Reviews Samsung Galaxy S8 Unlocked 64GB - Midnight Black [US Version]

Samsung Galaxy S8 Unlocked 64GB - Midnight Black [US Version]

U.S. limited warranty. Latest Galaxy phone with Infinity Display, Duel Pixel Camera, iris scanning and Ip68-rated water and dust resistance. The phone comes with a stunning 5.8" Quad HD+ Super AMOLED display (2960x1440) with 570 ppi and world's first 10nm processor.

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I was skeptical about buying this phone off Amazon instead of Verizon because the reviews were half good, half bad as far as activating it on the Verizon network. My advice is dont go to the store and activate yourself on their website. It takes just 5-10 minutes. Just make sure to have a Verizon nano SIM card, I was able to use the one from my iphone 6. Transfer your contacts, music etc on their app as well, it's very easy. Other than that the actual phone is great. Very sleek looking phone. This phone is $756 at Verizon and they try to sell their payment plan to you but I would much rather pay the cheaper Amazon price and keep my phone bill lower. If you're on the fence like I was I hope this review can help you out.

Ordered this device while Harvey was ongoing. There was a slight delay, but that was inevitable due to the inclement weather. Arrived within the time frame and Amazon notified me, as and when there were delays.

The device was grouped with the Case and Screen Protector that I had ordered, which was very convenient. Packaging was secure which is expected for this device at such a price range.

Overall, the phone is brilliant. Sharp display, clear camera images with AF. It runs all apps like a breeze and is well suited for heavy multitasking. The bezel-less display is a joy to look at and reading on it is very comfortable. It also ships with USB (B to C) and (A to C) adapters, which helps during our transition to USB C type plugs.

The battery life is amazing, for a phone with such a sharp and bright display, and also considering the hardware. The 3500mAh battery offers enough juice for an entire day of light usage. Heavy use - like watching movies or playing games like Real Racing, etc. drains it faster, but that is expected from demanding apps.

The issue of the fingerprint sensor being too close to the camera is real for the first few days; but after using it as your daily driver, you tend to figure out where it is and it doesn't pose much of a bother, unless you deliberately want to smudge your camera lens.

I would highly recommend this device to anyone with a moderately high budget. It looks amazing and performs much better than it looks. I would also recommend to get a protector case (the rear side is a fingerprint magnet and you wouldn't want to crack this amazing display) and a screen protector. To all those having second thoughts, I would say: Go for it!

This review is coming from a long time Apple user. After years of drink the koolaid I decided to make a change.

Upgrading from the Apple ecosystem isn't easy as it is a big change but this phone is incredible. It may not be a 2018 flagship but it is still great.

CAMERA: the 12 megapixel camera is clear and bright. It does not take the best low light pictures but as good if not better than other flagship of 2017. In daylight this camera shines and is excellent.

SCREEN: Samsung has a always had the best quality smartphone screens. The infinity display is something to get used to but the super sampled display is no different. The colors are bright and vibrant. When the display is set to 1440p (factory defaults the display to 1080p) is crystal clear and watching videos or photos it will blow your mind if you compare it to comparable smartphones.

DESIGN: The infinity display and glad back are a very elegant design, while allowing for great features and one not so great.

FEATURES: This phone most of the features of 2018 flagships. Fingerprint scanner, face unlock and iris scanner. The only thing is the placement of the fingerprint scanner is in less than a desirable location. Being right next to the camera lens it is very easy to smudge it when reaching for it, but the face unlock is very reliable and extremely fast so you have options.

Due to the glass back the s8 has wireless charging alongside Samsung's fast charging system allows for easy and fast charging anywhere.

HARDWARE: The snapdragon 835 with gigs of ram may not be the latest and greatest but for multitasking and everyday tasks are seemless. Gaming is also fast and smooth. It's no razor phone or note 9 but it is more than capable.

All in all this is great smartphone and is defintly worth your consideration if you can't stomach 1000$ for a phone.

