Comments about Skytech Shiva Gaming PC Desktop - AMD Ryzen 5 2600, NVIDIA RTX 2060, 16GB DDR4, 500G SSD, RGB Fans(Ryzen 5 2600 | RTX 2060)

Skytech Shiva Gaming PC Desktop - AMD Ryzen 5 2600, NVIDIA RTX 2060, 16GB DDR4, 500G SSD, RGB Fans(Ryzen 5 2600 | RTX 2060)

Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 6-Core 3. 4 GHz (3. 9 GHz Max Boost) processor
Motherboard: A320M Motherboard
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6GB Video Card (Brand may vary)
Memory: 16GB DDR4 3000 Gaming Memory with Heat Spreader
Power Supply: 500 Watt 80 PLUS Certified Power Supply
SSD: 500GB SSD – Up to 30x Faster Than Traditional HDD
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-bit
Case: Skytech mATX Mid-Tower Tempered Glass Gaming Case
Fans: 3 x 120mm Ring RGB Fans

Comments about Skytech Shiva Gaming PC Desktop - AMD Ryzen 5 2600, NVIDIA RTX 2060, 16GB DDR4, 500G SSD, RGB Fans(Ryzen 5 2600 | RTX 2060)
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Comments :
This is a fine gaming computer, although because of sparse documentation I'd recommend it for experienced PC users. It has a lightning-fast video card and SSID and easily handles all the video games my son throws at it. The light display around the fans is awesome, too, and it's controllable by a tiny remote included with the PC. Everything is laid out VERY neatly in the case. Two items you will want to buy separately are a large, fast internal hard drive/1TB SSID because games are such space hogs that they will quickly use up your space on the included 500G SSID and a USB bluetooth plug in. The sound card (HD included on video card) works fine for my son does through headphones -- I haven't tested it "out loud" because we don't have a good sound system in my son's room. It will also make a good engineering computer because of its speed and high-quality graphics. I rated it down 1 star on tech support because it comes with virtually no written documentation. This won't bother you if you're an experienced PC user -- I'm just old-fashioned and like a little hand holding when I first use something like this. Noise level is fine in the sense that the fans are acceptably loud for how hard they have to work to keep the processors cool.

For a few years I have had a cyber power pc that was supposed to last a long time. It ended lasting less then a year. I was stuck with a half broken computer that did not live up to its expectations. When I finally got the sky tech shiva I was thrown away by the fast, responsive abilities from the pc. Starting up the pc is so smooth and easy and installing files and games are also very easy. But the reason why I am writing this review is because I need to talk about how crazy ready this pc is. This pc dosent say to much about vr but it is totally be ready. I set up my oculus rift in no more then 15 minutes. Games in be run grate and the FPS is at a good point where I don’t get motion sickness. The Ryzen 5 2300 is surprisingly great for gaming and vr. If you are looking at this pc and wanted to find out if it can run be. It can and it can handle any game you can throw at it. Now the regular games. The Rtx 2060 is substantially way more powerful then the gtx 1060 and is equal to the gtx 1070. Games run grate and it’s a pc that won’t die out on you. But if it does I will update this to let you know. If you are looking for a great pc for a great price compared to other PCs on the market. I 100% recommend getting the sky tech shiva

The GPU is actually an MSI Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060, not the ASUS that is shown in the picture. (The MSI is actually better because it has more fans).

The 16GB of DDR4 RAM is fast! I had 32GB of DDR3 RAM before, and this computer does more than fine with half the GB's!

The Ryzen 5 6-core 3.5ghz CPU is also more than adequate! My previous CPU was an AMD 8-core 4ghz processor that did not perform nearly as well.

The 500GB SSD is also very fast. I would recommend adding a larger hard drive, I have a 1TB hard drive that I added. You will need to get your own SATA power cable because the case only has the SATA transfer cables.

The fans are relatively quiet and keep the computer very cool. There is nice ventilation in the case. The tone of the fines are nice and low, so it doesn't sound like a screeching jet even at full load.

The RGB lights is controlled with a remote, and you can even add more RGB if you wanted to.

The only downside is that I had to downgrade my monitor because the GPU does not support DVI.

I bought this PC mainly to play games and stream. It was extremely easy to set up - all you need to do is attach the wifi antennae and you're set. It has cool fan lights and comes with a remote to control the fan and you can also play around with the lighting.

In terms of actual gaming, it runs DotA easily at 170-180 FPS while I have a twitch, and another game running. I have not yet tested gaming + streaming but I'm confident that I still still get high FPS. It also has Freesync due to the Geforce GTX 2060 GPU, so you should definitely pair this with a 144hz freesync capable monitor to take advantage of the beautiful graphics - I've never seen such smooth animation before this.

This computer is really amazing. It runs any game I've thrown at it without any lag or issues whatsoever. I do want to caution people a little before they buy it. If you buy it with a dedicated graphics card then the only output you can use on this model are 3 display ports and an HDMI port. You can't use the motherboard outputs because this specific model (the rtx 2060 dedicated graphics card) isn't integrated. So you need to buy display port cords or adapters with a male display port end and dvi or vga or HDMI female ends. The computer is crazy quiet and doesn't overheat, it is great looking and runs games in a fantastic way. It is pretty big so make sure you have plenty of space for it. I really recommend this computer for gaming and streaming.

