Comments about Z83-F Mini PC Fanless Silent Desktop 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC Micro PC, HD Intel Quad Core CPU up to 1.92GHz, 1000M LAN, BT4.2, HDMI&VGA, support Windows 10 Pro, Auto Power On, WOL & PXE Boot, Mini Computer

Z83-F Mini PC Fanless Silent Desktop 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC Micro PC, HD Intel Quad Core CPU up to 1.92GHz, 1000M LAN, BT4.2, HDMI&VGA, support Windows 10 Pro, Auto Power On, WOL & PXE Boot, Mini Computer
Great Processor and OS: This small mini pc equipped with advanced processor Intel Atom X5-Z8350 and Windows 10 Pro pre-installed, which offers an excellent performance of Internet and Office applications, Media player, Monitor, Projector and TV. An ideal mini pc for users to play games, utilize apps, stream video contents etc.
Fanless and Silence design: Very Silent with great performance, this mini pc adopts energy efficient components and cooling elements, there is no noisy during operating and plays 4K video smoothly.
Large Capacity: 4GB RAM+64GB eMMC+128GB SD extended capacity(the SD card didn’t include), Gigabit Ethernet LAN 1000M, Dual Band WiFi, Dual Screen support to ensure smooth navigation, responsive work processes and comfortable handling of apps and files.
Package: 1x Z83-F Mini PC, 1x Power adapter, 1x HDMI Cable, 1x Manual. This Z83-F Mini PC supports Power On after Power Failure, Wake On Lan and PXE Boot.
Certifications and Service: Obtained FCC ,CE ,ROSH, C-TICK certifications. 1 year warranty, 1 month free return, get after sell service support within 24 hours.

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My project needs were as follows:
1) Within the secure data environment of a hospital, I needed access to "prohibited websites" (like Amazon, OneDrive, etc).
2) Physically secure data on computer (HIPAA) and secure login.
3) Sufficient processor capability for mild image processing without significant lag
4) Wireless connectivity (can't use the hospital network)

My hardware requirements, therefore, were:
1) At least 2 core (4 processor), reasonably modern CPU
2) Win10 Pro (BitLocker for HIPAA security) with minimum 8GB
3) Minimum 64GB storage (can't run too close to full after Win10 install)
4) SSD for fast boot
5) Wireless connectivity

Extra equipment added:
Keyboard and mouse

This device has met all my expectations. Setup was flawless, and the usual Win10 updates all were found and installed without error. All my custom software loaded without problem.
Response time of the device was slower than my desktop (i7, 16GB, 8TB), duh, but was still very usable.
I had no need for the additional HD storage, so I can't review it, but it is nice to have that capability.

Overall, I could not have chosen better than this small Windows box.

Excellent computer for the money. I'd go with the 64gb storage so you have room for updates. I have mine running 3 monitors, 4k and two 1080ps with an additional adapter I found on Amazon. Great speed, great peripheral hookups. Easy to change OS's with a bootable USB thru windows pro. I'd honestly say this is by far my best purchase for a computer in this low of price catagory.

I was looking for a small, quiet, home server for running vmware player to spin up OpenStack and Docker container hosts for a home lab. My spec list was:

* Windows 10 Pro so I can use the remote desktop feature to access the VMWare console
* Celeron family (N4100/J4105) CPU minimum, i3 or i5 preferred. Linux tends to have problems with the Atom line
* 6 GB RAM min, 8 GB Preferred. An OpenStack VM requires 4 GB
* 32 GB ROM storage min, 64 GB preferred. Windows 10 is know for being storage-hungry during upgrades
* Internal SSD hard drive slot
* Power consumption < 15W. Living in coastal California, my electricity isn't cheap and power-hungry gear isn't an option
* 802.11ac wireless & Gigabit ethernet port

The budget was $200-$350 depending on RAM and CPU. The Kodlix actually offers two systems with these specs. I went with the Celeron N4100 version over the i3 because it was $100 less, met all my requirements, and had a smaller form factor. It arrived within 2 days thanks to Amazon prime and powered on with out issue. Windows 10 setup was easy and its updates only took a few minutes. The internal SSD slot made it easy to install a Patriot Burst 120GB SSD for storage expansion. Power consumption is typically 12w. Performance isn't mind-blowing, it is impressive for such a small device.

