Reviews Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 64GB Black, Dual Sim, 4GB RAM, 5.99", GSM Unlocked Global Version, No Warranty (Black)

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 64GB Black, Dual Sim, 4GB RAM, 5.99, GSM Unlocked Global Version, No Warranty (Black)

Display form and function
2.5D curved Corning Gorilla Glass display. Feels and looks incredible while being extremely resistant to wear.

Reinforced corners
Redmi Note 5 is specially designed to spread corner impacts to prevent screen damage, and has undergone rigorous testing & quality assurance.

Dual camera, astounding images
The large 1.25μm pixel dual camera delivers high-quality images, even in low light conditions.Pairing high-quality Sony and Samsung sensors offers a depth of field not available on typical smartphone cameras.

Game bigger, wider field-of-view
Compared to traditional 16:9 devices, 18:9 increases display area by 12.5%, giving you a competitive edge in all your favorite games.

Snapdragon 636, Global debut
Redmi Note 5 is our fastest Redmi Note yet, and it features the global debut of all-new Snapdragon 636 — Qualcomm's newest 14nm offering. This cutting-edge octa-core processor implements Kryo architecture which greatly improves overall performance and power efficiency. The Snapdragon 636 outperforms it's predecessor* by up to 40%.

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Great phone for the price. Camera is pretty good too. Xiaomi lets you unlock bootloader so you can flash Lineage or any android fork you can find if you feel MIUI has too much bloat. I personally am on Lineage OS. Display gets bright and color reproduction is good. Battery is simply amazing. You won't find this in the 1000$ phones you get these days. US charger is bundled with it.
My only gripe is AT&T in my area doesn't get LTE on this. The bands say they do support it but I can't get LTE. You might get "4G" but that's a glorified marketing term by carriers for HSPA+ which is basically 3G. So no Volte and stuff. That's the only negative gripe I have with this phone. Everything else is bomb. You can maybe add the lack of USB-C as another negative. That's about it.

I was on a strict budget at the time and this phone was frequently recommended. After having it 3 months, I can confirm that it has been a great value in the 200 price range. Performance and reliability have have been great. I purchased it to use on Mint Mobile, which is on the T-Mobile network, here in Los Angeles. There's been 1 major problem with the phone, but I won't count it against the phone. I knew the phone didn't have hardware support for band 12 and that it's one of the bands TMO uses. I figured as long as the phone had support for bands 2 and 4 (received M1803E7SH model), I'd be fine.

I was wrong.

I won't go deep into the problem since that's beyond the scope of this review. To put it simply, the phone's lack of support for VoLTE on B12 on T-Mobile's network causes me to miss calls and receive delayed SMS. The workaround is to keep Wi-Fi turned off when I don't need it. It's an inconvenience, but it's not something I can't live with. For anyone looking for a good value phone on the TMO network, I'd highly recommended getting something that supports VoLTE on B12 and also has support for bands 66 and 71 to be future proof.

Aside from that, the phone is excellent. I unlocked it, installed Lineage OS, rooted it with Magisk, and I haven't run into any other problems. Battery life is great with my usage. Screen can be a little difficult to read in direct sunlight, but that's a rare situation.

Buen teléfono celular, lo uso en Ecuador y todo bien en cuanto a la señal, bandas liberadas, me he sacado la lotería con este celular de buen rendimiento, para la gente latina compren la versión internacional o global version que es lo mismo, es para usarlo a nivel mundial sin inconvenientes en las bandas

