Reviews Nokia 2 - Android - 8GB - Single SIM Unlocked Smartphone (AT&T/T-Mobile/MetroPCS/Cricket/H2O) - 5" Screen - Black - U.S. Warranty

Nokia 2 - Android - 8GB - Single SIM Unlocked Smartphone (AT&T/T-Mobile/MetroPCS/Cricket/H2O) - 5 Screen - Black - U.S. Warranty

The Nokia 2 brings only the best features in a smartphone including a durable design, trusted technology, all day entertainment, and Android nougat.

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It is exceptional for the price. It is noticeably slower than most more expensive phones, but still functions. Loud speaker is on the back of the phone and is a bit harsh at higher frequencies. It feels nice in the hand, and the back cover is removable. I would definitely recommend getting a micro SD card to put in, for all photos, videos, music, etc. because Android took up half of the onboard rom available. Camera is good for the price, though I didn't like the outcome of hdr indoors.

Easy to use and great for people who don't need a phone to to run every app under the sun. Takes nice basic pictures and can do online stuff easily. A nice up grade for people that have been reluctant to give up their flip phone but not for those use to the fancy top of the line phones.

I was in need of a new phone and was not looking to spend a million dollars.I have gotten by these last few years with a good phone for its time "2gb ram" and I payed cheap for it to.I started doing some research and noticed phones new with atleast 2gb of ram unlocked ranged over the hundred dollar mark.I was not in the market for anything used and find it foolish to purchase something like a phone used for many reasons.I use my phone for nothing more than the occasional phone call and texting and sometimes find myself browsing the web but rarely do I do anything taxing on my cell phone.If I want to play games I have a high end computer for that and never seen the point of trying to control anything find worth playing with a touch screen.After doing research and looking at various no name Chinese products and knowing how many of these manufacturers love to throw in the bloatware and hidden program I came across this Nokia.It was priced great and said in the description that it was just installed with a pure android system.I noticed people complain of the processor and ram but I noticed something much more important.The battery is over 4000mah couple that with a simple processor and 1gb of ram and you got a phone that will never have you chasing for a plug socket.In my experience with phones that's the biggest pain in the you know what.This purchase was a solid one and I received my product.When I turned it on and got it setup I began to eliminate any android programs I don't use and installed all security updates "there were many".After disabling things I don't need the phone began to speed up.Its not a powerhouse but it streams video fine the sound is loud from the speaker and it doesn't feel cheap.When I opened the item battery was charged 75% and I used it non stop for 6 hours and the battery came down to about 36%.I find the product to be just right for the person who needs a long lasting battery without all the excessive power.It will message make calls browse the web and stream video phone.I don't think it would give any problems with simple games but wouldn't try anything to demanding.It gets many reviews on youtube by people comparing it to high end phones trying to play fps games on it and I think its unfair.Its a budget phone for the individual that prefers to use their phone in a way that doesn't expect high end performance.Phones are like cars in my opinion.You can dump a fortune on high performance but as soon as you leave the lot "open the box" the value drops dramatically and the wear and tear of everyday use almost guarantees that in 3 to 4 years your going to be in the market for another as the problems begin.Why spend hundreds to thousands when you can spend around 80 dollars If all your going to do is social media email etc

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Purchased this phone for a trip to the UK & Iceland. Wanted a cheap phone that I wouldn't mind to much damaging or losing but wanted something that could take a beating. So of course NOKIA was my first thought. This phone is a no frills low budget Android Nougat phone. It's build like all Nokia phones. Like a tank, you can feel it one you hold it. Didn't need much else and this fit the bill perfectly. The only downside is that it only has 8GB internal memory (Issue) and 1GB RAM so it's not for a power user. That said I purchased for use with GPS, occasional email, calls via wifi or text via WhatsApp and to use any SIM card from providers abroad. So here is how to get around the 1 issue I had with the phone.

The phone is well built and met all my needs but one internal memory space. So to fix that you will need a Micro SD Card. I got 32GB since It's just for traveling so I can preload maps as Iceland's wilderness could be an issue with signal and preloaded maps were a must. First get a high speed Micro SD Card (I used a SanDisk MicroSD HC Ultra UHS-1 Memory Card, Class 10) but any Class 10 should do. Format for internal use so you can download more apps and whatever else you need. The phone should prompt you upon start up if you put the Micro SD Card in before start-up. Then the tricky part since most Apps want that prime internal space and won't let you install them usually on external media you must do this.

First you must turn on Developer Options Hidden Menu. To do this go to Settings >About Phone >Tap Build number 7 times and the menu will now be available.
Then go to Settings >Developer options >Turn on "Force allow apps on external" then exit out and restart. Now you can install your Here Maps or Waze or anything else on the external SD Drive and not use up all the internal memory. Hope that helps everyone appreciate this great little phone.

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The Nokia 2 brings only the best features in a smartphone including a durable design, trusted technology, all day entertainment, and Android nougat.
The Finnish company Nokia which business has departed in the property of Microsoft not so long ago has again declared itself in the mobile market. The day before she has presented the new tablet working under control of the latest mobile Android 5.0 Lollipop platform with the graphic Z Launcher