Reviews Huawei Mate SE Factory Unlocked 5.93” - 4GB/64GB Octa-core Processor| 16MP + 2MP Dual Camera| GSM Only |Grey (US Warranty)

Huawei Mate SE Factory Unlocked 5.93” - 4GB/64GB Octa-core Processor| 16MP + 2MP Dual Camera| GSM Only |Grey (US Warranty)

With a sleek metal design, 4GB RAM + 64GB internal memory, a micro SD card slot to expand (up to 256GB), the factory unlocked Huawei mate SE is an unbelievable value in smartphones. Text, surf and stay connected with social media longer with its 3340 mAh battery and built-in power saving technology. The advanced fingerprint identification system unlocks in a zippy 0.2 seconds and can also be used to take photos. Mate SE features a 5.93" FHD+ HUAWEI FullView display offering an enhanced and immersive viewing experience. The Huawei mate SE will give you greater field of view when playing games thanks to its 18:9 long aspect ratio accounting for an 82.9% screen-to-body ratio. Mate SE is equipped with 16MP + 2MP dual-lens rear camera and 8MP front camera. Both cameras have a portrait mode and include popular sticker affects. Take selfies with ease by using the gesture control function. The Huawei mate SE combines great looks, power, speed and functionality without breaking the bank.

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A quick bit of info. Between my wife and I we are currently using a Galaxy s8 and now this Huawei Mate se. We have been using the mate se for about 3 weeks now and feel confident in reviewing it.

For starters like a lot of Americans we were not familiar with the Huawei brand when we went to purchase a new phone to replace an older model phone. We spent the better part of three days comparing various phones from a variety of makers with the phones we knew best Samsung Galaxy series. After reading many reviews both on seller sites and in tech magazines we decided that for what they were selling for on amazon ($249.99) if the Huawei Mate se was as good as we were reading we couldn't go wrong

The phone we ordered was from a third party seller and they deserve some credit here after being quoted an arrival window of eight to ten days they got it to us in only four. So to bayshine store kudos to you on that one.

Just out the box the phone looked good reminiscent more of iPhones then Galaxies in my opinion,either way startup and set up were a breeze.

Now down to the brass tacks we have run several comparisons between this phone and our Samsung and honestly and I mean no disrespect to Samsung here this phone is almost on par with it. The few bells and whistles that this phone lacks are just that only bells and whistles. Just to point out some of our tests.
Browsing the internet

Playing games
Listening to music
Battery life
Watching videos
Camera Picture quality
Camera Video quality

Our results are surprising. In all of the categories except for camera picture/video quality the difference between them is almost moot the Samsung charges faster and has better low light picture and video capabilities.

The only complaints I have about the mate se is regarding such trivial things as downloading themes and backgrounds. Stuff of that nature. We found that we were unable to send gifs over mms when using the primary texting software and we had to get the messenger app from the app store. These are all small little nuisance issues and easy to adapt to especially considering the Huawei costs almost a third of what we paid for the s8 when we got it.

Now we don't feel confident to sit her and discuss the nuances of the specifications regarding this product but from a casual users perspective we could not be happier with Huawei's mate se phone. It is everything we need in a phone for an amazing price.

I would and do recommend this product to anyone looking to purchase a great phone.

If you find this review helpful please let us know. If you have any questions we would be happy to answer.

bought the GOLD version of this Huawei Mate SE for $229 + sales tax from here on amazon. as an iPhone person who recently turned to Huawei, this is a fabulous great phone from Huawei. my iPhone was flaking out because of apple's horrible battery shutdown/slowdown problems. apple jumped the shark trying to fool people about what was really happening with iPhone batteries. anyways, previously got a nice AT&T-branded Huawei Ascend XT2 which was like my training-wheels version to get me ready for this much more powerful unlocked Huawei Mate SE. Huawei got me hooked with its EMUI 5.1 (based on Android 7.0) that is designed to kinda be reminiscent of the iPhone iOS, particularly when you turn off the app drawer, but still a powerful android. so switching to the new Huawei Mate SE was easy peasy. and having 4GB RAM and 64GB storage really helped a lot to make the phone much more comfortable to use without worrying about lack of memory or lack of space. oh, in comparison, looking at the Huawei Honor 7x here on amazon, but for a little bit more in price, the Huawei Mate SE is the definite better buy. both the Huawei Honor 7x and the Huawei Mate SE look the same but the major difference is the Huawei Mate SE is more powerful with the 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. and the Huawei Mate SE is available in a GOLD version. my preferred phone gold color version. yea! definite no brainer. got the Huawei Mate SE.

