Comments about Mini PC Fanless Intel Atom Quad Core CPU 4GB DDR/64GB eMMC Mini Desktop Computer Windows 10 Pro HDMI and VGA Port 2.4/5.8G WiFi BT4.2 USB3.0 Wake on LAN PXE Boot Auto Power On Mounting Bracket

Mini PC Fanless Intel Atom Quad Core CPU 4GB DDR/64GB eMMC Mini Desktop Computer Windows 10 Pro HDMI and VGA Port 2.4/5.8G WiFi BT4.2 USB3.0 Wake on LAN PXE Boot Auto Power On Mounting Bracket

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✍🏻Warm tips to better use
1.Delete the software distribution folder in windows directory regularly. This folder is used for updates for windows.
2.When shutting down, be sure to wait until the power indicator is off and then pull out DC power as you like.

✍🏻System Config:
OS: Support Windows 10 Pro system
Intel CPU: Intel Atom x5-Z8350 Processor (2M Cache, up to 1.92 GHz)
Processor Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 400
Installed RAM: DDR3L 4GB
System Disk: Windows(C:) 64GB
Ethernet: 1000Mbps LAN
WIFI: IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n,2.4G+5.8G
Bluetooth: BT 4.2
Antenna: Built-in antenna for WIFI

# of Cores: 4
# of Threads: 4
Processor Base Frequency: 1.44 GHz
Burst Frequency: 1.92 GHz
Scenario Design Power (SDP): 2 W

✍🏻Button and Ports:
Button: 1*Power Button
DC-in: 1*DC in Port
USB3.0: 1* Standard USB Port
HD: 1*HD Type Port
RJ45: 1*RJ45
VGA: 1* VGA Port
Headphone microphone: 1* jack
SD Card: 1* SD card slot
USB2.0: 2* Standard USB Ports
Power LED: 1* power LED

🎁Package Included:
1x Z83-F Mini PC
1x Power Adaptor DC12V 1.5A(100-240V,50/60Hz)
1x HDMI Cable
1x Mounting bracket
1x User Manual

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I was able to successfully install Ubuntu 18.04 side-by-side with Win 10. Using with strongSwan as site-to-site VPN.

With that use works great. No need for mic, audio, or WiFi since i'm using LAN so didn't test that.

Performance of Win 10 is acceptable, I could see ditching my Win 7 laptop for one of these.

Some helpful tips:

1. Use USB stick in USB 3.0 port. Won't boot from USB 2.0 port.
2. Boot keys: Del: BIOS; F7: Select boot
3. Despite setting BIOS to always boot ubuntu it always boots Windows unless manual boot. Haven't asked support why that is but a minor inconvenience.

So far it's working for my intended use and I'm quite impressed.

Love this mini PC. The mini PC works beautifully. It basically works like a normal PC but the body is really small, doesn't occupy too much space, and it's very convenient to carry to any place you like. Setup and configuration are easy, I connected it to Internet through Wifi and the speed is amazing. Setting up the mini PC is very simple and easy to to. There's no problems to hook up on the TV for watching movie and playing games. It come with pre installed window 10. It have an Intel Atom X5-Z8350 1.92GHZ with 4GB RM and 6GB HD. Also come with built in Wifi 2.4/5G. Overall It's a good mini PC it does pretty much that I want from a PC except gaming. Mainly I like it because it's so quiet I can't even tell if it's on or off. I recommend it.

I have been using this product for a small while now as a secondary desktop for browsing the web and doing a few jobs. The kit is really good for the price, it is plenty quick enough if you stick to one task at a time. The storage is plenty fast enough and the Atom processor has 4 cores.
The unit can be mounted with the included bracket to have almost a all in one PC. I was expecting this to be really slow, but it was not. so I did several tests to this product, and the result was not bad.

