Comments about Acer Aspire C24-865-UA91 AIO Desktop, 23.8" Full HD, 8th Gen Intel Core i5-8250U, 8GB DDR4, 1TB HDD, 802.11AC WiFi, Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, Windows 10 Home, Silver

Acer Aspire C24-865-UA91 AIO Desktop, 23.8 Full HD, 8th Gen Intel Core i5-8250U, 8GB DDR4, 1TB HDD, 802.11AC WiFi, Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, Windows 10 Home, Silver

Acer Aspire C24-865-UA91 AIO 23.8" Desktop comes with these specs: 8th Generation Intel Core i5-8250U Processor 1.6GHz with Turbo Boost Technology up to 3.4GHz, 23.8" Full HD (1920 x 1080) Widescreen Edge-to-Edge LED Back-lit Display, Windows 10 Home, 8GB DDR4 Memory, Intel UHD Graphics 620, 1TB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive, High-Definition Audio Support, 2 - USB 3.1 (Type A) Gen 1 port (Rear), 2 - USB 2.0 Port (Rear), 1 - HDMI-out Port (rear), 802. 11ac Wi-Fi, 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN (RJ-45 Port), Bluetooth 4.2 LE, Wireless Keyboard and Optical Mouse, 6.9 lbs. | 3.13 kg (system unit only), 1 Year Parts and Labor Limited with Toll Free Tech Support (DQ.BBUAA.005), ddr4_sdram, All-in-One, Easy to use

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OK, let me be upfront. I have not bought a new computer for, what, 9 years? My Mac Pro still works. Well, in fact. I used to have PC's and Macs, but since 2010, only a Mac. I run Windows 7 on my Mac, as well as (of course) OS X. I have avoided Windows 10 for as long as it has been out... :)

But I need another computer, and this one looked like it might just be perfect. Opening the box and getting the stuff out was easy, and assembling the computer (one screw) was very easy. Just take off the rear foot on the stand, insert and tighten the screw. Replace the foot.

So far, so good. Plug it in. Put batteries in the BT keyboard and BT mouse. The instructions were for USB keyboard and mouse, so I was quite happy they shipped with BT. And now.. .TA DA! Power it on. And wait. I did not measure the time, but it must have been 2 minutes or more until finally Cortana started speaking. OK, this is cool. Never set up Windows 10 before... She asked if I was in the United States, and I said "YES." Oops... Still listening... Ah. Forgot to plug in the camera... So I did, and rebooted. Same problem. Computer can't hear me. So, I was given the option to click on my country. That's when I noticed... NO CURSOR! Checked the mouse - yup, LED blinking...

So, I called their support line. I had to wait a few minutes, but not too bad at all. I had a little difficulty understanding their speech - but then, I have a hearing problem... :) But he was able to get me to "find" the BT dongle that plugs into the USB port, hidden in the battery compartment of the mouse. It works for both keyboard AND mouse. So, plugged that in, rebooted, and we have a CURSOR!!! Still, Cortana can't hear me. So we proceed with setup.

At some point in setup, I was asked for permission to use the microphone... :) Ah. I said OK, and the next question from Cortana I answered and ... she heard me! OK!

So far, two things that would have made the setup much easier:

1. Make sure we know about the BT dongle in the mouse
2. Make sure we know that Cortana can't hear us until after we enable the microphone

OK, so we completed the setup, and ended up on the Win10 home screen (of which I am not familiar). Sure looks different than Windows 7! But GORGEOUS..! WOW! This is one amazing display! Black is really BLACK, and the amazing background image of (I guess) water or something is truly beautiful. It stands out against the pitch black background, making it look almost 3D!

Very VERY impressed by the screen, and the ease of adjusting its angle. So, proceeded to update the system software, and play around with settings. I measured boot time at about 100+ seconds, slower than my Mac Pro, but not bad. But I totally LOVE the screen! I have what was top of the line LCD from 2010 on my Mac, but there is no comparison!

Computer seems pretty fast (fast enough for what I am going to use it for), very nice packaging - beautiful in fact. It's almost as nice as a iMac.. :) But a lot less expensive. And I must say, Windows 10 interface does seem to be an improvement, now that they have had time to get a lot of bugs out.

You can read the specs: 1GB hard drive, Gigabit ethernet, fast wifi, turbo-boost, i5 processor. Nice keyboard - feels good (but different - have to get used to it), and good mouse as well.

