Comments about BLU Studio Mini -5.5" HD Smartphone, 32GB+2GB RAM -Black

BLU Studio Mini -5.5 HD Smartphone, 32GB+2GB RAM -Black

Designed to inspire the user to full appreciate the compact form factor while accentuating the detail that makes the studio mini one of the most friendly smartphone to hit the market.

Comments about BLU Studio Mini -5.5" HD Smartphone, 32GB+2GB RAM -Black
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I really liked how it was such a good deal for the price. It is a very good replacement phone for me and possibly you

I honestly don't know why these aren't more popular. Let's be real here, this is a very, very good "economy" phone that rivals midgrade phones. Sure your higher end phones have metal casings, water resistance/proof, fingerprint scanner, but for those that can do without it's a crazy good steal. Seriously. $65. Brand new. Unlocked. You can't beat it. Even the low $100 models aren't even better, spec wise. It comes with a case and screen protector, which is easily a $20 value. Case in point, these are great for basic employee/kid/elderly phones. You can buy 15 of these for the same amount as any new $1000 phone, not be locked to a carrier, and don't sweat it if you lose it or it gets stolen. I wish they had aftermarket cases though, ha.

I have always used budget phones and the last Blu phone I had was the HD R1 that lasted over 16 months as my Daily phone till I dropped it the wrong way, with a case, and shattered the screen. I got an email from Blu about this model and was intrigued by the features and spec. All of Blu’s other lower end phones suck because of their specs but this one would fit the bill. I got this phone for my 9 year old son. Unfortunately he’s still in the learning stages of how to be responsible for things and broke the last Older iPhone we gave him while roller skating outside. I call this type of phone a disposable phone cause of the cost. if it breaks, it was only $60, replace it with another. Build quality is pretty good, the 3000mah battery life is awesome and lasts for days. My son has Roblox and a few games on it, he doesn’t complain that it’s slow. We also added a parent link app to where we control his screen time which is cool. Remember the price people !! Don’t give a bad review trying to compare this to a flagship phone cause it’s not !! Some complain about not having a selection of cases, duh !! It’s Blu and even other small name brand companies do NOT offer a case but be lucky Blu gives you a free one in the box with the phone !! For now it’s working well. I may just buy a couple more and have them in inventory cause they are so cheap and if one breaks, replace it. Thanks Blu for making a great replacement for the HD R1. It’s a good design with good specs.

Increíble dispositivo tiene todo o que ofrecen estoy enviando la reseña desde el teléfono, es rápido y una excelente compra por el precio ofertado ampliando recomendado y lo volvería a comprar este modelo de BLU

I got this phone for my 12 year old daughter and wanted something basic without it costing a lot. It was easy to set up and even arrived with a 60% battery charge. I was happy that it came with a screen protector and a clear case because the one I ordered did not fit. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because I can’t seem to find another case!

very nice design. Phone feels quite sturdy. I always buy BLU studios so i watch TV or so. this phone is amazing. My wife is quite happy with her gift. Lots of internal space and easy user interface. Very easy to set up. Open to all networks(unlocked phone) My wife is enjoying games on it right now!! haha

feels like a 200$ phone. glass is good and comes with everything to protect it! battery is very good last almost 2 days 8-10 hours full youtube videos all day medium low settings brightness very fast for 2gb of ram

After getting the phone and going to my provider for a nano sim.... You must run the android update to get all of the features. My phone would not allow ringtone, alarm, or notification changes until after the update completed. Other than that it's a BLU phone. It's fast enough to get the job done, relatively good reception in the house and 5 bars out side as 4G LTE. Wifi seems a bit intermittent, but the update may have fixed that too. It's a great replacement for my dead BLU Studio X+ I've had for years.

It was a great product but seemed to stop charging? Can I send it back and receive a new one?

Wow! A great buy for the price.l had the phone for a few weeks and I am throughly pleased with it. It charges perfectly.l love the quality of the camera and the internal storage is worthy of mention.

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