Comments about Samsung Galaxy S9+ Unlocked - 64gb - Midnight Black - US Warranty (Renewed)

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Unlocked - 64gb - Midnight Black - US Warranty (Renewed)

This Galaxy S9 Plus is Certified Refurbished. It is 100% functional and in near perfect cosmetic condition with the possibility of a few light hair marks. It will NOT come in its original packaging but will include a certified cable and UL approved power adapter. Headsets, SIM card and manual are NOT included. This Galaxy S9 Plus is fully functional with T-Mobile, AT&T and all other GSM networks. It will NOT work on Sprint, Verizon, Boost, Virgin Mobile or any other CDMA network.

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Product is good like its new. No difference from a new one! Fast arrived on good condition

Phone works great! Got mine from ElectronicDeals. No cracks, scratches, software issues whatsoever. I was honestly really hesitant to buy a refurbished phone but I ended up taking the risk and was not mostly not disappointed.

I only had one problem with the phone as a whole: The "unlocked" part:

When I got the phone I was using MetroPCS but the phone was only half unlocked by Sprint. I was still able to get it activated under Metro and use their service, but signal felt iffy and there was a constant, annoying Sprint OMADM notification in my notification bar. It was out of Metro's hands so I took it to a local Sprint store. They said the only thing they could do was put in a request to get it fully unlocked. They got my number and phone information and I left. Unsatisfied, I decided to try another local Sprint store in the city. The guy at this store said the same thing but he helped me out a bit more. He explained that switching to Sprint would more than likely get rid of notification and improve the service connection. Naturally I was a bit weary about the offer due to being with MetroPCS for long without any problems and he may just be telling me this to make a sale. My worry quickly faded when he told me I would only be paying $25 a month with unlimited everything and I can leave anytime with no strings attached. Like buying the phone in the first place I was hesitant, but ultimately decided to give it a shot. He was right in telling me it would take away the annoying notification and my service is better than ever.

Overall, while it all worked out me me in the end, you may want to try to contact the seller before buying just to make sure the phone is 100% unlocked. And if it's not, try to get as much information as possible about so you can unlocked it yourself or at the very least match it up with your current service provider.

Very pleased with my phone. It looks and so far operates like new. I am still learning about all the features. Best way to buy a phone without months of payments.

I cannot see any flaws wrong w the phone i was sent. I ordered a CERTIFIED manufactured phone a week before this review was uploaded. Saved me half the price on a BRAND NEW s9+
Thr phone came in excellent condition, I slapped an otterbox case on the phone, and I use it for business.

It is as advertised: I am using it with T mobile 0 issues. I simply removed simcard from old phone, inserted it into this one, no issues. Started working right away.

Tip for the newbies who buy this phone and have been giving a low low rating because they dont know what they are doing: message or ask the seller which carriers this works for and ask if the carrier you want to use this phone for, will work with this phone.

I am glad I took a chance.

Edit: 4/4/19
Phone still working.
Samsung took away the extra call volume button on phone calls, and replaced it with something else entirely which i dont even use, latest version of android for this phone. You suck samsung.

Phone is still functioning great.
Phone is amazing and very satisfied. I am glad i took the risk out of all odds and got this phone. 5/5 stars.

Shipping was fast and I received phone in a nice white box , quickly opened it , it came with a usb charger, a usb to ac adapter and a charger to charger adapter for uploading your old files. I was surprised to find not a single discrepancy with the refurbished phone and I’m really pleased with my purchase!

Looks brand new spanking new!!! No problems whatsoever but didn't like it didn't have any or the original headphones

Maybe I just got really lucky, but the S9+ that I recieved was in perfect condition with zero signs of wear anywhere. I was a little disappointed that the charger was aftermarket (Sharkk branded AC-to-USB plug/brick/block - which I'm actually a fan of the brand) as there are some odd situations where Samsung products nag for Samsung branded/approved charging devices. There was NO literature about the phone, nor anything like phones included in the box, etc. My main gripe is there was no "ejector tool" for opening up the sim card/SD card "slot bracket" - How are you going to use an unlocked phone without needing this tool? The ejector tools are crazy cheap as you can bulk buy 100+ of them for around $8 on Amazon, though I feel like this is all the more reason to toss one in the box. If the ejector tool came with this refurb-ed phone, I would have certainly given the seller 5 stars, though. The phone was in perfect condition, well packaged and at least there was a fast-charge capable USB+Charger block of some kind included in the "white label" box that it arrived in. I'm not disappointed at all with the actual phone itself for the amount paid. If you don't already have one, I'd recommend buying an ejector tool with this phone purchase too though. Especially if you are using some of SIM card thats from a less popular carrier service like TextNow, FreedomPop or anytime you're order a SIM from the web somewhere.

Thrilled with this purchase, activated on Metro PCS within 4 minutes. Beautiful condition! I definitely would not hesitate to buy from this seller again!

6/4/2019 - My S9+ arrived about a week ago in a generic box and operates and looks almost new. No real issues as of yet but I did notice the battery seems to have a little less capacity (drops a few % immediately after taking off charger) than my other TM S9+. Not sure how well included charger works since I primarily use wireless charging base. Great value compared to buying from TM!!! Also, note the warranty is only for 90 days so test all functions asap.

Exelent phone total new it's come with the charger

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