myself originally coming from iPhone, my suggestion to others regarding apps to make the transition in finding very good equivalent apps to iPhone's iMessages, Find My iPhone, and Find My Friends, is to go to the Google Play Store to download WhatsApp, Find My Device (from google), and Family Locator GPS Tracker (from Life360). and if you are like me thinking the android app drawer is a bit bothersome, well, you can turn it off in the settings on this Huawei phone. hopefully this advice should get you started if you want to have a more iphone-like experience on a Huawei phone.

my journey is complete moving from iPhone to android where this Huawei Mate SE has become my primary phone. using this phone on AT&T and have 4G LTE. the Wi-Fi is only regular 2.5GHz wifi -- without the 5GHz wifi option (the Huawei Ascend XT2 has both 2.5GHz wifi and 5GHz wifi) but that's just fine if all your WiFi access is mostly to regular 2.5GHz wifi wherever you go and wherever you happen to be. personally still carry an iPhone as a backup phone in my go bag, but this Huawei Mate SE is my main phone now. went through other android phones, then recently got the aforementioned Huawei Ascend XT2, and now have this absolutely beautiful gorgeous Huawei Mate SE. physically very iphone-like and almost similar to the iPhone 7+ with the metal body plus with the dual camera on the back in the top corner like on the iPhone 8+ and then with the more modern 18:9 size front screen like on the iPhone X but without the iPhoneX ugly notch. also this Huawei Mate SE has a real must-have earphone jack. and this absolutely beautiful powerful phone performs smoothly with no lag. and Huawei seems to be hinting that Android 8 and most likely a newer EMUI are on the way for this and other Huawei phones for sometime during March 2018 or whenever. [edit: Honor 7x beta testing Android 8 and EMUI 8 began March 15. with maybe possible full release in April? (because news also reports Honor India says April for official release.) Huawei Mate SE should presumedly also get the android8 upgrade in the same timeframe sometime soonish whenever thereabouts is my guess....] so this phone will get even better with huawei support. yes, this Huawei Mate SE is very satisfactory. very happy with this phone.

PS: people have commented in other reviews that if you turn on bluetooth, then the Wi-Fi slows down. this has particularly been reported in amazon reviews for the Honor 7x, and at least one other person mentioned it in a review here for the Huawei Mate SE. so, did a speed test to see what happens with my Huawei Mate SE on my home wifi internet: (1) wifi + no bluetooth had 47Mbps wifi internet speed; but (2) wifi + bluetooth turned on had 31Mbps wifi internet speed. this was tested using the Fast dot com website (which is reportedly owned by Netflix). okay this is with an ARRIS TG2472G cable modem with built-in WiFi that can handle both 2.5GHz and 5GHz, but only 2.5GHz is relevant for the Huawei Mate SE, where my home internet is on the Cox Internet Preferred 100 Plan, and so my plan's internet speed can be as high as 100Mbps on the 5GHz side but typically half that on the 2.5GHz side. of course, we are only concerned with the 2.5GHz wifi. turning on bluetooth and getting 30+ Mbps wifi internet speed doesn't matter in a noticeable way to me on my home internet plan. however, if your home internet is much slower like on a basic starter plan with a maximum speed of 10Mbps or less, then proportionally any decreased wifi speed with bluetooth turned on could possibly be noticeable to you. sorry, if you are a big bluetooth user. me not use an android gear watch or bluetooth earphones. if you really don't use bluetooth, then keep the BT off and this issue won't matter to you when you are on wifi. but if you are out away from home trying to use free wifi which can be congested or which may have throttled speeds already, then this BT issue could affect you -- and so maybe just use cellular data in that situation if you really need your BT. personally, this BT issue is not a deal killer for me. this is a great phone imho.