There's been 3 negatives, all relating to power: 1) the power supply connector doesn't secure to the chassis very well, and can slip loose when bumped 2) does not automatically power on after power is re-applied 3) the power indicator light is pin-sized, and difficult to see. All of these have combined for a few scenarios where I thought the thing "died" but it had simply had the power cord bumped loose

Biggest thing to bear in mind, based on some of the negative reviews here: this is certainly not a gaming PC. As for streaming, get the N4100 version at minimum and really you're probably better off with the i3.

The Kodlix GN41 Mini PC (WinX 64bit; 8GB RAM; 64GB eMMC) delivers on all it's promises! I purchased this for basic desktop use and have been extremely satisfied. Enough that I purchased two more two weeks later. Easy installation! Comes with all hardware including a short HDMI cable to enhance the small footprint when attaching to the rear of an LCD. I have not found anything about the GN41 that I did not like. It's not a gamer's PC but for a basic desktop PC it is perfect! The price is right! I purchased all three from "MINISFORUM" on Amazon. There was another supplier $10 cheaper but it seemed like this supplier answered questions well and was concerned the customer had a good experience. I did not personally contact the provider so I do not have personal knowledge. If you are looking to edit video or play 3D games you probably should look for more power. But if you want a basic desktop at a great price, you found it.

I received this last evening and got it set up and running iSpy in a few hours. I wanted a Windows system that I could set up to auto-login and run iSpy to record video (iSpy requires Windows).

So you have to have the right expectations for this type of system. If you think you will get a portable, fast, gaming machine or something, you need to look elsewhere. This type of system is more suited to a single-purpose application where the resources can be fully utilized by the one thing it is intended to do. In my case it is video capture from cameras.

I was originally looking at a similar system that did not come with the OS installed but I decided to pony up the extra $29 for the pre-installed Windows Pro OS. This made it really easy to start my project quickly without first worrying about obtaining the OS and the related hassles of booting/installing to bare metal. I simply plugged in monitor, keyboard, mouse, and power and let it boot up and go.

After going through the installation interview and then letting it "cook" while it finished the installation. I let it go ahead and do Windows Update from the internet as well. After that, I simply started installing a few utilities and the application I wanted. I then spent an hour or so setting that up and configuring Windows to auto-login.

Once everything was set up and working, I was able to remove all the peripherals from the computer, plug it up to the UPS, and access it from Remote Desktop. Now it is my video capture appliance.

Here are some details of what I ended up with:
- Performance is acceptable - iSpy with 2 HD cameras stays at about 20-25% CPU
- Memory seems to fairly close to 50% (2GB) most of the time.
- Two users (admin and power user running app) plus OS takes up about half of the 64 GB internal drive.
- SD 64GB card used to store media from video capture - very nice to use a card instead of taking up USB connection for an external drive

- The Windows task manager and CPU-Z reports the CPU speed at 1.44GHz as opposed to the 1.92GHz
- Occasionally when viewing HD video playback over Remote Desktop Connection, it causes iSpy to become unresponsive. But video over RDC is crappy anyway so I didn't expect that to go well. Mostly I just want it to record so I can view and archive files via higher powered machines on my private network.
- Setting up BitLocker on the C: drive is not easy - I'm stuck needing to create a recovery environment. But I think this is more of a Windows issue than a hardware issue.

Other Observations:
- WiFi seems like it works fine - but I turned it off since I'm using LAN connection.
- The unit runs slightly warmer than room temperature but not much.
- Nice set of I/O ports and case set up. The arrangement works so that the wires for keyboard, mouse, power, or monitor are spread out enough in this tiny package. The SD card only goes in about 1/3 of the way - so 2/3 of it sticks out. Even so - it doesn't conflict with the other wires.

*Note about CPU speed - I sent feedback about the difference between observed speed of 1.44GHz and advertised speed of 1.92GHz. Here is the response:

|Thanks for your purchase and glad to know that the product works well.
|Please kindly understand, on the Z8350 Processor, 1.44 GHz is the Processor Base Frequency, and 1.92 GHz is the
|Burst Frequency, which also stated in the description, so the report is 1.44 GHz.
|Other questions, just contact us freely.
|Thanks again.

I’ve only had the unit for a few days. So far, excellent results. The computer was easy to configure using standard Windows 10. I’m using it for one specialized Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) purpose. I downloaded the software and drivers to the new computer and it works perfectly.

The computer is very quick. Boot up is fast. Even though the Bios doesn’t support power on after power failure, the computer’s off/on switch stays on (mechanically)in the event of power failure. So the unit powers up after a power failure. That was important to me since I want the computer on 24/7.

I had one question about the bios. I emailed tech support and got prompt response.

