Comments about Samsung Galaxy S9 Unlocked - 64gb - Midnight Black (Renewed)

Samsung Galaxy S9 Unlocked - 64gb - Midnight Black (Renewed)

The new Samsung Galaxy S9. A powerful dual camera that can record in super slow-mo and capture 4k video in true-to-life detail. Stay entertained on an edge-to-edge Infinity Display. Translate languages with Bixby¹ and unlock your phone using advanced facial recognition. Experience the next evolution of the Samsung Galaxy. Shoot like a pro. The Galaxy S9 captures photos like a pro. With Pro Mode you can manually adjust camera settings so that every shot looks professional. Brilliant in the dark. Our dual Aperture F2.4-F1.5 lens adjusts to let more light in when needed, allowing you to capture the right amount of light, day or night. Rear camera F1.5 lens. Dual aperture on rear lens only. Light comparison based on the Galaxy S8. Radical 960 fps Super Slow-mo. The Galaxy S9 captures 4x as many frames per second*, so you can slow down reality and enjoy every frame. *The Galaxy S9 can capture up to 960 fps while the Galaxy S8 is able to capture up to 240 fps during slow-motion video recording. The emoji that’s actually you. With Augmented Reality, you can create an emoji library from just one picture. Personalize messages to your friends with emojis that look just like you. See more. Hold less. The Galaxy S9’s Infinity Display enables you to enjoy our best edge-to-edge immersive screen, enhancing your entertainment experience.* *Measured diagonally, the screen size is 5.8" in the full rectangle and 5.7" accounting for the rounded corners. Clear surround sound. Stereo speakers pro-tuned by AKG bring you clearer and louder sound.* Experience surround sound with Dolby Atmos, putting you at the center of the action. *In comparison to the Galaxy S8. The remarkable water-resistant phone: Make a splash. With its IP68 rating, the Galaxy S9 withstands splashes, spills, and rain so it can take a dip, worry free.

Comments about Samsung Galaxy S9 Unlocked - 64gb - Midnight Black (Renewed)
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🔫Note: This review will be updated numerous times as the phone ages. And be jealous of my green laser gun.

Service Provider: STRAIGHT TALK
Apple only user (7 years)

BACKGROUND: My iPhone 5s went to poo 💩(For the second time in 7 years I lost an iPhone). Each time the "geniuses" told me my phone was not repairable and I had to buy a new phone. AND both times it was the charge connector that just went completely crap one day. Great. Looking back I guess I was part of the many brainwashed sheep with the one track mind thinking Apple leads all. But in reality, they are stuck in neutral. Since they lost Steve Jobs, no one has stepped up to be that Willy Wonka of cutting edge ideas and showmanship. And its blatantly obvious to me now. Oh and guess what? They now make the headphones use the same failure prone adapter on all new iPhones (meaning you cannot wire charge and listen to headphones), so I finally decided to stop eating rotten Apples. And I decided to Hitchhike a Ride on a Galaxy S9. Now I know you'll say a 5s is older and its comparing apples and oranges (that pun was unintentional🤮 apoligies), but my friend has an iPhone X and let me try it. It wasn't that much different of an Apple experience. And it was 400 more than this phone. (I apologize for my overt digressions, but phones are a huge investment and I try to make my reviews thorough and whatever the perfect opposite of boring is...I hope.)