PSS: okay maybe the bluetooth-wifi issue is a load of hooey. tried testing wifi internet speed with the bluetooth turned on while on the Wi-Fi at my parents' home where they have a DLink 2.5GHz wifi router and where my folks are on the Cox basic starter internet plan that has an advertised max speed of 10Mbps: (1) wifi + no bluetooth had wifi internet speeds of 9.8Mbps and 11Mbps; but (2) wifi + bluetooth turned on had wifi internet speeds of 8.4Mbps and 10Mbps. this was tested using the Fast dot com website (which is owned by Netflix). it's like no difference whether bluetooth is turn on or off as to the effect on wifi. but other real life factors could be involved -- that's for any picky bluetooth users to test, such as also using their particular bluetooth devices, because at this point, this so-called bluetooth-wifi issue is a non-issue for me. but my guess is if there is any effect, then it's a combination of your wifi router and/or your bluetooth device(s). (yeah, have previously seen differences in using a bluetooth speaker on my macbook versus on my iphone.) in other words, YMMV. bottomline as far as the Huawei Mate SE goes, get the phone, and if you are like me then you'll most likely love the phone.

Another PS: (03/29/2018) just got the latest android security patch dated March 1, 2018 for the android 7 on this Huawei Mate SE. this is update version B130. it's not android 8 yet. comments elsewhere over on the xda-developer forum indicate that testing for android 8 (and also presumedly emui 8) on Huawei Mate SE may occur after testing is finished for the Honor7x. my guess at this point is to expect beta testing in April(?) or May(?) with official final distribution sometime soonish afterwards?? just have to wait and see. okay yeah would love to right now have android 8 (with treble to allow for more timely updates?), but this Huawei Mate SE, with android 7.0 and EMUI 5.1, plus with the latest android security update, is a very good reasonably up-to-date secure phone. my bottomline recommendation still stands to say this Huawei Mate SE is definitely a great phone very much worth getting.

Yet Another PS (04/17/2018): GSMARENA indicates that Huawei Honor 7x to get EMUI 8, based on Android 8, to officially roll out with final release in May 2018. so maybe beta testing of Android 8 & EMUI 8 for Huawei Mate SE will occur sometime thereafter? could be looking at June/July for official final release on Huawei Mate SE is my current guess?? we'll see.... meanwhile, me currently still very happy with my Huawei Mate SE. oh, an app tip for those who use their Huawei Mate SE in the car: if you need a car app for playing your music and handling your calls & texts while driving, myself using the DRIVEMODE free app (found in the google play store). imho, it's better than Android Auto. can activate & turn off Drivemode from notifications, and overlay Drivemode on top of the music app, plus easy swipes & taps to control my tunes, and big buttons for answering calls & texts as well as voice control to answer calls and to read/answer texts. (oh, with the overlay, you may want to fully increase screen brightness & turn off the eye comfort.) drivemode works great with my whatsapp also. and particularly, the bigger controls (swipe or tap anywhere on the screen) makes it easy to manage my music tunes while driving, kinda sorta like on my old iphone, but different & better on my Huawei Mate SE which is usually docked on the dashboard of my car when me out driving. hope you all are enjoying your Huawei Mate SE (or soon will be if you are looking to get one).

Still Yet Another PS (05/09/2018): there are discussion messages over on XDA-Developers that indicate an Over-The-Air update to Android 8.0 is being pushed out in batches to Huawei Mate SE. the batches are apparently randomly sent out and so you may not get it right away. still hasn't shown up on mine yet. sounds like minor changes, but have to wait to see. good luck and enjoy your Huawei Mate SE.

PS Update (May 11, 2018): finally got the Android 8.0 & EMUI 8.0 update. see attached picture. if you have a Huawei Mate SE, you should also be getting this update. yes, this is the phone worth getting. Thanks, Huawei! ADDENDUM: after updating to Android 8.0 (EMUI 8.0), some apps like Swarm, Yelp, weather apps, etc may not show maps inside those apps and may instead state an error message stuck on saying: Google Play Services are updating. you have to clear the data for Google Play Services in the settings app. Settings > Google > Location > Google Play services > Storage > and then clear both Cache (Clear Cache) and Data (Manage Data > Clear All Data) -- and that should fix the maps inside apps.

