Comments about Crep Protect Cure Kit x 2 (bundle)

Crep Protect Cure Kit x 2 (bundle)

Keep your shoes looking like new and protect them from stains, liquids, dirt, water, and more with Crep Protect Spray; specifically designed with a unique blend of ingredients. Whether your shoes are leather, suede, nubuck or canvas, Crep Protect will repel liquids, preventing any stains spoiling your footwear, with an invisible coat. This is the future of the footwear industry. The days of your fresh shoes and trainers being ruined, are long gone. This revolutionary product is guaranteed to change your feet forever. This easy to use spray will help your shoes last longer and keep them looking nice and clean. - Crep Protect Cure Cleaning Kit (2 Pack) - The Crep Protect Cleaning Kit comes with a brush, 100ml cleaning solution, and microfiber cloth.

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The brush works really well and the cleaner liquid is good, it can really take the dirt off your shoes

Great shoe protector and love amazon it has everything

Its a great product but people expect it to work miracles truth is it doesnt but it still cleans your shoes extremely well. Stains that may have happened a long time ago will still be there but not as prominent. If you dirty your shoes make sure to clean them ASAP or it will stay there but if CREP is applied quickly and correcty it will save them from nasty stains. But, be realisitc dont go buying these to clean shoes years old and expect them to look deadstock.

Need to use rigjt after shoes get dirty otherwise it won't work

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The Crep Protect Cleaning Kit is designed to clean deeply without affecting the look, feel, and shape of your shoe in any way. Made of 98 percent natural ingredients, including coconut extracts, water, and jojoba, and using short and soft brush bristles, the Crep Protect Cleaning Kit really takes