I am honestly astounded by how beautiful and advance this phone is. Coming from an iPhone 6s, this is truly an upgrade worth getting for the price.

Firstly, the screen is absolutely the best you can get on the market on any phone right now. It has a beautiful 5.8" Quad HD+ Super AMOLED (2960x1440 resolution). This makes the colors, contrast, and blacks more vivid and pure. The pure black is pixels turned off when they aren't needed. This gives an amazing black color and helps a bit with the battery not needing to display extra pixels. The screen also employs Samsung's "Infinity Display". This creates a nearly bezel-less design on the front screen which gives can provide more information on the screen. They have removed their physical buttons, but it's really noticeable after a few minutes. A feature that I have come to use quite a bit (with widgets and fast opening of certain apps) is the Edge. I am very glad they've introduced the Edge screen onto the regular S series. If you don't prefer it, you can also turn it off. Samsung has also added an Always On Display. This shows the date and time along with notifications you receive. This doesn't consume hardly any battery life (with only losing around 1% an hour)

Software: Out of the box, it runs Android 7.0 (Nougat). It also does come with Samsung's 'controversial' TouchWiz skin. However, they've greatly improved the experience and fluidity of the software. I have not noticed any lag with using it for some time now. It's responsive and I personally enjoy the look of it. You can always download different launchers to your liking. S8 users should be able to get Andriod 8.0 (Oreo) within early next month.

Hardware: this phone sports 64gb (along with MicroSD slot of up to 256gb of expandable storage) and 4gb of RAM. I am really happy with the amount of RAM and space that's offered. With my iPhone, I've always had to load up the pages I was on again due to the low RAM, along with the very disappointing 16gb of Space (12gb in usable). This limited to using my old phone for daily news and chat apps, while hardly being able to play many games. This is definitely not an issue with the S8! I've downloaded many things that I previously couldn't and I still have a beast amount of storage left. It's also IP68 certified dust and water resistant.

Charging: I love the Adaptive Fast Charge that Samsung offers for their products. It charges my phone quickly without it getting hot. The battery capacity is 3000mAh and fast for hours. I can go around 4-6 hours of Screen On Time while going around 12 hours in general. I am very happy with this as regular charging seems quite dated to have it on any (premium) phone.

Camera: This Camera is truly beautiful and very detailed. I am surprised by how much I am using it. The photos are clear and crisp all with just one snap. Selfies are also detailed and great to look at. 8MP AF for Front and Dual Pixel 12MP AF for the Rear.

Security: The S8 employs two different biometrics for unlocking your phone (along with the regular number/line password). The one we've known for some time is the fingerprint scanner (to which they have moved it right next to the camera. This is not a preferable location as I do hit the Camera often) and the new Iris scanner. The Iris scanner has been quite convenient, though you do have to be a bit close (and in light) for it to work.

Voice Command: Samsung has added a new 'Bixby' to their phone line that is to be used similarly to Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri, and Google's Assistant. There is a dedicated button on the left side of the phone that allows for Bixby to hear your voice for your questions/command. This button will also open Bixby home, which shows some news, events, personal widgets, and Bixby 'levels'. That is right, you can increase the levels gained on Bixby by using it and helping it with feedback. This doesn't lock you behind any level requirements to use it to the full. This only allows customization unlocks. This has been a controversial feature so far (as many find it unnecessary), though I have been fairly enjoying it. I really use it for screenshots. If you don't prefer it, there are apps to redirect the Bixby button to use it for other apps.

Overall, the experience is astounding and I wouldn't trade it for anything else really. This is a phone that will feel premium for years to come. If you're holding out, don't wait! It's an experience unlike any other.

NOTE: I have covered the broad specs of the S8, however there are also smaller details that you can view on Samsung's homepage if you want all the specs and information.

