Reviews Honor 7X GSM Unlocked Smartphone 5.93” FullView Display, 16MP + 2MP Dual-Lens Camera, Dual SIM, Expandable Storage, Black (US Warranty)

Honor 7X GSM Unlocked Smartphone 5.93” FullView Display, 16MP + 2MP Dual-Lens Camera, Dual SIM, Expandable Storage, Black (US Warranty)

Honor 7x has 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM. With 3GB large memory, you will enjoy a smooth running in playing games and operating multitasks. As a result, a lot of movie files you loved can be downloaded to your smartphone. Also, the battery capacity of Honor 7x is 3340Mah, enough for all-day usage. The fingerprint identification system is more advanced, unlocking in 0.2 seconds. The fingerprint sensor can also be used to take photos. Album function of emui 5.1 system supports intelligent classification in accordance with places you visited before helping you find photos quickly. Honor 7x uses a 5.93" full-view display offering you an enhanced viewing experience. Compared with traditional phones in size, the Honor 7x will give you greater field of view when playing games thanks to its 18: 9 long aspect ratio accounting for a 82.9% screen-to-body ratio. The Split screen functionality allows you to answer your friends messages when watching videos. Honor 7x is equipped with 16MP + 2MP dual-lens rear camera and 8MP front camera. Both cameras have a portrait mode to beautify photos. It includes popular stickers affects. It is Convenient to take selfies by showing your palm using the gesture control function. Meanwhile, it avoids the blur phenomenon of photos caused by hands trembling when the shutter button is pressed.

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I bought this phone after finally having to give up on my iPhone 6's battery life. That thing barely lasted half a day and if I used something heavy like maps, it would be instant death. I wasn't sure what to expect from this phone, but I couldn't afford a pricey iPhone X or Google Pixel. I have been so far pleasantly surprised. I'd say this phone works better and faster than my old iPhone ever did. I can now open apps and type words into search bars without it having to think about it and my battery lasts all day long. It's also extremely touch sensitive, something I had to get used to after my less touch sensitive iPhone. I can't say good enough things about this phone. The only downside is the screen will be less crisp than a more expensive one and the camera isn't top of the line crystal clear. I've added a photo to give you an idea. Still this phone is great and definitely is an exception to you get what you pay for. More phones should be this reasonably priced. I will recommend to everyone who wants a new phone that feels like an expensive top of the line one but can't afford it. Also I had cricket and switching over was as easy as taking my SIM card out of my iPhone and putting it in this one.

For $200 this phone is a absolutely a bargain. Pros: battery last long, screen are big resolution are good....
Cons: no 5G WiFi and speaker is a little weak, no Android 8.0 yet.
other than that its a perfect one for the budget I'm really happy that I bought it.

I waited to do this review until after using with the EMUI 8.0/Oreo 8.0 Android update, as the previous Nougat software had some lag issues. On my phone, these appear to be fixed now.

The phone is smooth and fast for everything I do everyday (I am not a gamer). I have not missed the extra gig of ram I would have gotten with the Huawei Mate SE or the international version of the Honor 7x. The fingerprint sensor is blazing fast and accurate. The new face unlock, not so much. It works about 70% of the time. But for me it's not an issue. The fingerprint sensor not only unlocks the phone but can be set for other things as well, like taking a pic or scrolling in some apps.

It feels like a much more expensive phone. Solid in the hand, very much like IPhone 7. The screen is bright and clear, with fairly good viewing angles, usable but not great in bright sunlight. The speaker is loud enough but a little tinny, but hey, it's got a headphone jack, and good sound though it at that! Calls are loud and clear, GPS works great.

I like EMUI 8. It's fast and pretty customizable, with lots of themes available on the Google store. But if you prefer something else, this is Android, so there are many other launchers available. I do wish they had kept stock Android's ability to move apps to the SD card, however. As it is, data can live there, but apps cannot. Still, I've got pretty much all the apps I'll probably use, and still about 12 gigs of space.

The cameras are great for pictures in good lighting, with lots of options and a good manual pro mode. In low lighting things fall off significantly. And video takes clear shots and great sound, but no optical or digital stabilization, and only 1080p, no 4k.

Downside? No NFC (so no Android Pay), A Micro USB port instead of USB-C. Charging not as fast as some others. No official waterproofing (though there are some YouTube vides that show it to be pretty resistant to an accidental dunk. Not going to test it myself). Still it is amazing how much phone you can get for under $200. I would recommend it to anyone who does not need ultimate gaming performance, Android Pay, or absolute top-level camera. Or, If the camera is the issue, Buy this, and use the money you save to buy a real camera.

