Comments about CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Master Gaming PC, Liquid Cool AMD Ryzen 7 2700X 3.7GHz, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 8GB, 16GB DDR4, 1TB SSD, WiFi Ready & Win 10 Home (GMA1396A, Black)

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Master Gaming PC, Liquid Cool AMD Ryzen 7 2700X 3.7GHz, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 8GB, 16GB DDR4, 1TB SSD, WiFi Ready & Win 10 Home (GMA1396A, Black)

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Master series is a line of gaming PCs powered by AMD's newest Ryzen CPU and accompanying AM4 architecture. The Ryzen 7 CPU provides fast processing speeds with 8 cores/16 threads for effortless multi-tasking. The Gamer Master also includes the AMD Radeon or NVIDIA's GeForce series of graphics cards to deliver high frame rates and impeccable image quality in the newest PC games.

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Just got the computer yesterday and I must say I'm pretty impressed with the performance and price! Everything works fine and runs smoothly. MY computer came with a ZOTAC 2080, an ADATA su800 1tb, the ryzen 7 2700x, and a GeIL EVO POTENZA (never heard of it but no issues with the ram.) The only thing I'm disappointed in was the gigabyte MICRO ATX motherboard and of course an off brand PSU. I already knew the computer was gonna come with an offbrand PSU so I bought my own and replaced it immediately. I'm of course going to be looking for a new motherboard when the time comes, but overall I'm pretty satisfied with my purchase.
End all be all, I still saved a couple hundred bucks on a RTX 2080 system even after all the part replacements.

Computer came just as described, the machine will do everything I hoped it would and saved me time a headaches of building my own. I would recommend to any of my friends.

This gaming pc had the specs I needed for photo and video editing. A decent mobo with the capability to tweak the hardware if I needed to, solid video card, and enough RAM and bonus disk drive. Yes, there can be more improvements with the overall build but with my calculations I would need to spend a few hundred dollars or more. I like the cleanliness of the build and the quietness too.

All my previous systems have been built piece by piece and with the driving costs of the video card and RAM buying a pre-built was a risk, but this pc put all of those worries away. I ran the UserBenchmark and got the following:
UserBenchmarks: Game 123%, Desk 94%, Work 106%
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X - 96.5%
GPU: Zotac RTX 2080 - 157.8%
SSD: Adata Ultimate SU800 1TB - 108.3%
RAM: Geil Evo Potenza CL17-17-17 D4-2400 2x8GB - 92.1%
MBD: Gigabyte GA-AX370M-DS3H-CF

I was able to overclock the RAM to 3000Mhz and left the CPU at stock speeds. Let me be frank, the stock settings is already overkill for my needs, but I feel better being future proof with the parts.

Bonus, there's a remote to turn on/off and adjust the LED case fans and CPU fan.

Edit after returning the PC.
Good Performance, but comes with a few annoying issues

It was delivered two week without any issue. But I returned it due to some wireless, Bluetooth and HDMI connection issues which I explain below. But first, what is good about it?

- Packaging was satisfactory. The tower was very well protected.
- I did not see any broken or loose piece inside it.
- The keyboard and mouse is pretty good for gaming.
- The system and hardware are as advertised.
- I tested the performance in Frycry 5, and the average FPS was over 120 in ultra settings (1080p).

What is annoying, and why I returned the item? (Please keep in mind that I am not an expert, so the issues that I write below might not big problems for someone who is handy and knowledgeable).

- I do not know why but I could not connect my second monitor to the PC. There is one HDMI port that comes from the graphic card, and one that is connected to motherboard. I was able to connect only to the first one. I checked bios settings, and googled it, but could not find a solution. So, the other HDMI port does not work (or somehow the graphic card prevents it to be functional).

- The performance of the wireless card is not good at all! My 4 years old laptop gets average 110 mbps/s. However, the wireless card within this PC gave me maximum 16 mbps/s, with average 10 mbps/s.

- Yet, there is a bigger problem with the Bluetooth function. When I connected my Bluetooth speaker and headphone, I could not get a proper sound quality from any of them. There was a constant scratchy noise. Again when I use my laptop I get flawless sound quality from both devices even when the laptop and Bluetooth devices are in different floors. Yet, this PC's Bluetooth doesn't work properly even in the same room. (By the way, I updated all hardware of the PC).

Overall, based on my 'initial' observations, I can say that there was nothing wrong about this PC's system performance. Being unable to use my second monitor and poor connection quality for wireless internet and Bluetooth were significant factors behind my returning decision. Because of these problems took 1 star off.

First off, get the 2080 version over the 2070! I did a ton of research and read some reviews of others stating that Cyberpower PCs are horrible, but the price for this build was too good to pass up. This is my first high end gaming pc. My last had an i-5 and a gtx 1060 3gb. This pc is easily worth its price and more. The difference from my last pc to this one was night and day.

The pc came quickly and packed very securely. The keyboard and mouse provided are definitely usable for gaming.

