Comments about CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Supreme Liquid Cool Gaming PC, Intel Core i7-9700K 3.6GHz, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super 8GB, 16GB DDR4, 1TB PCI-E NVMe SSD, WiFi Ready & Win 10 Home (SLC8260A2, Black)

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Supreme Liquid Cool Gaming PC, Intel Core i7-9700K 3.6GHz, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super 8GB, 16GB DDR4, 1TB PCI-E NVMe SSD, WiFi Ready & Win 10 Home (SLC8260A2, Black)

Get the pinnacle of gaming performance with the Cyber PowerPC Gamer Supreme series of gaming computers. The Gamer Supreme series features monstrous processing power combined with the latest and greatest graphics cards to handle even the most demanding games on the market. An immense RAM allows you to easily tackle system-intensive applications such as video editing, and ensures a lag-free multitasking experience. A lightning-fast PCI-E NV Me SSD boot drive provides quick load times for your games and applications. The Gamer Supreme series looks as stunning as it performs, as all these high-end components are packaged in a striking, sleek chassis. Processor Speed (Base): 3.7 gigahertz.

Comments about CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Supreme Liquid Cool Gaming PC, Intel Core i7-9700K 3.6GHz, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super 8GB, 16GB DDR4, 1TB PCI-E NVMe SSD, WiFi Ready & Win 10 Home (SLC8260A2, Black)
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Comments :
The Good:
Price: A little better than PCpartpicker components as of 8-29-2019, better if on sale
Parts: Reasonably good brands in my unit
Build: Good cable management
Performance: System is very powerful. Pushes many titles at 2K on high/ultra. Gsync/freesync work great!
Sound: Quiet system, even with fans on max.

The Bad:
No GPU drivers or utilities installed by default
Firmware update was required to get proper CPU speed boosts working
No extra cables or screws to add new drives

The Ugly:
Poor heat management out of the box, resulting in GPU throttling. *Edited 9-8-2019* I disabled my added fans and set the included fans to max (still pretty quiet!). GPU didn't get above 78C and didn't throttle. Therefore out of the box, it doesn't necessarily throttle, so I bumped it to 5 stars. I still recommend adding a couple $12 case fans (see below for details).

Out of the box, this is a 3 star unit. After a few cheap mods, it's a 5 star beast of a machine. Average of 4 stars. *See edit above, 5 star machine all around!*

When I first got the machine and started it up, I was impressed by how quiet it was. After installing Nvidia drivers since only GeForce Experience was installed by default, I fired up FurMark to stress test the GPU and check temps (using MSI Afterburner). The temps crept up to 84C, resulting in about a 10% throttle. Although the GPU fans were going crazy, the case fans were virtually silent. Removing the side panel dropped the GPU temp to 68C, so that ruled out the MSI cooler.
I happened to have some 120x25mm noctua NF-P12 redux case fans intended for an Alienware machine that never arrived, so I installed them in the two inexplicably empty fan slots in this case, one on the bottom and one on the top above the radiator. The bottom one went in easily, the top one required sliding the radiator down as far as possible in the oval mounting holes, and even then it was a very tight fit. As it's a 120/140 mm hole, I would recommend a good, quiet 140x15mm slim fan instead. I moved the radiator fan cable from the chassis header to the CPU fan header, and installed the new fans in the chassis 1 and 2 headers. The 4 LED fans are not connected to the mobo and so are not speed controllable.
There was a marked improvement in GPU temps, but they still crept up to ~78C over time and again, none of the case fans ever really spun up. So I installed Asus AI suite 3 from their website, and used Fan Xpert 4 to max out all fans, which was not really that loud, actually. Furmark maxed out the GPU at 70C, which was clearly a large improvement, but I still wanted automatic fan control. I did not try max fans with the default setup, so that might be worth trying before buying anything. One issue is that all of the fans only respond to the CPU temp by default, and HW monitor showed the CPU never got above 45C or above 4.1 GHZ. Some googling suggested a firmware upgrade, which fixed the boost issue. Unfortunately Fan Xpert 4 will not control the chassis fan speed from GPU temp (except with ASUS cards, annoyingly), so I chose the mobo temp header and built some acceptable temp/fans speed curves from that. I still max at about 74C while gaming unless I manually max the fans, so there's still some more tweaking to do and other fan control software out there. Honestly though, the default, normal mode is more than sufficient with the 2 extra fans.