Okay, I am thrilled I ordered this -- despite Amazon's appalling lack of clarity when it comes to shopping for cell phones. Most phones have multiple variants. This one I believe has three but only two versions are currently being sold on Amazon:
* M1803E7SH is the one you have to buy.
* Then, after you buy it, you have to change the APN values. You need to use the values that go with ATT:NXTGENPHONE -- NOT!!! -- ATT:PHONE. By default, AT&T gives you a lower echelon of connectivity if you do not buy an AT&T branded device (except sometimes they give you the good connection by mistake.
No matter -- The values for 'nxtgenphone' were already filled in -- I only had to select the name 'nxtgenphone.' If they aren't in your unit, google nxtgenphone and enter the information you find into settings EXACTLY. Don't change anything. AT ALL.
When I was using the ATT:Phone APN, I got UMTS Band 5 connection (HSPA+ -- which they call 4g in this country but which is considered fraud everywhere else in the world because it is is just fast 3G, not 4g in any way).
As soon as I changed it, I connected to FDD LTE Band 2.
It is the clearest signal I have ever gotten on a phone. No dropped calls.
I would not have gotten FDD LTE Band 2 had I bought the other variant of this phone -- also listed as global/international. Granted, I MIGHT have been able to connect in some areas on FDD LTE Band 4 (which both variants have) but I am much closer to the tower broadcasting Band 2.
LATEST EDIT: I also had to change the preferred network settings to lte/td-scdma/umts for Band 2 to be 'sticky.' You can access the setting through phone dialpad codes but I find it easier to use a Play store app such as Miui Hidden Settings or ForceLTE.
Note that if you change your setting to say LTE only, it will only work for a couple of seconds then the network turns your signal radio off!
Before you change anything, make a note of the existing settings. Also, while it is true in theory that apps are supposed to 'undo' whatever changes they made when you uninstall them, in fact they don't always -- particularly with settings that are native to Android. Safer to make sure your radio is ON before you uninstall.
An acquaintance had the same success with T-Mobile which also utilizes Bands 2 & 4. But I couldn't confirm this as I am not in range of their towers.

Buying the correct product shouldn't be this hard. I don't know why phone manufacturers do not pay a tech geek who speaks native english a few bucks to draft their marketing/product info for Amazon. It would save them from a whole lot of returns and bad reviews. This phone (if you get the right one) is 5 stars given the value.
Unfortunately the Amazon listings for the differently configured devices are virtually identical. Both were available with free one-day shipping but this version was $3 or $4 more (Your mileage may vary depending on when you buy this). Don't order based on the fact that a particular seller said you're getting a Global or International version. The USA is not the main market for these dual sim phones (not yet and not for a long while). In fact, you can get them for considerably less money if you order from retailers outside the USA. But then it is even HARDER to ensure that you are getting the right variant. (The savings may be worth it to you, if you have time to research and get product information from the merchant in writing -- Google translate makes it doable)l
I am sooooo pleasantly surprised. Oh, one other slight peculiarity -- it's something to do with security, either the manufacturer's, or Android Oreo -- sharing a wifi connection using a QR code worked but my apps did not recognize I was on wifi until after I manually entered the wifi password. If you only have access to the QR code, don't worry. Take a screenshot (you may have to install a screenshot app), then use a QR scanner (a regular one that reveals the encoded values -- not one that only uses them to connect to a network).
The only thing I don't like about this device is the fact that it has a Micro USB instead of USB C. Crazy in 2018! But I went with this model because it has an additional LTE band that most other phones around the same price lacked and because it has a real headphone jack.
Before I bought this device, I was using a somewhat more expensive Mi Max 2. While that was a beautiful phone in many ways, the camera was really and truly terrible, whereas this camera is very very good. Also -- that model didn't support any of ATT/Tmobile LTE Bands except for Band 5 which is only in a very few areas, mostly rural. Granted, HSPA+ was sufficient for my needs as I never play games and don't watch a ton of video. But the true LTE I am getting with the Note 5 is clearly superior. I will be very glad of it when I need to tether/hotspot.
Other stuff about the phone:
The screen is bright and beautiful.
The battery rocks.
The audio is great.
The build quality is excellent.
It doesn't have Notch, which I hate.
I don't like the Xiaomi overlay --I prefer naked Android -- but the Xiaomi crapware isn't nearly as bad as Samsung and you can still unlock the bootloader and Root Xiaomi phones, however onerous they've made the procedure. Whereas new Huawei phones and now Nokia phones have permanently locked* bootloaders.
Factoid: buying a so-called unlocked phone doesn't necessarily mean you will have bootloader access. All it means, in marketing terms, is that you are not bound to a particular carrier. Bootloaders are locked to prevent users from accessing system files. Supposedly, this is for security, but it also prevents us from uninstalling their trash apps and spyware.
(I see unsubstantiated comments here and there about Chinese manufacturers without a lot of market share in the USA installing spyware on their phones. This is true, but still absurd, because a) all phones -- or virtually all of them -- come with manufacturer's spyware installed and the carrier's too, if carrier-branded and it's actually harder for carriers to control how you use your data on unlocked global phone. b) Nobody but nobody spies on your more or does it better than Google, and Android is Google. c) If you're worried anyway run a malware scan, root your phone and uninstall the guilty apps (sadly this is almost impossible with Google apps).
As I write this, I am struck by how much information I've had to learn to just to buy a phone. I don't enjoy it. Before I bought the Note 5, I picked up a Umiidigi One Pro hoping to avoid any confusion that might arise from model variants -- there was one model with virtually every FDD-LTE band in the entire world (it's a nice phone with a dealbreaker of a flaw that caused me to return it -- the battery needs charging 3X a day!)
By the way -- if you're looking for a large screen, before you decide on a phone, you may want to look at phone models in stores to check out the various aspect ratios, which make a powerful difference to size perception.
The Note 5 has an 18:9 ratio and the Umidigi One Pro has a 19:9 aspect ratio. Both are 5.9 inch screens but as you can see from the photo above, the Note 5 'feels' bigger.
(I don't see the benefit of these increasingly longer screens -- they don't save your eyes from smaller print, merely minimize the scrolling a tad and seriously -- you've probably had eye strain but have your thumbs ever tired not from texting but from scrolling?)
One more thing in Xiaomi's favor -- there is a HUGE development community in the XDA developer's Android forum for these phones so you can almost always get exactly the help you need with rooting and custom roms.
Sorry this review has rambled so much -- I am in the midst of moving. When I update it with more info about features I haven't tested yet, I will edit it down.
In the meantime, at least those who read it will know which model they need to buy.