Nothing even close to the overall quality, performance and features at this price point that I have found. Many people have written extensively about the features and pros/cons, so I'll just summarize my review with ratings based on what I think is a value at this price, with 10 being best value around. I don't have an iPhone 8 or X or Google Pixel to compare it to, but I do have an iPhone 6. These are my ratings after about 1 month of steady use:

Display: 8 - Not as good as the retina display, some barely visible pixellation on text, but images look great. Viewing at angle reveals limitations. The large size and small bezel make up for it.
Sound: 8 - Good quality for music, headphone output is detailed and powerful. Just a hint of hissiness on calls. Speakers are just OK.
Speed: 10 - The only thing that slows it down is resource intensive video games. Opening apps, running tasks are all lightning fast.
Build Quality: 10 - At least from the outside. Looks and feels very solid and well made. Buttons are responsive, connectors are solid.
Weight: 8 - It is a bit heavy for a phone of this size, but that seems to reflect the build quality rather than clunkiness.
Stability: 10 - No issues so far - I carry it around everywhere, no random sluggishness, no app freezes, etc. Boots up very fast.
Interface/GUI: 9 - The EMUI is good enough for what I need and I've arranged my apps for quick access.
Battery: 10 - This is where this phone really shines - I could probably go 3 days without charging under normal use, but I'm not a heavy user.
Bloat: 9 - There's not much extra stuff loaded and what is there can be turned off or ignored and doesn't seem to drain resources.
Fingerprint Sensor: 10 - If I could give this an 11 I would. I never thought a fingerprint sensor could add so much convenience but now I am spoiled. It makes the iPhone 6 sensor seem sluggish.
Camera: 9 - The resolution is very high, but the photos are just OK. Better than most phones at this price. Images tend to be somewhat grainy when zoomed. Seems that Huawei decided to go for max detail at the cost of a slight harshness to images. Camera is not very good in low light.
Memory/Storage: 10 - With 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage, I've got plenty of room to load apps and handle the next version of Android OS.
WiFi/Bluetooth: 9 - WiFi seems fast enough and Bluetooth connected without issues to even my cheapest no-name devices, and remains stable.
Mobile Data and Phone: 9 - Get a solid 4-5 bars with T-Mobile in my area - at least as good as my iPhone, and remains stable. WiFi connection works well and is reliable. Maybe not the fasted around, but good enough.

Overall rating - 5 Stars
Summary: Best phone I have ever had at this price *by far*.

Okay first of all let me get this out of the way. Do not worry about the chinese government spying on you lol Huawei is there to make money by selling phones, period. If you ask me I believe Samsung and apple had something to do with that spying rumor because they want to keep the competition down in America and Chinese phones pose a threat. After all why buy a phone for 1000 dollars when you can get one almost just as good for less than 300. So with that being said, this phone is amazing. Super fast fingerprint scanner, camera quality is amazing, if you handed this phone to someone who didn't know huawei, they would think you paid three times the amount that you actually did. I asked Huawei about a update to Android 8.0 and they said it is confirmed and should be released in April or May at the latest. The software is well optimized and I can get about 6 hours of screen on time with casual use such as calling, texting, and social media. You can zoom in the screen on apps to take advantage of the 5.9 inch screen. The speakers are not the loudest but the quality is good and clear. The audio through the headphones is really good and it also has a mode to improve it even further giving it a bit more bass. The only downside to me is it isn't USB type c, but with how great this phone is all the pros definitely make up for it having micro USB. With phones like this, from Huawei and xaomi, the days of paying 600 to 1200 for a good for are over.

I'm using this on AT&T in the USA, and it works great. It has possibly the best radio reception of any phone I've ever owned. I live in an area with spotty reception. With my old Samsung S4 and S5, it was about 50% odds whether the phone would ring, even if it was showing several bars. My next phone was a Moto X Pure, which would consistently ring as long as I was showing bars.

