Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Factory Unlocked Phone with 6.4" Screen and 128GB (U.S. Warranty), Midnight Black

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Factory Unlocked Phone with 6.4 Screen and 128GB (U.S. Warranty), Midnight Black
The largest battery in a Note, ever. When you have a long-lasting battery, you really can go all day and all night.
The Note9 has twice as much storage as the Note8, which means more music, more videos, more pictures, and less worry when it comes to space on your phone.
The Note9 gives you a quick network connection for incredibly fast streaming and downloading, so you can do more, uninterrupted.
Still amazing on screen, but now the S-Pen has more power off screen. Remotely control different applications and use the S pen to capture shots from far away, scroll, and play music.
At 6.4", the Note9 has the largest screen of any Galaxy phone. Perfect for gaming and streaming, our Super AMOLED display is bigger than ever before.

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Comments / reviews:
Very happy with the phone. I am writing this for Verizon customers. The phone is Unlocked, but the Verizon system does not always recognize the IMEI number. I went to the local Verizon store, and the computer would not allow the employee to start the process. I went home, contacted Amazon about the issue, and was set up with a replacement. As I did more research on if even a replacement would work, I found a link on the Verizon Support Site where you can manually enter an IMEI number and it will tell you if it is compatible. I did, and was told my phone was a perfect match. I went back to the store and passed this on to the employee. He tried two more times, both bar code and manually entering the numbers. No luck. He suggested that since the online support site said it was good, maybe dialing *611 and speaking with a tech would help. This was a good suggestion. I explained the situation, gave the tech the IMEI code, and off it went. There were several more steps, one involving the serial number of the SIM Card that would be going in the new phone, but he was able to input the phone in the system. About 25, 30 minutes later, it was all done. I hurried back to cancel the replacement phone. Very good customer service from both Amazon and Verizon.
Hope this saves someone else from trying to decide, is it the phone, is it the wireless provider?

1. Great performance, everything feels snappy with SD 845 and 6/8 GB RAM.
2. Best screen on a phone, seriously you can't go wrong with how great the screen looks.
3. Battery life, finally Samsung stepped up by putting a large 4000 mAh battery and it shows. Gets full day battery easily and obviously this depends on individual use. But out of all the phones I have owned this year, Note 9 is at the top in terms of battery life.
4. Samsung experience UI finally isn't a bad experience. It's always been full of features but performance wise there was always something missing. They have been improving on this every iteration, it was already great on S9 series and you can expect same out of Note 9.
5. S Pen, personally not a big user of this but I do like the additional features they have added this year.
6. Fingerprint sensor moved to a decent location compared to Note 8. Intelligent face unlock works great but still prefer fingerprint sensor for fast unlocking.
7. Still has a headphone jack and no notch since these two are the most controversial things currently in tech circle.
8. High internal storage option. Love that Samsung has increased the base storage to 128 GB and even provide an option for 512 GB.

1. Camera, I don't want to give an impression this camera is thrash. This is top of the line camera and easily in top 5 but not my preferred. I still like the pixel 2 XL or iPhone X camera. If you are coming from an older phone this is a great upgrade on camera but for the price I still wanted Samsung to take a big leap in photography which they haven't.
2. Price, you can say you get what you pay for. But let's be honest this is one expensive phone and definitely not the best value out there. You will be paying a lot of premium for the features so if you are looking value for money, this isn't the phone.
3. Still Oreo 8.1 and probably not going to get Android P anytime soon. Probably normal users and hardcore Samsung fans don't care about this one bit since they say it already has all the features they want. I agree to some extent but would definitely like Samsung to be little more better in update timelines for their phones. Monthly security updates are decent and sometimes depends on your region/carrier etc.

Overall, highly recommend this phone. If you are thinking paying close to $800 for a phone I wouldn't hesitate to recommend spending another $200 or more to get this instead.

The phone is great! Its fast and my battery lasted pretty long on half charge right out of the box. Highly customizable as well. Such a huge difference from my v20. One gripe though. My s pen when I click for it to come out, it gets stuck. So I have to use my finger to push more or wiggle it until it comes out. It also happens when I reinsert it into the phone and push it in. I don't like that. Makes me think its gonna stay like that one day. Refer to the photo with the clicker all the way down on the s pen.

Update: I ended up returning the whole phone and received a replacement with no charge. It was inconvenient, but it was the only way to get this resolved.The new pen works without any problems. 5 stars now.

