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with of the Western tourists in Hanoi are struck literally by everything – exotic smells, colors, a tropical heat, improbable, almost 100 percent humidity and... huge five-million army of motorcycles and scooters. And it on 7,6 million residents. Terrible concentration of individual
Some manufacturing companies of electric vehicles actively are engaged Recently in development of the single models having high maneuverability in city conditions. But there is a question: How does the electric vehicle of bigger capacity have to look? this week the team from Dusseldorf has
is created by the British company Camcon Automotive has released the first-ever electronic control system of operation of DVS valves. There is neither bent shaft, nor belt drives or springs, at all anything that would connect operation of the concrete valve with a condition of the engine. This
South Korean automobile giant Hyundai - has presented to Kia Motors unique Separated Sound Zone technology (A separate sound wave) — SSZ creating individual sound space for each of four passengers of the car without use of earphones. In other words, she allows each passenger to enjoy
the Name "Corbelatti Missile" speaks to admirers of superexpensive and luxury sports "Ferrari" or "Bugatti" cars little. Nevertheless, this giperkar can become a sensation of the Geneva motor show which will open on March 6. To nobody the unknown debutant applies for a title of the fastest car in
Journalists have visited that they in laboratories of the Mazda company create what will be called soon "the most effective DVS in the history". Working name of the project: "Skyactiv-3" as continuation of a perspective line of "clever motors" of Skyactiv. Achievement of ultraboundary level of
At an exhibition of the pilotless AUVSI systems the Polaris company declared creation of the robotic autonomous MRZR X car intended for assistance to motorized rifle divisions in transportation of goods around fighting. In the car the robotic M-RAK module developed by the Applied Research
To Hardly anyone else could come to mind quite recently that so obvious advantage of electric vehicles as low-noisiness, will be a serious problem. As practice has shown, cars with low noise level can constitute danger to some groups of pedestrians, in particular, blind and visually impaired. In
Administration of Formula One and the International automobile federation (FIA) pay much attention safety of pilots during the races. Still the driver's head remains the most weak spot that is confirmed by several tragic episodes from the death during arrivals. Among the dead there is a numerous
After scandal with "dizelgeyty" which has shaken Volkswagen positions, the Japanese Toyota has seriously aimed at the first place in the branch on a global scale. One of aspects of this ambitious plan includes investments of $21,7 billion for researches and development of new technologies that on
to Sale of cars of Ford in the territory of China via vending machines – the joint project of the well-known American auto giant and the largest Chinese trade Internet platform of Alibaba. Alibaba will be engaged in installation of huge vending machines — Super Test-Drive Center,
The Apple Company after Intel was puzzled, than to occupy the passenger during the trip in the robotic vehicle, and has patented the version of technology of interactive entertainments. It is based on transformation of an interior of the robomobile into game space with virtual reality. And while
in Representatives of forces of special operations of the USA don't ride what has got. Vehicles which they use when performing the tasks are only externally similar to production models of SUVs of the known automobile brands. From video presented recently it becomes obvious that fighters of
Widely famous German producer of trucks and buses the Unicat company has presented new a child — the MD57 car expected to travel on fans around off road terrain in comfortable conditions. The traditional trailer isn't suitable for this purpose owing to the sizes and low passability. There
to For the first time the world has learned about development of the non-standard T-Rex tricycle in the 2004th, but then it was talked of the car with DVS. Such characteristics of "the road monster" were read: engine displacement is 1200 cc, dispersal to one hundred for 4,1 sec., the maximum
Laws of Bermuda forbid to lease cars with DVS, and until recently the regular moped was comfort top for tourists. Now to islands there have arrived Renault Twizy electric cars and at once became car No. 1. But what in them such attractive, besides the fact that you go, but you don't walk? The
The British company ULEMCo has presented the modified Volvo FH16 car which engine works only due to combustion of gaseous hydrogen. Possessing almost zero harmful emissions, the truck with the 300 hp engine can pass nearly 300 km at one gas station. According to, in Great Britain
Of Construction Department (OH) – the folding truck intended for developing countries. Recently oil giant Shell declared intention to create his prototype which then will begin to be delivered to India. OH has been for the first time presented in 2016 as a joint child of Torkil Norman, the
About a quarter of the century back development of revolutionary technology of a pro-active pendant for wheel transport which has come to the end in the 2004th with demonstration of a working prototype has begun. I have come to the end – the pendant of Bose Ride worked perfectly, but her developers
The American company UPS (United Parcel Service) – one of world leaders in the sphere of express delivery and logistics, together with the British producer of electric vehicles the Arriva company, since 2016 actively work on creation of the park from 35 trucks electric vehicles with zero emission
Alas, but the majority of the fancy small cars created at different times and remained piece exhibits of the prestigious International motor shows. However from the three-wheeled electric vehicle of Solo EV, it seems, happier destiny – he was got by the first buyer. Solo EV has been developed by
Can't imagine streets of the modern city without traffic lights, however they haven't solved transport problems: the compelled stops in rush hours lead to traffic jams, because of them the brake system wears out, and the idling engines pollute air. The British AESOM engineering company has
soon On a twist of fate of the Nicola Motor and Tesla company are called in honor of the same person – the great inventor and the scientist Nikola Tesl. And, the most interesting, is about competitors — both companies make electric vehicles. Nicola Motor is going to bring next year to
On the proving ground in Flet Rock's city, the State of Michigan, the Bosch company has presented the new automatic system of emergency braking of the car on a case of sudden "meeting" with cyclists. It is no secret that relationship of drivers and cyclists on roads isn't cloudless, and often
On roads of California have appeared there were cars with unusual numbers in the form of the digital panel on which drivers display various information. In digital numbers the same technologies, as in readers like Kindle eBook and also the system of a wireless communication are used. Panels are
to the Bloomberg News agency reports that from the beginning of summer in assets of many large automobile brands the new service appears. The registered users will be able to lease expensive models of cars, just subscribing on them through a special application. Similar options realize BMW,
The Tesla Roadster Project officially has been started in the 2017th and will launch mass production in the 2020th. Not so long ago he has drawn attention of the whole world when the heavy missile of Falcon Heavy has removed in space in the demonstration purposes "valuable" freight – the roadster
The The Wall Street Journal Edition reports that since July 1 of the current year in China there begins work the program for equipment of land transport with RFID chips. On them the make of the car, her model, color and number, but not accessory to the specific owner will be written down. It,
So far as in the 21st century almost all functions in the car are realized by through electronic control, cars on streets became delicious production of hackers. Alas, it is not subject reception for the blockbuster, and prosaic reality. The number of stealings with breaking of system of remote
The Electra Meccanica Company has constructed the first serial trayk with the closed case and the electrical power plant. For the next three years it is planned to release 75000 such unusual vehicles. The model is called Solo, is designed for one person and is positioned as a cheap alternative to
At the Goodwood Festival festival the Swedish startup of Einride has presented the second model of the pilotless cargo electric car. It is called T-Log and differs from the predecessor of T-Pod in the increased loading capacity and the advanced system of self-training for driving on off road
Affiliated structure of Alphabet, the project of Waymo autonomous cars, declared obtaining the patent for technology of changeable rigidity of a body of vehicles. It is conceived with the purpose to secure all people, outside of and in the car, during collision with different objects on the road.