Comments about Google GA01187-US Pixel 4 - Just Black - 64GB - Unlocked

Google GA01187-US Pixel 4 - Just Black - 64GB - Unlocked

Pixel 4 is the phone Made the Google way. So it’s built around the helpful Google software you know and love, that’s always getting better.

1. See G.Co/Pixel/astrophotography to Learn more about astrophotography on Pixel 4.

2. Us only. English only.

3. Coming soon to Japan. Motion sense functional in the us, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, and most European countries. Not all phone features are controlled by motion sense.

4. Us & Canada only. English only.

5. Approximate battery life based on a mix of talk, data, standby, mobile Hot spot and use of other features, with motion sense off and always on display off. Use of motion sense, an Active display or data usage will decrease battery life. Pixel 4 and 4 XL testing conducted in Mountain View, California in August 2019 on pre-production hardware and software. Actual results may vary.

6. Up to 10 W with Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL charging with Pixel Stand (SOLD Separately). actual results may vary.

Comments about Google GA01187-US Pixel 4 - Just Black - 64GB - Unlocked
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Comments :
So I was lucky enough to use both phones for a while and here are my thoughts :
The thing you use the most really on any phone now is the screen, the note 10 has an amazing screen & I never expected any phone to have better screen to look at. Well, the Google Pixel did just that! I dunno if it's the cleaner software or what, but the Pixel's screen does feel a little nicer.
While the Pixel should have been the clear winner here, it really isn't! Yes, the front selfie camera, at night or indoor is definitely better, but honestly it feels worse than last year's Pixel 3 for some reason. The selfies feel a little fake, and the camera angles are weird. The back camera however isn't much better than the Note, in fact I find myself missing the wide angle camera that I had on my Note, a lot!
On a side note, my wife's iPhone 11 pro back camera also feels a little better than the Pixel's, which is also unexpected
Half star off really, not for a bad camera, but for the disappointment, it's just not as good as expected.
No need to bother comparing here, the Google software is much better, cleaner, smoother & more productive than that of Samsung, hands down the Pixel OS wins here.
Not that much of a difference, the Note 10 does tend to last longer. Both aren't that great though but the Note will give you, may be, a couple more extra hours, which is appreciated really!
The Note 10 is beautiful! Very slick, all screen display, nice curvy sides, while the pixel does look good overall, specially the back, but the front design is ugly, and I don't care if they have a radar on the front, it really doesn't seem to be that much more functional and I would rather have the fingerprint scanner with an all edge to edge display, thinner phone, than the secure face ID with a big top hinge. Another half star off for a lazy design.
The face ID itself is worth mentioning, it's surprisingly accurate and fast, but so many apps don't support it yet and having to enter passwords for banks & stuff seems like something that we had left behind, but with the lack of fingerprint and the lack of face id support on so many Android app, there really are no other options, try not to forget those passwords, you'll be in trouble!
Overall, I think I'll be keeping my Pixel for a little while longer but I can't say I'm fully happy with it really.

So far after just a week I am going to stay with 5 stars. If that changes I will update the review. Its not perfect, but overall the good outweighs the bad. So here are my notes.

Its the only Android I would consider because of security and Google updates. I would only ever buy an unlocked Apple or a Google phone - where the software vendor pushes the updates every month. Otherwise I'm not interested. If you buy another Android phone good luck getting major OS upgrades or even security patches.

First, all the nitpicks about battery life: Yeah, its a small phone. Its not like Google put in a small battery just to mess with you. So far, it seems about the same as my Pixel 3 to me: just ok. Unless you work mostly in the wilderness its not really an issue just top off during the day occasionally. (I hike a lot in the wilderness, and I carry a battery pack for those times). So if you need guaranteed all day battery life buy the XL.

OK that aside, its a bit faster than my Pixel 3. I noticed one web page in particular that is grossly javascript heavy would load very slowly on my pixel 3 and is much faster on my 4.

I’m not a huge fan of the face unlock so far. The old fingerprint reader worked better for me most of the time – you could unlock it as you picked it up. Now I have to wait till I look at it. But I got over that. Its not bad either, and occasionally its better – Lastpass for example, unlocks itself.

