Reviews Nokia 6.1 (2018) - Android One (Oreo) - 32 GB - Dual SIM Unlocked Smartphone (AT&T/T-Mobile/MetroPCS/Cricket/H2O) - 5.5" Screen - Black - U.S. Warranty

Nokia 6.1 (2018) - Android One (Oreo) - 32 GB - Dual SIM Unlocked Smartphone (AT&T/T-Mobile/MetroPCS/Cricket/H2O) - 5.5 Screen - Black - U.S. Warranty

The Nokia 6.1 carries on in the tradition of it's predecessors and is built to last, with Pure, Secure and up-to-date Android. Made from a solid block of 6000 Series aluminum, the Nokia 6.1 has distinctive two-tone anodized Diamond cut edges, and a Sculpted 2.5D display with corning gorilla glass that provides you with a bright, high contrast 5.5” full-HD screen in more Compact screen to body ratio (74%). built on the latest generation of the highly optimized Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 mobile platform and a 3/32 memory configuration, the Nokia 6.1 can keep up with your lifestyle always using its fast USB Type-C charging that gets you to 50% in only 30 minutes so you never have to stop for long. A 16MP main camera with ZEISS optics and dual-tone flash gives you natural and Vivid images and the wide angle 8MP selfie camera now fits more of what you love into the same picture. And now you can create and share more with the new “dual-sight” technology that uses both the front and back cameras simultaneously so you can tell both sides of the story. Dual-sight fuses both front and back images together into one photo or video file which combined with the 4K video capture and spatial audio recording that utilizes 2 mics, your memories are even more immersive.

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Bought this for my daughter. I've always been a huge Nokia fan, as in the past this thing is built rock solid! No it's not as fast as my s9, but for the price it's an awesome device. Great battery life, frequent google direct updates (android one program), runs smooth!

Only con (again coming from an s9 user) is the camera is just ok.

I considered this the Huawei Mate SE, and Moto G6... since this is for my daughter rugged and reliable was valued highly I was more hesitant with the Huawei in that regard, and the Nokia is more powerful then the G6. Also has wifi calling and VoLTE out the box for T-Mobile!

Going back to build quality back in the flipphone days Nokia used these steel cables between the hinge, even if the phone snapped in half it would still work fine and hold by the dang wiring! On the flipside the rest of the industry used the flimsy ribbon cables that I seen get damaged just from a drop (phone just had a scuff and cable was damaged internally, screen and or speaker no cameras longer worker right...). Little stuff like that made me appreciate this brand.

Can't wait to see if they come out with higher end devices in the US to.

Final note dont buy the international variant with 64gb storage and 4gb ram. For one no warranty, two it only supports band 4 so coverage outside metros will stink, three I doubt volte and wifi calling will work... not worth it.

I came from using a Windows 950 phone and was looking for a replacement with a clean install of Android for under $300. I have used many Nokia handsets and have neve been disappointed. This phone is no exception.

It performs well and the memory of 3GB is sufficient so far. I wished there was a 64GB US version available for under $300.

I have verified the following work:
1) Connects with my Ford Sync (2013) music playback
2) Ring video doorbell
3) Insteon hub
4) Google WiFi access points
5) Bluetooth headset works reliably.

I really like the construction, it has a very distinct look and high quality aluminum shell. It is a bit slick in the hand, so a protective case is a good idea.The screen is clear. Battery life so far looks excellent.

My expectations for a new phone were very high, as I'd had a Samsung Galaxy S4 since the day it came out, to the day its processor went bad, which was just a couple of months ago.I'd looked into the new Samsung S9, but was very turned away by the price. This time around, I felt I could find a replacement for under $300, and I did ...finally, with this Nokia 6.1 (2018). It isn't just a beautiful phone, it is also one tough phone. The only negative thing I can say it about thus far is the case, which is very slippery. But this is because of its design, as it fits into the hand like a glove. And this problem is curable, by just putting it into a protective case, which I do anyways. And being unlocked gives me the freedom to put on what I want to have on my phone! Yes, I am more than pleased with this phone, from its appearance, to its OS. I would need to say, though, that this phone is not one for a beginner, as it could be a frustrating experience for them to learn it, rather than appreciate and enjoy its functions.