I had set mild expectations for the mini-pc after doing some research on the processor, the Intel atom z8350. Since its arrival and through my time playing with it, I am pleasantly surprised. During the initial setup of Windows 10, I wanted to see if it would recognize the USB microphone and it did. I was able to use voice commands to finish the setup. The features that stand out are quick boot times into the desktop, small form factor and the ability to mount it with the included mounting bracket. However, the feature I really like is how energy efficient it really is. I leave mine on 24-7. I've played some light games on it without issues. I am also interested in installing Linux on the mini-pc. However, I'd only make the attempt if I can track down the correct drivers to have the audio and wireless working. For now, I am more than content with the purchase and Windows 10.

I have been fascinated with these for awhile now so I finally decided to treat myself and buy one! The size is so small! A great way to save space and take it places.
Before using this you will need a monitor, a USB keyboard (unless you use the on screen one) and a USB mouse. The mini PC comes with a VGA connector which is good for a standard monitor and a HDMI connector which is good if you want to set it up via a TV screen. I was originally planning on using a LED monitor but the one that I had stored in the garage was burnt out so I set it up on my TV instead.
Set up was standard like it would be when you get a new computer, like choosing a language and creating a user account. It ran a lot smoother than I expected, no lagging and everything was straight forward. It is WiFi enabled which was a nice surprise as I was expecting to connect via an Ethernet cable. So far I have been able to enjoy YouTube videos, watch Netflix, surf the web and play web-based games. I do not have a smart TV in the bedroom so this is a great way to enjoy Netfix! However, I do plan on setting this up in the living room as a second computer.
The mini pc is very quiet and is not over heating at all, after using it continuously for over two hours. Very happy!

This is a wonderful mini pc. I have been wanting a pc to connect to my tv. This was a wonderful option. It was easy to setup. The display from it to my tv is pretty crisp. By connecting it to my projector I was able to take it to chruch to do some formation presentation which is much easier then carrying around my laptop.

The BIOS can be updated via the UEFI shell if you know what you are doing and is not limited to windows only updates. It runs about 60C in roughly a 21C environment. I have this running a dedicated mythbuntu backend using 4 tuners and a 1tb hard drive. So far, so great. Draws very little power for a 24/7 machine and does not have any obnoxious bright LED lights.

I was not expecting a whole lot when I bought this but was pleasantly surprised. This pint sized computer is more powerful than the large desktop I was using before. The one I had before was struggling to provide a stream on my PLEX media server but this one has no problem at all. I was skeptical that it would be able to perform anything intensive because it doesn't have a cooling fan, but it turns out that it doesn't need one. It has not had any heating issues at all thus far. It probably won't work for major tasks like video editing, but it does a great job as a media server and for other everyday computer needs. It comes with Pre-installed with Windows 10 Pro. It Supports auto power on and 128GB SD Card, 2 TB mobile hard disk box via USB 3.0 interface.
I got this for streaming and web surfing like social network and other communication apps i also attached a portable hard drive where i keep big files organized, i don't use it for games but i believe that can handle basic games. With my utilization i didn't come across any problem so far is running smooth and silent very happy with this small from factor PC.
It has Built with VGA and HDMI port, it can connect to two monitors, simplify, and double the efficiency of your work. You can watch video in 4K, surf the Web and watch TV. I would recommend this for people looking for a compact PC.

worth recommending! The device is preinstalled with Windows 10 Pro. With a wizard on the first start, the settings can be made quickly and easily. The startup speed of the computer is 9 seconds.The desktop is visible in 9 seconds. while working, without getting stuck, gives the opportunity to work comfortably. The device has three USB ports, a network jack, a headphone jack, an HDMI and a VGA jack and an SD card slot. They are ideal for a mini PC at home or in the office and sufficient 38 GB of free hard disk space after installing Windows. Device already received as home server, 1 db external hard drive as file server and media server. The most important thing for me is the quiet operation and the lack of annoying fan noise. Two monitors can be connected simultaneously to the VGA and HDMI ports. Since the device is small, I connected it via HDMI to the TV.With the Bluetooth mouse keyboard setting, I use it comfortably on the sofa. The ideal choice for a mini PC and the price is very reasonable. I would definitely recommend this mini PC that deserves 5 stars.

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