And heh, lets get real about the flaw that you can have your eyes closed. They plan to fix this, and its really not much less secure than a fingerprint as is. If you are sleeping or dead either one can be bypassed,.

The size if just right I don’t want a giant phone.

Likewise gestures took a bit of practice. I hate Iphones because of the no back button problem; now I don’t have one either. There is a swipe gesture instead, but its a little slower and less reliable than the old way. Still, I am resisting the temptation to enable the back button so far.

The dual sim capability is amazing! I keep a Google Fi eSim onboard with Visible (Verizon MVNO) as my main carrier. The Pixel 4 does a dramatically better job of managing dual sims and either number rings now.

Most of all I appreciate the Google commitment to privacy and security. (I could care less how many times they market my web history to advertisers, it doesn’t compromise my security.)

I am disappointed I no longer get free full resolution camera uploads but can live with the free high resolution.

And really, no earbuds included? Although I am very happy not to have the antiquated headphone jack and I have the google earbuds leftover from previous pixels which are great.

I appreciate Amazon having the black Friday sale price of $599 and an extended return period in case it dies!

So this phone is a keeper for me. I’ve had almost every Google phone ever made going back to day 1, and they just get a bit better with each iteration.

Great screen, love the 90hz refresh rate.
Camera is astounding, Night Sight is great, Astrophoto is excellent.
Face unlock is quick, but wish there was also a fingerprint sensor for added security.
64gb is enough for me as I have Google 1 subscription so I don't really have problem with storage for photos, for $20 the 100gb a year is better than forking out additional $100 for an extra 64GB worth of storage in my opinion.

Wish the battery could have been a little bit bigger, but overall expirience is great as expected from a pixel phone silky smooth UI and great software optimization.

I came from a Pixel 2 moving to Pixel 4 XL, I also own a LG V50.
There's a certain pixel expirience that you don't get on other android smartphone that makes me comeback to pixel despite its negative criticism it recieves from other reviewers, you can give it a shot probably buy when it has discounts over its price.

Professional reviews for phones are usually the best resource. However, that said, I think I should offer another perspective that isn't nearly as negative. In general, I think the reviewers were too harsh. Some of them even had me on the brink of canceling my order. Glad I didn't.

I have the 64GB XL.

Battery life - I am not seeing much difference from my Pixel 3. The horrible battery life mentioned in some reviews is not my experience. I consider myself an average smartphone user. I'm not a 16 year old on social media all day and I don't play games. I use it all day at work (email, text, in car for music, reading some blogs with videos, the occasional call) and a little at night. When I get home, I have over 50% left. I keep the always-on display on, I use motion sense, all the connection methods are on. The key here is that I don't see a big difference from my past phones.

Also - you have to give the Android OS time to use its adaptive battery function to manage various aspects of the phone. It learns your usage patterns and adjusts. This results in better battery life. I saw many reviews where the author didn't give it time.

HD Calling on AT&T - I bought this unlocked model on Amazon and when I swapped my SIM out, HD calling works normally. There might be an issue with corporate accounts but search the web and look at what some people did to circumvent it. This is an AT&T issue, not Google's.

Motion Sense - no, it doesn't have a lot of active functionality yet, only track skipping and alarm snoozing (which is AWESOME). What many reviews fail to highlight enough is that it augments the face unlock feature by bringing your phone to attention when you reach for it. It also allows you to turn off the always-on display then have it wake only when you are near the phone.

New assistant - pretty cool. Many of the basic requests are now handled on the phone, not requiring contact with Google servers. It really speeds things up.

As of Nov 1, it does have little things that I hope Google works out. Face Unlock needs to be updated to prevent unlocks when your eyes are closed. It would be nice if Smooth Display (90Hz) worked more often - although, I think the display is awesome as is, it can only get better. Google is planning to fix those. More apps need to support face unlock and that's a total wildcard; depends on the app. LastPass supports it so that's sort of a gateway to your other apps.

*UPDATE 11/19/19** Smooth Display (90Hz) has been corrected with the November security update. An already beautiful screen is even better now! Also - LastPass now supports Face Unlock.

Finally, you can't deny this is an expensive phone. I got it for, basically, $100 off and that brought it closer to an acceptable price for me. But - it's a personal decision. You'll have to weigh the value and decide if it works for you.