This Huawei does just as well as my Moto, maybe even a little better. So I'd say that it has a GREAT radio/antenna design.

This phone is awesome. It's blazing fast, has a great screen, great case, solid build quality. Huawei already has an Oreo update for this phone.

I was a little worried about whether I'd like the EMUI interface; I definitely prefer stock Android. And I was a little disappointed that they went with a non-stock dialer. I got so spoiled with the built-in spam alerts in the stock dialer. But aside from that, it's really not too bad. You can tell some stuff has been skinned, but it's not nearly as bloaty as I remember TouchWiz being on the Samsung.

Also most of the apps like facebook don't appear to be cooked into the ROM, because I was able to uninstall them (not just disable).

A few minor UX annoyances:
- They don't appear to have embraced the heads-up ring notification in their's full screen even if the screen is on.
- They have an AWESOME built-in way to hide the control bar at the bottom, but no easy way to go full immersive and hide the status bar. (still halfway immersive is better than nothing)
- do not disturb - the status bar icon doesn't show any indication of *which* mode you're in (priority, alarm, total silence). Just shows the same crescent moon symbol for all. (The alarm icon will dim in total silence, if the alarm icon is that's what I use)
- 8.0 navigation dock - I get that the gestures are kinda cool, but this lost functionality from the 6.0 dock, which had a lock button. I wish they gave you the option to use the old style dock
- "lock screen" widget - works great if you use the stock home screen, but doesn't work if you replace the home screen (I like Nova better)

- this is the first phone that has showed my bluetooth headset battery level...that's awesome!
- came with a very nice TPU clear case...never seen that before!
- insanely good battery life...yesterday after 18 hours I was still at 70%

Warning: If you like root, I was a little surprised after I ordered this to see that Huawei was in the process of phasing out their bootloader unlock code service. I had checked this out when I was researching a few weeks back, but they just made this decision public on 25 May. What the heck! I was able to get my code, but website says in 60 days they will cease providing codes at all.

However even though I got my code, I actually haven't used it yet. I used to use root/xposed very heavily to tweak setup, but honestly with all they've done to allow for non-root tweaking in the last 3 versions of android, I've found there's really not much I actually need root for. I do miss my ad blocker a little bit, but it's a very minor thing, and I don't really have much ad-ware any more.

Also I discovered that you can do a lot of tweaking with SystemUI Tuner. (Huawei disabled the built-in android tuner, which you normally get to by long pressing the gear icon until it spins...but there are non-root apps that can provide very similar functionality. This is how I got full-immersive capability to hide the status bar)

All in all, definitely one of the best phones I've ever owned. And as for the CIA warnings...I don't know if the Chinese government is spying on my text messages...and I really don't care.

I'm not the techno phone geek many are but I demand a lot out of my mobile experience and this phone is more than up for it. It's fast, the battery seems to last forever -- haven't gone through a full charge in a day yet -- and my overall experience using it as a phone and a computer has been very good. The camera doesn't do well in low light, but the flash is adequate. Daylight pictures are exceptional. One feature I was meh about before purchasing was the finger print scanner and dang if it isn't the handiest thing ever. I've not had it fail and it gets me inside my phone fast. Flawless.

I'm older and have some vision issues, so I appreciate the large screen.

The phone was not loaded with bloatware and what few little apps I didn't want I was able to get rid of without a problem. I also have had no issue with any of my favorite apps working on this device.

I take all kinds of kidding at the brand and the jokes about being spied on by the Chinese are fun. But honestly I find all's fair in the marketplace and in my estimation this phone is a real winner. I've used Samsung Note 4 and Note 5's, an iphone, and plenty of Blackberry's in my time and this phone tops them all. Seriously a great piece of equipment and an exceptional buy.

Don't even hesitate. This is a great phone for the price. I have several phones from xiaomi, samsung, motorola and apple. This is at the top of the list. I like it even better than my mi a1. Don't listen to all the foolishness.

First impressions are really great. It's fast. Ample memory. Great battery. Nice camera. Got this phone for the kid, an upgrade from a much-beloved but no longer supported Amazon FirePhone (itself maligned for all the wrong reasons, a story for another day).