So, 5 stars to Acer! This is a reasonably priced super duper computer - will do must anything unless you are into video editing (probably can do that to, but not as fast as a pro would want). And it only uses like 15 watts of power, or something like that! No fan, so very quiet. I like that. You can hear very softly the hard drive when it is reading and writing, but I did not hear it spinning up at all.

This unit takes very little space on the desktop - another very nice feature, has HDMI output if you want to feed it to another display, and both USB 2 and 3.

Now the built-in stereo speakers are dinky, but that is what you would expect for such a thin device (it is very thin on the top, thicker on the bottom). So audio out jack can be used to feed external speakers with some actual bass... :) I never use built-in speakers because they always sound tinny... But in a pinch, you can certainly hear Cortana with them...

I will repeat something I said earlier: The screen is BEAUTIFUL! Heck, it could be HAL behind the screen, I would still love the screen! Or maybe Cortana is HAL, with a female voice? :)

This is my second all in one. My first one has a touch screen, and I must say that I prefer that, but this one has a much wider display that looks better, so it's a trade off. I keep tape over my camera on mine, and hubby didn't want a camera on his either. This one is smart- the camera is separate from the computer, and you do NOT even have to hook it up if you don't want to. He didn't and it did not affect the setup or anything about the PC. Using it though, is as easy as hooking it up and putting it on top of the monitor.

When I first got one, I was hesitant, thinking it would be harder to fix should it tear up, then I remembered most problems are software anyway, so I got it. Now they are my first choice! They save so much space, and are so easy to expand with the ports being right there on the desktop, that I really don't know why I'd want a tower ever again.

It doesn't come with a CD or DVD. Ok, my husband was upset about that at first but I explained to him that NO new computers are coming with those usually, and I handed him a USB DVD drive. They cost about $15 if you want one, but most software will give links these days to down load it. The industry move has really been away from those.

Set up is easy - they even include batteries, just make sure that you remove the USB plug from the mouse and plug it into the computer before you get started. Then you can turn it on, and it will walk you through set up. It took me about 15 minutes to get the PC set up for my husband, and another 30 or so to set up a printer and various accounts like he likes. He's not very techy. He's also never used (or wanted to) Windows 10.

He's been doing FINE with the PC. He's learning Windows 10 quickly. The sound is not great as it comes from the PC speakers, but it's loud enough to do if it is all you have until you get better, but once paired to a good Bluetooth speaker, he was very happy. I paired him up to our Kitchen Alexa and he had enough sound to fill the house. He doesn't understand Bluetooth, but he knows to say Alexa pair Bluetooth and he's off and going. With good speakers, you realize that the sound card in the PC is quite good. It's a WONDERFUL PC to watch movies and videos on. It's very fast and smooth.

The only software I've installed has been Corel Draw, but it is running perfectly for him. He mainly surfs the Internet, does his banking/bills, email, and draws a lot, and sometimes edits his pictures and some short videos. This is perfect for him.

Also, of note- This is WIDE. He has a computer hutch that shuts up like a cabinet. It just fits. The stand that the monitor comes on puts it at a perfect height. Any wider and it wouldn't have worked for him, so make sure you measure your space if you have a hutch.

How one assess this Acer Aspire C24 very much depends on one's expectations and intended usage. With this as a starting point I'd say that for those looking for a high-performance machine capable of playing the most advanced games available as of this writing or with especially powerful computing power will not find that here. This, however, does not vitiate the genuine positives of this all-in-one; on the contrary, it does provide everything one can expect from a mid-range machine and even a bit more. The design of the Aspire C24 is exceptionally graceful and attractive with a ultra-slim monitor, narrow borders around the viewing area of the monitor that accent the look of the machine, a sleek stand that brings genuine elegance to the device, and a metallic silver color that lends it an high-modernist look.

In terms of its functionality, this computer has Intel`s 620 UHD, making it suitable for many new games if not those requiring especially powerful computing capability and which provides excellent definition for digital media watching. It has 3 USB ports (1x 3.0 - 2x 2.0), an ethernet port, built-in WiFi and Bluetooth. It was very easy to set up out of the box and also included a USB camera with a magnetic bottom that you attach to the top of the screen. The machine doesn't have a CD ROM drive, so you'll have to rely on the USB ports for external media support. This last is not an issue for me given that CDs are in my judgment are becoming an obsolete technology. There's also a micro-card slot and a HDMI port by way of additional compensation for the absent CD ROM. The included wireless keyboard and mouse are great – a very slim and thin keyboard, with a few extra functions to reach Windows Settings, all at the touch of a button. The mouse is basic and comfortable to grip and the dongle receiver comes tucked conveniently inside the battery area and requires only a single AA battery.