After my phone started to show it's age (about 5 years old and the battery needed to be constantly charged up during the day). The hunt for a new phone began. After reading a bunch of reviews and going on the various phone forums, I decided to go with the Samsung S8+. I had an iPhone before and hated it, so, that was not an option.
I've had the S8+ for a year now and I couldn't be any happier. The unlocked version was a better buy than getting it from my carrier because Samsung sends out updates immediately, while your carrier is a lot slower in rolling out the latest updates. One of the reasons for not getting it from my carrier is the lack of "Bloatware" that carriers like to add to their phones. My unlocked phone still has a very good battery life (I can go three days without charging my phone). Under heavy usage, I can go two days between charges.

The good: I'm really glad that I got this over spending more for a Verizon phone. There's less garbage on it from the carrier (and the few things that it tried to install when I inserted the SIM card were able to be uninstalled). The battery life is pretty crazy. Even without the power saver mode turned on, it lasts all day. Switch on power saver mode and it won't use hardly any power unless the screen is turned on. The curved screen doesn't cause issues with the touch screen while using it one-handed, and is positively gorgeous. People actually ask me what phone I have. The camera is super fast and takes amazing pictures.

The bad: Bixby is not what it's cracked up to be in my opinion. Sure it can do some cool stuff, but 90% of the time it's not helpful. Additionally, there's a really quick, perceptible wait for the microphone to turn on when you hold the button down. I also tend to push the button (or it gets pushed as it's going into my pocket) on accident. For some reason when I type the microphone key on the keyboard to do voice dictation, it refuses to use the Google voice recognition engine. It's not really slick so it won't fall out of your hand, but when I put it screen down on my nightstand, there's some coating or something on the screen that will actually let the phone slowly slide around (because the table isn't 100% level).

This phone was rated as "good" from warehouse deals. When it arrived it was in the factory box and looked like it had never been opened. The plastic was still on the screen. I found no scratches or imperfections. My carrier is Sprint. It is truly unlocked for all carriers.They had me hooked up in about 15 minutes. The clerk asked me if i had bought the phone new from Samsung directly. He told me it was the unlocked version that would work internationally too.I have had the phone a couple of weeks and it has performed flawlessly. This was another great buy for me here on Amazon. If you are on the fence like I was about upgrading to the S8, go ahead and buy one here, its just an awesome phone. I had an S5 that was great but this S8 is so much better. Trust me on this. Go ahead and buy it. You will be amazed too!

Wifey's an Apple-Head ... I'm Team Samsung ... the debate continues. She recently upgraded to the iPhone 7 Plus (Red Special Edition) ... & it's 'nice' ... but when I received my new Galaxy S8+, I was instantaneously reminded of the style, quality & excellence that only Samsung can deliver. It's not even close.

* FYI ... I purchased a Verizon Prepaid SIM Card, as a suggested add-on through Amazon after adding the phone to my Cart. The Verizon SIM Card is a 'Verizon Wireless SIM Kit Prepaid Sim Card - (Moto G & Any Verizon Branded Phone)'. When I attempted to activate the phone w/ SIM Card through the Verizon Wireless website, the activation would not complete & Verizon claimed I needed a 'Samsung' SIM Car Kit. However, my wife completed the activation steps that accompanied the SIM Card Kit (the instructions on the packaging), & the activation completed flawlessly.

It's a Samsung so I live it. I got this to replace my S7 that was terrible,and battery life as super low.
I was thinking about getting the S9 with Sprint,but their prices are insane and the S9 has not much difference from the S8 other the finger print scanner button, new processor and new camera. It is not worth the price and the monthly payment to the carrier. I decided to get a unlocked S8 and not own them a penny what's great. It works with Sprint just fine, I highly recommend you to buy your own phone than deal with these carrier financing scam.

I love the look and functionality of this phone. It's got plenty of internal storage and a slot for my memory chip. I'm not thrilled with the charging port, all my micro USB chargers are now useless, and the battery life is not amazing. My old phone, a cheap Samsung J3, had a 12 hour battery life. Usually, far longer. Even so, I love this phone and it did come with an attachment to convert one of my micro USB car chargers into a compatible charger, so... Ultimately, a great purchase. I'll just have to charge it on long work days.

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