I'm coming from the Windows Phone environment (Lumia 640) so am familiar with the Nokia line. I've been very much impressed with this phone. It checks off most of the boxes on my requirements list. I enjoy being able to use Google Pay and the fingerprint scanner. I chose it because it is part of the Android One initiative (phones that run stock Android and will receive two years of OS upgrades/three years of security updates) and it was one of the only phones on that list that was available in the US. It shipped with Oreo 8.1 and will hopefully get Android Pie this fall. Just wish it supported wireless charging, but I understand that wasn't happening with a phone with a metal back. Unlike some of the other reviewers I have found this phone to be very responsive with no app hangs or slow loading. Then again I turn it off every night (as I do my computer) so I don't leave any of the apps running for more than a day and close apps when I'm done using them. This phone is working great on AT&T prepaid and the reception and speed is much better than I was getting before with Cricket. This phone takes better photos than my Lumia did but still not as crisp as I'd like. All in all I find it to be a great phone for the price as I paid under $250 for it new.

Very impressed with this phone. I had originally purchased the Moto G6. This phone is better by far. First, the Nokia has a 630 SoC instead of the 450 SoC of the Moto G6. The Nokia is noticeably faster.

The build quality of this phone is very nice. You have a bit of heft, which is actually quite nice. The copper accents make the phone pop.

The screen, although 16:9 is very vibrant and has rich colors. I felt the G6 was washed out and a bit dull. The screen is 1080p and overall a great panel. I will say, one handed use is a bit tricky, but doable.

Software. This might be the best part of this device. The Nokia 6.1 is part of the "Android One" program. This means, you get a stock Android 8.1 with the latest security updates. You also get VoLTE, which is nice.

The camera is middle of the road. However, you can install the Google camera application via APK. Search YouTube for this. It does help with quality of the photos. No root needed.

The speaker is bottom firing and is also middle of the road. But, it is good enough as along as you don't cover it with your hand. This phone has a head phone jack.

I forgot to mention the NFC chip. You can use Google Pay as well. You won't find that on the Moto G6.

Overall, very nice! I am excited to see what the Nokia brand has in store in the future.

This is without a doubt, a fantastic phone. I have owned nothing but "flagship" phones since the smartphone revolution began. However with the disgusting greediness that has overwhelmingly flooded the market from the cellphone carriers with their "monthly payment" plans, which mean you pay $500-1000 for a phone most will only keep for a year, I said I will pass. I held on to my LG G3 in protest for several years until it started to break.

Then I saw an article about prime only cellphone deals, did a little research and found this phone and several others. I compared, I researched, and made my decision. I was not disappointed!

The feel alone from the solid aluminum body makes this phone feel more premium than any of the "top of the line" phones out there that feel like cheap garbage with all their plastic bits. Then there's the screen, while not top of the line, it still is a 1080p HD screen which looks good, and when compared to another phone with 1440p HD, its near impossible to see a difference on such a small screen (compared to say a TV screen). The colors are good, the picture is sharp with good angles, and it certainly is bright enough outside in daylight.

Battery life is great, I make it through an entire shift (12 hours) with streaming Netflix and interweb browsing on all my breaks and still come home with 60-70% battery left.

The only shortcomings I see is the lack of storage, which can be solved with a SD card and the camera. The camera is absolute garbage. Its okay for just capture a moment photos, but don't expect to be the next Ansel Adams. Funny that my 4 year old phone has a better camera, but whatever.

To sum this up, great phone that has almost all the features of the big boys (including a finger print scanner), looks, feels, and performs like a top notch phone, but the camera is junk. Can't beat that for the price!

I have had this phone for about two month and use it as my daily phone. The good is the build quality. The front is Gorilla glass and rest is a metal shell. Feels cool in the hand. I love the stock Android experience from Android One. One Google Play installs all your apps, everything is smooth and fast. Little things such as traffic notification and integration with Maps and Youtube is fantastic. The camera is adequate for the things I do. I'm not a serious picture guy, so I am not going to go into it. The screen is bright enough for web browsing, but if you are used to the iPhone retina, this might be a little disappointing. The screen timeout is initially set way too soon. The fingerprint sensor works surprising well. A quick tap on the sensor wakes up the phone. Quick charge is a godsend. I brag to my iPhone friends about my cheap phone's ability to charge up half way in minutes. The USB-C port is a great choice because a lot of laptops use USB-C/Thunderbolt to charge, so I do not need a separate charger at work because my Lenovo laptop plug works fine.

