Comments about BLU Vivo XL5-6.3" HD Display Smartphone, 64GB+ 3GB RAM- Black

BLU Vivo XL5-6.3 HD Display Smartphone, 64GB+ 3GB RAM- Black

The BLU Vivo XL5 is designed with state of the art finish, incorporating a pattern with Gradient effect trough film. This precise texture layout with vivid color distribution results in metallic cover that is second to none. Paired with a mirror like metal finish on the middle housing that blends to give the device a super slim profile.

Comments about BLU Vivo XL5-6.3" HD Display Smartphone, 64GB+ 3GB RAM- Black
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Comments :
Bought this for my wife, she was in need of a new phone and doesn't like to spend a lot. There's nothing she hates about it, absolutely loves the dual cameras, dual sim and the amazing picture quality. So far no issues and honestly I doubt there will be. I'm in need of a phone soon and most likely I'll be purchasing one for myself as well.

I didn’t notice the screen was not 1080p, which is pretty good considering how clear the screen was, didn’t see any pixels. I also liked the leather design on the back. What I didn’t like was that it uses Micro-USB, and the speakers and included headphones weren’t great. Personal headphones work better, it’s just the included headphones in the box that I didn’t like and the speaker wasn’t as clear as I wanted to be. Other than that, the cameras were pretty good, although a hit or miss with in low light situations. Overall it’s a great budget phone with a few flaws.

This phone is worth every penny. It's not worth buying a Samsung get this phone. Best phone on Amazon!!!

Very good product

Love it. I have an iPhone XR and use this phone for a backup, but actually I’ve been using it more than my iPhone.

My girl has a Galaxy S8+ which I like very much but I didn't want to spend that much on a work phone that will probably get broken within the first year of use. So I started looking at the lower budget phones with decent specs that would get me somewhere between a great S8+ and a good higher end budget phone quality. This phone has done just that, it has enough memory, ram, camera quality, and stylish look to satisfy my needs. The battery life is outstanding as well! I added a 64gb sd card to store more stuff and loaded a few essential apps for my work and the phone has performed above my expectations so far. I do wish there were some good cases with built in screen protector for it but otherwise I am very happy with this phone!

So far so good! The screen is beautiful and I love the cameras. I had no issue connecting to my wifi ( reviews for the xl4 stated they had issues connecting with Xfinity). The fingerprint scanner works good. You can also cast to your tv or whatnot with ease. The earbuds are pretty basic but is a nice gift to include. I personally hate struggling with the screen protectors but they might be useful to you. All in all this is a solid phone and I do recommend it.

Great product for the price, fast, beautiful screen, really can't complain

Very impressed

It's a good phone guys. Very comfortable, slim, big screen, nice to touch. Battery holds for a long time. Another words - who will buy this thing, wouldn't regret. I like it very much 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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