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MFH BDU Ripstop Field Cap Black

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Love this hat! I have been looking far and wide for this exact type of hat. Very similar to military issue. The material is of a very light weight, ripstop cloth. Those that are not familiar to ripstop, it has criss-cross weaving in a square pattern that resist the light material from ripping. There also no other lining inside so this hat is very light weight and will allow your head to breathe, which I love. There is NO hole in the back of the hat and so is not meant for adjustments. Make sure that you carefully look at the sizing chart to get the correct fit as the sizing is quite unforgiving. Keep in mind that these hats run a size smaller than most US hat manufacturers.
Also be careful who you purchase this product from, trying to save a buck or two. I did that and ended up purchasing from 4 different sellers for this exact same item and 1 sent me the wrong size, and the other 2 send me a completely different hat from another manufacturer (it was thicker and had a lining, too heavy). The one and only seller that sent me the correct hat from MFH was "CamoOutdoor", I highly recommend that you purchase from them if available since they were the ONLY seller to give me exactly what I was expecting.

Perfect fit.

This is a great hat. The design helps it to keep its shape, and the ripstop material prevents any issues with creasing. It did run a bit small, though. My head measured at 59cm, but the large was still a hair bit small. I'm going to give the XL a shot next. I didn't bother returning it because it looks so good on my girlfriend.

nice hat

Good product! To me, it seemed a little large, but nothing that shrinking in the wash didn't cure.

Cap is well made. Delivered as promised. Would buy from this seller again.

Fits but head warning about sizing, I did and it fits geat

Fabulous product. Fast delivery and precisely what was advertised.

Perfect fit. light weight and seems to be good quality.

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