Reviews Moto G6 – 32 GB – Unlocked (AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile/Verizon) – Black - (U.S. Warranty)

Moto G6 – 32 GB – Unlocked (AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile/Verizon) – Black - (U.S. Warranty)

Meet Moto G6. With a 5.7" full HD+ Max vision display, photo enhancement software and a long-lasting battery, it’s impressive any way you look at it.

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This phone is very fast. No big frills, but everything you need is there. If you're wanting to keep up with the crowd, look elsewhere. There aren't any useless gadgets or gizmos on this phone. Just practical, functional features.

I've recommended this phone to about a dozen people in just a few weeks. I'm very happy with it.

I bought this phone to replace an LG G5 that I hated. (The LG was the first non-Moto phone I had purchased.) This phone is very capable and fast. Does everything I need. I am one that could give a rat's butt about the camera. I make phone call's (duh) , text, use maps, navigation, banking, etc. and an occasional game of solitaire. The phone does these exceptionally well. (Yes it takes a very good picture also) The purchase was easy and fast through Amazon. I backed up the G5 using Google. I swapped the sim (Verizon) from the G5 to the G6, turned it on. It updated, restored my apps and data. I haven't looked back. Excellent value for the money! I will recommend to my family and friends. (The G5 to people I don't like)

Extended screen size is nice, display quality is excellent, sound is good for calls (I never listen to music or video straight from my phone speaker so can't comment on that), and no problems connecting to anything (cell, wifi, bluetooth). All glass body looks nice, but I bought a protective case because I'm human and will drop my phone and don't want a shattered glass phone. Now for the bad: as others have noted, the battery runs down very fast - much faster than my moto G4 which I upgraded from. Even when not watching videos and with only light to moderate use the power drains away. The turbo charger is fast which helps, but they definitely should have put a larger capacity battery into this phone. Very poor move Lenovo.

Great budget phone that does not function, look, or feel like a "budget" phone. Feels comfortable in the hand although it is a little slippery, a case should cure that. Can have 7 apps running at once and never notice any sluggishness. Camera takes nice pictures and has a few cool features. Speaker puts out a lot of sound. Love the almost stock android, looks very modern and sleek. All in all there isn't anything to complain about I'm very happy with it,I would not bat an eye expecting to spend 400-500$ for this phone its an amazing deal for 230 dollars. If I run into any issues I will update my review.

This phone is everything you need and nothing you don't. Performance is good enough for ususal 2 items phone tasks like video playback and social media scrolling. Screen isn't flagship good but plenty nice for those who would consider buying a phone of this price range in the first place. Speaker is nice and loud and sounds better than I thought it would. It drives headphones ok. If you have a high end set, you will be able to tell the DAC isn't as good as something like my old HTC 10, but few devices are, let alone this reasonably priced phone but it does performance admirably(and you actually get a headphone jack). Mid tear phones use to be garbage, but that time has passed with devices like this one. As good as this device is I no longer feel the need to buy very high end phones to enure I get a good experience. You could buy 4 of these or more for the cost of a flagship phone, but really your getting about 80% of that experience for 1/4 the price. The only thing I really dislike about it is that it's made of glass. An irresponsible decision by the industry as a whole and not really this device alone.

I replaced my iPhone 7 with this Moto G6 and couldn't be happier with the purchase. People told me to keep the iPhone because of all its features, but I've found there are no features I'm missing with the G6. The Moto provides everything I want and need in a phone plus more. It's every bit as fast as the iPhone, intuitive, and easy to live with. Colors and image crispness are excellent for its price class, and indistinguishable from the iPhone 7 in every day use. The battery life is excellent, usually ending the day with 60%+ charge after being on and used for the past 15 hours. The only thing it lacks is snob appeal, so don't buy it if that is what's important to you. If you want a rugged, dependable, and fast phone with all the features you can possibly need at a reasonable price, this is an excellent option.

I had straight talk when I bought this. Straight talk is a mnvo who uses either att,tmo,or VZN's network. I called them and switched my Sim from T-Mobile to Verizon.

Then I got a deal for Sprint on the kickstart plan and it works. I had to reset the network using *#*#72786#*#* in the dial pad for it to work on Sprint.

Coming from a Moto Z play, I'm impressed.
Unfortunatley, the screen on my z play cracked after hitting hardwood floors face down.
I miss the 3500mah battery of the z play but 3000mah will do. Fortunately, I have not experienced overheating issues even under intense load.
The price of this phone in comparison is excellent. What a great value, I highly recommend this phone.

It will not replace my Nikon professional cameras but I will use it the ability to have manual controls if needed and zoom increases the value of the camera.T the Moto g 6 was easy to set up and transfer files apps and pictures from my older Moto e. I have not found the Moto to be slippery.. I now can use Lightroom CC with no problems. The two photos that are attached or not process I am having trouble figuring out how to up the size of the photos. The price I paid under $200 justified the five star rating.

Love this phone

Much, much better battery life on the two Moto G6s we bought compared to our two Samsung S7s that we replaced. Terrific cost/benefit proposition for our normal use of emails, some videos, web use, many apps, and pictures. Pretty fast. Screen clarity and colors are good too. Phone call voice quality and speakerphone are excellent. Works fine on T-Mobile. Thanks, Motorola...

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