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According to physicians, harm from long sitting is comparable with smoking. Unfortunately, for drivers of cargo trucks – long-distance truck drivers, long sitting – a part of their work. The experts of the famous Italian producer of trucks of the Iveco company who offered the concept of Fit Cab
The Toyota company finishes laboratory researches and is going to start at the end of the month tests on the route not of absolutely usual version of a hybrid Prius. It is distinguished by existence on a roof of a powerful complex of solar batteries which will be able to develop so much energy
The Israeli company REE declared start of a number of joint projects with such giants of the autoindustry as Mitsubishi, Musashi, Linamar, Tenneco and NXP. By 2023 there can already be a number of models of new type of transport based on the prototype developed in REE. It is not the electric
The Bloodhound LSR project after stay on the verge of bankruptcy and oblivion returned to activity. It was redeemed in December of the 2018th by the businessman Jan Uorkherst, and in March of the current year the team moved to the new research center. Now engineers actively are engaged in
The Lotus brand confirmed the future release new a hyper penalty of Evija which will help the company to return triumphally on the market of elite cars. But now – it is exclusive with the electrical power plant which power at Evija reaches phenomenal 2000 hp. At the same time the hyper electric
Many car makers are ready to release pilotless trucks on public roads, but it is scared to leave them in general without control from the person. Partly because the ideal scheme of application means existence of the head car and the chain conducted which follow one course in the identical mode.
In March, 2016 Dutch Vibe Vakker went on the Blue Bandit EV electric vehicle from the Netherlands to Australia. All route was rigidly tied to stops where there were charging sets. Originally the plan assumed to finish a travel in the capital of Australia Sydney where Vakker arrived in April and
The Chinese producer of the NIO cars announced release of a limited series of cars of the class eSUV. It is about the ES6 Night Explorer model modified by request of the computer company Razer. The famous producer of accessories for gamers decided to make a step towads to the Chinese audience and
In 2015 the Apple company submitted the patent application for an automobile bumper with function of change of a form. This component of the car, as it was conceived by authors of development, can increase in sizes and be given forward, using the system of inflatable elements. Now the patent is
The British company Radical Sportscars brought the unusual car on Goodwood auto show. The Rapture model is created for races, but is completely legal for use on ordinary roads. At Rapture almost all standard elements of convenience for the sake of weight reduction of the car up to 787 kg are
The new Polestar 2 car will become the first completely electric vehicle in Volvo garage. There are no data on the electric vehicle yet, but developers issued the demoversion of its onboard information and entertaining system on the basis of the Google HMI interface. She does not demand
According to messages of Bloomberg and the Chinese edition South China Morning Post, at the electric vehicle of a startup of EV NIO on the busy road of Beijing — the handout Changan the engine suddenly decayed after it accepted wireless updating of the ON. Before its termination within an
Porsche, BMW, Audi, Volvo, and now and Toyota through Kinto subsidiary started programs of a subscription which allows to use the car for the clients, without buying it. For this purpose it is necessary to be the devoted user of a brand and to confirm this fact not with words, and affairs. Will
Perhaps, not all know that China makes more electric vehicles today, than all other countries of the world combined. At the same time it is about very big list including buses, sports cars, motorcycles and scooters. One of the most popular categories – electric vehicles babies worth 1000
In process of emergence in the market of electric vehicles with the increasing run, there was quite expected problem: the weather is colder, the energy resource of their accumulators is exhausted quicker. The recent research conducted by the American Automobile Association (AAA) during which the
The Nikola Motor company which main specialization still was production of cars with hydrogen fuel elements, reported that trucks with completely electric drive will become its new priority. In particular — the models intended for transportations on short distances: Nikola Two and Tre.
The Arcimoto company from Oregon presented the three-wheeled vehicle for expeditious delivery of fire-fighting crews in the minimum complete set. The machine received the name "Rapid Responder" and soon also Istveyl (California) will begin to be tested in actual practice in the cities of Eugene
In a model range 488 GTB from Ferrari the worthy successor — appeared; F8 Tributo. Her creators did not stint power also this time, having packed record 720 hp into 4-liter turbocharged V8, having surpassed the former champion — 488 GTB — on 50 hp and "having dumped" at the same
The new research conducted by Rice University and the Texas technical university showed that when the self-driving car makes a mistake (for example, does not notice potential threat), the person driver risks to pass it too. A habit to rely on automatic equipment and long contact with it lead to
If in the car the 700 hp engine is installed, it is the supercar. From 1000 hp and more – giperkar. But how it was necessary to christen Koenigsegg Jesko whose creators squeezed out 1600 hp of 5-liter Twin-Turbo V8 and dispersed the child to 450 km/h? So far stopped on megapenalties option
The Bugatti company concluded the epoch-making bargain at the Geneva motor show, having sold the new La Voiture Noire model for record $12. 3 million. The car which name is translated as "The black car" formally is deep modernization of the former Type 57 SC Atlantic model. However Stefan
About McLaren Automotive novelty – the hyper caret of Speedtail should be spoken only in a superlative degree. It in literal sense the center of the latest technologies, the last scientific achievements, unique design and frank luxury. Not for nothing this miracle of the equipment "pulls" for
The main idea of the new Toyota patent – to create the additional system of identification of the owner of the car by means of the favourite smell chosen by it. And also — to learn to use it as anticreeping means. The hardware of a system is synchronized with smartphones of regular users
Current models of cars UAVs behave on roads extremely carefully. But how to be if suddenly there is a situation demanding high-speed maneuver? Engineers of Stanford University tried to answer this question. They created a neuronet which will give the chance to autonomous cars to make filigree
The Chinese car maker the BYD Auto company specializes several years in release of electric buses. So, in 2010 it released the bus 12. 19 m, three years long later, put in Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam party from 35 cars, and in 2014 presented the biggest electric vehicle in the world. This
A great number of the leading car makers actively create today autonomous — cars; the truth, adapted only to roads with an asphalt covering. Engineers of the Land Rover company developed semiautonomous technology for driving for the cross-country terrain — Clear Sight Ground View with
Any new model of the car is obliged to pass a series of crash tests, without it it will not be allowed just on public roads. The essence of these tests means causing the maximum physical harm to the equipment, with the accompanying financial expenses. But in a case with elite sports cars at the
On the future tekhnovystavka of VivaTech Paris it will be possible to see a new concept of the French company Citroen – the 19_19 model. It is the electric car with innovative design which throws down a challenge to other leaders of the industry. First of all, because of the futuristic look
Last summer the Aston Martin company announced release of the limited series of DB5 cars – that by which there went James Bond in the movie "Goldfinger". As well as its screen image, the car will be filled with various gadgets and the weapon hidden from others eyes. The first accessories from
Jaguar Land Rover developed a concept of a new "clever wheel" which can control behavior of the driver. It does it through a signal which it is impossible to ignore – an instant warming up of sites under palms of the person. It will allow to retain control not only over — car; but also
This year exactly 100 years are executed since the engineer of RAF of V. O. Bentley constructed three first skilled cars and founded the automobile company known today for the whole world. During their creation it made use of the solid experience with aviation engines. He installed on cars
After an exit half a year ago of model of the Huracan Evo supercar with a 610-strong cursor many waited from Lamborghini for it the off-road version. And it came true, the other day the company showed the vision of that how elegant and magnificent can be the supercar SUV. The project received