Reviews VAMEI Womens Winter Knit Hat Warm Handmade Ponytail Beanie Tail Hats for Girls Women

VAMEI Womens Winter Knit Hat Warm Handmade Ponytail Beanie Tail Hats for Girls Women

Welcome to VAMEI Ponytail Hat with Handmade for Girls and Women.

Material: Wool
Color: black; gray; red; multicolor; brown
Application people: girls, women
Ponytail hat can let girls that love horsetail more beautiful and free in winter.
The ponytail hat is made of pure handmade, and it is extremely warm.
Tell us directly if there is any problem with your ponytail hat Cone

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I wear my ponytail high and this hat fits great. Hat keeps my head warm. The colaor is pergect for winter. I plan to get more colors, althought I get a lot of compliments because of the color.

It is very cute, fits my head perfectly. The winered is the same winered shown in the picture. If you need a beanie, then this is a great choice. I have one that is designed for a ponytail and one that is not.

This is very stylish and comfortable hat. The first day I wore it, I received many compliments. It is also comfortable and soft. I love my new hat.

This hat was perfect price point and seems to be great quality. Very comfortable and easy to use. Just what I expected.

This one is very fashionable. Perfect for my favorite hair do. Quality, beauty and functionality in one.

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