In the end, I use this with a 2k 144 hx 32 inch freesync LG monitor and it screams. This machine definitely hits a nice price/performance sweet spot, once a couple fans are added.

Since there's little detail on components in the description, here's what came in my box (YMMV):
GPU: MSI Ventus RTX 2070 OC
Mobo: Asus PRIME Z390-P
RAM: Crucial Ballistix 2400 with heat spreader
PSU: Apevia Prestige 80+ gold (probably 600 watt, not obvious and I didn't remove the unit to find out)
Wifi: AsRock AC
Mouse and keyboard: cyberpowerPC branded LED. Membrane keys. Seem reasonable quality.

Everything arrived in working condition. Components are correct when comparing with the specs listed. Secure packaging and the wiring is clean.

Performance this is a very fast machine, have tried multiple games and it easily handles them.

Will update about durability after I've had it for a while

I'll start by saying I have over 35 years of IT experience, specifically DIY PC's, gaming rigs and servers. It's because of my love for gaming that I naturally gravitated to a professional career.

So because of the significance of cost vs value I felt I needed to share this so others with perhaps less experience will be aware of what they're about to buy.

Now that said, I'm older now and don't have the time or energy to build and tweak like I used to. I decided to buy ,for the first time, a prebuild specific to VR gaming. After pricing all the parts starting with CPU then GPU then memory/storage and finally motherboard, I felt that a rig outfitted with all the latest hardware and tech would run about $1600. While looking I saw the back to school special advertising this VR ready prebuild touting all the great reviews and coming in a couple hundred below my estimate I thought "why not, I'll be able to plug and play in a day vice a week or two".
Now they don't CYBERPOWERPC doesn't list what brand equipment they install just the tech specs, one can even infer from the description that it's too of the line and tuned for performance, it must be if they supply rigs to championship tournaments right!


So here's what I got:
Case: standard tower as described, but without any chassis lighting which is discrepancy 1. Nowadays lighting goes hand in hand with build specs so yeah it's a big deal.
The keyboard and mouse are nothing special, the mouse does light up with random colors but material quality is cheap and feels like it might last no more than a year with regular use.

Unboxing was standard with solid formed styrofoam. One little bag with a few parts and manuals was all it came with and at first I didn't think much of it, until I looked inside.

The case, in my opinion is the absolute worst case to build the 'ultimate VR ready game rig' in. it has on the left a tempered glass cover with another on the front. Again no chassis lights and no expansion slots. This really started to annoy me, two USB ports, power and reset at the top. That's it.
Inside is very open, most cabling is hidden, which is good, until you open the right panel to see how.
What lights up are the fans and CPU cooler, but you'll quickly find that they are completely random and not controlled. They are ARGB but wired straight to power with a randomizer inline.

The board is the ASUS PRIME Z390-P, though a solid board it definitely NOT an optimal gaming optimized motherboard. I was shocked to find that. The processor is what's advertised, the video card is the MSI GTX2070 super, Ventura, not the gaming series with RGB lighting and triple fan cooling, nope the cheapest 2070 currently in production.
Memory consist of two xpg ddr4 3000 8x2 - decent.
SSD storage is an Intel 660p 1tb NVM with no heatsink. Again surprised by the choice given the description.
OS is win10 home with no modifications or performance tweaks, in fact none of the OEM software was installed. Think fresh install of windows and stop.

Now this was the most surprising because again this is supposed to be a VR, ultra high gaming rig suited to championship tournaments but it's more like a kids first try at diy building.

Now given that all the parts are market with nothing proprietary to CYBERPOWERPC, I expected all the additional parts and pieces would be included, like they would be had I purchased them individually, but nope again. Book, driver CD for Mobo, a couple of quick setup papers for the GPU and CYBERPOWERPC warranty card.

