Comments about BLU G9 Pro -6.3” Full HD Smartphone with Triple Main Camera, 128GB+4GB Ram -Nightfall

BLU G9 Pro -6.3” Full HD Smartphone with Triple Main Camera, 128GB+4GB Ram -Nightfall

The G9 Pro makes a loud statement as how far the BLU Brand has come with its ever-gorgeous Twilight pattern design. With a premium glass Black cover that is both elegant and nice metallic middle housing, The G9 Pro is a one above the rest.

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Context -- I'm old, crotchety, cheap, and don't take selfies.

This is a fantastic phone and a fantastic value. Upon unboxing, I was struck at how nice it looks. It appears high end. Also, the extras in the box were a pleasant surprise. Now I always buy cheap, so maybe this is more standard than I know. First off, 3.5mm headphones. Hey, you have the jack, might as well. Then I noticed it came with a cheap, clear case. Yay! Free! I don't have to buy a case. Then I noticed it came with a screen protector! Hey! Don't have to buy one of those either! Too easy. $200 all-in for a phone, case, screen protector, and headphones.

Set-up and transferring apps/info was easy peasy. Phone is quick, responsive, and I like the particular feel of this phone's haptic feedback. I was switching over to T-Mobile (U.S. customer) and was concerned that this phone does not support all T-Mobile 4G bands. T-Mobile 4G is covered on bands 2, 4, 5, 12, 66, 71. This phone does not support 66 and 71. 4 out of 6 is apparently good enough. I'm in a city and have yet to be without 4G LTE coverage. Also took a trip up and down the east coast this weekend and those missing bands didn't seem to be an issue at all.

As for the phone's specs, it simply can't be beat at this price. I wanted a phone with lots of memory (128 gb, check), snappy performance (good chip and 4 gb ram, check), and decent battery life (4000 mAh battery when most phones in this price range have a 3000 mAh, so check). So far, it performs great. No issues, no hiccups, no slowdown.

The biggest con of this phone is the lack of NFC, but I don't care. I also don't care about the gimmicky three camera set up, nor do I buy the marketing ploy that the three cameras can form a Voltron-style 96 mb camera. Next time, Blu, one camera (or two cameras at most if you just can't help yourself) and add NFC. I'd also like it to be waterproof but I mean, it's $200. I'd love if it printed money and gave me back massages, but at this price I'm all good.

Ultimately it's a smart phone and it does what a smart phone is supposed to do without any issues. And I have never been able to say that about any other phone I've owned. You won't find a better phone at this price. You probably won't find a better phone for twice the price.

Thank you! I am enjoying Pokemon Master on this New Blu G9 pro! Works Perfectly and runs the game very fast without lag or errors!

Overall for the price of the phone it is a great phone. There are a few things that I wish they had better but mostly great.

1. Great battery life- if I don't use it it can last for 2 days. Even with heavy non stop all day use I can get 6-7 hours
2: screen-good quality hd screen with bright colors
3: Android 9 pie- comes with almost stock Android hopefully gets Android 10 update like blu says (we shall see cause they haven't updated any other phones)
4: cameras: they are good for what your paying for. Comes out clear for most part and has a night camera.
5: speaker: gets pretty loud and kind of clear for the most part, again for what your paying it's good.
6: performance is good and rarely any lag, however I wish they had a 6gb RAM option. It's great with 128gb storage.
7: fingerprint scanner- it's responsive and quick majority of the time
1:Feel-the phone looks great, however its built with mostly hard plastic and feels so light that it seems fake in a way. I wish the phone was a little wider, it's slightly to skinny for me (personal preference)
2: face unlock: it's not bad but not good either, it's works in the light but not in dark and take 1-2 seconds to work.
3: longevity??- idk how long this phone will last before it starts to get glitchy or crap out. I have had it for a little under a week and it's fine, but we shall see.
4: Case- there are no other cases for now other then the one it comes with. Hopefully that's a temporary problem because usually blu phones get 1 or 2 cases per phone.

This isn't a great phone but it's good compared to all phones. However for 200 it's a great phone. The take away is if your looking for a good phone thats cheap this is your phone. For under 200 I don't think you can find a better phone that's brand new. You get alot for what you pay for.

Just received my phone yesterday so this is after 24 hours of reviewing. More reviews of this phone to come later. The Blu G9 Pro is a great Budget Phone bringing great features to the table that you would find in Flagship devices. Screen HD+ is very clean and vibrant. The speed of the phone is right where you would expect however it seems that there are some tweaks in the backend to help along with the MediaTek processor. Like others, I wish this phone had NFC capability but is not a deal-breaker. The cameras are great with some really good photos however the video quality when recording video is not so great, however, there is a silver lining and this mostly due to not the physical hardware but software. Because this phone recently was just released I feel that some software tweaking will help the camera part significantly as you can get different results with other camera apps. Now keep in mind, this is fairly new on the market and so the software side of this does feel a little RC or Beta (as I could tell right from the setup process when Android Setup kept crashing) and feels similar to when Apple releases Beta iOS software as well as Android Beta. I think in a few months once some of the bugs are ironed out and Blu releases updates to this phone. I also noticed a little bit of lag in receiving texts and sending them via the messaging app (not all the time but its there depending on how low your signal is, this could be a carrier issue however as well). The bottom facing speaker is loud and mostly clear, it does sound like the audio is shooting one way instead of providing somewhat of that atmosphere sound to make it seem like the audio is shooting up towards you (something else software tweaks to Android can do) All in all, build quality is great and bonus case and tempered glass was excellent and very thoughtful from Blu. This was my first Blu device as in the past I felt Blu was always the very low budget phones but it is going to be nice to keep an eye on whats coming out with Blu and how they will compete in the midrange category, I would be very interested in reviewing other devices from Blu.

More reviews after a few weeks will be coming.

Great phone I brought this after my vivo xl4 screen cracked. I Wish it had 6gb of RAM and inferred and also a real front flash. But for the price definitely a great phone.

I love Blu products regardless what people have to say about them quality products and a great price

Solid phone for the price. I'm a big Motorola fan for the price and software of their phones. I would say this definitely rivals G7 series phones. I don't know why people always have to start comparing a $200-$250 phone to one that is two to three times is price. What do you expect from a $250 phone? This is a great value. Solid processor with ample ram. Cameras are pretty good to. Good size battery too. If you like Motorola phones give this one a shot. Overall really nice looking phone and great value.

I got this new BLU G9 Pro Today (09/05/2019) and I found its default charger (with BLU tag on) is fault since it can not charge the new phone. Luckily I have two charger from my Huawei Honor 8, so I can use all of them to charge my new phone. I will try its wireless charging function in near future. Ear wire line( Stereo Headset) is rough and it has no volume up and down option. Luckily I have one ear wire headset from Galaxy S5 so I can use it for my new phone.
In general I think the ratio of performance and price of this type of phone is acceptable for me.

it arrived on time so far i really like it takes getting used to because i had a honor 6x for 2 years until the phone started acting up so i looked around and saw this and it was a toss up between this blu g9 pro or the samsung A 20 I the phone charges really fast it comes with a charger phone cover and screen protocter really nice color they did a great job i really hope my phone lasts and from now on i will always keep a screen protcer and phone cover on it i also seen this phone a differnt site for 249 thank god for amazon i help this is helpful i really love the phone

the only downfall about this phone is there are no cases yet LOL too new of a phone
a maor step up for the company and for some who wants a lower priced phone with some flagship stats on for the phone

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