Comments about Dell i5680-5842BLU-PUS Inspiron Gaming Desktop 5680 - Intel Core i5 - 8GB Memory - 128GB SSD+1TB HDD - NVIDIA GTX 1060 Graphics

Dell i5680-5842BLU-PUS Inspiron Gaming Desktop 5680 - Intel Core i5 - 8GB Memory - 128GB SSD+1TB HDD - NVIDIA GTX 1060 Graphics

Gaming desktop engineered with an 8th Gen Intel Core processor, VR-Ready graphics and a striking design built for optimal cooling and powerful performance.

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So the Dell i5860-5824 gaming desktop is a decent-enough desktop for 1080p gaming, but it's not phenomenal, and it has a few things holding it back. So let's start at the beginning.

1.) Setup is a piece of cake. The contents of the brown cardboard box are... the PC, power cable, very sparse documentation, and an entry-level keyboard and mouse. An entry-level keyboard/mouse is pretty standard in this price bracket, so I won't hold it against the Dell. It probably saves the buyers some money so they can pick their own out. Mice and keyboards can be pretty subjective, after all.

2.) Plugging the unit in takes seconds. Just lift the Dell out of the box, and plug it in. Yeah. Really.

3.) Bootup is pretty quick from the included M.2 128GB SSD included. Windows was up and running fully - quickly.

4.) The sound signature from this PC is quiet in some ways, and a tad objectionable in others. Most people - I'm pretty sure - will find it very quiet. I mean, it IS quiet. There are three fans inside the case. The CPU fan, a single case fan, and the graphics card (GPU) fan. Both the CPU and case fans are very quiet at all times. However, the Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 is a Founder's Edition (FE) model - which means it uses a blower-style single fan that vents air out of the back of the system rather than blowing it around the case. Unfortunately, this FE fan is not particularly pleasant in terms of sound. It's not that it's loud - because it's not really - even under load. It's just that the quality of the sound is either somewhat grind-y, or high pitched with FE fans, depending on the luck of the draw.

On my mainstay HP Omen desktop, I have an Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070, with the "same" FE fan, and it's a bit ... grind-y, but it's not high-pitched. On this Dell, it's more high-pitched, and the pitch does my head in if there's no sound playing in the room. Whether you are sensitive to it is something only you will know. If you tend to not notice high-pitched sounds, this PC will work out just fine for you. If you do notice such sounds... well... be warned.

Again, not every fan sounds the same in the FE GPUs, so it might be just my particular system that's this way, but given my experience with these GPUs - it's not unusual, and the general complaints about the FE fans online lead people to buy different graphics cards without the FE design in part for this very reason.

5.) Down the line, if you do replace the GPU, bear in mind this computer only comes with a 460W power supply, so a PSU upgrade will likely be needed. Also, due to the PSU placement, there's not much room for airflow for a different-fan GPU style, because the PSU will block the fan airflow, being located right next to where the fans would blow. There's always the FE models of higher-powered GPUs, though, if you're not sensitive to fan noise/sound signature.

6.) There are four SATA ports on the motherboard, with only one in use for the 1TB hard drive. It would certainly be interesting trying to fit more than a couple of extra drives in this case, as there's simply not the room, a surprise given how roomy the case is.

7.) Four RAM slots is a welcome surprise. In my model, there's a single Micron 8GB DDR4 stick, which is actually quite thoughtful, since I was expecting 2x 4GB. This means it's easy to add larger sticks without having to replace the usually small sticks of RAM that are often included.

8.) The case is certainly well built, and removing one side to get inside is just two small Phillips screws away. I'd have preferred thumb-screws, but this is a minor complaint. The side that comes off feels like it's built like a tank. Very weighty, and not at all flimsy.

9.) Gaming on this is just fine. The 6-core i5 CPU does a great job, and yep - the 1060 is a reliable 1080p gaming GPU, even if it's just the 3GB version. Expect 10-15% slower frame rates than a 6GB model. For 1080p gaming, though, you're unlikely to notice the difference. PUBG runs just fine, which is still my current addiction.