If you are considering this phone, I'll be honest, also consider the Pixel 3XL (or Pixel 3). Many of the new features on the 4 will make it to the 3. If you don't need to be on the cutting edge or the extra camera features, the 3/3XL is a great phone! However, you won't be disappointed by the 4XL. After a week of getting used to face unlock and the gestures, I really like this phone.

NOTE ON MEMORY - My last two phones were 64GB. Prior to that, I bought 128GB. With my past two phones, I never ran out of space with 64GB. I keep several large music playlists downloaded, I upload all my images to Google Photos and delete them from my phone.

Photos: No case. In a cloth case, you can hide the color for the most part if you want.

I only purchased this phone to enjoy the great camers that everyone praised. Camera is definitely amazing and I can say that it takes good pictures everytime in all scenarios. What I didn't expect to be good in this phone was battery life but this phone actually has pretty good battery life. On average it's lasting 6 hours of screen on time as I watch Youtube videos on my free time and still managed to give me sufficient more battery. Lastly, this phone is really snappy and smooth. Like damn! Reeeeeally quick app opening and everything, you will love the 90Hz screen as you use it.

PROS: Phone size is perfect on my hands. The light and slim body is a plus - get the Spigen case to compliment the sleek design. Camera - i love all cam features! The price is worth it for selfies as it has a portrait mode that blurs background! taking beautiful scenic views even from afar is a breeze and results are breathtaking! And the Night mode feature!! Im in love with it as you dont need to be a pro to take amazing night and light shots! Speakers are with high quality and bass! Transcribe feature works good. Screen resolution is beautiful. CONS: motion sensor(soli) is not supported in in my country (APAC region). Face unlock is a bit tricky to setup to make it work properly. will love owning this android phone more than any other! The price is a bit expensive and it should be $699 only without adding the $100 amazon gift card as the total was at $799.

Leaks and early reviews made people know what was coming and the few details we were missing were a disappointment. Google justifies that a telephoto it's more useful than an ultra wide but when you are joining the big league of flagships you give customers the options that the market offers and in this case I think that the wide angle omission was a big miss. This and the surprise of a smaller battery compared to last year's pixel are the drawbacks that I wanted to get out of the way first.

The battery is not great as people expected and on my two day use, I have had around 4 hours of screen on time. I feel like this is making a big favor to goole, and in no way this is a justification, but my smaller battery has made me rethink that probably being on my phone for 4 hours and being stressed about it is probably something I could improve and adjust on my personal time management. Normal phone use with camera use every once in a while is achievable for sure with the regular pixel 4. For me the trade-off of a smaller battery but a more manageable body compared to the XL is worth it.

To combat the lack of wide angle, I luckily had a moment wide angle lens I used on my pixel 2 that I did not get rid off when I got my S10e. I can confidently say the convenience of having the lens on the phone is great, but in case of the Samsung lens the quality dropped from the main lens to the wide angle and using the awesome lens from moment doesn't decrease the quality or adds any distortion to the main lens. Having moment announce the support of the Pixel 4 gives me a wide angle and basically convert my two lens to the ideal 3 lens scenario we all wanted. I seriously recommend the products and content Moment has to anyone interested in photography.

Now for the good stuff, Pixel 4 shines in what I expected and made me come back for a pixel. I went from Nexus 6p- Samsung s8 and Pixel 2 - Samsung s10 and both times I kept missing my Google phone. If rellying on a camera that will ALWAYS deliver a great photo is something you value, I don't think there is a better option than Pixel. It's more difficult to take a bad photo than it is to take GREAT one. The lack of original quality cloud backup is a bit sour, but you can still back them on a good enough quality, considering most people just like to go back and see their photos on their phones and not for a big print out where amazing quality is required. The price of Google one is also reasonable and gives enough space for original quality backup.

Lastly, the screen and 90hz screen are the cherry on top of this cake. If you use your phone, you need to unlock it so having something that makes this process go this smooth because of the early waking up of the phone from the radar to scan for your face it's really wonderful. The 90hz helps on another side of our everyday use equation : scrolling CONSTANTLY. The difference is noticeable and it's something I know I will get used to. As with many other things and features, it's one of the little things techlovers appreciate and other consumers just don't care about.

