Reviews Huawei Honor 6X Dual Camera Unlocked Smartphone, 32GB Gold (US Warranty)

Huawei Honor 6X Dual Camera Unlocked Smartphone, 32GB Gold (US Warranty)

Honor has created a device that gives a double dose of what you would expect of a smart device. With the Honor 6x’s dual-lens 12MP + 2MP rear camera and ultra-fast focus time of 0.3 seconds you can capture colorful HD photos day or night. To double the camera capability, the Honor 6x also features a wide aperture range (F/0.95-F/16) that allows for a professional-grade shallow depth of field effect (blurred Background). the 6x's Octa-core processor(16nm) and 3GB RAM, in addition to its smart file system allows for seamlessly running Multiple apps at the same time. And last, but certainly not least, the battery delivers 2.15 days of usage. These features and many more culminate in double the performance of your average smart device. The Honor 6x, it’s double or nothing.

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This is a very good device. I was looking for a new phone because the screen of my entry level LG X Power was cracked to hell. My budget of around $100 had me looking at yet more budget phones from my carrier. 16 gigs of storage, 2 gigs of RAM, larger but mediocre screens, average chipsets, plastic build all around. I shopped here and stumbled across this phone for $200 and thought it a good deal but still twice my phone budget. Came back a few days later and stumbled upon a Flash Sale that saw this phone priced at $150 for $30 dollars a month on my Amazon card and considering all the strong reviews I thought it a no brainer purchase.

So glad I got it. Even at $200 regular price it is totally worth it in my opinion. It is a top quality product in its midrange segment. I am not tech savvy with phones so will keep this simple. It has a very good screen with high resolution and good pixel density. Colors are accurate and well saturated. Photos, video, and text are very clear and sharp. The screen appears three times brighter then my X Power at 100% brightness. Battery life is formidable, out gunning my old phone even though that phone has a higher capacity battery. After 5 hours of onscreen time and various app usage at 100% brightness the phone was still at 25% battery life from 100%. It does not have a quick charger but its high capacity battery charges fairly quickly nonetheless. From 15% with the included "brick" charger the battery was at 65% in under an hour and ready to roll again.

It feels quality right out of the box. The rear cover (it is not unibody as some have said) is made from aluminum and feels good in hand. The phone has a substantial feel to it. The android OS mated to Honors own UI operates fluidly and apps open and run smoothly. The look and design of the phone has nothing cheap about it and while it is not a high end or premium design it won't embarrass itself beside the typical iphone, etc. It looks nice and does not look like a pig wearing lipstick. Indeed it is attractive in its own right. You can hand this phone over for use to anyone and they would think "feels good, looks good." If it were a car it wouldn't be a 7 Series BMW but hey, a 4 Series is nothing to sneeze at.

The camera is very good, and great in its segment. Lots of functions and features I have not even explored yet, but shots taken out of the box in all manner of lighting conditions are of good quality, clarity, and color so far.

Call quality is very good and I noticed this difference immediately. No matter what sort of phone the person on the other end is using I can hear them clearly and without muffling or breaking up. Even if they are whispering. Unlike all the entry level phones I have used where I seemed to always be saying 'I can't hear you' and 'I can't understand what you are saying' with this phone I can hear the person talking almost as if they are sitting beside me.

Connectivity has been excellent be it data, wifi, or bluetooth. Always strong and well connected with no "drops" or hiccups.

That's about it. If I knew then what I know now about this phone after a week of usage I would have happily paid full retail for it and felt it a very good deal. It is "budget" only in price in my opinion. I will never go back to entry level phones again and may even stay loyal to this brand after learning more about the company and it's products. If you have doubts just research Huawei/Honor on the internet. Huawei is a major player in the global marketplace and competes very well in the flagship phone market. Honor is their sub brand used to sell high quality midrange phones. A Chinese company, yes. But don't be mislead by that. This is not a "knock off" brand or maker of cheap, disposable products. This is the real deal, folks. And if looking to "move up" from entry level in my opinion, at this price point and for what you get, is hard to beat.

Oh, and it's unlocked. Which means when you get your service you get it without carrier branding or bloatware. You just get the phone/data service. The software installed remains unchanged and unaltered, which makes the phone feel more personal and uncluttered. It's a nice phone.