Day 1: I'm really $%@!$& nervous. Did I make the right decision? I'm a textbook overthinker. I went without a phone for 9 days trying to decide. And here I am. Waiting on a refurbished Galaxy S9. Finally Delivered. First box is the typical smaller Amazon box. Second inside is a small white box. Very simple worry-free packaging. Inside that box was the phone, A/C adaptor, charge cord, and a paper with quickstart and APN help. Also a card from Amazon saying contact the seller first with a problem blah blah Charlie Brown teacher voice blah blah blah. So I have made a few certified refurbished electronic purchases in the past and they worked out great, so I was not as apprehensive as maybe a refurb greenhorn might be. But listen. Phone is in hand now. And this phone is stunning. Immaculate. I went over it and it looks COMPLETELY brand new. The screen is perfect. Don't be afraid. Jump in the water. Buy refurbished. here is my first negative, but its petty really. I bought the "lilac" colored phone because I love light colored purples like lilac and lavender. Only this isn't really either. I'd call this more of a pinker color with a hint of purple, but its still sleek and nice and can be covered up with a case if needed. Ok so physical condition out of the box I'd give a solid grade A+ Now for the SIM card. Again I am a Straight Talk user (looooove them...4 years strong now). My iPhone has been tanked and off for about 9 days. I popped out the SIM card from the rotten phone, popped out the Samsung SIM tray and dropped in the SIM, pushing the tray back flush. Powered the phone on. Without going through every single step, the setup was so easy and seamless. It automatically found my service provider, so I would say this is pretty much as close to plug and play as you can get. So awesome. I am falling hard like Pete for Ariana for this phone...

Well...I've been playing with the phone for a few hours now. I cannot put it down. So many things are infinitely better than Apple. I'm going to list a few and stop the review for Day 1. And if you made it this far, peace and love neighbor. Happy phone hunting. You're beautiful🌞🌜⛱🌚🌟
1. Customization: THEMES! I can't stop trying these out. They change the sounds and wallpapers and App icons and probably other cool stuff I don't realize all at once. They are so cool. Text messages look different. And the wallpapers can be animated. Lock screens can be videos. I am admittedly geeking a little. Android systems let you change soooooooo much. And I am a customization freak. Not only can you choose from hundreds of free and paid themes on the Google Play store, but you can choose from so many different fonts as well (and you can choose from tons for free and money the same way). You can set the order of so many things, it's just the coolest. Oh and here is a great one. For the OCD users like me, who hated when you couldn't delete an apple app, you still have those on Android you cannot delete as well. BUT YOU CAN HIDE THEM!

2. The button clicks are addictive. It feels like you are pushing a button when its the bare screen. I have a screen protector on AND and phone case and it's still extremely responsive.

3. The swiping motions aren't that different from Apple. I'm navigating like a pro. I'm sure there are how-to videos I need to watch to learn all of the shortcuts, but I'm doing just fine.

Ok. Enough for now. I'm jonesing to play with the phone waaaaaay more. Ask any questions you want. I will answer all I can. I will update this review as I see the need.
Peace and Love,
The Muffin Man

I will be utmost honest here. This is my first device review. I was hesitant to order a Certified Refurbished phone. Especially since it is...a phone. The meat and bone of daily life and communication. However, upon receiving the phone, everything was inside a white uniform box. Nothing special and nothing damaged at all. Simplistic and efficient packaging. The phone works great and no one can tell it isn't "Brand new". Absolutely no scratches or signs it has been touched by another human. 10/10 item and you save 100$ in the process by getting refurbished! I am switching from an iPhone 6 to this S9 on ATnT. Simply pull the SIM out and insert into s9 and you are ready to go.

I have not ever written a review but thought this would be helpful after I read the reviews and was a little wary of the unlocked feature. Some have had problems when putting the SIM card in from a different carrier. I had the same problem and felt helpless when the Sprint logo launched on my phone when I turned it on. So after much searching I found sites to send me unlocked codes for a fee of about $50 and thought about it. (The "unlock" feature can apply to international carriers but may still be "locked" to a certain carrier). Sprint will unlock the phone for free if the prior bill and the phone have been paid as well as the phone being used for at least 50 days. So I called Sprint to get the code and found out that the phone was unlocked on their system. I didn't need to put in a new code. I then called ATT and after setting up some menus, I was good to go. The only hassle I have now is a notification that the phone cannot connect to the Sprint network. It sits it the top bar when I scroll through the other notifications but is not intrusive. So outside of doing the above legwork, I'm happy with the phone (4 days in). It just should be made more clear about the phone truly being unlocked from the carrier and what needs to be done to get on to another network. It makes it feel a little deceptive in the advertising without this information

I was kind of nervous buying a refurbish device. After taking a chance and receiving the device, I am grateful I took that chance. So I am posting this review to ease anyone's reservation you may have. My fiance love it!

