BLU Advance A4 -Unlocked Dual Sim Smartphone -Black

BLU Advance A4 -Unlocked Dual Sim Smartphone -Black

With a special matte and polished finished effect on the battery cover, the Advance A4 provides a great paint free design finish. A near perfect compact shape ensures great hand held experience.

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Comments / reviews:
This phone is a great phone, especially for kids.

I took a star off because the software could be better. There should be no bloat on a phone with these specs, and unfortunately BLU insists on trying to install Facebook and other crappy apps on the phone.

If you want to make this phone faster you can do what I did:
1) Let phone run through its updates
2) Disable and uninstall unneeded apps
3) Under privacy settings, enable installing apps from unknown sources
4) Install F-Droid (google the link). F-Droid is an app that lets you install free and open-source software, much of it lighter than other non-free apps.
5) From F-Droid you can try: Lightning Browser (faster than Opera or Chrome), KISS Launcher (replaces built in launcher), Blokada (system wide ad blocker), and NewPipe (youtube replacement with no ads or fluff). If you insist on using Facebook, get FaceSlim replacement on F-Droid.

It took me a couple hours messing with the phone to do all these steps because the updates and disabling of apps takes awhile, but the phone has a lot more free space now and uses less RAM. It runs like it has twice the processor now.

The BLU A6 Phone exceeds expectations with a great screen, dual cameras, Dual Sims, and strong performance, as well as a very reasonable price. One caution - you will likely need to buy a "Bring Your Own Phone" Sim Card to get compatibility. I went to Walmart,, my cell plan provider & they had a package for that at $57, but told me I could order it online from them for $1 plus about $7 in shipping. They even helped me order it. Getting it activated was a bit more trouble, but once done works great. Amazon should offer the Sim with the Phone and save us the trouble and extra shipping. Add 2 SIMS as it does support dual SIM Cards.

Phone works great. Very responsive, fast, and great picture. Only thing misleading is the second nano sim slot is the SD card slot. Cannot use both, is an either or. I only have one phone plan, so no big deal. I use the SD slot for my Amazon music. Swipe keyboard is great, predictive text works awesome. Only complaint is that there are almost no cases available. Does come with a clear flexible case.

I am pleasantly suprised. The software is great. The phone is not glitchy and has a pretty fast touch to react time. Overall this is a great phone for someone on a budget. Also as an added bonus it came with a screen protector and case.

This phone is great so far. Super easy to setup and get working on my phone plan thru my carrier. Sound is great on calls and seems to work perfectly for me.Has a one yr warranty which is is to set up first thing using you phone.Came with a screen protector, ear bud headset to both added an added plus as I see it. I have seen this phone in one of the big box store for 30 bucks more. I've haven't seen any down side so far with this phone. Need a new phone so this is it. I'm not one to use a phone for web or gaming I have far better devices for that it's a phone to me So it has all the bells and whistles I want plus more I'd believe there. I would recommend it to anyone needing good phone without breaking they bank to get one.

I was a little skeptical about this product at first. It started and did everything slow but I think it was just because it was still loading apps in the background and trying to keep up with my tasking. Now that the few apps that I will use are loaded it performs at an "ok" speed. Comparatively speaking, but for $69.00 phone, it performs at great speed. The few Apps eat up a lot of memory fairly quickly so adding a micro SD card is a must. I recommend starting with an SD card from the very beginning so that you can put the Apps on the SD rather than internal memory. This will help greatly. Moving apps from internal to external (SD) card is not as easy later. I had to delete some (not all) Apps and then reload to the SD card to free up space.
It is important to mention that the apps, once installed on the SD card perform just as fast as they do in my iPhone7. The only difference is that they OPEN a little slower on this phone as compared to my ($800) iphone7.
I bought this phone to replace my Garmin GPS on my motorcycle since I can use Pandora, Waze (and/or Google maps) and Bluetooth all at once for half the price of a decent GPS that can't play these apps.
The screen definition is very good, the map font is larger than a GPS (good for those with "tired" eyes like mine). I used the Rockform Universal phone mount to mount it to my T&T Fab batwing fairing mount.
Oh, and to the surprise of the AT&T rep. this phone DOES work in the AT&T network.

It's a great phone. Has little storage but still an amazing phone.

It is an excellent phone in relation to its price. I'm delighted with the camera that gets sharp and clear images. The downside is that it has very little RAM capacity (1GB) and some programs and games do not run very fast, but it is compensated with the storage capacity of 8GB and expandable up to 64GB. This is great for those who love taking pictures and videos. Another good thing is the Android 7.0 operating system that is super fast! It has many positive characteristics such as the size of the screen, adequate weight, resistant material and as a special addition the package includes a silicone protective liner and a protective screen film. What else can you ask for this price?

I was very pleased to see the performance of the phone.
I had to play with the settings to make my two SIM Cards work. One was US Sim and the other was from Europe.
Works great !

I liked that it was unlocked and was able to use Tmobil SIM card. The SIM card slot is a bit bigger for it to slide in than regular sized phones, but it works fine once the back is on. Came clean and brand new packing for all the parts. Comes with ear buds that have volume control and a clear standard case to cover the phone. I suggest getting a shock absorption case along with tempered glass protector for extra long life. The screen is huge! But still fits comfortably in the palm of one hand.

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