I'm really surprised what a great phone this is for $250.
The battery life is the best I have ever seen, barely hitting 40% after a day of frequent use including Bluetooth audio and navigation. The processor is fast, no lag in apps. The fingerprint sensor works great. I really like the EMUI, much better notification system than the standard Android 6. Camera, reception, display - no regrets here either.
Also worth mentioning: Unlike my previous Samsung, Motorola and LG phones, you can actually uninstall/remove all bloatware apps that come with the phone.
Definitely recommend this thing!

Had this phone for 2 days and honestly I'm sold. I got it on cyber Monday for only $150.00 and it's the best phone I've ever had.
-Battery is good, runs all my apps fine, cameras are amazing.
-Also, it's pretty. I love the look of it and the interface.
-It has cool features that other phones don't have built-in, like screen recording and selfie enhancing.
-The fingerprint scanner on the back makes unlocking your phone easy as heck.
-Gives you useful little cues about apps that are taking up RAM or battery.
-Awesome customization.

I waited over a month before leaving this review so that I could get used to the phone. First I should say that this is my first Android phone. I was using a Lumix 640xl Windows phone before. The only thing I miss about my Windows phone is Cortana. Honor can you make me a Cortana assistant for EMUI 5.0???

Okay now onto the phone. First I love the fingerprint reader. The placement is great and it works great. The cameras work fine for me, they aren't equivalent to my Nikon DSLR, but who cares it's a phone not a professional camera. The dual rear cameras are neat, but I haven't really found much use for the bokeh effect. The screen is much better than my old phone, sure it's not 4K UHD, but again it's a phone not a theater screen. The RAM so far has been more than sufficient, the phone operates at a speed that I would expect from any phone. Personally I don't worry about the benchmark tests, but they are pretty good if that's something you care about.

The battery is great! Two days of normal use without having to charge.

I was a bit put off by some of the issues with EMUI 4.0, but I ignored them am happy to report that EMUI 5.0 is much better.

The fit and finish of this phone are excellent, much better than what I expect from a $250 phone. It doesn't have the 5 GHz WiFi, but I never noticed a lag when on WiFi. It also doesn't have NFC, but I took this as a plus. I have never used it and I don't like the idea of someone being able to access my banking information via my phone.

If you have a need for two sims (I don't), keep in mind you won't be able to install a micro SD card, and sim 2 and the micro SD card use the same slot.

I forgot to mention at the beginning, the packaging was very nice. No huge bells and whistles, but that didn't bother me. If I want all that I will waist an extra $500 on a phone.

All things considered I am very happy that I chose the Honor 6x and in a few years I can't wait to see what Huawei comes up with.

I had picked this out after I had handed my old phone down to my son. It was an Samsung S6 + so I was ready for a new device. I thought with going with another Samsung but I had been doing a lot of research and I did not want to be locked into another monthly payment. This scored good reviews with the Amazon reviews as well as the other Tech sites.

1. $199 for a solid phone is an incredible price.
2. I like the screen size even though my S6 + was bigger ( I never cared for the curved edges on the Samsung)
3. Resolution is good on this price range.
4. Expandable storage (done away with on S6 +...hated it!)
5. 3 GB of RAM is ample to handle most things. I am not a game addict so it suites me well.
6. NO BLOATWARE. You install all the applications you want ....not the carriers applications.
7. Sound for calls and receiving are good.
8. Awesome battery life. 8 hours and still at 94%. That's just checking email and texts and an occasional call.
9. Lightning fast fingerprint reader

1. Speaker is thin sounding but I am an audiophile and I always use ear buds or my Bose. Not a deal breaker.
2. The initial layout of the screens was a little challenging to get something functional.
3. Pictures are not horrible but not even close to what my Samsung could snap.
4. Installation of applications is a little laggy.
5. Screen is cheap and it dulls the resolution a little.

I originally wanted to buy LG G3 (labelled as NEW but none of them were and also had problems). Finally I came upon this phone. I had my doublts but so far (using it more than a week now) I really like this phone. For this price and compatible with ATT, this phone is very satisfactory. My husband might consider this phone to replace his iphone 5c. (phone pic was taken by computer camera, other photos were taken by the phone)

9-19-2017 update:
This is my second huawei in 6 months. after much research and with samsung/iphone crazy price tags, i bought exactly same huawei for my kid and myself. as a daily use of data, camera, message, social etc., we don't need the pricy samsung/iphone. my son loves his huawei. i also like it.