Great phone. Thank you to Mobiles International LLC. They even provided me with a UScompatiblecharger

This is usually a very well reviewed phone. It performs great and it is a very good purchase in terms of price/quality.
Anyway I must warn that YOU COULD RECEIVE A FAKE OR AT LEAST NOT GLOBAL VERSION. It happened to me as the attached PICTURE shows. The phone box should clearly state "Global Version" on one of its sides and it must not be written in chinese. To double check you should enter the IMEI or S/N at Xiaomi's official website. By doing so you will know if you bought what you expected.
In my case I returned the non official version and bought it again from another seller. I was lucky though I did receive the global one the second time.
Asides from that, this phone is worth it. Having MIUI over Android may take a while to accept but it ends up being a good tool.

Oh my. If I only knew ten years ago what two hundred bucks can buy you in our days.
Xiaomi, I do not know how you do it, but you deliver it every time. You got yourself a one loyal customer here.
Thank you.
The phone is outstanding in terms of performance, responsiveness, and looks.
There are plenty of excellent thorough reviews out there, I am just here to confirm, it is all true.

I needed to sell my iPhone 6s plus.
And i thought what phone to buy.
And choose this.

It works well. The phone is great!!!! I LOVE IT!
Sorry can't say too much, cause English is not my language.
But if you think - to buy or not - just do it !!!


6 inch screen, gorilla glass, 400 ppi, 18:9 HD.
Snapdragon 636, 64GB/4GB and micro SD slot.
Great camera.
Good looking.
Instant response fingerprint rear sensor.
Aluminium body.
Battery last 2 days, in normal use.
Android 8.



Simply the best value for money smartphone. Xiaomi is giving us premium phones at bargain price.

This is the first time I'm trying a Xiaomi phone and I found the build quality to be very impressive. The only downside for me personally was that I had bought this phone for work purposes, but found out later that it is not on the 'Android Enterprise Recommended' list (only realised that such a list existed when I tried to set up my work email and apps to no avail). If there is any great advice out there on this point please do share! I'm interested to learn if there is any way around it.

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Security: *
3G HSDPA 850/900/1900/2100 - 4G LTE band 1(2100), 3(1800), 5(850), 7(2600), 8(900), 34(2000), 38(2600), 39(1900), 40(2300), 41(2500) - Hybrid Dual SIM (Nano-SIM, dual stand-by) 64GB ROM + 4GB RAM - All new 12nm octa-core processor, Faster multitasking - Non-removable Li-Po 3000 mAh battery 5.45"
Display form and function 2.5D curved Corning Gorilla Glass display. Feels and looks incredible while being extremely resistant to wear. Reinforced corners Redmi Note 5 is specially designed to spread corner impacts to prevent screen damage, and has undergone rigorous testing & quality assurance.
Redmi 6 The entry-level dual camera king 12MP + 5MP rear dual camera Take spectacular portraits, powered by AI All new 12nm octa-core processor Faster multitasking 5.45" Full Screen Display Bigger screen, better view 3000mAh battery Uninterrupted performance AI-powered face unlock and fingerprint
You can view real-time physical activity through mobile applications, monitoring the effect of walking and running, you can identify more sport through the clouds.Xiaomi bracelet can automatically determine whether to sleep, deep sleep and light were recorded and summarized sleep time to help users