I read reviews stating that Cyberpower does not manage cables very well, however, my pc was very clean and tidy and the cables tucked away nicely.

Starting up the pc initially was extremely quick and easy. The pc powers up and boots very quick.

Gaming on this pc is ridiculously fast. It games at 4k with absolutely no problem and the vr experience is 1000 times better than on a gtx 1060. I don't have to compromise on any settings in any game. Also the fan is definitely on the quit side for how much power it can put out.

Everything about this pc, including the build quality, is easily 5 stars out of 5.

I recieved my pc in December right before the holidays and I have been satisfied so far. The first thing I did was change out the sketch power supply to a gold certified evga one, and I checked the various other parts and hookups. All in all, aside from a few loose connections, the other parts checked out and the build seemed fine. It comes with a Gigabyte micro-atx motherboard, 2x8 gb Giel Evo Potenza Ram cards, a zotacgaming rtx 2080 blower card, ryzen 7 2700x cpu, and an adata su800 ssd. I have had no problems with anything so far and the liquid cooling keeps the cpu mighty cool. For the gpu, I would recommend setting up a custom fan curve via Firestorm as another reviewer on here said. The power supply is the only thing that stops this build from receiving a 5/5.

I wanted a new RTX 2080 video card and also needed the rest of the components so I came across this item when it was on sale from $1799 to $1399. It came with everything you need minus a optical drive which isn’t really needed since you can download files and stream movies and music from the internet. The PC was well packaged and even better than many DELL PCs I’ve unboxed. It came with Windows 10 Home Edition, 16GB of RAM, AMD Ryzen 2700X CPU, Zotac RTX 2080, a PSU, Molex cables, and illuminated mouse and keyboard with tactile keys that click. The motherboard is a Gigabyte brand so it’s a know brand I trust. I’ve allowed the PC to run overnight without any issues or unplanned reboots. Device Manager in Windows confirmed all parts and the video card does have a USB-C connector to be connected to a USB-C enabled monitor too. I launched Battlefield V at 2560x1080 (21:9 monitor) and it looked amazing without any issues with all Ultra setting.

So I found some useful software that addressed the heat problems. Turns out the stock settings on the Zotac GPU set the fan speed to less than 50% for temps even as high as 85C. I downloaded their software, FireStorm, and it has a fan speed setting with lots of options. Temp is now consistently at 75C or less, which is great.

So, with that in mind I would give this system a bit higher rating. I still had to hunt this down, though, which I am annoyed by. Again, a pre-built shouldn't require me to mess about with the guts of the thing.


A good system, powerful and you'd be hard pressed to find similar for the price, but the component quality is poor and some of the installation of components is poor.

First of all, the included RTX 2080 was from Zotac, which is supposed to run rather cool. So far the thing runs at 85C, which is not normal under load for this GPU except in extreme cases. I haven't even overclocked the thing. It has one fan, when most of the Zotac offerings are three-fan versions. This is not ok, nor is it clear in the specs that it ships like this.

Second, there was a case fan that wasn't even powered. Its cord was just dangling in the back of the case. It looks like someone forgot a 3-pin male adapter to plug it into the PSU, but instead of fixing it I had to start rummaging around looking for a spot to plug it into the MB. It wasn't a big deal, but I expect when I purchase a pre-built that it's... you know, *pre-built*

It's not bad, but there have been corners cut that I am dismayed by. If this GPU is supposed to be future-proof, that isn't happening if it runs for the next few years at 85C...

Got this for $1,400 on sale, amazing deal for a rig this powerful. I normally build but at this price I couldn't refuse. Swapped out the standard 800w 80+ PSU for my own Corsair that I already owned and everything has been running wonderful. I've been able to hit upwards of 140 FPS on Shadow of the Tomb Raider playing with everything that comes included with this PC. Only drawback I've noticed other than the PSU is the 2400mhz RAM, it's from a good brand (GEIL) but can bottleneck in intensive applications (3D modeling) and in some games. The Ryzen architecture requires faster RAM for better performance. Best bet if you are looking for the extra 15-20 FPS increase in games would be to upgrade to 3200mhz CL14 RAM down the line. Otherwise PC still runs great with the included RAM. Also, a Micro ATX motherboard may be disappointing if you are looking to expand - fortunately this works well for me. Very happy with this purchase so far.

My gaming rig was giving me signs that it's time was about up. I really didn't feel like building another one so I shopped around and read the reviews. I decided on a CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Master GMA1396A Gaming PC (Liquid Cooled AMD Ryzen 7 2700X 3.7GHz..... All I had to do was unpack it and hook up the cables in the proper places. It came to life and this is without a doubt the most quiet machine I have ever owned. It is fast, powerful and once I began reinstalling Steam, Origin, Bethesda and Blizzad it had been a treat to play on. I went from a 3gb Nvidia 780 TI to the 8gb EVGA Geforce RTX 2080 card and his system is phenomenal. I think I'll leave it to the pro's the next time I upgrade, like I did this time. Thanks!

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