Comments about Dell Inspiron 3470 Desktop, 2 Year Onsite Warranty, Windows 10 Pro, 9th Gen Intel Core i5-9400 6-Core 4.1GHz Proc w/Intel Turbo Boost Technology, 12GB DDR4 2666MHz RAM, 1TB HDD+128Gb SATA SSD, DVD RW

Dell Inspiron 3470 Desktop, 2 Year Onsite Warranty, Windows 10 Pro, 9th Gen Intel Core i5-9400 6-Core 4.1GHz Proc w/Intel Turbo Boost Technology, 12GB DDR4 2666MHz RAM, 1TB HDD+128Gb SATA SSD, DVD RW

With powerful performance, and the latest Intel processors, the Inspiron 3470 is featured-packed with infinite potential for you and your family. It features an Intel Core i5 processor and an extra venting area in the front and the side. The improved inlet airflow design allows optimal system cooling for quiet and efficient performance. Designed to take up less space, yet still deliver the same robust performance and storage capacity expected of a desktop tower.

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Where do I start... This is a tiny computer, is designed for business users primarily, but will make a great addition at home where videos, basic to enthusiast photo editing, crafts is the norm, a home where you bring a lot of work home (MS Office) and your occasional average game is played... for any of those, this computer is the right one.

There are a few "cons" for this computer, but I will not lower the 5 star rating as the listing does not imply this computer is more than a business computer, and for that, it excels at it.

Onto the good things:

Price for this setup.... the basic small Inspiron at the maker's website at the time of this writing is about $150 less...yup, but money is not all.... you can not build this one there... yours built there will not have the SSD or the 12Gig or ram and if you upgrade to Win10 Pro like this one are already just $80 difference...

Continuing on price....Warranty and Service, yeah, If you add the 2 year on-site service plan this one comes with, you will pay more and still no SSD and 12Gigs of ram

Specs, is an i5 so while not the top of the line, this specific i5 9400 is a brand new 9th generation chip with built in Intel UHD graphics, so if you have a 4k monitor, it will run it with no issues

12Gigs of Ram, plenty for most users, both DIMM spaces are full (1x16 and 1x4) if you must have 32Gigs because your photo editing software runs better, you will need a 1Gig chip but will have a extra 4 laying around...maybe you have a friend with a 4Gig system?

It has all the standard slots you are used to...still have a VGA one (I wish it was a Display Port) but again, many business users still using 5+ years old perfectly capable monitors

It has both 3.0 USB ports up front, the rear ones are 2.0, but most people will connect printer, mouse, keyboard in the pack permanently, the front ones are the ones people will use for media drives, the 5 in1 Media reader is a SD card reader with a fancy term... if you still have a MMC card, then ok, but most people have micro sd that will go in a SD adapter.

It has 2 expansion PCI bays...but, they are short types, but will not buy this systems for performance add-on

Cons: (Again, not a big deal for business use, but for those looking for a good performance machine, this will bother you a bit)

HDMI output but not DP... Yeah, It would be nice to have a Display port output and get rid of the VGA

Is Small, yes, is a strength, but also makes it hard to get upgrades (Video Card for 2 monitors) but there are cards that will fit with dual Display Ports

Overall this is a SOLID system, great for a student or a main home computer, is compact easy to setup with minimal space, is quiet and performs well in most scenarios where productivity is needed.

This is would be a good business, office, student, streaming media server, or family computer. Hardware wise it should be able to easily run most software in your typical use case scenario.

Don't forget to install Windows on the SDD and NOT the HDD, that way you'll experience the satisfying 10 second boot up time.

It comes with a generous amount of RAM for a business computer which means faster speed. Most office computers come with 8GB of RAM which really makes opening/exporting particularly large Excel files a slow, painful process that sometimes results in the application crashing altogether.

Like others have noted, this obviously is not intended for AAA video games because of the integrated GPU. It does meet the minimum requirements for games like Fortnite or World of Warcraft but you'd need to play on the lowest setting and you may not get the best experience. Games like League of Legends and Stardew Valley will run perfectly. The Witcher 3 on the lowest settings got me 20-27 FPS.

I really like the sleek, modern look of it considering most business/office computers are typically eyesores. Overall, this is a solid machine. My only issue is it doesn't come with a display port, so make sure it's compatible with your monitor.

This model seems unique to Amazon (I might be wrong). It's a very fast, silent, compact workhorse.

I could hear a slight whirring sound coming from the box (not very loud) - it was the 1TB HDD (Seagate Barracuda).

I couldn't understand why it was taking 30 seconds to boot-up. Turns out that the 1 TB HDD is the boot drive (C:) not the SSD. I always thought that the idea is to boot on a SSD and use the HDD for storage/backup. So, with respect, I'd say that Dell got it backwards here.

