Comments about Computers

Developers of the virtual Google Gboard keyboard for Android can be proud of the work – only two years were required to them on that their child was "mastered" by 500 languages (in their December, 2016 was 100, and in March 2017 – 300). Google Gboard allows the different people to write texts in
The producer of computers the Lian Li company (Taiwan) presented on CES-2019 a novelty — DK-04 computer. Its main feature – it is executed in the form of a vertical desk. Following the signature concept, DK-04 developers placed all its electronic stuffing in a table-top. The case is
The IonQ company reported about creation of almost ideal architecture of the quantum computer. It is based on use of ions and shows so high precision and reliability that physics questions fade into the background now. Developers need to focus on improvement ON and preparation for creation of
Trainees who want to get a job in JPMorgan bank have to play video games. Such pilot program was developed by Pymetrics — startup; she uses artificial intelligence for assessment of candidates on various indicators, including attention, memory and tendency to altruism. It is necessary to
The Swiss scientists used instruments of editing a genome by the CRISPR method to creation of biocomputers. They made a start from the idea that living cell – already ready computer system capable to accept data from the outside and to process them. And all human body can be considered as the
The Israeli company CompuLab presented new, third generation of compact and superhardy Airtop computers. They are intended for a segment of the Internet of things which became exacting to systems with big computing power recently. In Airtop3 engineers managed to increase passive cooling on
Bernard Fabrov Laboratories of computer sciences and artificial intelligence at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology were announced the decision epoch-making crypto - a puzzle. It was specially developed in the 1999th to check forecasts of the advanced stars of that time of IT technologies
The University of Michigan developed architecture of the new chip which cannot essentially be cracked. Authors of development recognized the idea that for attack preparation hackers need at least basic data on the system device. But what they will be able to make if it constantly changes? The
The Lenovo company held the presentation of still anonymous, but already operating concept of the new device. For its direct, obvious appointment, gadget already nicknamed "the folding computer". Though actually it can be the laptop, the tablet, a sketchbook, etc. Visually and structurally
The concept of quantum computers looks, certainly, is promising, but to its embodiment there can pass a lot of time. Nevertheless, preparation for their emergence already began. Decided to begin with Microsoft together with Alphabet X and Brilliant training of specialists in quantum programming
Last year the American startup of Looking Glass attracted $14 million investments for creation of absolutely new type of the display. He thought as the screen for visualization difficult 3D - schedules without use of additional devices, like points or filters. The concept grew in the
Seem, we have lived up to time of emergence of rare computers which can be compared, for example, to the first cars of Henry Ford. One of such "dinosaurs" of the beginning of a computer era – the Kenbak-1 personal computer, an exhibit of the Boston Museum of computers founded by one of cofounders
The Team of scientists of Carnegie Mellon University which is engaged in creation of informative computer auxiliary systems has developed system under the name Gabriel. Her essence consists in giving to the person necessary hints in real time. The training systems supplied with powerful
Specialists of Livermore National Laboratory of Lawrence of the U.S. Department of Energy (LLNL) will receive the supercomputer on the basis of the neyrosinaptichesky TrueNorth chip developed by IBM Research. Its "artificial intelligence" is equivalent to 16 million neurons and 4 billion synapses
In the world hundreds of millions people have the most severe deficiency in consumption of the fundamental benefits of a civilization – drinking water, the electric power and available communication. Only in Africa to the south from the Sahara 625 million people face these problems. The joint
In China the latest supercomputer which has received a rank of the fastest in the world — is developed; Sunway TaihuLight. Its productivity is 93 thousand trillions operations per second. The computer is entirely own development of the country, all his 10,5 million kernels and 40960 knots are
the Scientist from MSU under the leadership of professor Vladimir Kuklin it was succeeded to make, apparently, impossible – to allocate the ordinary personal computer with "superabilities" of the supercomputer and even in something to surpass him. The ordinary graphic processor has coped with
As expected, within one and a half years specialists of National Research Nuclear University (MEPhI) will finish system development "The virtual actor". So unusual name has been dictated by one of the main functions of the system which is carrying out "duties" of the actor who will play a role
According to the last report submitting the International flow chart of development of semiconductors, the sizes of transistors by 2021 are stabilized, that is will cease to decrease in a size. It obviously contradicts the Law of Moore which says that density of transistors on a crystal of the
is presented to Modest dimensions, requirements to energy consumption and cost of the microchip — key to promoting of programmable systems. In this regard VoCore2 Mini a peculiar champion – the device at the cost of $43 and size about a large metal coin one of the smallest full-function
has submitted to of Microsoft the new version of the desktop computer. To tell the truth, recently this category personal computer is even more often mentioned how "dying". The new desktop computer which has received the name Surface Studio is very similar to the famous competitor – iMac. In
by Seismology is announced, the meteorology and nuclear power will stand aside – involve future computer system not for the solution of habitual tasks. The Ministry of Economics, trade and the industry of Japan allocates investments of not less than 173 million dollars for construction of the
The Sony Company is going to bring the latest SD card which promises to become the fastest in the world to the market. The map of the SF-G series will appear in March in GB formats 32, 64 and 128. She will have the speed of reading and record of 300 Mbps – such parameters, by recognition of Sony,
Scientists of the Manchester university have made breakthrough discovery which can lead to creation of more effective computers. They have developed the self-replicated computer which for performing calculations uses molecules DNA. The idea to use for DNA calculations for the first time has been
to the Most powerful computer systems have tens of millions of kernels, but their architecture not too differs from the laptop on your table. In fact, this set of the traditional personal computers assembled in uniform network and this concept has an efficiency limit. In Hewlett Packard
the Russian experts actively work as on creation of element base for domestic computers. It is about the equipment which will be installed in state institutions, defense industry enterprises and law enforcement agencies. The first prototypes of such computers have been presented on TsIPR 2017
the Technology of wireless charging Powerplay is developed by the fourth year and in Logitech have decided that time to please fans to play on the computer for hours and hours without a break has come. An exit of two new pro-gaming mice of the G903 and G703 models with support of wireless
Computers Habitual to us look equally: large case, monitor, keyboard and mouse. All these components take very many place, aren't especially mobile and consume a large amount of energy. The Hong Kong company Acute angle has decided to change this stereotype. Her engineers have separated all key
as In recent years scientists by means of supercomputers try to understand and resolve the most mysterious and complex problems of modern science. The big step in this direction was taken by scientists from the universities of Cambridge, Southampton, Cardiff and their Russian colleagues from
to the Third generation of compact silent computers from MSI was replenished with two new Cubi 3 Silent and Cubi 3 Silent S models. There are no data on their price and the beginning of sales yet, only technical characteristics. They are intended for work out of sight of the client though under
with the DARPA Agency invested $50 million in development of protection against viruses encoders, and the Morfeus project can become the main weapon in fight against them. Development of specialists of the University of Michigan is based on the simple concept. The computer can't be cracked
the Concept of "Big Data" (large volumes of data) is the cornerstone of many projects of the future, but her realization is impossible if stores for these data keep the former slow speed of work. The Seagate company proposes the graceful and simple solution of a question at this stage – to double