A closer look at the assembly shows that this was put together in a hurry, most of the screws were loose, not securely screwed in. This I noticed when I turned it on and heard vibration coming from the fans, same with Mobo it had play because screws weren't all tight.
Cabling was what the picture shows and shoved into the bottom cavity, and zip tied in bunches. The fans are not variable speed, but are ARGB capable but instead of using that feature they were Daisy chained, not even plugged into Mobo fan ports so software doesn't think there are fans installed. The picture shows an RGB strip, that's mine, I plugged it in to the board to see if it would control it, the software that's supposed to do that will not run so they just change color randomly.

Overall the build quality is sub-par and certainly doesn't represent a performance gaming machine. Something as simple as cable management is rushed and the total lack of performance customization coupled with less than optimal part selection really makes me pause and offer caution if you're in the market for a high-end gaming PC. And one more example of poor build quality is the alignment of the Mobo at the back. As the picture shows the ports are not aligned, so all of the bottom ports are obstructed and the only way to fix that is to disassemble everything and remount properly, but not ready to do that.

I haven't decided if I'm sending it back, although I'm leaning toward yes at the moment..

$1500 is a lot of money especially when building something that's future proof (as future proof as a PC can be), and I would expect something like an alienware which is customized and tweaked for performance, in fact, I might just order one once this gets returned.

Update 7 September:
I have the overall review an additional star for a total of 4/5. Reason is the value when compared to NZXT which offers the exact build (including the built-in addressable RGB, Mobo is better being the MSI MPG Z390 Pro Carbon selected at the time of estimate +$179.00) for an additional$1000. Can't say if theirs is performance tweaked or what else comes with it, but given that significant savings I cannot in good consionce give it a lower rating. Performance is solid, it's incapable of bad performance because of the latest components used. I was able to run AutoCAD, compress video, run Elite Dangerous in VR AND Star Citizen at the same time with little to no lag that was noticable.
For first time users: be sure to make a system/recovery image and disk in addition to linking to your Microsoft account in order to backup your activation key. Do this immediately after running live update and activation. Reason is, like most OEM PCs, there is no sticker or recovery media aside from the driver disk sent with the motherboard. If not you will not be able to recover/reload/upgrade this machine AND have a activated software license should there be hardware failure or significant hardware change (like motherboard).

I know pre-built machines come with some anxiety over the parts lottery, but I snagged this on a deal expecting to have to upgrade a few things and fix the fans and cable setup. Here are my thoughts:

1 - The box arrived quickly and was decently packed.
2 - The cable management was very well done.
3 - The GPU and Mobo were not bargain-bin versions - in my case Ventus OC and Z390-P.
4 - The case fans were properly configured and everything ran quiet and cool in stress tests.
5 - The RAM is only 2400 - not the end of the world.

We'll see how this performs over the next few months, but so far I am very happy with this machine. I prefer building, but actually saw significant savings with the sale.

I know everyone's mileage can vary and people are more likely to write negative reviews than positive ones - but at least in my experience, I would recommend CyberPowerPC again.

The computer came in a box which delivered in good condition. After taking it out, the computer had no scratches or defects on visual inspection. The graphics card, ram, Bluetooth adapter card and CPU were all correctly installed and fit in their place snuggly. All the fans worked as the picture shows and it looks really nice. It worked right out of the box as promised. I updated the firmware for the motherboard because I saw others had issues with clock speeds. The CD with some drivers wasn’t needed because ASUS website had all the drivers for everything. The graphics card is from Gigabyte and is a 3 fan style model. It has one mini display port two regular display ports and one regular HDMI port. Despite all the fans in it, it is amazingly quiet. So no issue there.

Now the not so great. The only issues I have are for the wiring, the power supply, the lack of ports for expansion, and the lack of sufficient cooling as a whole.

So after I got it I took my HDD from my old computer and put it in the new computer, but there is no rack for it so I just laid it down on the bottom in front. I included a picture of that. The power supply is just a run of the mill wires come out model. Not a modular style which would have been nice (I can let that slide for the great price). The wires were tucked around the right side of the case neatly, but then it was nested in front of the power supply haphazardly. It was a pain getting power to my old HDD because of that. Finally the heat removal is not quite enough.

