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Solar panels have previously tried to install on electric vehicles like the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, but this did not give a noticeable increase in mileage due to the small size of the available surface. At the same time, a typical truck has a surface area equal to a medium-sized house. Based on
Until now, the vast majority of car owners fill car tires with compressed air consisting of nitrogen (78%) and oxygen (less than 21%). The remaining percentage is represented by steam, so2 and a small concentration of neon and argon. But recently, traditional compressed air has a competitor -
The Italian company Aznom Automobile, known for premium cars (and fashionable carbon fiber bags), is preparing for the serial production of the world's first Palladium hyperlimusin SUV. One of the main features of the car is impressive dimensions: 6 meters in length and 2 in height, which is
For the first time, Hyundai introduced the concept of a lifting walking all-terrain vehicle at the CES 2019 exhibition. This week it became known that the company formed a new studio New Horizons to develop a car in accordance with the concept of "Ultimate mobility vehicles" (UMV maximum mobility
Concours of Elegance is an unusual event in Hampton Court Palas in the UK with the participation of representatives of high society and their elite retro cars. The most unusual exhibit this year was the Leyat Helica airmobile, created in 1921 by French designer Marcel Leyat. He began as a biplane
German racer Christian Menzel set a new record for the Nurburgring race track on a 17-ton Claas Xerion 5000 VC tractor, overcoming it in 24 minutes. 50.57 seconds. The previous record, owned by the Porsche tractor (1 hour, 5 min. 36 sec.) Over the past six years, has been almost doubled. The
Russia is poorly associated with renewable energy. Almost 16 & nbsp;% of the country's GDP comes from oil, gas and fossil metals - the more surprising it is to meet the project of a full-fledged serial electric car in our expanses. Meet the first Russian mass electric car - Zero Emission Terra
If Nissan continues to move in this direction, the owners of electric vehicles will soon not have to pay for parking with money - if only there would be a power reserve for their electric car. The automaker opened an exhibition pavilion in Yokohama, in which Leaf, Ariya and their brothers can pay
Bentley seriously decided to shake old. As part of the ambitious Continuation Series project, engineers at the Bentley Mulliner studio, specializing in fulfilling private orders, decided to recreate one of the most iconic Team Blower sports cars of 1929, developed by the famous British racing
Against the backdrop of the huge losses of the German automobile industry as a result of the pandemic, the German government decided to support this most important industry. As a result, everyone wishing to purchase the most affordable model of the new electric car of the Renault concern - Zoe -
Last year, the automaker Citroen celebrated its 100th anniversary, timed to show the conceptual electric car Ami One. And now a tiny car, which cannot even officially be called a "car," has appeared on sale for only 6,000 euros. Ami is so simple a vehicle that under French law it can be driven
Engineers of the startup Voyage developed and designed a special "car without wheels" to implement a new remote driving technology, which became a continuation of the previous development - a remote control panel. The startup team adapted the experience of real driving as much as possible in
The US Army decided on a new vehicle for accelerated movement of troops in the combat area. It became the ISV combat SUV, created on the basis of the Chevy Colorado medium pickup truck. According to Defense News, the army ordered GM Defense to produce 649 cars worth $214 million by 2028. In the
At Princeton University (USA), a team led by Professor Felix Heide developed a prototype radar device that can track objects located around the corner from the observer, out of line of sight. This technology is intended for land transport, it makes it possible to detect interference on the road in
Based in Irwin, California, Rezvani introduced an updated version of the 1000-horsepower TANK X - a three-axle Hercules 6x6 SUV (the previous version was biaxial). The company posted teasers of the titan SUV on its website and Instagram page. The photo of the novelty is made mysterious: only
Formula 1 car pilots specially train neck muscles to withstand overloads of up to 6.5 g and not shift the head on turns. But this is a professional sport, a world of prohibitive speeds, serial sports cars have much lower performance. For example, the Porsche 911 GT3 RS produces only 1.24 g, but