I love this computer so much. They really did a nice job of assembly, very clean cable management. I'm astounded at the improvements that have happened over the past 10 years in every component. I was using a massively overclocked first gen I5 and 5 year old mid range graphics card, hdd, etc. This computer runs any game I throw at it at whatever resolution I want, with ease. Also, and I can't emphasize this enough...I love the case. I was hesitant about the top mounted power supply, but it's now my preferred position, because, you know, heat rises, and this top mounted power supply actually aids ventilation in the case. My only gripe is the power supply they used. It is a thermaltake, which is a good brand generally, but it's the lowest end model they make, which means Chinese capacitors. WIth these things, you usually either get a good one that lasts a long time, or one that fizzles out pretty quick. FYI, the sdd is a totally decent seagate model, and the only other generic component is the RAM, which works very well. This computer is a great option for those who want some good value in their gaming computer, but don't want to build it themselves. Plus, you get the full one year warranty from SKytech, which includes prepaid shipping and everything, and the option to extend the warranty through amazon for 3 years. I have no idea how great those extended warranties are, but I went with one anyway, for the peace of mind. I priced out the components in this thing on computer parts picker, and it's hilarious how close the cost is to if I built it myself. Skytech is truly the best of these budget gaming know the other two, they're all over amazon. It was truly put together with care, and didn't come with any obnoxious bloatware. Here's a tip if you're used to older versions of windows...get a thumb drive and make a recovery drive once you get your computer. WIndows 10 makes it super easy to do, unlike many previous versions. That way, you've got it in case your drive fails or some other issue occurs. FYI, the video card is a Zotac in mine, and it is by far my favorite video card ever. I just can't believe how cool this baby runs. Highly recommended!

Great PC for gaming. MSI RTX if perfect. Destiny 2 running in 60 fps and 4K. Great. Pathfinder, CivVI, ResEvil2. Also I'm using this machine for streaming and making videos.
Ryzen5 with RTX it's a miracle.
Also great production quality. Very easy to install.
I have a couple of questions, how to install additional HDD, but then I just plugged it in USB3 and everything is OK.

But if you have some instructions, please let me know, I want to connect it directly to MB.

Thank you.

The SkyTech Shiva gaming PC has been a great purchase! It plays all my games at the highest settings, encodes 4k video from my GoPro in no time using the crazy fast GeForce RTX 2060. The SSD hard drive makes everything from booting up to loading games happen in no time.

One small issue I found; I have some older SSD drives I plan on installing. The InWin case has a place for them behind the back cover, but the wire for the power button and HDD LED was stretched across one of them. I re-routed the wire and I'll get those drives in before long. Easy fix.

I definitely recommend this PC for any gamer or content creator!

I just received the PC I had to call and leave a message with tech support. It calls for 2 WiFi Antenna and it only came with one. I have not heard back from tech support yet so I am hoping to get this small problem taken care of. Now to the good stuff.
The PC is exactly as advertised and the quality control seams spot on. I turned it in and it booted right up. I can’t ask for more plug and play. No issues with set up or condition and is very fast.

I purchased this on Prime Day for $799. I don't feel it has the same value for $1000.

For components that may vary (as Skytech builds these with what they can as inexpensively as possible) here is the brands my PC came with:
- AsRock A320M motherboard
- MSI RTX 2060 (Product photos show an Asus GTX graphics card)
- Seagate Barracuda SSD
- AData 3000mhz RAM (2x8gb)

It was to be a gift for my son's Bday in October, so when I received it I un-packaged everything and assembled it to be sure everything was as it should be, and download any software updates, etc. It was packaged well with no signs of shipping damages.One of the fans created some vibration to the case, but was easily fixed by tightening one loose screw. Then I boxed it back up and waited a couple months to give it to him.

After opening in October, he and I set everything up again. It is connected via HDMI to a Full HD (1080P) 144hz gaming monitor. The fans run quietly and the remote for them works well. We put velcro on the remote and PC case for easy storage (and in hopes the remote wouldn't disappear!).

We then donwloaded the Ryzen and MSI overclocking software to adequately and safely overclock the GPU and CPU. This software is extremely easy to use and is designed to perform adequate overclocking without destroying your system. More advanced users should have no issue with overclocking even beyond what we did. I have attached Userbenchmark scoring for reference.

- Build quality is superb and cable management is well done
- Includes additional zip-ties, mounting hardware, and cables for future expansion
- Fans are quiet and if you dig the RGB effects, you'll dig these
- 16gb of RAM should be more than adequate for most users
- Minimal bloatware
- Handles FHD (1080P) gaming with aplomb. Frame Rates are consistently and comfortably over 100 FPS
- Should handle QHD (1440P) gaming adequately, although a RTX 2070 graphics card (or equivalent) would be better for this

- Tech support was responsive when I discovered the RAM wasn't clocking at the advertised 3000mhz. They directed me to the Bios and outlined a simple fix for this issue.

- A 500gb hard drive will fill up quickly, although I knew this when I purchased the PC and expansion is readily available for an NVME SSD and bays for additional SATA drives. So, this isn't a truly justified gripe.
- The included Keyboard and Mouse are definitely entry level. Look to upgrade at some point

Ultimately, if you're looking for a quality budget gaming PC for FHD gaming, this fits the bill, especially if you can save a couple hundred bucks as I did. If you want to game at 1440P it should be ok, but if you're looking to game in 4K, you'll need to spend a few hundred dollars more.

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Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 6-Core 3. 4 GHz (3. 9 GHz Max Boost) processor Motherboard: A320M Motherboard Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6GB Video Card (Brand may vary) Memory: 16GB DDR4 3000 Gaming Memory with Heat Spreader Power Supply: 500 Watt 80 PLUS Certified Power Supply SSD: 500GB SSD