performance of this PC are similar to a mid range ($500-$800) computer about 10 years ago (2010). The exception to this statement is the graphics. The integrated graphics capabilities are much better than 10 years ago.

What a bang for your buck! I was looking for a mini PC just to have contacted to my TV as an extra so I don’t have to keep lugging my laptop around and I came across this gem! At first I thought this was too good to be true but alas it works perfectly! The computer took a couple of minutes to set up and adjusted to my TV display right after connecting. Set up was a breeze with just following instructions and it took another minute to connect my Bluetooth keyboard and mouse (Apple keyboard and mouse work as well). The computer needed to be updated just like as standard PC and took about an hour to get up to date. The computer also came with a mounting bracket and an upgradable hard drive slot which is really easy to access with removing one screw. I would highly recommend putting a SSD in the computer and maybe running a Plex server for movies! Overall phenomenal deal!

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Processor CPU: Intel Atom x5-Z8350 Processor Base Frequency:1.44 GHz Burst Frequency: 1.92 GHz Cache: 2 MB # of Cores: 4 Storage Memory Size: 4GB Memory Types: DDR3L Hard Disk: 64GB Processor Graphics GPU: Intel HD Graphics Graphics Base Frequency: 200 MHz Graphics Burst Frequency: 500 MHz I/O
Kindly be noted: 1, The i7-7500U Processor is 7th Generation i7 CPU, Dual Core 4M Smart Cache, Base Frequency: 2.7GHz; max. Turbo Frequency: 3.5GHz; Integrated Intel HD Graphics 620. 2, the product has 2 years warranty on parts and labor. if the product can’t work well, and return/refund is

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