Comments about UMIDIGI A3 Unlocked Phones Android 9.0 with 5.5" Screen 16GB+2GB Ram - Triple Slot, 2 NanoSIMs+Micro-SD 12MP + 5MP Dual Camera 3300mAh Battery Global Version Unlocked Smartphones - Space Gray

UMIDIGI A3 Unlocked Phones Android 9.0 with 5.5 Screen 16GB+2GB Ram - Triple Slot, 2 NanoSIMs+Micro-SD 12MP + 5MP Dual Camera 3300mAh Battery Global Version Unlocked Smartphones - Space Gray
TRIPlE SLOT - 2 NanoSIMs+Micro-SD.UMIDIGI added a triple tray for the UMIDIGI A3 unlocked smartphones, meaning you don't have to choose between having 2 SIMs or 1 SIM and 1 Micro-SD. Now you can carry both your SIM cards and expand the storage of the phone up to 256 extra GBs using a Micro-SD card! Store more, delete less. No need to separate your life into two cell phones.
Worldwide Frequencies Support - UMIDIGI A3 cheap unlocked phones is equipped with Dual 4G VoLTE technology, which brings benefits such as a high data throughput performance, more reliable coverage, lower power consumption and a consistent HD call quality when you make calls via either cellular connection or using your datas. This phone is unlocked it will be compatible with all GSM network in US including AT&T, Cricket, Straight Talk, NET10, T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Simple Mobile, Google Project Fi a
12MP + 5MP Dual Camera - UMIDIGI A3 Cell Phones With the 5.5" advanced in-cell technology full-screen display, brilliant color, and remarkable clarity are just basics.1440 x 720-pixel resolution offers frameless image and better video experience.12MP+5MP dual-camera setup for the rear camera can capture beautiful scenes easily. which can capture shoots with richer colors and less noise. 8 MP for the front camera can meet all your self shooting needs.
Package Content - 1x Phone, 1x Screen Protector (pre-applied), 1x Phone Case, 1x Type-C Cable, 1x US Power Adapter, 1x SIM Tray Ejector, 1x Quick Start Guide
1-YEAR WARRANTY FOR FREE - Comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. also 1-year warranty from UMIDIGI. Just contact UMIDIGI customer service if any issues happened. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Comments about UMIDIGI A3 Unlocked Phones Android 9.0 with 5.5" Screen 16GB+2GB Ram - Triple Slot, 2 NanoSIMs+Micro-SD 12MP + 5MP Dual Camera 3300mAh Battery Global Version Unlocked Smartphones - Space Gray
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Comments :
This phone (as the title says) is aimed at the budget consumer. At a $79.99 price you cannot expect a Samsung Note 9 but you can still get a decent budget friendly phone with some nice features you'd probably not expect on a phone at this price point. A few months back I bought my wife the Umidigi A1 Pro for $99.99 and at $20 less this is closely similar to that phone. So onto the specs of this phone...

The CPU is the same as on the A1 Pro - MediaTek MT6739 (Quad-core 1.5GHz), 2 GB RAM, 16 GB Storage, Running Android 8.1 (Oreo), Dual SIM (Nano) and dedicated spot for Micro SD card (so you can have two sims AND a SD card if desired), 3300mAh battery, Back Camera setup is 12MP + 5MP and front shooter is 8MP, Screen/Display is 5.5 inches HD+ 18:9 ratio 1440*720, FPS on back.

First thing is make sure you get a decent SD Card to add to the internal storage of 16GB. I bought a 64GB Class 10 rated with 90MB/s read (although I don't think I am getting that with this phone). Reason you want a decent SD card with good read/write speeds is because it WILL impact performance. I knew this from my experience with the A1 Pro; we tried using an older SD card and the phone was extremely slow until I replaced with a better SD card. Even so there are going to be some tasks that are slow. I noticed mainly my email apps are slow. I tried with and without the SD card and still same results. Strangely other apps like Temple Run (tried just to get an idea if performance was system wide or just specific apps) ran fine. Using Chrome browser also seemed fine but Slack at times seemed a bit slow but not as slow as the email. For email I used both the include Google Mail app and BlueMail. I tried a few games that seem fine although load times may take a bit of a while. I did not try anything like PUBG as this phone simply is not designed to handle such intensive games and those would also require you to have a good high speed connection. Speaking of connection, I don't seem to have any issues with WiFi, Bluetooth or Mobile. I'm still early on with my purchase but I'll update if anything changes.