I'm using this as a test platform for learning Ubuntu Linux and some related applications. Very plug and play, just plugged in an HDMI monitor, a USB hub with mouse and keyboard, the power block, turned it on, connected to WiFi and it was running. Having been a long time Windows user with all its related misery, this was a breath of fresh air. Don't have hard performance numbers yet, but I've installed MySql and a few other things and everything seems to work as fast as I need it to. It came with the wire harness to mount a mobile HDD in it, as well as it would clearly accept more SSD and RAM. Altogether, if you need a compact, quiet little Linux box, this should work fine!

I am building a media server for my RV. First thing, it runs on 12V but you will need a voltage stabilizer in a mobile environment as the voltage in a vehicle covers a wider range than the PC will handle or use the included 120V wall wart when plugged in or off an inverter.

This is not a screaming fast machine and won't be able to play graphic intense games on it. That being said, it boots quite quickly as it is all solid state, no spinning HDD to slow it down.

I connected a 7 port powered (12V DC) USB hub to it and connected 5 portable HDDs to it that houses my media. It is connected to the LAN in my van which will serve these files anywhere my 12V wifi router will reach.

I will also be connecting my RV's security cameras to it. If I doesn't work for that I will be back.

I did a hard reset on it after fubaring some of my customizations to it and did a hard reset. When I went to reregister it, it was saying I didn't have a valid key. I emailed support with my model and serial number explaining what happened. The very next day I had an email with an activation code to use. Great customer service.

I'm using this as a Linux-only computer to keep my Linux activities separate from my Mac. So far it has much exceeded my expectations. The case is a decent quality plastic and there has been no odor at all after the first 36 hours. I'm still using only the 64 GB eMMC drive, which is working out just fine for now. Using Ethernet for internet.

I did do my research first about the username/password that is factory-set on Linux installations--the company should include this information in the box and/or be more prominent with it on Amazon. I also would have preferred Ubuntu 18.04 LTS to 18.10 in order to take advantage of Ubuntu's security updates long-term without having to update the desktop OS.

It was helpful that I read over the company's websites and forums. They seem responsive to people's issues.

Overall: I am really, really pleased with its value for the price, with its quality, and the lack of problems or issues so far.

This tiny little computer includes a quad core processor, 8GB RAM, and I added a 2TB SDD and 64GB micro-SD card for storage. It boots fast, runs smooth, and the installed Windows 10 Professional Edition allows me to control the computer remotely (which was my intended purpose) using Remote Access. I am VERY pleased with this purchase!

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Processor CPU: Intel Atom x5-Z8350 Processor Base Frequency:1.44 GHz Burst Frequency: 1.92 GHz Cache: 2 MB # of Cores: 4 Storage Memory Size: 4GB Memory Types: DDR3L Hard Disk: 64GB Processor Graphics GPU: Intel HD Graphics Graphics Base Frequency: 200 MHz Graphics Burst Frequency: 500 MHz I/O
Kindly be advised: 1, The Intel Celeron CPU model is available to be 1037U or 1007U: 1037U: Dual Core, Dual Thread; Base Frequency: 1.8GHz, 2MB Smart Cache, integrated Intel HD Graphics; 1007U: Dual Core, Dual Thread; Base Frequency: 1.5GHz, 2MB Smart Cache, integrated Intel HD Graphics. 2, The
[Dual Output]: Supports dual screen display via HDMI&VGA Ports, saving your time and improving your work efficiency. 4K ultra HD(UHD) video playback, delight in the seamless visual rush of 4K Ultra HD with crisp, life-like images. [Low-power Chips]: Adopted Windows 10 Pro 64-bit System, Intel
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Kindly be noted: 1, The i7 5th generation CPU is available to i7-5500U or i7-5550U Dual Core 4M Cache. i7-5500U: Base Frequency: 2.4GHz, Max. Turbo Frequency: 3.0GHz; intel HD5500 Graphics; i7-5550U: Base Frequency: 2.0GHz, Max. Turbo Frequency: 3.0GHz, intel HD6000 Graphics; it will be shipped
Kindly be noted: 1, The Intel CPU i5 is available to i5-4200U or i5-5250U 2 Cores, 4 Threads, 3M Cache. 4200U: i5 4th Gen., Base Frequency: 1.6GHz, Max Turbo Frequency: 2.6GHz; Intel HD4400 Graphics, 3280x2000@60Hz max.; 5250U: i5 5th Gen., Base Frequency: 1.6GHz, Max Turbo Frequency: 2.7GHz,
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