So what happened to me is that after playing some graphic intense games the fans would speed up to exhaust the excess heat. Two things happened because of that that I did not like. The first was that the back of the computer got hot where the exhaust is. And by hot I mean really really hot! Like you can’t touch it hot or you could get burned. The second thing that happened was that because of that, the rear fan would spin up to its fastest setting but then make this horrible sound, like the fins were rubbing on something. This sound made me nervous that it would break and the heat made me think it might overheat. I managed to completely fix this issue by taking a case fan out of my old computer and placing it in the top rear exhaust area where there was no fan. So now everything works great and the price was just right. Playing so many games on very high settings is no problem.

I would have given this 5 stars but the issues I described above I think are enough to take a star away. I can’t give it 3 stars because it was all easily fixed. So yes it works out of the box but expect to do a little work to it for it to be close to perfect but not quite. It definitely looks good though and water cooling is a plus.

It's Monday night and this monster arrived last Thursday night.

Quality parts
Quality cabling

No parts list, so I spent a lot of extra time diving in to spec out all the individual parts.
RAM is only 2400, but geez, if that's something to complain about with all the Pros.

Simple example - Monster Hunter World on my old GTX 960 box vs this one is like going from VHS to 4k. And I never realized the jitters on the 960 until I saw the game on the RTX 2070... Wow!

Great deal for amazing performance!

Edit -

I'm not reducing the stars, but adding a con - The power button is on the top of the case, and is highly accessible to a cat that may wish to sit on top of the case. Cat owners beware... LOL

The parts they picked are pretty decent, not the best by any means but better than some pre-builds i've seen. Packaging was pretty banged up and had some damage, So i was suspecting to see some damage on the system itself, Sure enough there was some minor damage to the case. The system it self seems to be running fine so far, although in gaming the system tends to run a bit hot, I don't think they did a good job on cooling the system, (might need to add a few more fans), There should have been at least another case fan on top vent. The ram is a bit low as well only 2400MHz (maybe 3000MHz would have been nice). Overall for the special pricing they had running on this for $1199 i can't complain or gripe too much, Only time will tell if the system holds up.

It looks shiny, worked great on the first day.

It doesn't turn on anymore on the second day.

Returning it for a replacement, we'll see how long this one lasts.


Change from 1-star to 4-star since the replacement has been working fine for 2 weeks now. Overall a great computer! It does really heat up when playing graphics-intensive games. Their PSU is not a great one (Apevia brand?), and I'm afraid it is burning too hot, but there doesn't seem to be problems so far.

Amazing PC! Picked it up during a lightning sale and the price was relatively cheaper than buying the parts separately. Gone are the days that building your own PC is the cheapest option.

Performance is great, benchmarks are top tier. I can run Ultra on every game I own. SSD is speedy, boots up within 5-10 seconds. No complaints here. The RAM is a bit on the slower side but all things considering it gets the job done for gaming. Cable management is good. The temperatures are cool.

Two of the RGB LED’s for the fans were DOA but I registered my tower with CyberPowerPC and emailed support. They’re shipping me replacement fans. Customer service didn’t give me any hassle and was pretty helpful. I feel confident that they’ll assist me in the future if any problem arises.

If you’re not going to build your own PC, I’d recommend this PC. It’s affordable and a powerhouse. Regardless of what brand you go with (Alienware, ASUS, Razer, etc,) there will always be a chance of getting parts that are DOA (as mentioned in other reviews.) That’s just the way of the world. Even when you build your own PC you play the lottery with each part you purchase. It either happens on the assembly line or during shipping. They packaged the PC pretty well though, with foam on the inside to protect the parts. I’m not sure if they test their builds but no complaints here.

Was available with free 1 day delivery. Great sale price. Arrived on time and well packed. Very clean and pro looking build. The familiar Asus mobo and MSI RTX card made it seem custom built. Window installation was embarrassing simple and it was updated and running in a very short time. So far it is running smooth and error free. It easily runs games at ultra max settings and at 4K resolution! It is practically silent and only spins up when gaming. Overall the case has no overheating issues and the sealed water cooler system is made of metal and not plastic. Very impressive. All in all it is a top end machine that would be difficult to build for the price. The easy set up and price make this a great deal.

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