Comments about W5 Pro Mini PC Intel Atom Z8350 Windows 10 Computer Stick 4GB DDR 64GB eMMC Support 4K HD,Dual Band WiFi AC,2 USB Port,BT 4.2

W5 Pro Mini PC Intel Atom Z8350 Windows 10 Computer Stick 4GB DDR 64GB eMMC Support 4K HD,Dual Band WiFi AC,2 USB Port,BT 4.2
Windows 10 Version Preinstalled
4GB DDR,64GB eMMC,Support Micro SD card up to 128GB
Built in 2.4G/5G AC WiFi and Bluetooth 4.2
Intel HD graphics,Support 4K HD
Two USB ports (one 2.0 and one 3.0)

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This is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to free up my laptop to be more portable, as it had been my main "at home" computer; at the same time, I didn't want the bulkiness of a traditional tower, or the high cost of the Mac mini. This little known brand of mini PC is exactly the answer. I've used it everyday for going on a week, and I have had absolutely zero problems. It runs the same Windows 10 as my laptop, plus has Cortana, which I suppose is Windows' answer to the personal assistant. Cortana works great if there is an external PC microphone connected (there is not a microphone built in.) This helps with internet searches, log ins etc.The PC has dual monitor output as advertised, which are great for my needs. I have a VGA connection to my computer monitor, and use the HDMI connection for a television. I love this set up because its perfect for streaming music or videos, while still having a screen for work. There are more than enough USB connections for the average user. Both my mouse and keyboard are connected by Bluetooth dongle, and they "plug and play" just as well as they did on previous PCs. The built in WiFi adapter works perfectly.It is part of the initial set up, so there's no need to configure your network settings after the first start up. I've had no connection issues so far or any problems with upload or download speeds.I'm currently writing this review using the mini PC right out of the box! The Windows 10 version on this PC comes with Windows' new "Microsoft Edge" set as its default browser; but have no fear, Microsoft Edge downloads Chrome, Firefox or Safari just as well as previous internet explorer versions. The Intel atom processor seems to pack a decent punch, better than the AMD I was used to. The PC boots up way faster than expected, web pages load quickly and best of all, there was not junk pre-installed to have to go delete. A+ product, 10/10 I recommend it!

I bought one of this from eBay and had to return, no such problems here in Amazon. After setting it up, which took considerably less time than I expected (given other reviews on the internet), I updated the latest Windows 10 updates (which again went relatively quickly compared to 2 laptops I had just set up at work). I connected the Bluetooth mouse and keyboard (again no issues here despite some bad internet experiences) and had a working computer in my TV. I watch Game of Thrones through Hulu on it, and it played fine. The quality of the playback was not the same as if it watched through the regular PC, but perfectly acceptable and I assume this is more down to the quality of the PC rather than the unit itself.
All in all, if you want a computer to watch videos over the internet, on your TV, that you can control from your sofa (with a Bluetooth keyboard and Mouse) then this will do the job nicely. If you want to edit Photos/Videos/run Large Spreadsheets then best to think of something else.
Performance wise, this is a bit slow compared to regular PC, but given the compact size of this device it is worth buying.
Just need to have HDMI port in the TV and need 110V power slot nearby to power-up this device using the adapter which comes along with it.
Boot-up takes some time, and keep in mind to shut-down this as you normally do a PC.

I am SOOOOO pleased with this little machine. I started off with the T7 Z8350 model which worked just fine, but it was annoyingly slow. The 32GB of SSD also made Windows Updates very challenging. Don't go for a 32GB model on anything because you'll be messing around with SD cards or other methods anytime Windows does a big update.

This thing is FAST. You could easily mistake it for a low to mid-range desktop computer. I use this as a standalone Spotify and music streaming hub and it performs amazingly well. Completely silent and it mounts out of the way with the included mounting bracket.

Two little gripes:

(1) I use this as a stand-alone music computer so I just use remote desktop to get in. I don't have any monitor plugged into it, and the music I stream goes directly over the network via AirPlay. I don't have anything plugged into the audio port or the HDMI port. Turns out if this is the case, there is no way to stream audio, even if you are doing it over the network. The solution was very simple--just plug an empty headphone plug into the unit. It then things that something is plugged into the audio jack and your access to the sound driver is turned back on. Or plug in something via HDMI. This won't be an issue for most users but it was a little quirk that I had to discover. I'm sure there is a more elegant workaround if this is the situation for you but this took care of it in just a few seconds.

2) You can't set this thing to automatically power back on after a power failure. I followed the instructions from another review but the BIOS on my unit didn't have any ability to set this feature. I think this is a unique issue with the N3450 processor. Grrr.

Otherwise, I am incredibly pleased. The huge Windows 10 feature update was no problem at all with the 64GB SSD.

Highly recommended.

Device is very sturdy with solid protective shell. Installation of Debian Linux was a breeze, nothing special required. Can be powered by an 802.113af switch if you purchase an (inexpensive) PoE micro usb/Ethernet splitter and a USB Ethernet dongle, total cost about $20. Highly recommended as a Linux server for home use, though probably not great as a NAS as it’s not really meant for large storage. Though it does have USB3, so you could use a Samsung T5 and get great throughout and size if you wanted.