My one substantial reservation about the Aspire C24 is that it can run rather sluggishly at times, most likely due to the manufacturer's decision to put a one-TB mechanical 5400 rpm hard drive into it. This in my experience tends to bottleneck the speed at times and makes powering up and shutting down rather slow as well. An SSD (solid state drive), which is becoming the standard in newer machines, would have avoided this. The aforementioned camera for video-conferencing is of rather mediocre quality I don't consider this much of an issue; it's detachable and operates using one of its three USB ports, rather than being built into the machine, meaning that one can take it or leave it as preferred. These along with the micro-card and HDMI capabilities provide plenty of ways to access a various data storage modalities.

Like most new computers this one comes with Window 10 and a variety of programs that I'd call bloat-ware, which the user can willow down according to personal preference. I'd close this review by emphasizing my opening comments: this is a good choice for most standard computing needs as well as being a low-profile and aesthetically pleasing device that will look great in any space. Those who require or just want a high performing device might want to up-grade to a more powerful, and more expensive choice, but I think most people will be quite pleased with this one.

I have always wanted a computer on my kitchen desk for light use--maybe store some recipes on it, do some light word processing, and a place to do some quick browsing on the internet (pay bills, watch youtube, etc.). I love that can do all these things with this desktop and it doesn't take up too much counter space. I didn't want to house an entire tower computer on my desk but I also didn't want a laptop so this is a nice compromise. I am quite satisfied with the Acer Aspire C24-865-UA91 AIO Desktop for these purposes.

The Acer Aspire C24 comes pre-installed with a few of programs that you may or may not want including: Norton Antivirus, Mozilla Firefox, the Microsoft Office Suite, and a few games.

There are 4 USB Ports, 1 HDMI, 1 LAN, and a headphone jack. There is no CD driver for those that still need this feature. Most manufacturers have all of their drivers available for download on the internet anyway. Two of the USB ports are intended for use by the Keybaord/Mouse Wireless combo and the Camera.

The start up time for this computer takes a while ranging from 30 seconds to a minute. Launching programs and running things on the computer like Microsoft Office is slow at first, but using the program speeds up once the initial boot is completed. I also installed league of legends and a few other games on it to see if it could handle playing it. The performance was not terrible, but this is definitely not a gaming computer.

Overall, this computer a decent choice for light use. I would definitely recommend if your tight on space and need a basic computer but cannot afford a higher end model.

Right off the bat, I received this as a Vine member, but owe no one anything for the review. I picked up the box and was surprised with how light this PC is... mainly because it is basically laptop components with a wireless keyboard and mouse. Came with Windows 10 Home edition, which I immediately had install all of it's updates. That took between 1 and 2 hours. Installed Chrome and deinstalled the Norton bloatware that it came preinstalled with. Once the updates were installed it boots relatively quickly. Hitting the WPS button on my router got the wifi up and running in about 15 seconds. No connectivity issues. The display is 1080p although the onchip graphics are capable of 4K. For the size of the screen, that is plenty. The UHD Intel 620 graphics (part of the CPU chipset) is about double the speed of my son's MSI GT 720 graphics card in performance even though the MSI has way higher thread counts etc... The 8th Gen I58250u is a nice compromise between performance and cost.

Something I really like being an old school build my own computer guy for years... I'm used to power supplies that can supply huge amounts of power. This only uses about 15 watts, probably due to it's packaging containing laptop type components. So no brownouts for your house when Runescape is running.

If you are wanting a machine to run 4k gaming... look elsewhere. If you are looking for a sub $600 machine that you can do pretty much everything besides video editing and high end gaming (and you can do video stuff that would have taken a $10K machine a decade ago), this might be a good option. If you are always upgrading your equipment by taking it apart and replacing internals... this isn't for you. If you are looking to save some desktop space, not see any impact on your power bill, find the sound exceptable, the 1mp camera ok... go for it.