Amazing phone. I just dislike how many things need permission. I had to give permission just to use voice to text... Of course that has nothing to do with the phone itself (thats an app).

THE STYLUS IS A REMOTE CONTROL THAT YOU CAN USE AWAY FROM THE PHONE. The battery just doesnt die. Ever. I bought it weeks ago and I have only charged it 4 times. Literally I only have to charge it once every 4 days with light usage. I am definitely pleased with the purchase and still figuring out the phone so I cant really review all of its finer points. It definitely runs like a computer and has seamless transition between all apps. No loading or delays. It is sleek and worth every penny. I think I will be using this for more than 10 years just like I did with my note 3.

Let's get this out of the way: It's expensive, I bought the 512GB version (for the 8gb ram); For all of that expense, I wish Samsung would just let us have the choice of what to do with the Bixbi button out of the box instead of having to download BxActions to remap it. Samsung already has our money, funneling customers right into the Samsung revenue stream just seems greedy. Having said all that, none of that is insurmountable, just mildly annoying.
I've given a lot of the Samsung software features a chance and to be honest there's more to like than dislike.
Launcher: I really miss the Google Feed from my Pixel XL and getting out of the habit of sliding over to the left to access it is tough to break; I just remapped (with BxActions) my Bixbi key to the Google Feed, but am using the Samsung launcher with a nice dark theme. The app drawer, the Samsung calendar, homescreens, all are very nice and smooth.
Edge Apps: I just discovered today that you can use the Edge launcher app to have an easily-accessible home row of apps without having to dump out the Home Screen from whatever app you're in to launch into another app.
Gallery: The editing features built into the Gallery app is top-notch and pretty easy to use.
S-Pen: This is the reason you buy a Note, and this version of the S-Pen is the best yet; Screen Off-Memo and the accompanying Samsung Notes application is so natural and instinctive to use; Yank out the S-Pen while the screen is off and start writing, everything is auto-saved; gorgeous!
Keyboard: I didn't think anything topped the G-Board, but with a little bit of tweaking to your liking, the Samsung keyboard is phenomenal; I find that it's far smarter to suggest common words that Gboard, has a nice floating keyboard option for games, and when you pull out your S-Pen, it flips to a very capable handwriting interface...I've started using this to take notes which are quickly and accurately transcribed into text in any app.
The camera is fast and competent, with LOTS of features...If you spend a lot of time in the camera tweaking settings, this will keep you occupied for a while.
Finally there's Dex mode, which I've found to be JUST ABOUT as good a replacement for a desktop machine. Google Docs and Office 365 are present and accounted for and work well, the Chrome browser switches to a tabbed mode in Dex mode, and multi-tasking is adequate, but not perfect. You can even play games with mouse and keyboard! It's not PERFECT, of course, you're still running mobile apps, some of which refuse to play nice on a desktop setting, but they work well for the most part, and for my use cases, fulfills 90% of what I need a home desktop for. I haven't tried any series IDE work or video editing with Dex, but the apps are there, ready to be used.
All of this great stuff is wrapped up in a beautiful metal-and-glass package with battery life that lasts all day, a beautiful 6.5" 1440p screen with the deepest possible blacks and bright, vibrant colors, and stereo speakers that pack a punch in such a small package. Samsung really went all-out on the hardware of this device, and I'm looking forward to making it my main computing platform.

Love this phone
I upgraded from the Note4
Absolutely fabulous

The specs speak for themselves. I dug the pre- order deal. More than $500.00 retail worth of extra goodies was nice. Thanks Samsung! This was my 2nd Samsung since the Note 2... from way back. Upgraded from the LG V10, which I had for a few years. If you upgrade once every few years like I do.... might as well get a good one. And few, if any, are better than the Note 9 IMO. Oh yeah... I love being carrier agnostic. Factory unlocked rocks! Peace and love.

My phone cost more than my laptop. Phones are way overpriced for paying out of pocket. If you're paying for the phone without a contract give the consumer a break.

I also have the iPhone Xs Max and I have to say that phone does not use the big screen AT ALL. No picture-in-picture, no dual screens. Heck, you can't even do full screen video unlike the Note 9. The Note 9 does it all and with a pen. If I had to rely on only one phone for the next few years, I would choose the Note 9.

My wife had the Samsung Notes since the 3 came out, and have all of them so far, she loves it, and would not change to other brands, super fast phone, and the pen just makes it easy for her to draw and work, also Samsung has multiple free apps that I have to purchase if I want to have or use in my Iphone X

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