TL;DR: Great bang for the buck. The screen is solid enough, providing "true" colors, viewing angles a bit weak. Overall call quality is decent. The exterior design is modern, looks like a flagship device, thin bezels, however, a bit uncomfortable to hold, wish it was more curvy. Performance is great for the price to performance ratio, wish it came with 4 GB of RAM, like what the international model has... Camera is great for this price range, strong in good lighting, a tad weak in lower lighting. Wish the overlay of EMUI was closer to stock Android.

After much frustrations with the limitations of my Moto G, trying to run two apps at a time, it was time for a much needed upgrade. I'm not a "power user" when it comes to phones, I just need something that works for casual use, and that can be a handy tool.

For $200, you're getting a lot of phone, thanks to the popularity of the Moto G, phones entering in the mid range market with a lot of bang for the buck, and Honor 7x so far has shown that is what it intends to do. The design of the phone looks as well as those high end phones 2 to 3 times the price, and the screen, camera and performance isn't so far off from those flagships.
The screen being at 1080p, and nearing 6 inches is still very crisp, the viewing angles are a bit weak, and the colors are not as "poppy" as more expensive options, however... the colors seem to be "true" and not exaggerated, which I personally like. I'm glad this phone stuck to 1080p, I feel like the higher resolutions showing up on phones are not really needed, and just impact the overall performance, and battery life.

Motorola phones, always had awesome call quality, I expect my phone to actually be able to function as a phone, crisp voices, incoming and outgoing, but for some reason, many phones fail at this, *cough* iPhones *cough.* The call quality on this Honor 7x is not that bad, could it be better? Yes. It works, it's crisp enough, it does sound better than some higher priced phones for sure, but it's not at the same level as Motorola phones.

The exterior design takes some elements of the iPhone 6, in fact a bit too much to be fair, this could be a plus for some, a negative for others. Although it looks nice, and modern, I hate the flat design; it's somewhat uncomfortable to hold, might as well hold a brick, the first 3 generations of Moto E, G, X had it right with the curves that blend with the hand, I wish more manufactures took this approach to design.

The performance of the phone is pretty snappy, no complaints for the price. I've been hitting my head against the wall using my Moto G the last year. It's really nice to be able to go through multiple applications, and not get hold ups, I really hope the 3 GB of RAM can hold up for at least 2-3 years, I'm a bit bummed that the U.S. model didn't get 4 GB of RAM like the international model(s).

Cameras aren't super important to me, I don't have the desire to take a picture of every food dish I eat, of every tree I see, ect... I think for those moments I need to take a picture of video, the camera does pretty well; in good lighting, the camera does a great job, in lower level lighting, it's a bit weak. Compared to the god awful camera I've been using on the Moto G, this is personally a big (MASSIVE) upgrade in quality.

I like to start off with a pure, or nearly pure stock Android, I'm not a big fan of skins over Android, most of them impact performance, and always seem a bit messy in terms of U.I. EMUI adds nothing for me, I don't know if I will eventually root this phone and clean it up, and/or install a custom ROM, if any actually get made and working... For now, I just uninstalled any of the bloatware apps I could, and disabled the ones I don't use, replaced the EMUI stock launcher with Nova launcher, and added a bit of my own personal touch. I wish after all the bloat manufactures add to there custom skin, I wish that they would have a setting where you could not only customize your navigation keys, BUT FREAKING RESIZE THEM!!! In fact, I wish Google actually would add that setting to begin with…

Honor(Huawei) if your listening! Two features I would add to the software experience is the resizing of the navigation keys, and navigation gestures to the fingerprint sensor: swipe left to go back, swipe right to go to recent apps, swipe up to go home.

Overall, great device, I'm glad I decided to purchase it, rather than going with a Moto G5 plus. Hopefully the device will last me for at least 2-3 years without much headache.

I wish I could give this phone 4.5 stars. It's not perfect but for $200 it's pretty close. The build is solid and the screen is suprisingly good. I wasn't expecting much for the price so it has exceeded my expectations. The only thing it doesn't have that I wish it did is fast charging. I haven't had it long enough to say how big a deal that is but it sure would have been nice. The other odd quirk I've found is that you can't transfer apps to the SD card. You can store files on it but not apps which is strange. Again, I'm not sure how big a deal that will be over time. For the price, at least initially, the phone is well worth it.

OVERALL - Great phone for the price. As of the date of this review, the phone is hard to beat in this price range. The mid-range processor can handle most app's and games without issue. However, there are some issues that'll be addressed below.