Personally I don’t use the WiFi or the power supply because of the ability to do power over Ethernet with the aforementioned PoE splitter (not to be confused with a power injector) and a gigabit USB dongle

Beats the heck out of a Raspberry Pi. It is more expensive, but still very inexpensive for what you get (4GB RAM, 32GB disk, Intel Atom quad core x86_64 CPU)

Another benefit over Raspberry Pi, because it’s an Intel CPU so projects that need to be built from source don’t need to support ARM and you don’t need a cross compile toolchain since you can install GCC on it and it will build software pretty quickly. Building from source on the Pi itself is a miserable task, especially with certain build systems like Samba’s WAF

No issues with cooling, it has a very small and silent fan inside.

It’s working better than I expected, in a closet, powered by Ethernet from a switch. I use it headless with no issues and access it via SSH over the network.

Obviously I don’t use it for media streaming or gaming so I can’t vouch for those use cases but the HDMI during installation worked great

This computer is GREAT for its portability. It obviously can't be used for high intensity projects (like editing photos, or video) but is perfect for web browsing, editing documents, etc.
I use this most often when I am giving presentations to people but don't want to bring an HDMI cord, laptop, etc. I bring this computer because it is so portable. All I need is my mini keyboard/mouse and a micro-usb (which is something I almost always have anyway).

Some pros/cons of this unit:
Pros - Cheap computer
Super portable
Full functioning windows OS
Pretty zippy, considering size
4g ram, 64 gig memory

Cons: Not useable for editing pictures/video
Only 2 USB slots
Fan is a little annoying

Overall, if you are looking for a budget micro computer, this one should be it. It is totally useable, and performs surprisingly well. Definitely recommend.

I've tried other mini pcs and while I've been impressed with them, this one is the best I've found. I wanted one that would work as a reliable Plex server. The one I was on before was good when it was working but it overheated and shut off on its own, so my server was down when I needed it. This one has been on for several days and has not given me any issues whatsoever. I've set it up to restart on its own if shuts off (it hasn't), turned off password login, and set up Plex to run automatically when the system starts and it has been smooth sailing with this mini PC. I have also set this up to work simultaneously downloading torrents automatically and so far it is holding up strong for both tasks.

For everyday users, just know that this will do most of your day to day tasks such as web surfing, playing videos, checking email, etc. It's small but powerful and takes up much less space. It plays high definition videos clearly without lag. It runs very quietly, barely able to be heard at all.

It would be even better if it had more hard drive space, but that can easily be remedied by connecting an inexpensive USB drive. You may want to get a external dvd drive as well if you want to be able to run programs or watch movies off of disks.

My original plan with this little computer was to give it to my grandmother since she doesn't have a computer, but doesn't need anything fancy. But now, I'm just treating it like a Roku and using it for internet and youtube browsing. So far it is working well for me. I am able to go on the internet and watch youtube videos or other video streaming websites without issues. The computer isn't the fastest thing in the world, but it works well for my application.

One thing I will say though is that the glossy side of the computer scratches fairly easily; if it were matte like the rest of the case, this might not be as much of an issue. But for me, I care more about functionality than looks with this device, so overall, I am fairly happy with it. Windows 10 is already preinstalled, so setup did not take long at all. Relatively straightforward to set up and use right out of the box.

I bought this device for a specific application. It will be receiving a fast network stream to be displayed on a large monitor. I needed a Windows device since the process involves a piece of free Windows software from Newtek. I need a reliable network connection capable of 200 Mbps sustained. Thus the Gigabit Ethernet is perfect. Running the NDI Monitor application this box can drive a 1080p display at 30 frame/sec, using 17% of network and about 40% of CPU. It does get a little arm, but never falters. I ran it for several days under test without issue. It's a much better option than my other plan, which was an Intel Compute Stick with a bunch of USB peripherals.

I ordered this Mini PC because I currently use my main PC to run a Plex server to play video files that I have stored on an external hard drive. I only play video files locally so I didn't really need any transcoding power so as a test at purchase this Mini PC to see if they could handle direct play as a Plex server to my to Roku devices at my home.

when the device first arrived I unpacked everything powered it up plug it into ethernet and follow the Windows 10 setup. One thing to note in keep in mind is that this does not come with the keyboard or Mouse and the Windows 10 setup requires both to a certain extent so make sure that you have those on hand. The setup was easy and the device was up and running within a few minutes.

Well not the fastest device, I had Plex downloaded installed and was running a server within a half an hour. I plug in my external hard drive and waited for it to catalog all of the data, tested it on the Roku devices and it played as if it was running off of my main PC. In short if you're looking at doing local playback of direct files without any transcoding this will work perfect for a Plex server.

The device came very professionally packaged with an easy-to-understand manual. If you ever set up a Windows PC in the past it's as simple as that. Overall I'm extremely happy with this device so far but be sure to check back on this review and I'll let you know if I run into any issues or any other problems that were unforeseen so far.

As far as shipping goes the device shift very quickly after I ordered it was packaged very professionally and securely it arrived on time.

You should buy this, even if you already have a laptop- it's that good. Tremendously versatile, and ultra portable- fits much easier than a laptop, at least 1/4 the weight, connects to WiFi and it can cast it's image on almost anything- including a regular TV in your hotel room. Even though the tech specs seem meager, it's more than enough. I've used it to run 2 monitors simultaneously with 3 programs running. Of course, as you know, almost ANY antivirus software will cripple it's performance, but an alternative is to use online web protection software that only runs while you are browsing. This has been good for me, so far.

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Tips to better use this mini pc: 1. Add a Micro SD card for saving files and documents. 2. Regularly delete the software distribution folder in windows directory to keep updates size use down. This folder is used for updates for windows. 3. Uninstall any program or app that isn't needed or used.
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