I wasn't expecting much with this phone being $79.99. Thought images would just look like older Standard Def pictures. But they are not actually too bad and I've included 3 pictures that I took with the phone. There is a normal mode and a Depth of Focus that blurs the background (more of a radius - so middle section clear and everything else is blurred). There is a beauty mode that I'm not too crazy about, it adjust the facial appearance and to me it seemed to "squeeze" the head if you wanted a narrower look or other such adjustments. I'd probably stick to "normal" mode although the selfie also has "stickers" you can add to have some fun. The video I shot with the phone was so-so when moving and filming and even the post processing to "steady" the shot seemed to actually make a bit worse. But when stationary and taking a video it as not too bad and the mic really picked up the sound very well. I also used the camera for Messenger and it worked fine - I know my wife says her family cannot understand her when she uses the A1 Pro so this may actually have been approved on the A3?

It's not really too bad - considering it's a $79.99 phone. I've surfed the internet, watched YouTube videos, recorded and watched my own for this review and the display is a decent display. I did select the 720p for YouTube while viewing just to see if there would be any issue and there wasn't.

So who should buy this phone? Obviously it's a budget phone for those who mainly need a mobile but not all the bells and whistles that the higher price phones have. If you're not a heavy gamer, don't need a ton of "extras" and just need a phone that works, is connected and can take a decent photo then this phone may work for you. Likewise if you need a backup occasionally or want a cheaper phone for a child (who may lose the phone) then this will work for you. I do have a more powerful phone on the way but until it arrives I will be using this one to get more familiar with it and update this review as needed.

Some additional notes:
Using a LG Mobile SD Card 64GB. Phone uses micro usb connection for data transfer and charging. Single speaker on bottom of phone. Does have the 3.5mm jack. Volume rocker and power button on right side with sim tray on left side. FPS on back of phone. Package included US power brick/wall adapter, usb cord, pre-installed screen protector, case, sim ejector, instruction booklet and of course the handset itself. Also, phone does have a LED notification light. Phone received an OTA update out the box with October 5, 2018 security patch (Android version 8.1.0)

I bought this phone because I was looking for the cheapest smartphone that wasn't tied to a contract. I'm looking at getting my parents new phones and this one seemed to fit all I was looking for, so I ordered one to test it out for myself to see. Needless to say, I love it! Compared to my Honor 7x the UMIDIGI A3 holds up pretty darn well, so much so that I wish I bought this one and saved $80 so I could get some nice headphones. Now, this isn't a leading "flagship" phone so don't expect super HD gaming and Fortnite streaming, but if you want a solid, good looking, solid smartphone this one might be up your alley, especially if you have smaller hands and hate reaching to hit the darn apps on the screen of the massive smartphones out there today. After a week with it I'll be buying another for my parents for Christmas. I'd probably recommend this most to someone heading overseas and does not want to take the main handset with them, older parents and grandparents, and especially for kids who tend to beat up their belongings. Plus, you can upgrade to something else next next and not feel left out as $80 for a years worth of use pays for itself in my book. I'm hoping to update this review early in 2019 and let people know how the phones hold up from standard use.

A choppy performance but for 70$, it’s very worth it... I picked this up because i was curious as to how a phone at this price point would be... so I used it for a day... I must say, I was impressed! The phone feels premium and well constructed... glass front and back!? Nice.. headphone jack?! Great!! Great resolution as well... only thing is the performance is sluggish... very sluggish.. but in all honesty, that’s not a reason to not get it if yr low on funds or just need a replacement.. or a phone for a child.: stock android is a nice touch and I played Pokémon Go with no problem.. as far as network, no issues.. popped my sim in and was golden. I use Cricket by the way.. only thing is that when you pick up LTE, the phone registers 4G with a second “4G” above it...but I got download speeds of 60 mbps.. as far as camera quality it’s honestly not bad either.. I was impressed with a dual set up... bokeh effect however didn’t seem legit.. only 16 gbs of on board storage but expandable with micro sd.. yeah if you go with a contract you can get a way better device.. but for 70$, you really can’t beat this

Having used this phone for a week I can say that it is great.
The screen is large and bright.
It is fast and responsive.
The fingerprint reader is accurate and quick.
The camera is good.
Comes with a nice case and screen protector.
Has some nice additions like notification led and compass.

I have only one very minor suggestion, they should make it easier to remove the covering film from the screen protector maybe by adding a tear away strip between the screen protector and the film itself. I accidentally removed the entire protector trying to remove the covering film.

Just a few days passed since I bought the phone, but I have something to say already. First of all, this is a cheap phone and it explains everything- like it has a camera(of course), but the quality is not what you expect, it close to iPhone 4 if you remember how bad or good it was. Secondarily it's slow, you probably won't be able to play cool games on the phone, even use some new apps. But despite all that things, it's a good affordable phone. And if you don't need all those fancy stuff, this would be a good phone that can make decent pictures. In addition, the design is great!
Almost forgot, the phone comes with really nice case.

I bought my mom a z2 my brother a z2 pro and my neighbor an one pro. I now own the a3. this little phone packs a punch and feels so premium. umidigi is able to out do themselves so quickly its amazing. the calls are clear and the dual volte makes it easy to use both my lines...especially since it has room for both sims and an micro sd card. what a bargain!!