SOFTWARE - The software, EMUI 5.1, will definitely leave you polarized. You'll either like it or you won't. It has an iOS look and feel to it. I bought Nova Launcher Prime and use that as the replacement launcher. The Honor 7x is set to receive Android Oreo updates sometime in Q2 2018.

HARDWARE - The Honor 7x has Huawei Kirin 695 processor. It's mid-range spec and is definitely capable of handling the day in and day out's of your average consumer. I've been able to play each game I've downloaded flawlessly. My issue is that the phone gets very hot in the back right corner at the top after an hour or more of intensive use such as playing a game, and I'm assuming the processor throttles itself in response to the heat, which will cause a noticeable performance drop.

There also seems to be random performance drops unrelated to what app's I'm using or how long I've been using the phone. They're rare but when they do occur, they're very noticeable and annoying. Sometimes app icons will disappear and will only reappear when the performance stabilizes. Other times there is a noticeable delay in starting apps after clicking them. I can't really explain how or why it's happening because I've been unable to recreate the issue intentionally other than when playing an intensive game for an hour or more and letting the phone get very hot.

BUILD - The phone is beautiful and feels great in the hand. It's not slippery feeling but is very smooth. It feels very solid. I used to worry with my last phone that if I sat down with it in my back pocket, that I'd bend it. I've no concern of that with this phone.

CAMERA - The camera's are average at best. They're not terrible. They're not great. The front-facing camera will get the job done for selfie's as long as you have good lighting. The dual-camera setup on the back is is also decent. With proper lighting and a steady hand, you can get some decent pictures.

SCREEN - It's not an AMOLED but that's not really an issue for me. The black's aren't as deep or rich of course, but that's an acceptable loss for this price range. The screen does auto-brighten in day light, which makes it a little more easily used outside. My only complaint is that the screen is very, very sensitive to touch. So sensitive in fact that if I'm scrolling through the app drawer and barely touch the edge of an app icon for even a split second, it'll launch. Coming from an iPhone, the sensitivity difference is going to take getting used to.

I've been using this phone for about a month and I really like it. The battery lasts a good deal of time (around two days with normal activity, or one day if I watch videos or play games often), it has a nice camera and memory capacity, and very convenient settings. I love the fingerprint sensor in the back, it makes super easy for me to unlock my phone. I also really like that it allows me to call my contacts only by saying their name; everything is very accurate.
By far it's been the best, yet the least expensive phone I've ever had.

Here's a review from a total phone newbie without all the fancy, smart lingo that usually comes with phone reviews.

My phone history: I was an apple user. Had four iPhones.

So it's a nice change... It was hard to get use to an Android phone after so many years of using iPhones but here are the pros:

1) Big phone. Great for games, watching things and browsing. You will need two hands.
2) Soooo much storage... more than I am used to. And you can add MORE storage? Sign me up.
3) Definitely durable and comes with a case. I tend to drop my phones. A lot. So it was nice they included a semi-transparent case and there isn't any (big) damages to the phone yet despite a little slip from my hands at least once a day.
4) I fell on the phone. This thing BENDS. It contorted to the shape of my butt. The glass made it out no scratches. I just had to bend the phone back to its flatten shape.
5) You can withdraw your texts a few seconds before it sends.
6) You can do split screens.

1) Camera quality is horrible. Selfie camera produces blurry, or at least not very sharp pictures. The back camera isn't that great either. Colors come out looking overly-saturated and doesn't capture a lot of details like I'm used to with the iPhones.
2) You cannot delete system apps like shitty Google Duo app.

If you are the type of person who doesn't care about brands and trendy technology, and you just need a good reliable smartphone with a good camera THIS IS THE PHONE FOR YOU. I am a college student at UT and this phone is my saving grace. It does everything my friends iphones can do (minus facetime, but my friends and I use google duo). My phone also has more storage, a bigger screen, a longer lasting battery, and was a fraction of the cost of an iphone. I can go a whole day and a half without charging it. For the record, I'm not just being idealistic about the difference between iphone's and this phone. The reason I even had to buy this phone was because my iphone 7 was a piece of ______. I was barely able to use the phone for a week. It was sooooooooo glitchy and the IC chip or whatever was faulty (a problem apparently VERY common to Iphone 7s), so I couldn't even make calls, only text. However, the phone I had right before the iphone 7 was an honor 6, which I gave to my younger brother and after about 2 years of use is still going strong. So, I figured why not just get the upgrade of the honor I had. Now I finally have a phone that works well. I would give this phone five stars, but its just a little bigger than I expected, but that's not really a problem because I also ordered a rose gold case with one of those adjustable metal rings in the back and I just keep my middle finger in there all the time so I don't drop my phone (its actually quite comfortable). So yeah I hope this review helps you make a decision and save your coins.