First, let me say, that I'm retired and on a fixed income. After a lot of research, I finally decided on the Honor 6x. It's not a "flagship" but for the extremely reasonable price, it offers an excellent value. I used to work in hi-tech but was unfortunately sidelined due to an unfortunate medical disability. But I love to keep up regularly with what's going on in the field. Therefore, I have a fairly good knowledge of tech stuff, even though I'm now just a "spectator".
When I bought my last phone (4 years ago) and paid cash, I expected to get 4 years of service out of it. I'm pleased to say that I got 3 yrs and 10 months good service from it (FTR: it was an LG "flagship" at the time).
When the radio in my old phone died, I thought long and hard about what to get. I read a lot about Huawei and how far they have come in the past 4 years with making inroads into the Western market, and it finally came down to the Honor 6x vs. the Mate 9.
Due to my current financial limitations, I went ahead with the 6x. For now.
I was not disappointed!!
So, on the most immediate (perceived) drawback, I'll say that because I live in a semi-rural area, I am not (yet) a user of NFC. Very few merchants in my area even offer this. So, the lack of NFC is not a problem with me.
With regard to the Wi-Fi trusty Buffalo "N" series router is just fine (and will be used until it dies, just like its G-series predecessor). I can live without the 5GHz band.
FTR DISCLAIMER: I'm not a gamer.
All in all, I think that for about 1/2 the cost of a "flagship" phone, you get almost ALL of the important benefits.
The 3 GB of RAM is more than enough to handle the apps that I use.
Most important...the BATTERY LIFE is absolutely IMPRESSIVE.
I can go all day, using the phone for moderate Internet and Facebook use, and still end up with more than 50% battery life.
The Honor 6x rocks circles around my old "flagship" LG phone from 2013. Yes, I know, 4 years is like an eternity in Tech, but when you are living on a very tight budget (and 99% of you will one day, I assure you), value IS a very important concern.
The only "drawback" I've found thus far is the limitations of the EMUI 4.1 interface.
I read many of the negative reviews of EMUI 4.1 on Marshmallow (Android 6.0), but the reason I went ahead and got this is because an update to Nougat with EMUI 5.0 is promised.
I also signed up to be a Beta tester for EMUI 5.0 on Nougat (Android 7.1), so, if and/'or when I get the update, I will update this review.
Nevertheless, for clarity, even with EMUI 4.1 on Marshmallow, I would not hesitate to recommend this phone to anyone who is looking for supreme VALUE for the dollar. Yes, it's true, that you "get what you pay for", but at $249, this phone is an EXCELLENT value for the dollar.

Update: I'm not changing the Stars because this is a "budget" phone and for what you get for the dollar value, you still come out ahead. But for the benefit of Huawei (hopefully they are reading this), I do have a couple of suggestions. First, the Swipe Up shortcut menu from the lock screen is a GREAT idea. You have immediate access to Voice Recording, Calculator, Flashlight, and Camera.
BUT...and this is a huge BUT...the stock calculator app is sorely lacking in features. To be honest, it is VERY sub-par.
As far as I can find, there is no way to change it.
I would suggest that either Huawei remake their stock Calculator App to have advanced functions, or else have a way to control which calculator app opens by default from the Home Screen Swipe Up shortcuts.
A second issue I've found is less annoying (because there are other apps like SwiftKey Keyboard) but I will say that the stock EMUI 4.1 Huawei Swype Keyboard is pretty good...but I wish there could be a way to disable the "Swype" function of it. I like almost everything about the Huawei Swype Keyboard, BUT...the "Swype" key gets in the way of normal typing and there seems to be no way to disable it in the Settings. Therefore, I have installed SwiftKey, which seems more intuitive. However, if the Swype key could be disabled in the stock Huawei keyboard, I would not mind using the stock keyboard!
Overall, I'm still highly satisfied with this phone, especially Battery Life, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to someone looking for an advanced SmartPhone at a "Budget" price.

Why spent three times more money for an Apple or Samsung product when you can get the same quality with the honor 6x.
I've been using it for over 6 months and battery is at 50% at the end of the day. I charge it over night. And use it through out the day.
Dual camera makes some really cool pictures, if you play with the depth setting, and blur the background. Love it!
I have a case on it and an additional glass screen protector and phone is very well protected.
No problem with WiFi or mobile network. I'm using t mobile and this phone gets better speed test results than my old galaxy s5.
Very satisfied, bought another one as a gift for my cousin .