As promised by Volvo management last year, the company limits the maximum speed of the entire line of cars produced to 180 km/h using a special built-in feature. The idea of limiting speed, first voiced by a Swedish company last year, was met very ambiguously. The question of whether automakers
Ferrari EnzoBo the time of the recent RM Sotheby's car auction, first held in online format, set a record when selling a 2003 Ferrari Enzo car, for which an unknown buyer posted $2,640,000. Engine power F140B V12 Ferrari Enzo is 651 liters. from., which provides the car acceleration up to 100
Buses are perhaps one of the most conservative modes of transport. This is due, first of all, to its main function - transportation of passengers. However, this venerable family also had its own white crow. Pulsar Expo (Ukraine) has developed the world 's first bus-off-road vehicle Torsus
To protect police officers from coronavirus, Ford proposed a new way to disinfect patrol cars. For this purpose, the company modified the software of the climate system of machines. After switching on, the system increases the cabin temperature to 56 & nbsp; ° C and holds it for 15 minutes. Ford
The car race "24 Hours of Le Mans" is the oldest in the world, it has been held annually in France since 1923. However in difference almost from all cancelled due to pandemic of the largest international sports tournaments "24 Hours of Le Mans" will take place - however, in virtual format. The
The U.S. Army may soon begin purchasing electric versions of the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV-EV), which will eventually replace the obsolete Humvee. The standard JLTV is powered by a Banks 866T turbo diesel engine designed based on the 6.6-L V8 Duramax diesel engine. However, from the
The most popular two modes of transport preferred by millionaires are private jets and limousines. Learmousine is a bizarre combination of both. Very soon it will be put up for auction, where owners of tight wallets will be able to settle in their ambitions for the right to become its owner. The
The famous Russian manufacturer of campers (houses on wheels) Lux Form introduced a car house based on the Lada Bronto 4x4 off-road vehicle. The modification has lift supports of rear springs, which provide it with 40 mm of additional clearance, reinforced suspension, system of protection against
Although the car show in Geneva was cancelled due to coronavirus, this did not prevent many automakers from showing their innovations online. For example, Hyundai Motor Company has prepared an unusual concept of Prophecy sports car based on an electric vehicle. The machine attracts attention by
Already one unusual appearance of this machine raises many questions, and the very first one may sound like this: "How can passengers of such a miracle with a 5.2-litre 700-strong engine and a cabin resembling a cocpit fighter F/A-18 do without a roof and windshield?" And this is despite the fact
The event is inextricably linked to the name of William K. Vanderbilt, the great-grandson of Cornelius Vanderbilt - the founder of a powerful family of American billionaires. A passionate motorist, he commissioned Renault for himself and his ten friends 11 Type AI 35/45hp cars in 1907. Of these,
The Citroen Ami is a tiny two-seat electric car from France that was first shown as a concept last year. Its length is 2.41 m, and it qualifies like a "lightweight quadrocycle" like the Renault Twizy. This means it will be able to be run by 14-year-olds in France and 16-year-olds in the rest of
BMW announced the display of an exclusive version of BMW X6 at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. It is the first car in history to receive a coating of Vantablack material - a famous carbon tube substance that absorbs all the light falling on it. But there is a possibility that the experiment
The International Motor Show in Frankfurt features an unusual Protos RM-X2 off-road vehicle with a 1000 hp engine. Its developer is the Belarusian company Ramsmobile, and the assembly is made in New Mexico. The car is characterized by an aggressive design that emphasizes wide, low, sharply
Mercedes-Benz has been known worldwide for more than 100 years. And now the famous autogigant produces a futuristic Vision Mercedes Simplex concept, which repeats the design of the company 's very first car. Benz is the surname of entrepreneur Carl Benz, who created a 1886-wheeled Benz Motorwagen
WOF 's electric home on Iridium wheels was first unveiled in January at the International SMT 2019 Exhibition in Stuttgart. However, then the inner "filling" was not accessible to visitors, and this month at the "Caravan salon" exhibition in Dusseldorf the door of an unusual house on wheels