Comments about Apple iPhone 6S, 64GB, Space Gray - Fully Unlocked (Renewed)

Apple iPhone 6S, 64GB, Space Gray - Fully Unlocked (Renewed)

This update to the popular iPhone 6 adds 3D Touch control which lets users deliberately choose between a light tap, a press, and a "deeper" Press, triggering a range of specific controls. Other notable additions include the Apple A9 Chipset, and a 12MP rear camera with 4K resolution video recording. Devices do not include a SIM card, headphones, original box, and a manufacturer’s warranty. This unlocked Device is being sold for use with other GSM carrier networks such as AT&T, T-Mobile. Please check with your carrier for compatibility

Comments about Apple iPhone 6S, 64GB, Space Gray - Fully Unlocked (Renewed)
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Comments :
You're probably reading comments all paranoid like I did. Lol. This is a positive review. I LOVE IT. Looks brand new. Works fast and great. If you have any questions about my experience you can contact me at my Instagram @abenaasf

I expected minor cosmetic flaws. There were none. Indistinguishable from brand new. I also expected the battery to have some wear. The phone arrived with no charge on the battery. I charged it to 100%, installed SIM card. Set up was quick and easy. Carrier Verizon. Checked battery health. To my surprise it showed 100%.

Further, the phone arrived ahead of estimated time. Well packaged including protective plastic film front and back.

Price had been my first consideration and this supplier beat all competitors.

My iPhone 6S has performed flawlessly.

Pros: exceeded my expectations.
Cons: none.

I would recommend this supplier to anyone.

So I thought I’d wait a bit after my purchase to make a review about this product because I know some things can happen later on and I didn’t want to regret rating incorrectly.

For starters, the product came exactly when it was supposed to. A+ for fast shipping. I was excited to receive my package but a little disappointed that they’d just left it in front of my door. It’s a good thing I was able to be home at the time and expecting it. I thought since it’s a phone, they’d want a sign off.

Anywho, after opening I started to inspect the phone. The screen and back appeared to have some white smudge marks on them (I still have no idea what they were) but I was able to clean it with an alcohol wipe. There also appeared to be something white completely covering the speakers and inside the charge port which put me off a bit. I became worried.

Since I’ve received the phone, the performance has been normal. No shutting off randomly, no bugging, nothing a phone shouldn’t be doing. It’s been performing completely normal as it should be and charging at a pretty good speed, especially since I use my phone for work and play. The only complaint I have there is the speakers, which don’t appear to sound very loud. Speaker phone doesn’t really help with that either. The camera works well and so does the flash. No worries there. The phone was unlocked as stated and I was able to immediately connect my phone service with it.

I haven’t dropped it yet (knocks on wood) & hopefully I won’t ever. The 6s has been my favorite version since it came out.

For the price of the phone, the overall of it is great. I would definitely recommend it to others and hopefully you’ll all get the most out of it. As for any iPhone, I also recommend purchasing a shockproof case at the same time of your phone purchase.

I hope my honest review helps any others looking to buy their phones online.

Update to the update: we are about a week shy of 5 months and the phone is working amazingly. It’s in a commuter otter box for its own protection-from my crazy rough and tumble adult son. He tears up everything, seriously. He’s a legend at the bicycle shop. Utterly destroys their heaviest framed bikes on the racks. Mag but this phone is stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh stayin’ aliiii-iive...

Update: it has been 5 weeks since this review, total of 6 in use. Not much to add to the update as the phone is performing without issue, my son is reporting no issues with functionality, battery life or anything wonky. Review remains ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! Happy to report this purchase has been and remains a positive, successful one.

Following the advice of some other reviewers I chose one with consistent, top notch reviews. I received the exact phone as listed, purchased and it arrived in mint condition, nary a flaw to be found. I’ve uploaded an unboxing video with up close views of all surfaces of the phone for your assurance of me being legit and authenticity. I do like having that option, pretty cool Amazon! This phone powered up with first attempt. It needed charged, quite low, but the non-Apple charger provided charged the phone perfectly. The phone has been in use for approximately a week now with zero issues. It immediately went into a lifeproof case for its own protection from my rough af 24yo son. We did buy the Amazon offered warranty-see note of son above lol he tries to take care but he destroys everything he touches. Lifeproof secured his last IPhone 5c from harm for almost 5 years-until he swapped to a new, more colorful non-lifeproof case. Anywho, great phone from this seller - BuySPRY

This phone arrived as in new condition. No scratches at all, the screen and back of the phone were protected with plastic as if it was a new phone. After I week of testing and using the phone, it seems to be working fine.
The phone came on time, in new condition, inside a generic box containing the USB and charger. I didn't get the pin to remove the sim card.
In my case, my phone was sold by Kanga Supply. I ended up getting a second phone to take advantage of the price and quality of the phone.
I try to be as honest as possible in my reviews since I rely on other's reviews to make my purchases. [...]

It's a 6S. And if you know anything about iphones, they did a huge leap in processing power with a new chipset when the 6S came out. I was using a 5S for years, but I was running out of space and my phone was getting slow. This was the best bang for the buck. Great value at around $200 for a lightning quick iphone and 64gb of memory.

I will say that the battery was at 80% health though when I received it, and I have had the battery drain rather quickly depending on what I am doing. I may end up replacing the battery at some point, but this was a purchase I was very happy with.

If you are trying to get the best value iphone you can right now, the 6S is it. The iphone 8 is the next big jump in processing power and features, so if you want to wait until the next gen comes out and get a refurbished iphone 8, that actually may be better value. But if you need one right now, the 6S is the way to go. Forget about iphone 7. Either get a 6S now or wait until the 8 drops in price and is a gen or two old. Then swoop in and get an 8 for cheap.

I brought my iPhone 6s from seller Chubbiestech. The only negative thing I would say was I ordered this phone with express 2 day shipping but I didn’t get in until my third day. I ordered the phone Wednesday expecting it to come Friday but it arrived Monday.

None the less, this phone is awesome. Just because I received this phone after 2 days late, the phone itself outweighs my only con. This phone was totally unlocked. The description says only GSM unlocked (AT&T and T-Mobile) but my Verizon prepaid service (CDMA) works perfectly fine with this phone. I thought I would have to switch my service but I’m glad I didn’t have to. It was very easy to set up and this phone damn near is brand new. There’s is only one little nic on the top gold part but when you put an case on it, it will hide it all.

This phone came with a generic usb charger, car charger price, phone case, sim opener, and my phone came with a screen protector already on.

I highly recommend buying from Chubbiestech.

I bought this for my son to work on Verizon. I was very pleased with what I received. Although the phone had a few dings, it was in near perfect condition. It already had a screen protector on it which was good & came with a third party phone charger. Everything went smooth during setup and it’s been working very well since then. I’m hoping it continue to stays that way.

Phone is in perfect cosmetic condition. No knicks, dings, or scratches. Screen is also perfect (no scratches, dead pixels, etc). Phone performs perfectly as well. Buying refurbished can be nerve wracking but this seller did not disappoint. Thank you!

We ordered two iPhone 6Ss. One was in extremely good condition. One was in very good condition (had a few minor flaws on one corner and there was evidence the screen was replace) which is expected with a used phone. After three days of use the batteries are holding charge and the phones are functioning as they should. Would purchase again.

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