The camera has many features popular with the younger crowd (think: filters, background swap, beautify mode, AR ears etc). Android 7, while older, really doesn't bother me, since the latest security updates are available for this phone. We actually like the EMUI interface. May get another one for myself because it blows my older Note 4 out of the water.

If anything negative arises, I will update this review. For now... highly recommended.

PS Worried about spyware claims from US intelligence services and random senators? How interesting that most of these came about once Huawei surpassed Apple in terms of units sold worldwide. Politicized protectionist nonsense, if you ask me. I am really glad that Amazon didn't cave to the misinformation campaigns, unlike BestBuy, AT&T et al. I'm not buying another overpriced $900+ Apple/Sammy.

I've been on iPhone since before 3g. It's been my only smartphone OS I've ever known. With iPhone prices climbing every year I started to reevaluate my position. I saw Android users have so many phone options whereas my only options were, "do I want a bigger screen?" or "do I want to buy an older phone?" I did a lot of research and asked around and finally decided that I should switch.
The next part was the phone:
So many options. I was concerned that if I got a sub-standard phone, it would otherwise taint my evaluation of the Android OS. I was also concerned though that I would spend $600+ on a phone and I wouldn't windup liking Android. After more research I decided on this phone, the Huawei Mate SE (I still have to look at the phone for the spelling). My thoughts were that for this price point, I could evaluate the OS and if I didn't like it, I'm not out much after a phone resell and if I did like it, I'm not out much to buy a more mainstream Droid phone.
Thoughts on my purchase:
I love this phone. I am coming from an iPhone 6 and everything is phenomenally better. I'm sure I could have gotten a new iPhone __ and also had an improved experience but again, that costs a lot more $$ than I just spent here. I love the OS. There is a bit of a learning curve but after a couple of weeks, things make sense. The Android operating system offers so much more flexibility in it's settings and features. Things are in intuitive places so I am not digging through menu options to find things or having to use a search feature to find anything (coughcoughWindows10cough). I've have been keeping a Pros and Cons list and so far, most of my Cons are trivial things that even if I did use on iPhone, I don't mind them not being there for the sake of all the other Pros.
In Summary:
If you are not HEAVILY tied to all things Mac and are looking for a phone to test the waters of Android OS, this is your phone.
If you are tired of shelling out $500-800 for a phone that you feel the need to throw more money at for insurance/protection plans, this is your phone.
If you think that the "notch" in the front screen looks terrible and is a trend you hope fails, this is your phone.
If you want to buy a new phone that you don't have to finance like you're buying a car, this is definitely your phone.

Overall, it is a good phone,
The positives.
The phone is very responsive with no lag from touch to execution of command. The operations are smooth and the overall phone feels very solid. For the price, it is well worth it. There are a few bloatware apps that you cannot get rid of unless you root the phone, but they're easy to hide.

This phone does not play WMA files. I'm pretty frustrated about this because the Huawei website specifies WMA files are playable. However, I've uploaded several WMA files. When I check the file itself, it is on the phone, but when I go to play it through any player, the albums are empty. Moreover, the songs will not come up in song lists. Of course, when I load MP3s to the phone, it plays without a problem.

Other comments.
Note, this phone takes a Micro and a Nano SIM card. If you already have a MicroSD for extra memory, you need to get a nano SIM from your provider (or vice-versa). This isn't a negative, just an FYI.

EDIT: I am also concerned about the company's customer service as noted below by their response. They paid no attention to my complaint and instead, used this review as a way to piggyback more advertising.

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Security: *
Factory Unlocked Huawei Mate 20 Pro LYA-L29 128GB + 6GB - International Version with no warranty in the USA. Will work with most GSM carriers, but not CDMA (Sprint, Verizon are not supported).
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Revolutionary speed Now you won’t slow down, thanks to the new Kirin 960 processor and intelligent Machine Learning algorithm. This ground-breaking interplay between hardware and software means your Huawei Mate 9 is born fast and stays fast. The Huawei Mate 9 offers a truly revolutionary battery
Brand New, Original Mobile phone in Original box with all Original accessories in the box. Will NOT work on CDMA Network such as Sprint or Verizon.
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