This is a great all in one desktop computer. The 24" monitor is good sized and has great HD picture. The hardware in the computer is just what I need for my day to day home office needs. This computer has a Core I5 processor with high-def graphics, 8GB of ddr4 memory, and a 1 Terabyte spin drive for storage. The computer comes with Windows 10 already installed and is really easy to get set up and running. The monitor stand has one piece to screw on and you don't even need a screwdriver for that. The rear has 4 usb ports, a network plug (or there is built in WiFi if you prefer), there is a spot to plug in your headphones (there is built in bluetooth if you have wireless), and a card reader as well. The computer comes with a webcam that works great and is designed to sit on the top of the monitor. The included wireless mouse and keyboard also work great and I am very happy this computer came with nice peripherals like them. The only thing I do not like about this system is the speakers, the monitor has built in speakers but they do not sound good at all. I would recommend getting aftermarket speakers for watching videos. Other than that I am so very happy I got this computer, this is totally the best system you can get at this price point. This computer was such a good value, and to have every possible thing you need to unbox and go. I was using my husbands custom built machine and even he was impressed by how well this system operated. I am not very technical when it comes to computers so I am happy this one was very easy to set up and use, I totally recommend it.

I've had this computer set up for one week exactly and have been using it off and on. Hardware was a very easy set up and reading the instructions was not necessary. Going through the on-screen set up procedure was time consuming and somewhat confusing but doable. What I like about this computer:

- Small footprint - The CPU is contained in the light-weight monitor. I have it set up on our kitchen table right now and it doesn't take up much room. I can easily place it elsewhere if I need that space back.
- So far all the systems are working fine and I have not had any problems with any apps, hardware or anything. It is running very smoothly.
- Monitor is very detailed - very clear and HD.
- As of now it boots up quickly - less than a minute.
- Monitor sound quality is average. I will be connecting better speakers.
- Bluetooth connected quickly.
- Very easy set up straight out of the box.

What I don't like:
- There is no CD player. CD's are not outdated yet as many people (including myself) still use them. I have a lot of music CD's that I like to listen too while working on the computer.
- The keyboard is cheap. Cheaply made and I will be replacing it soon.
- Was asked for, and to create passwords that I'll never use again. (confusing part).

I will update this review as needed as I get more experience with this computer. It's only as fast as my slow internet but when offline it moves quickly.

This computer is a perfect little all-in-one for everyday tasks. It’s sharp-looking and quite simple. There is no drama whatsoever in setting it up. The monitor is HD with a small bezel. The sound quality is pretty good. The wireless keyboard and mouse have a sensor that plugs into the back.

This computer comes with a removable webcam; while not the best quality, it’s included and attaches easily to the top of the monitor with a magnet. The cable for the webcam plugs straight into the back.

The USB3 ports are on the top, and the slower USB2 ports are located by the Ethernet jack. There is also an HDMI out port on the back in case you want to connect it to an additional display. This sweet little machine can be hardwired with an Ethernet cable or used with wireless. You can put it anywhere! Oh, and did I mention it is Bluetooth compatible?

One minor gripe is that it only has a 1 terabyte mechanical hard drive; it is my opinion that a solid state hard drive would be better, and might be a worthwhile upgrade just for the performance boost. There are 8 gigs of RAM available.

Overall, this is a fantastic machine that is priced appropriately. Best of all, if you’re using this wirelessly, you only need ONE cable (power supply), helping to avoid the spiderweb of wires and cables under your desk.

I'm not the most tech savy person, that being said it was extremely easy to set this computer up and only took about 30 minutes to get it put together and up and running. The Windows 10 that comes with it is extreme user friendly as is the Cortana assistant which is sort of like a more natural sounding alaexa. The screen is huge and there's not a bunch of wires sticking out all over the place which I love.
It comes with things like Skype and Netflix already pre-installed but you can opt out of things you don't plan on using like Xbox applications or weather apps.
The wireless mouse is a bit small and the "Norton Security" system is annoying, it seems like it pops up a big yellow and white screen every 30 minutes talking about updates that I can get to further protect the computer. I have multiple tabs open at once for work (15-20) and I still haven't seen it slow down once. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for a new computer that doesn't need it for all of the bells and whistles.

I must say that I am tremendously impressed with this desktop. It is amazingly light-weight and well designed. Set-up was straightforward; however, i took me 5 minutes to locate the mouse/keyboard wireless dongle (cleverly stored inside the mouse battery compartment). The monitor is bright, vibrant and beautiful. I love streaming movies on it. The processor/memory is more than capable. Every app launches briskly and runs smoothly.
Overall, this is an excellent desktop for the price. Definitely, I would recommend it to my friends and family.

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