It's OK at best. ( UPDATE.. It's definitely better than OK as I'm still using it and it's been reliable) It is pretty amazing how technology moves so quickly these days... Buy something two weeks ago and it's already outdated by the time you power it up for the first time. This phone is great for the price. But it sure feels like it's a product of assembling components built from an overabundance of parts left behind by the times.. the experience is comparable to an older phone that should be running a much older version of Android.... but automatically updated to newer versions of Android slowing the phone down with a bunch on silly features you don't really need.
The face detection is fun too. I set it up on myself.. I have a beard.. it kept saying I can't have anything on my face.. then accepted my face anyway. But then I tried unlocking it a few times and it worked 3 out of 10.. so I pointed it at a magazine cover with a photo of Patrick Swayze.. and Bam.. it unlocked 10 out of ten. So I pointed it at my girlfriend.. and magic.. it unlocked.. how funny.
It's honestly great that they can put something like this together for under 70 bucks.. but It's a backup phone at best. (Update... Used Daily since purchased)
My intent was to find a good budget primary phone but I think I would be much happier with an older Galaxy.. especially the older rootable versions. Maybe I'll try installing a much lighter OS on the A3 and see how that goes..
Update.. Raised the review to 4 stars.. once I took the time to to get rid of everything I didn't need and added an SD card.. I'm really liking this phone.. can't beat that price either!.. update.. it's still going strong.. im using a different launcher and unloaded any unnecessary apps.. and what an improvement! I'm actually going to stick with this phone until it craps out.. it's not fast.. it's not a flagship.. but it's been damn solid and reliable..

Update. Still using this phone! I've dropped it countless times, gotten it wet a couple of times,. And it's still working reliably... I'm upgrading my "OK AT BEST" to "IMPRESSIVE FOR CHEAP".

For $75 this is a bargain. Purchased this phone for travel since my old one is not 4g capable.
The phone is responsive (ofcause not like an iPhone but darn good). The screen resolution is pretty good. The screen is bright and I had to turn it down to 10% brightness. I like the case that come with it, it does provide a good grip. Did not see a screen protector in the box! The battery life is really pretty decent but it does take a little longer to charge. The one concern is the SD/Sim slot, a little flimsy so becarefull when adding/removing sim. The finger print reader is quite nice and work really well. Add 32gb class 10 SD card and format it as internal memory and this work seamlessly. The phone call work good and the sound quality is not bad. This phone also have WiFi AC so a nice plus.
Overall for the money this is a great value for a 4G GSM unlocked phone. Can’t say how durable it will be yet but if you take care of it should provide a decent usable life.

I was looking for a phone that can be used for Metro PCS this works great on their Network. The quality is great and I had someone comment on this phone as they thought it was an iPhone XR. Takes a regular nano sim card and it is a heavy phone as in it feels like good quality and has great design. I bought this for $69.99 and it is worth that price. Does not come with bloat ware and it comes with a case and a screen protector.

It is impressive how the quality of "Chinese" cell phones have improved. I bought some XIAOMI and they have not dismissed me. They have nothing to envy to the big brands like SAMSUNG and IPHONE. Now I am testing with UMIDIGI to make a gift. The first impression he gives me is of a well-built cell phone with a nice aesthetic for $ 65 (with screen protector and case included). Honestly, I do not believe that someone will find a cell phone with fingerprints, facial unlocking, double rear camera, 5.5 "screen.

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TRIPlE SLOT - 2 NanoSIMs+Micro-SD.UMIDIGI added a triple tray for the UMIDIGI A3 unlocked smartphones, meaning you don't have to choose between having 2 SIMs or 1 SIM and 1 Micro-SD.Now you can carry both your SIM cards and expand the storage of the phone up to 256 extra GBs using a Micro-SD card!
【6.2 Inch 19:9 FHD+ Display】 UMIDIGI Z2 adopts 19:9 full screen and borderless design, making the screen occupy 90% of the screen, leaving your vision out of bondage, seeing more, and being more immersive. UMIDIGI Z2 gets bigger screen and slimmer body,and 6.2inch size can still fits
【Strong performance: Heilo P23; 4 GB + 32 GB; Latest operating system; Android 8.1】 The UMIDIGI One is equipped with 8xCortex-A53 2.0GHz Helio P23 processor and can easily handle your daily tasks. The 700 MHz ARM Mali G71 MP2 GPU increases gaming and video performance and reduces power
в?… гЂђCoolest Oreo experienceгЂ‘The umidigi a1 pro unlocked cell phones equipped with the MT6739 processor (1.5GHz quad-core) you will experience the newest Android 8.1 stick with more enjoyment and enjoyment. With 3GB ROM there is no difficulty in playing games, running multiple task or handing