I'm writing this review on my Honor 6x. Got it the day before Thanksgiving when it was $144. Ended up having Best Buy price match because I wanted it faster than the one I ordered from Amazon.

Spent 6 years working for Apple but got bored and started using Android. Always liked stock Android (and hated bloatware), but EMUI isn't awful. The phone immediately updated when I turned it on to EMUI 5 (Android 7.0 Nougat). I was a little concerned when it didn't get any updates after the March update, but in November it got the October security update and then another a few weeks later to the December update. I'm assuming they're getting it ready for EMUI 8 (Android 8 Oreo). If they keep updating regularly, I'd be really impressed with Huawei and continue promoting them to everyone I know. So I'm usually picky about having stock software, but with the built in theme engine, you can make it look just like a pixel and download the pixel launcher and you're all set. It can even do the live wallpapers from the pixel 2. Also lets you uninstall most of the preloaded 3rd party apps and a lot of the Huawei ones can be uninstalled or disabled.

Performance-wise, it's faster than my iPhone 6 I had. Almost as fast in everyday use as my iPhone SE. Of course it doesn't benchmark the same, but those don't show real world usage. The processor is on par with the Snapdragon 625 in most tests, like with the Moto G5 Plus. I rarely have slowdowns like I did when I tried the Honor 5x. I'm guessing the 3gb of memory is really what helps, especially on nougat.

Camera is ok. If you have good lighting its pretty good. Dual camera tricks for bokeh effect is fun to play with, but sometimes it struggles to get a sharp enough focus on what you're wanting to not be blurry. Selfie camera is not very sharp, despite being 8mp. Doesn't seem much better than my iPhone SE 1.2mp. but in this pricerange, you're not expecting a great camera.

Cellular is surprisingly good. Used it on both cricket/at&t and MetroPCS/T-Mobile. It has a better antenna than my iPhone, especially in buildings. Just wish it had WiFi calling. It does do VOLTE though. Audio was also better than my iPhone on calls, speaker phone isn't as loud as the 5x speaker, but not bad. Bluetooth works great, using 4.1 headphones as I write this. Have used these and other speakers quite a bit.

Battery life... Wow! Did not expect this because most Android phones I've had I've just expected not to have as good of battery as iOS. I used to root other phones and put Greenify on them to help but on this it isn't needed. It manages background apps really well and you can tell it which apps to kill when the screen turns off. I regularly get 8.5 hours screen time with mixed usage. The phone manager app is actually really helpful and it has Avast built in for virus protection. It's also encrypted by default, if you're worried about security.

Dual SIM is nice because my wife and I are moving to a country that only has two networks and it's expensive to call across them. You can use one slot to add to the storage if needed, but 32gb is plenty for me to have a bunch of games, apps, and still load a few movies on.

Display is much nicer than the honor 5x was. I'd say it's on par with the iPhone 6 plus. Just don't expect AMOLED quality. Oh and get a glass screen protector because it isn't gorilla glass and has no oleophobic coating, so it looks like you licked it if you take off the factory screen protector.

No fast charging, but again, most phones don't in this process range. No 5ghz WiFi... Just them cutting corners I guess. But it's a little ridiculous in 2017. But not a huge deal if you have decent wifi.

Anyway, after working at a company that is mostly concerned with the user experience with it's products, it's nice to see another phone company care about that. Definitely will keep buying Huawei if this continues. The 7x is only $20 more than this phone at this point, so only get this if it's on a major sale. The 7x has great reviews, but $50 less, this is great.

I am switching from a windows 10 phone over to an Android phone due to the lack of new windows phones. I looked at both IPhone and several devices that ran on Android all v7. I was not aware some companies had different home screens than others and the set up is not standardized. This phone does not have the apps menu available as other android v.7 phones do. While this is not the end of the world it is very inconvenient and something I will think about every time I have to jump through 2-3 screens to get to the app menu. If there is a way to place the app menu on the home screen please let me know.

Edit: You can change the style of your home screen. Go to Settings --> Home Screen Style --> and choose "Drawer"

One of the main purposes I purchased this phone was the dual sim card capability and its ability to Incorporate an SD card. I was disappointed that you could not use two sim cards and an SD card at the same time. Now when I travel overseas I will have to forgo using my SD card, or remove my Sim Card that I use time I will do further research before purchasing.

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