Arrived super early, before tracking could even report it's movements
Appears to be perfect; minor hair scratches on the screen, seems to have a screen cover on it already, minor charging port scratches, crystal back, truly a gorgeous color even if I'm just going to put a cover on it

Not sure if this is an s9 thing or not, relatively heavy pressure needed to engage the touch screen (like typing or moving tiles). Changed the sensitivity to "screen protector" setting, MUCH better.

Came in a plain white plastic envelope with a bubble-pack USPS flat-rate envelope inside that with a plain white box inside that. Wrapped in a bubble sheet inside the box. Very protected!

Not the original charger. EDIT: Makes an alarming sound, will be purchasing a safe charger.

Will be trying the new sim in it later (AT&T). EDIT: Woohoo! It works with AT&T, unlocked.

UPDATE: Screen protector that was on it caused the heavy pressure - new screen protector is a dream. It is truly unlocked! Can confirm, I'm in Japan with a Japanese SIM card :)

Coming from the S8, it is very pleasing to hold! It is thicker, so it doesn't seem to be slippery as much. Truthfully, I bought it for the stereo speakers, but the Dolby Atmos just enhannces the overall sound experience

I was hesitant before buying a refurbished version based on some of the reviews. However, the price was a huge deal and I decided to give it a try. I chose purple version as it was a cheapest one. The device came in fantastic condition! Looked like new! I use US T-Mobile and it works smoothly. The only thing I did was to switch the SIM card from my old device. No need to call anybody, configurate anything, etc. There was also a manual attached with info on what to do if you have a problem with connection to your provider. The cable and charger included weren't the best, so I would advise to get a new one. It's still worth it anyway as the price is much more affordable than what is offered in stores!

Prácticamente se ve nuevo en todos sentidos esta muy bonito va funcionando muy bien no llego con ningun rayon solo que al poner mi SIM decía que el dispositivo no estaba autorizado pero eso se arregla fácil solo llamando a Metro pcs y se dan los datos del cell y listo a y si es compatible con Metro pcs, le en muchos comentarios y es verdad solo me vino el celular y el cargador el cual no es el original de Samsung pero yo ya tenía el cargador inalámbrico del celular de mi esposo así que no me afectó y si probé con ese cargado y si funciona igual me llego un día después del que estaba previsto pero no es gran problema estoy muy feliz con mi compra y totalmente recomendado lo q me gustó es que tiene garantía en Estados Unidos fue la razón principal por la que lo compre.

I was worried after I ordered and the item shipped. Because I saw after that it would not work on metropcs however I checked the IMEI on metropcs website and it said it would work. I placed my chip from the old phone in but it said no network so I could not make calls. But I remembered that the last time I used an unlock phone on Metropcs I had to call them so they could switch over the network so I called and they said just inserting the chip doesn't register the device with them you have TO CALL from another phone and give them the IMEI number so they can hook it up.

The phone looks great came a day early and I love it. No scratches looks brand new only the charger is slow charging so I want to get an OEM from samsung as I fear the generic charger may cause damage to the phone if used to long.

Overall I am very satisfied with this phone.

Visually, the phone looks great and is in amazing condition. There are miniscule scratches in two of the corners, but it cannot be seen unless you are intently looking for a flaw. Either way, a case will cover the already unapparent blemishes. The rest fo the body of the phone looks like new, and it came with a thin protective film over the screen for temporary protection.

In regards to software, it runs smoothly and is easily updated to the latest software available for the S9. I appreciated that there are no carrier-related bloat apps. I had to manually download MyMetro because I use it to pay my montly bill, but that's the only carrier-related app it came with. It also allows me to uninstall many of Google's bloat apps, so more internal storage for me.

The phone arrived snuggly in a box along with a generic 3ft charger. This phone uses an USB-C type charger, so micro-USB cables won't fit.

This phone came fully unlocked and I was easily able to get it activated through MetroPCS.

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