There is no perfect phone but Pixel constantly proved for me that there's no match for their camera and having the best Android experience is what you get. With this year's Pixel 4 you get that plus an awesome clean and finally finger print free construction, a superb pair of speakers that do not make me miss the front firing speakers of the Pixel 2 and some nifty features that scratch my geek technology itch.

I spent a few weeks researching phones and ended up going for this one. Did the new release and pre-order deal inform that decision? Certainly. But that wasn't the only factor, and after 2 days, I have no buyer's remorse (yet).

The contents of the box are basic - you get a charging cable and a USB port to allow the transfer of data from your old phone, and that's it. No headphones, no dongle, no USB-C to USB cable.

The phone is simple, elegant, and light. And that last is not insignificant. Among flagship phones, it's one of the smallest and lightest around, and it fits very neatly in my pocket with minimal bulk. In fact, it's been some time since I had a phone I could comfortably leave in the pocket of my pants while sitting down.

The interface is smooth and fast, and while there may be slightly better screens on the more expensive flagship models, it's plenty sharp enough for me. Motion sense it is a bit of a gimmick at this stage - not many app use it yet and it isn't 100% reliable, but it's nice to be able to vaguely waft at my alarm in the morning to snooze it. It just takes less mental energy at a time when my mental energy reserves are at their lowest. It's been reliable enough so far.

Another cool new feature is live caption - instant subtitles on any media the phone is playing. I tested this while watching a Thursday Night Football NFL game, and it worked well enough. The feed was a little slow and occassionally struggled with names (Case Keenum was regularly referred to as case kingdom and Stefon Diggs confused it no end, but it got most of the other names right). I often stream football with the volume off and will make good use of this feature.

The main event, though, is the camera, and it doesn't disappoint. Yes, there's no wide angle lens, but the basic camera is fairly wide already. If you want full field-of-view that distorts the edges and the verticals, then maybe an iPhone11 is better, but early tests seem to vindicate Pixel's decision to go for 'telephoto' (2x zoom) instead - the zoom is excellent and the portrait mode blows most of the competition out of the water. Images are sharp, colors are represented well and the software allows you to achieve a finer finish than anyone should really expect from the sort of lens and sensor a phone can carry. The photos added to this review show night sight, 8x zoom on the staute of liberty, and a couple of pictures using portrait mode (my cat, and a macro style photo which might be my favouite so far)

Battery life is generally listed as the biggest negative of the Pixel 4, but it's been fine for me. I did reduce the frame refresh rate to 60Hz and put it on dark mode (Makes no real difference to me anyway). With those changes, I was able to do 1 hour web surfing, stream an hour of video, spend 1 hour reading an e-book, plus half and hour taking photos, and half an hour listening to music over bluetooth, and at the end of the day I still had 28% battery left. All around, fairly comfortable. If you're not a high-intensity user and you're happy with dark mode and a normal refresh rate, battery shouldn't be a deal breaker.

Overall, I wanted a small, light phone with an excellent camera. Now, I have one.

Coming from pixel 2xl- not a phone geek AT ALL- love the screen love the quick on with the face ID thing love the loud speakers love the camera- like the safety thing if car crashes- yes it was expensive but so is the top of line apple I had before pixel- I know pixel won't hold value like apple/ toyota- but pleased overall- camera still most important while we have young grandchildren- I hear about the fingerprint magnet thing but I've always kept my phones in a case and been real sorry the few times I didn't

I upgraded from a Galaxy S8. The biggest change I've noticed is the face recognition unlocking. It works very well and very fast though sunglasses sometimes confuse it. The phone is fast and smooth. For setup, I moved my SIM card from my old phone to the Pixel, then connected the Pixel to my old phone via USB and copied everything over. No need to talk to anyone at Verizon. Very easy process. Audio quality is noticeably better. The camera is excellent. Battery life is good. I haven't had any trouble making it through the day.

Keep in mind there is no headphone jack. The wireless charging works well even with a Spigen case on it.

The squeeze for Google Assistant feature hasn't been super helpful, but it may just require a change in usage habits. The same is true for Motion Sense.

I haven't dunked it underwater yet, but it should survive for at least 30 minutes at up to 3 ft. deep. I don't plan on using it underwater, but I hope the water resistance saves the phone if it does take an unexpected swim.

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