Now the cons. It's a $300 phone, so I'm not going to be too harsh. The main thing is reception. I am on AT&T and this phone is the US model. My connection drops constantly. On my old iPhone, I would have reception at my phone even if it is faint. At least text messages would go through. With this phone, I would go through long periods where the text messages wouldn't go through. I get dreaded "MMS timeout". There are many areas around town and at my work place where I would need to disconnect mobile data and reconnect for phone calls to go through. Mobile data would be spotty and I have to constantly search for a wifi AP. This was never a problem with my old iPhone. Wifi-Calling doesn't seem to be working, but this might be an AT&T problem. I wish Android has their own equivalent of iMessage so we can use the internet connection to get text messages. It's 2018 afterall.

I don't know if it's a black friday thing, but at the time of this review, the list price is now $50 cheaper, but oh well, it was still a great deal at $220.

I was in desperate need of a phone to replace my 4-5 year old Samsung Galaxy S5. While it had served me well, I couldn't make calls anymore, even though it was in immaculate condition - damned planned obsolescence.

Nokia had really grabbed my attention, as the Android One platform promised a very minimalist operating system without having to rely on custom roms. Not only that, but the build quality was widely touted to be above and beyond most manufacturers.

Well, I've had it for about a month and I absolutely love it.

It's incredibly quick and smooth. Call quality is great. The phone itself feels like a tank and it's quite striking. Android One is really bare bones, but that's what I love about it. It doesn't come loaded down with crap that you'll never use and cannot get rid of. The camera is decent - it's not remarkable in either a positive or negative manner, but it does take decent photos for my uses. Fingerprint scanner is a new feature that I kind of like. It's sort of small, but the positioning is great. I'm still getting used to it and it takes a couple attempts sometimes, but it's not terrible.

Screen is great, I just wish the auto-brightness would get real bright, as I have to manually ramp up the brightness sometimes outdoors on sunny days. Image quality is great. Bezels are a bit big, but I'm coming from an S5, so it's not something I care about. Lack of a physical home and back/menu buttons is new, but I've finally gotten used to it. It still has a headphone jack, which is great, I use my phone to play music over the PA at work, and I don't want to have to carry a dongle. USB-C is nice, it charges pretty quick, whether it be from a wall, car or computer. Battery life has been exquisite. I use my phone fairly heavily at work, both to communicate with other employees and customers, but also kill time with memes, and I work at least 10 hour shifts. If I leave the house at 07:30 with a full charge, the lowest I've seen it drop when I get home at 20:00 is 62%.

The negatives are that there are no good cases for it. They're all the same $10 Chinese POS that won't do anything to actually prevent damage. I've only broken one phone in my life and since then, I always keep my phones in the beefiest case possible; however, they're just not available. As such, I have what appeared to be the best case I could get and a screen protector. This is really worrisome, because the screen extends well past the frame.

It doesn't have the fastest CPU or an insane amount of RAM, so if you let a bunch of applications run in the background and go weeks without powering it off, it will slow down. But I've noticed it picks right back up after a restart or just clearing out some applications from the memory.

The actual speaker is plenty loud and sounds great, but the earpiece isn't that loud, though it does sound great.

Having the volume rocker on the same side as the power/lock button is odd at first, but it makes taking screenshots super easy. On that note, the buttons feels incredible to use and are exceptionally tactile.

All in all, it's an outstanding phone for the price. I understand that I went from an ancient phone to a new mid-tier phone, and I am aware of its shortcomings. It doesn't have the hardware or features of a top of the line flagship phone from Samsung or whatever, but it excels at being what it is, an exceptional, basic phone that is exceedingly well made (this thing makes iPhones feel cheap, the materials and build quality are absurd).

I look forward to purchasing a flagship Nokia phone, once they get a bit more established. This is a helluva start.

Absolutely a great phone. Came fully charged and ready to go. Plugged in my sim card and a 64gb memory card and was up and running! Build quality is fantastic, feel of the phone in hand is great. Absolutely no bloatware, just pure Android. Could not be more pleased!

This is the first smartphone I have used, and therefore unlike nearly every other reviewer, I cannot compare to past smartphones.

However, with several weeks testing, this Nokia functions well. Problems noted by other reviewers have not appeared, suggesting some problems may have been due to particular unit defects rather than general design deficiencies.

A Sept 3, 2018 review stated that AT&T does not officially support this phone, and in particular wi-fi calling did not work with AT&T. With this Nokia phone, I’m satisfactorily using Unreal Mobile, which contracts with AT&T as cellular carrier. Unreal Mobile requires installing their app, which likely ensures calls are routed through wi-fi when available, rather than through AT&T (which would charge Unreal Mobile). However, I have not yet confirmed that this phone with an Unreal Mobile/AT&T SIM installed supports wi-fi calling when cellular service is not available.

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