Reviews Apple iPhone 6S, GSM Unlocked, 64GB - Rose Gold (Refurbished)

Apple iPhone 6S, GSM Unlocked, 64GB - Rose Gold (Refurbished)

This update to the iPhone 6 upgrades the camera to 12 megapixels, bumps up the processor power, and adds a pressure-sensitive screen with haptic feedback. Other features are similar to the 6, including its rounded metal design, NFC, fingerprint reader, Siri voice assistant, front camera

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TLDR: Great phone, looks new. Pay attention to who the seller is when you make your choice - the seller changes when you choose a different color. I bought from BuySPRY.

All good so far. I was incredibly hesitant to buy a refurbished phone on Amazon after reading so many negative reviews on various products. I spent a lot of time researching my options and figured this one was probably my safest bet. Phone came in perfect condition (seriously, it looks brand new) and so far all the functions seem great. Set up was easy, unlocked, ready to set my fingerprint and everything. It's fast, sleek, and beautiful. Camera and audio are also great.

What I learned: who the seller is is very important.
Although all the phones on here are iPhone 6S 64GB, when you select a different color, the seller changes. When you scroll down and look at the section "Compare to similar items", you will see who the phone is sold by. Looking at the reviews, most of the negative reviews seemed to be associated with the Space Gray more than the other colors. I then looked rating of each seller for each color of the iPhone 6S 64GB and went from there.

As of the time of this review, the Space Gray is listed as "Item Under Review" because of the customer feedback.

Got this for my daughter as her first smart phone. Wasn't going to spend $400-500 on a phone, so went the factory refurbished route. It is a very nice phone, looks new to me. came with non-OEM charger and cable, but it works so who cares. no ear phones but that's ok. What I liked is the availability of a 1 year protection plan that popped up with I placed this phone in my cart - the protection plan offers don't pop up for all the phone choices so I would place one in my cart the delete it if the protection plan wasn't offered, repeated until I found one that did. All in all I think a good buy. Square Trade provides the protection plan. I used them for a Kindle several years ago and they did a great job replacing it after my son broke it.

I was very scared to order a refurbished phone, but was very presently surprised with my order. The phone came well packaged in a white box with an Apple charging cable and power brick. That was a good surprise as the description for the phone said the accessories may not be Apple. The phone has no scratches or signs of wear whatsoever, and powered up easily. Set up with my new carrier was fast and easy, with no problems at all. The only thing I noticed is the battery doesn't seem to be perfect, but it's still really good and it is refurbished so that's to be expected. Other than that, it's exactly like new and I would highly reccomend.

Purchased for my mother in law! It works well for her and has a decent battery. Not much to say as it is an iPhone (the Toyota Camry of the phone world)!

If it had any scratches, we could not find them. The screen looked new and it had everything that a new phone comes with.

My iphone came like new. The screen has zero scratch and works perfectly.

The phone arrived on time and was well packaged so there was no damage. I needed to run the IOS update, but that went smoothly once connected to the WiFi. I bought a case with this phone, so the ROSE color doesn't show anyhow. Don't get hung up on the color of the phone back side if you're just going to put it in a protective case. I've only noted an occasionally louder than usual home button press, but all else works just fine. I'm glad I got this refurbished 6s instead of the insanely high cost of a new phone. This particular phone works well. Will the one you bought work the same? I guess that's the same question for each purchase isn't it?

So far so good! It’s only been a few days, but the experience so far has been perfect. The phone is in excellent condition, it looks brand new. Shipping took only about 2-3 days. I do think people should try and read the experiences that people had with that particular seller. I think it changes depending on the seller. Mine was with “MyWit”. The price was great as well. Overall happy with my experience!

This is a review for an iPhone 6s purchased from eKings.
After having to replace my child's phone for the third time I was not willing to pay Apple's price so despide a lot of negative reviews I decided to bite the bullet. I am very happy with the purchase. The iPhone arrived in pristine condition, packaged as if brand new! Everything works great, activated immediately with T-Mobile. The package included the small paper clip-like thing to remove the SIM card from my old phone. Overall great experience with this purchase from eKings. Note that the iPhone probably was not a US model since the shutter sound cannot be turned off.

Phone is in perfect condition. It just did not came with the headphones.

It came looking brand new and works great. Since it’s a refurbished iPhone the battery might be a little aged but It’s an easy fix especially with Apple replacing it at 30 dollars for the rest of 2018. If your looking for a good phone then this is the place. I’ve noticed that there are different sellers for each color and space grey seems to get the bad reviews. FYI.

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