Overall, this is a good PC. It's not remarkable, though, and I really just do not like Founders Edition GPUs. In addition, the blue LEDs are a little garish in my eyes, though perhaps they can be disconnected (I'll look into this). It's not like you can see into the case anyway (even with its peculiar a-samurai-sword-sliced-me design), so it's just light for the sake of light. No thanks, Dell!

So, this Dell does the job, has been so-far reliable, and gives you a little room for upgrading in the future, even if you will likely need a new PSU to do so (a fairly trivial expense). The big surprise is the M.2 SSD, which really is quite the speedy little thing for firing up Windows/games on, - even if it's small. Personally, I just move my current-addiction game to that M.2 drive when needed so I get the fastest load times!

Overall, 4 stars out of 5. Recommended.

i dont understand why this desktop has no ratings.
this desktop is by FAR the best priced desktop for what it includes.
8th generation i7 with M.2 SSD????? are you kidding me

Update-Still awesome!

Original review- This machine has been great for me. For those wondering about upgradeability... I had a previous custom built desktop that had malfunctioned so I was able to use the RAM, SSD and GTX 1080 that I had to upgrade this Dell. So now my Inspiron 5680 has an i7-8700, M2 SSD, Samsung 860 SSD, 32 GB RAM, EVGA GTX 1080 SC and it runs fantastic. Benchmark in 3D Mark Firestrike is over 18800 overall and better than 95% of tested PCs.

Edit- I want to clarify that I am using the PSU that came in the Dell. I did not change it and it runs perfect. The computer is used daily and runs high end games (Battlefront 2, Destiny, etc) plus my Oculus Rift games.

Really good PC....I've had it for a month so far and it has been treating me well. Hopefully it stays like that though. Anyways, I can run Battlefield 1 on Ultra with 60-70 FPS, Counter-Strike:Global Offensive at around 150-200 FPS, PUBG at around 70 FPS, Overwatch at around 100 FPS, and Fortnite with around 100 FPS as well.

I love how this PC, includes an SSD because the startup time is roughly 10-15 seconds. CPU is fast and works well (CPU fan is quiet unless program requires a lot of hardware acceleration). Overall, this computer is good enough for a first time gaming PC. I guess the only two dislikes I have for this product is 1) Only 8 GB of RAM 2) Only includes 1 fan.

Other than that, this PC is amazing for the price and i highly recommend this to anyone planning to buy a gaming PC.

I bought these because my co-workers were planning to go to a rent-to-own store to get gaming PCs that were last year's models and thrice the price. They'll be paying me back (hopefully).

This was just about the only 8th-gen Intel Core i7 with a Nvidia graphics card for $1000 that I could find across the internet. Many games provide extra features for Nvidia cards, and I usually look to pair an Intel CPU with a Nvidia GPU. I wouldn't mind AMD if I was buying for myself, because one can usually get more bang for the buck with AMD at the lower price points. But I'm primarily a console gamer, so who cares about my opinion on gaming PCs?

As I got these for co-workers, I haven't tried them myself. But one co-worker commented that he hooked it up to his Ultra HD television since he didn't have a good monitor yet, and he was running World of Warcraft smoothly in Ultra HD (even if the text was tiny). That was slightly better than I expected -- the game isn't the most intensive for a gaming PC, but the PC has the bare gaming minimum of 8Gb of memory and the smallest of the current Nvidia cards. I gave him a couple of UI and resolution tips for his issue.

- 8Gb memory is on the low end for a gaming PC, with 16Gb to 32Gb desireable. More than that is great but usually overkill.
-128Gb SSD is tiny for a gaming PC. That's enough for only 1-2 modern games before you start installing the rest on the HDD. 500Gb SSD is a good balance of storage and cost right now.
- 1TB HDD is enough for the average person, but possibly not the gaming enthusiast. Besides potentially needing to store a lot of music and movies, many gamers nowadays want to at least dip their toes into streaming and/or uploading their gaming experiences. You'll want plenty of space to store the videos, especially if there's any plans for editing together highlights.