If you want a modernized looking phone that can do the basics like social media, web browsing and e-mails, but less than half the cost of flag ship phones; this is a phone to consider.

-Looking Sexy
Back of the phone looks very similar to an iphone 6/7 with horizontal antenna bands on top/bottom,and thin profile. But also has a fingerprint reader.

Front of the phone has a very nice with bezel-less 18x9 screen ratio

-Screen Quality
No AMOLED display. so you're not going to have the best HD/4K movie viewing experience. But the 1080p LED display is very high quality despite that. Unless you're really accustomed to AMOLD Quad HD displays you won't notice a significant difference especially if you watch lower quality videos like on youtube.

-Speakers/Headphone Jack
Speakers are basic. Have one bottom firing speaker. As long as you're mindful placing your fingers when viewing video horizontally you won't have any issue.

Sound coming out is similar okay. Doesn't have enough bass, but loud enough to listen to vocals of songs and podcasts in a quiet room.

Has a headphone jack which some $800+ flagship phones abandoned for blue tooth only (unless you have an adapter). Very nice inclusion for those who still use wired headsets

-Duel Sim/Micro SD expansion
Self explanatory. Like the headphone jack, missing from most flagship phones nowadays

Produces very good photos in the right lighting conditions. Not going to produce the highest quality photos like the Pixel 2, Note 8, or iphone X, but decent enough to share photos on facebook or instagram without being criticized about the quality (unless your friends are really nit picky).

Duel camera makes for a nice Bokeh effect (where the background is blurred, making more focus on the subject). At times it can look a bit artificial though (especially if the subject is far away), but most of the time it does it's job well. You can adjust this post snap shot.

No optical image stabilization when taking pictures, so best not to move around a lot for a second or two after taking the snap shot. You can use the finger print sensor instead of on-screen capture button to take pictures. Have to turn this on from settings.

Video is good if you have a steady hand, and not walking/jogging while filming as it does product a shaking cam effect if you move around a lot

-Finger Print Sensor
Works 100% of the time for me with dry clean hands. Scans instantly, no need to wobble my finger back-and-forth or hold down for a second or two.

You can also use finger print sensor to take a picture, scroll down webpages, or press and hold to pick up a call

Can run most 2D/less graphic intensive games really well. For 3D, high graphic intensive games; frame rate might dip a bit depending on how much is going on screen.

The phone also doesn't have gyro controls, so for games that requires it; it's unplayable depending on how much is implemented

-Operating System
Runs Android 8.0. So up to date as of this review. There are some custom firmware, but it doesn't take away from core Android experience.

It's mixture of iOS and Android leaning a lot towards Android. So good transition if you're thinking of switching over

An awesome feature this phone has is ability to do twin apps. Great if you have dual accounts for one app as don't have to switch users every time.

There is some bloatware apps, but you are able to remove/delete them from your phone, but most are very useful in my opinion. Best to test it out before deleting

Scrolling through apps is very smooth. May get a half second stutter if you view webpages with a lot of things to load.

There's no performance issues even when multi-tasking

-Works With T-Mobile
Have Tmobile as phone service provider. Network data and phone calls come through fine in my area.

-What it comes with
Phone, Wall charger/cable, instructions, and case. The case is very basic and makes the phone scratch resistant (minus the screen) in case you put your phones and keys in the same pocket/bag. I recommend getting a replacement case if you're the clumsy type and drop your phone often

-Missing features compared to Flag Ship Phones
Being 1/4 the cost of most flag ship phones like the latest Samsung, Google and iphone. Some features are bound to be missing. Here's a list of what's not included compared to top of the line smart phones out there:

1. No NFC. Not able to make mobile payments or physical touch data transfers.
2. Not water or dust resistant. Can get around this with phone cases that provide these features
3. No gyro sensor. As mentioned before may restrict some of your gaming
4. No wireless charging
5. Uses Micro USB instead of USB type C
6. No fast charging. Takes around 2.5 hours to fully charge from 10% battery life. Battery can last up to 2.5 days as long if you're not a heavy user. Idle time on this phone is really good. If you binge watch Netflix, it'll last 4-5 hours.

Overall, very good phone that's able to hang with the big boys (flag ship phones) with Android 8.0, modern exterior design and ability to run the usual apps.

Super affordable and excellent phone for the price. Highly recommend to anyone who just need the basics when it comes to Android.

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