Tricot St. Raphael Men's 1/4 Zip Texture W Faux Suede

Tricot St. Raphael Men's 1/4 Zip Texture W Faux Suede

100 percent cotton 1/4 zip textured tricots st Raphael sweater with faux suede trim. Updates any wardrobe faux suede adds a modern twist.

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Comments / reviews:
Really great sweater! I wasn't sure if I would like the patches on the sleeves, but I do once I saw the sweater in person.

nice fit

Nice looking. Fit well. Warm enough for non-wool cotton sweater

Fantastic purchase. This sweater was purchased at a very cheap price, so when I bought it I was skeptical of it's quality. However, when it arrived I was very pleasantly surprised. This sweater is comfortable, warm, and stylish. To be honest, it should have cost more than what I was charged, but I was obviously happy with the bargain. I receive compliments on this sweater each time I wear it. It arrived quickly and was packaged professionally. It was obviously new and clean. I am incredibly happy with this purchase! Fit is good, overall, in chest and shoulders....however, the sweater itself is short. I have to pull it down more often than I would like...

This was a gift to my son(20yrs 6'1" @180lbs) who likes very casual clothing he said he liked it.

This sweater was perfect! The sizing was just right. I bought this for my fiance. He wears between a men's small and a men's medium. I ordered the medium and it fit him perfectly. He loved the details on the elbows and the brown showing on the zipper. He said that the material is very comfortable as well. We do not dry any of his sweaters and I would not recommend drying this one as well. Just a gentle cycle on cold and hang it up to dry will keep it in shape and the perfect fit.

Expensive looking, comfortable wear with no issues at a much lower price than well known brand sweaters that often are of less quality.

Pretty nice looking shirt. Works great in rainy weather. Size was just a bit smaller than expected.

Nice for the price and quality was surprisingly good. Have only wore it once but think it will work well for a hunting sweater.

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