I'm sure PC-building enthusiasts would scoff at this PC. But for the novice, this seems like an easy $1000 PC to upgrade on paper. It has most of what you'd want on a gaming PC, just minimalist versions of some items. One shouldn't have to worry about new cables or a new power supply, with the possible exception of the graphics card. In theory. I'd like to open it to see if it can support a dedicated audio card and Intel Optane memory, but I won't be doing that until my co-workers prepare to upgrade (if at all). The GPU is good enough to leave alone for a while, and the CPU is arguably Intel's second-rate gaming offering.

(Update below) (i7) I have no interest in gaming but my husband won't buy a computer or video card that isn't for the hardest core gamer so I got this. It's quiet, easy to disable that blue light, has ports everywhere except the ones in the back for some reason are difficult to get into when you're on the side.

Update: Gee Dell, thanks for including that heatsink, might white of you but my temps are kinda high. Considering I haven't seen one so cheap in ages you'd think a warning to replace would be a generous compromise. I can't find a replacement that blows the air out the back rather than down because there isn't enough room in the case. I bought a be quiet! BK009 Pure Rock but it did not fit because of the four "feet" or nubs. So I have to buy one that recirculates hot air. I removed a star.

I’ve always built my past rigs. Always went AMD. My Mom got a different version of this but it had an AMD Ryzen. Liked how quiet it was so when I saw it with an i7 for a good price I jumped on it instead of building another this time around. Has half the Ram of my old system but runs way faster in general. If you happen to be a Reason 10 user and you want more DSP headroom on a budget this thing is great. Can load up the rack without thinking about my CPU load and I use lots of VST and RE’s. Works well for games. I can max most out on my ultra wide 2560x1080. I wouldn’t get this for 4K gaming though. Can definitely recommend for the average gamer.

The only negative is the OS drive size. Have to pay close attention and always install things to data drive. Some software forces things to C drive regardless, but I’ve made it work.

I'm really loving this desktop! I would call myself a casual gamer: I do mostly non-gaming, work-related stuff on my computer, but when I am ready to game, I need the computer to fly. The OS is on the SSD so it boots up in like 10 seconds - I've done mild video editing, audio recording, solid works modeling and this computer handles it all with ease. I haven't had any real issues, but interestingly the WIFI connection seems slightly slower than the laptop that I am using this to replace - not a problem (it's still good), just an observation.

Gaming - This came with one 8Gb RAM stick, which is nice as it means you have 3 more slots to play with, so I added another 8Gb stick just to make sure I wouldn't hit any limits with what I'm doing. The processor absolutely screams and the graphics card is good, but not great, probably one of the best ready-to-run combos you can get for the price. I've been playing Fallout, Assassins Creed, and GTA with the settings on Ultra and I've had zero hiccups with a 1080p screen.

I've had either Inspirons or Optiplex desktops at work for 15 years now and have found them quite reliable. This one's no different. I bought a SkyTech Archangel Elite Snow edition off (you know what I mean) and had to return it, faulty OS installation. I could have fixed it easily, I just expect the product to work right out of the box. Then I bought a See You Kay (those are the initials of the company) Mantis, which arrived without the SSD (??). Returned it, no charge. Then ordered this. Plugged it in, turned it on, a few minutes to set up the OS and load applications, half hour to transfer data, and you're running. If you're gaming seriously, you'll want to go with a bigger GPU. This ships with a GTX 1060 (3gb), and it performs quite well, but I suspect ultra high FPS executive will need a little more ass. I doubled the RAM with Dell certified. I should be good for another 5-7 years or so with this item.

6 month update 8/9/2019: Standing by my original review; so far, so good. I decided to add a 1TB SSD, backed up files to the 1TB HDD and disconnected it, left it in the drive bay, peace of mind. Without the HDD connected, this workstation is the Red October in caterpillar mode, all but undetectable noise. I'm diggin' it.

This is a good value PC. I wouldn't really recommend this for a strong gaming system because it doesn't have enough GPU ram. It has a strong CPU though and I will be replacing the graphics card shortly and adding ram to bring it up to gaming level. I am disappointed that the day after I bought it Amazon sent me an email saying I could buy the upgraded version with double the ram and twice the hard drive size for the same $$$. Why didn't I get THAT recommendation first?

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