Anyway, I replaced the 1TB HDD with a spare 250 GB SSD that I had and it did two things:
1. Absolute running silence - no HDD noise.
2. Boots up now in 10 seconds!

It came with 12GB Ram which seemed like a weird number to me - normally it's either 8GB or 16GB.
It's really easy to upgrade, so I added some spare DDR4 memory that I already had to make it 16GB total.

Fantastic little box!


I got this to replace my existing 1 year old Dell computer which has been acting sluggish. Although this is marketed as a business computer, I use it in my home office to run spreadsheets, photo editing, light gaming, kid's education and watching movies. This computer has been a definite upgrade.
I am not tech stupid (have built my own computers and have done tech support and programming as a career) but I assume that if you are wanting spec information you will know what you're looking for in the description, so I will just go with the "feel" of the computer. First of all, the unit itself is a small one which makes it great to tuck it under your desk as we do. I actually moved the computer location from a back office into the kitchen as it is so unobtrusive.
The computer boots fast. Not lightning speed, but faster than my one year old computer. It is also quiet. I suspect this is due to the upgraded inlet airflow design on the front and that the fan dampening appears to be improved as well. It came with a more than adequate 1TB drive which I easily partitioned to use as active and backup drives. Set up was basically plug and plain -- quite painless. It worked with my old monitor without issues.
I do wish computer companies would stop with the horrid wired keyboard/mouse combo. Honestly, a wireless can't increase their cost too much. Also not crazy about the memory card reader in the front -- most people have one or use a cord so seems silly. There are adequate usb ports -- two 3.0 in front and 4 2.0 in the back. Design is just as you would expect from a Dell unit -- nothing innovative or surprising but also nothing blatantly problematic.
I would call this a workhorse and it certainly can function as one, but it has a slicker feel than that. It also is not a racehorse . . . but it is a solid choice for my use -- a home computer.

A very nice small computer that won't take up much desk space. Ideal for a starter home computer, a small business, or a student.

I was pleased with all aspects of this machine outside of gaming. It has a reasonable boot time and runs pretty quiet. As usual I had to delete a lot of built-in apps that I don't need or want and that improved the start-up time even more. The keyboard is nice and quiet and fortunately it is wired.

I won't go into specs here as that info is readily available on the Amazon page. I did try out a few games just to see how intense it could go. No problem with most games, even fast-moving action games as long as the graphics aren't too intense. It plays Smite just fine but when I loaded up Fallout 4, I had to turn the settings way down and even then it runs a bit jerky. So my advice is to not buy this computer if you need to do intense graphic work or want to play high-end games.

But really, for the price, this is a nice compact little computer that as long as you don't plan a lot of upgrades, should last a good number of years.

This is a small frame computer that will work perfectly for a home, small business, or student computer.

Don't buy this computer if you need to do graphic intensive work, need duel monitors, or are planning on upgrading it. I'm a little surprised it includes a DVD drive (who uses those anymore? If anything it should have a blu-ray drive). It also has a VGA input which few monitors use any longer.

Apart from that the i5 processor, solid state harddrive, and 12 GB of ram, and decent video processor has everything you need. It boots up in 30 seconds and plays HD video without a problem. I can run multiple applications, including graphic and video editors without a problem. If you are looking for a computer to do basic office tasks, some graphic editing, play games, or watch netflix this computer will work great.

If you're looking for a gaming computer, this is obviously not it. However, it is perfect for everyday use - social media, documents, research, watching or burning DVDs, editing photos, etc. It could easily be upgraded if you have the desire to do so, but it suits my family's needs just as it is. It starts up very quickly, and has been easy to use and navigate. As far as value, I would say that this one is comparable in price to others with the same capabilities. I won't go into all the numbers as those can be found in the description, so it's all pretty straightforward. So far, so good as far as my family is concerned, and as we are a rather large family, this little number has seen its fair share of online hours.

Sooo super fast, the 128GB SSD is key for fast boot up and some other apps I run. The 1 TB hard drive allows plenty for storage and the 12 GB RAM allows plenty of memory storage for quicker response time. Especially for working in Oracle and VBA programs I am running. Overall this computer is all I need, only knock I have is the HD makes a weird noise that others seem to mention. May look at replacing but not really sure how serious it is. The noise doesn’t bother me too much but just worried it could lead to other issues down the road. Still a great quality HP product that performs great and is very quick!

This computer has everything you need for everyday computer work and a graphics card that is good enough to play low demanding games like Overwatch. Of course, other games will play on the computer also and most people who are big into gaming have gaming computers. This is a good family unit with a lot of storage and Intel boost technology. This unit should work great for all but die hard gamers, but like I said, they usually get specialty units that have higher specs that most people do not ever use.

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